Caught in the Act


The story that follows is easily the most mortifying experience of my life. I’m really not even sure why I am feeling the need to share this here, but I can’t keep it in any longer. At least here it can be anonymous. But if I hold it in any longer, I feel I might explode. Call it cheap therapy or something but I’m hoping putting this out into the universe will get it off my shoulders.***It was a typical Sunday afternoon. My wife, Annie, was busy doing some online shopping in the living room so I headed up to the finished attic to watch a quick movie. Sundays are nice for us because we tend to spend all day Saturday together, and Sundays give us that much-needed alone time. We weren’t sick of each other or anything but we were heavily introverted so a little time to recharge our batteries was nice.After a few minutes of watching Netflix, I was hit with a random wave of horniness. Being a warm-blooded male, this was nothing too uncommon. Realizing that my wife was probably lost in her own little world so I would have the privacy I needed to relieve myself. Seeing no reason not to, I headed down to the bathroom to grab some tissue for clean-up.After grabbing the tissue, I turned to walk out of the bathroom and head back upstairs when I noticed a pair of pink, lacy panties on the ground. Normally I would not think twice about something like seeing her dirty laundry on the ground but today presented the perfect storm of walking in the bathroom with sex already on my mind and some of her sexiest underwear on the ground. The next thing I knew, I was picking them up off the ground to inspect them. The first thing I noticed was the gusset was slightly stiff from collecting her juices over the course of the day and drying after she took them off.I examined them a little more closely and saw that those juices left white marks where they dried. I lifted them to my nose and inhaled. The scent was nothing short of intoxicating. Despite knowing her scent and taste over years of dating and marriage, there was something different about smelling her on her panties. It wasn’t as fresh, maybe even a little funky. But like nature intended, it had an effect on me. I felt it immediately in my groin. I stuffed the panties in my pocket and headed back to the attic.Knowing I didn’t have all the time in the world, I wanted to make this quick. So I grabbed my laptop and pulled up my go-to porn site. I opened the first four videos in separate tabs so that they could load simultaneously and give me a few options when I watch. Nothing worse than getting stuck watching a video you aren’t into! I then pulled up a story to read and get the blood pumping. Remembering the panties in my pocket, I grabbed them and put them up to my nose to smell them.I slowly stroked myself to a full erection as I inhaled her scent and read a story about a curious babysitter who stumbled upon the mother’s dildo. After getting caught trying it out she ended up getting her first taste of pussy and experiencing her first ever orgasm from another woman. It was beyond hot and I was already close almanbahis şikayet to bursting. I popped in the headphones and pulled up the first video – an amateur threesome with two girls blowing the cameraman. It was fine but the shaking camera was distracting and as hot as these ladies were, I needed to see something other than their faces and his dick.