Catching Amy


“You’ve really never been with a man?” I said.

“That is the conventional definition of a lesbian,” Amy replied. We were drinking beer after work, like we did most night. She was on my couch, and I was in my chair across from her.

“I mean, I just figured, there must have been a time before you knew you were a lesbian. You never got frisky in high school? Fooled around as a young co-ed?”

She shrugged. “Even before I came out, guys just never paid that much attention to me. It used to bother me, but now I just wonder if even then I was somehow sending out subliminal dyke rays.” We both laughed. I didn’t really believe that guys had never paid attention to her, though. She was no ten, but she was cute: button-nose, heavy-lidded eyes, perfect smile. And her body — well, when it wasn’t hiding under frumpy clothes, it was round in all the right ways.

“You mean to tell me that you’ve never done anything? Never kissed a dude? Felt a wang? Given a blowjob?”

“No, no, and especially no.” She lifted her arms behind her, stretching out. Her shirt pulled up, revealing a smooth stomach with a slight hint of roundness where it met her hips. She was wearing a sweater vest over a white dress shirt, and it made her breasts look very prominent. Suddenly my cock was interested in the situation.

“Does it bother you?” I asked.

“Not really. I’m a lesbian. Does it bother you that you’ve never been with another man?”

I laughed. “That’s not the same thing. I mean, you know I’m fine with gay people, but it’s not, you know, the norm.” She raised one of her eyebrows. “That came out wrong. I’m just saying that while I support people’s right to be gay, I also don’t believe I’m missing anything. A blowjob is a blowjob no matter who gives it, and a butthole feels like a butthole whether it belongs to a man or a woman. But a penis and a vagina are different from anything else, and biologically designed to make each other feel good. You’ve gotta be curious what that feels like.”

“It’s not like I’ve never had anything in my pussy,” she said. She emptied her beer and placed it on the table as she leaned forward. I could no longer see her midriff, but now I was looking down her shirt. The buttons above the low neck of her vest were undone, and I could see a fair amount of cleavage.

“Yeah but even a dildo can’t feel the same as a real cock.” I leaned forward, too. We were staring at each other in an oddly serious way. Like we were appraising each other, maybe.

Finally, she half-chuckled. “I suppose you’re right. But I’ll just have to die without knowing, I guess, cause I sure ain’t gonna start dating men.”

“If you wanted, I’d fool around with you,” I said. My voice came out quieter than I intended.

“What?” she said.

I spoke up louder. “I said, ‘I’d fool around with you.'”

She leaned over and playfully pushed me back into my chair. “Don’t mess with me like that, dork.” She was laughing, but I thought she might also be blushing.

“I’m not messing with you. I’m serious.” She saw my expression and stopped laughing.

“You’re serious.”

“I’m serious.”

“But, we’re like, old friends.”

“Who better to have first time awkward sex with? I’ll be loving, I’ll be gentle, and I’ll know from the outset that it can never be repeated.”

“You’re serious.”

“And I’ll understand why you don’t think I’m hot naked.”

“You’re actually serious.”

“You’re just not a fan of the wang.”

“You’re really, absolutely serious.”

“It’s the best of both worlds. No-strings-attached sex with someone who cares about you.”

She stared at me. “Why?”

“You’re my friend, and I’d like to help you.” She raised her eyebrow again. “And you’re pretty hot.” She laughed again, but it sounded different than before.

She seemed to be thinking about it. She pursed her lips and squinted her eyes, like she was doing mental math. She stood up. She shifted her weight to her right leg and rubbed her left foot against the back kartal otele gelen escort of her calf. On her face, the mixture of curiosity and doubt was charming. Combined with her outfit, she looked almost school-girlish.

She spoke: “How would we, um, start?”

I stood up, too. We were facing each other, and standing a little closer than two friends normally stood. “Well, if you wanted, we could start with a kiss.”

“I think I might like that,” she said, her voice so low it was almost a whisper. I leaned forward, brushing my lips against hers. I held them there for one second, then two. I pulled back, my face still directly in front of hers but our lips no longer touching. She tasted sweet, vaguely of Dr. Pepper. Maybe from her lip gloss.

“That wasn’t so bad,” she said.

I leaned forward again, kissing her longer. I let my lips part slightly, and she did, too. My tongue brushed against hers right at the entrance of her mouth. I pulled back again. We were both breathing heavily.

“It’s strange to kiss and feel stubble,” she said.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t shaved since this morning.”

“It’s ok. It’s just, you know, different.” We looked into each other’s eyes. I moved to kiss her again. Her eyes closed, and she angled her head. We kissed again, our mouths opening. My tongue began to explore her.

I brought my hands up and began to stroke the sides of her arms. I lightly scratched. Tentatively, she brought her hands down and placed them palm down against my pecs. That was all; she just held them there.

I moved my arms behind her and brought her closer. I placed my hands against her back, lightly squeezing her. There was something I always enjoyed about this moment, when a woman is pressed against me and contained in my arms. Especially when it’s the first time, when the woman is new to me and me to her.

While we continued to make out, I let my hands slip under her shirt. The flesh of her back was warm to the touch, and I kneaded it between my fingers. I let my hands wander, one up toward her bra strap and the other forward to rub her stomach.

I quickly unsnapped her bra. Her eyes flashed open, and she broke off our kiss. She looked surprised, but she did not move away.

“Do you want to stop?” I asked.

“No,” she said. I kissed her forehead, and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. I lifted up, and she lifted her arms to help. Her vest, shirt, and bra all came off together. She was standing shirtless in front of me.

I stared. My erection, which had been steadily growing while we had made out, lurched in my pants. She had nice full tits, not too big or too small, but a good handful that formed a respectable amount of cleavage. I had images of rubbing my cock between them. She had nice nipples, too — not too pointy, but with large areola.

She crossed her arms self-consciously. “I’m sorry,” I said, finally remembering to look up.

“Your turn, I guess,” she said and reached for my shirt. She pulled it up the same way.

I had a good upper body and tried to flex without looking like I was flexing. She looked at me, then crossed her arms and looked away again. She was blushing.

I reached for her again and pulled her to me. Just before it was too late, she opened her arms and put them around me. I felt her tits pushing into me, two little pinpoints and a more diffuse feeling of soft coolness. Her kissing had regained some hesitance. We moved our lips together for a bit before she opened her mouth again and put her tongue out. She ran it slowly along my lips, then wiggled it in my mouth.

I let my hands start wandering again. I started with her back, tracing idle patterns, and slowly let them converge forward. I rested my right hand in the small curve under her arm and next to her breast. I felt her breath sharply, then she slowly lifted the arm farther to allow me easier access. I slid my hand to her breast, gently cupping it.

She let out a soft moan. I slowly felt istanbul kartal escort the contours of her breast. I ran my fingers along its outer curve, then traced inward in ever smaller circles until I was rubbing the palm of my hand against her nipple. She pulled me closer. I gripped her breast in my entire hand, squeezing gently. I let my other hand come forward to her other breast, so that now I was feeling both. I squeezed and tickled with both.

I broke our kiss so that I could lean close to her ear. “I have to put them in my mouth,” I whispered.

“Ok,” she said.

I kissed a trail down her neck to her chest. I kissed the space on her sternum between her breasts, then moved over to her breast. I nibbled and kissed. She gasped when I took her nipple into my mouth.

She fell back into sitting on the couch. I followed her down, kneeling in front of her. My hands roamed on her body, caressing her breasts and abdomen and running along her legs. I undid the clasp of her skirt and pulled it off of her.

She was wearing white panties, and slowly she relaxed her legs so that I could see the outline of her black muff. I went back to kissing, letting my mouth move along the seam of her panties, then brushing against her inner thigh. Slowly, I moved my mouth until it was just over her pussy. I lifted her panties aside and gave her a gentle lick.

Her pussy lips were tightly closed, but they did have a sheen on them from her excitement. Her pubic hair was closely-cropped. She looked, smelled, and tasted good. I licked harder, letting my tongue move between the furrows of her pussy lips. I slowly began to rotate my tongue.

She fidgeted on the couch, pushing her pubis against me. She giggled slightly. “That feels good,” she said, breathily. “But, um, getting my pussy eaten is not exactly new to me.”

I laughed, too, and sat up. “You saying I don’t eat pussy as good as another girl can?”

“I’m saying that maybe you should take out your cock.”

It didn’t take me long to stand up and shuck off my jeans. I stood in front of her in my boxers, enjoying a little sense of drama and wanting some tension to build before I showed her my cock. I liked the sight of her below me, her breasts and her legs and her skin. She looked up at me shyly, her legs crossed underneath her. She was still wearing socks.

I shoved my boxers down and stepped out of them. My cock stuck straight out, bobbing a little, as if nodding hello.

“So that’s a cock,” she said. I nodded. She bit her upper lip. “It’s bigger than I imagined.” I smiled. She kept looking up to me and then back at my cock and then up at me again, as if there were some unseen tennis game going on between my two heads.

“Do you want to touch it?”

“Ok.” She tentatively reached out her hand. She brushed her index finger along the side of my shaft so lightly that I could barely feel it.

“Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me.”

“Ok.” She rubbed three fingers along my shaft, harder this time. She ran them from back to front, ending by squeezing my head a little. I moaned slightly.

“The head is the most sensitive part,” I said.

She rubbed her fingers along it again, catching some of my precum. She looked less nervous and more clinical, like a scientist with some new kind of specimen.

“It’s winking at me.”

“It likes you.”

She continued to run her fingers and palm around my cock, not stroking so much as petting, but it still felt good. She brought up her other hand to squeeze my balls.

“So these are testicles.”

I nodded.

“They’re smaller than I imagined.”

“Hey!” I said, twisting my hips from side to side so that my cock waggled at her. It slapped lightly against her cheek.

She laughed. “Hey yourself! Watch it with that thing.”

She wrapped her hand around my cock palm up, just below the head. She angled it all around, like a joy stick.

“Do you want to try putting it in your mouth?” I asked. kartal rus escort I hoped my voice didn’t sound too hopeful.

She grimaced briefly, but then tried to pretend that she hadn’t. “Ok,” she said. Like someone agreeing to try an exotic but gross-sounding dish, like snail or chocolate covered grasshopper.

She opened her mouth, forming an “o” with her lips, and leaned forward. The tip of my cock disappeared into her mouth.

She looked up at me. She looked hot with a cock in her mouth. But she had not brought her lips together or put her tongue on me. I didn’t feel much.

“Would you suck on me a little bit?”

She seemed to steel herself. Her lips came together on my cock. I sighed as the warm, wet, softness coalesced around my cock. I pushed forward with my hips, so that the entire head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise, but she didn’t stop.

She sucked me like a straw. It wasn’t the best blowjob ever, but it felt pretty good. I tried to be encouraging.

“That feels really good, Amy.” I withdrew slightly and then pushed forward again, humping her mouth. “You’re really good at this.” She smiled, as much as someone can with a cock in her mouth, anyway.

I pushed a little faster and let a little more of my cock enter her mouth. Still less than two inches, but more than just my head. She had been breathing loudly through her nostrils, but after the seventh or eighth stroke, she pulled off my cock, gasping. I guess blowjob breathing is a learned skill.

Some saliva dripped down her mouth. “You taste kinda salty,” she said.

“Some girls like the taste.”

Her face looked doubtful, but she didn’t press the issue.

“You look really hot,” I said.


“Can I fuck you?”

She looked into my eyes as she stood up. Her voice was very small when said, “Ok.”

She pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. I kissed her again. Slowly, we fell to the floor. She rolled on to her back, and I moved on top of her. My cock rubbed against her stomach, her legs, through the groove of her pussy.

“Put it in me,” she said.

I lined up my cock. The head nestled between her pussy lips. I began to ease my weight into it. It sank in easier than I thought it would for a virgin.

She sighed. My cock was completely in her. I lay against her, her breath in my ears, feeling her body against mine and my cock in her pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around me. I pushed up onto my elbows. I moved my hips back, then thrust forward again. I was fucking her.

Her pussy felt good, and it made me extra hot to know I was her first, and probably the only guy ever, to get to feel her pussy. I liked how her breasts jiggled as I fucked her, and how her skin became more flushed and her hair more tousled.

I tried rotating my cock. “Do you like that?” I asked. She hmmmed. I tried different rhythms. Slow, slow, fast, fast, slow, fast, slow, slow. “Do you like that?” I asked. She hmmmed again. Her eyes were closed, a small Mona Lisa smile on her lips. A light layer of perspiration coated both our bodies.

“Do you want to try a different position?” I asked. I was humping her pretty regularly now, and I was already feeling close.

“Go ahead and finish,” she said.

I frowned slightly, but started fucking her even harder. I was banging into her now, my cock pummeling her pussy with abandon. I could feel my orgasm building up within me.

“Are you ready for my cum?” I asked.

She nodded, still not opening her eyes.

I felt it start deep within me. I slammed in to the hilt, feeling my cock begin to spasm. Jet after jet of cum rocketed out of me. I felt four spurts, my body trembling, all attention focused on my cock.

I collapsed next to her as my orgasm subsided. We lay silently for a while. Her hands began to travel around her body, slowly and sensually. I couldn’t tell if it was because she was still turned on and it felt good, or if she was checking to make sure everything was still there

“What did you think?” I asked.

“It was nice,” she said, “but I think I’m going to stick with women.” She ran a finger in her pussy, then brought it up to our eye-level. It was covered in a gooey mixture of my cum and her lube. “Less messy, for one thing.” We both smiled, too tired to laugh.

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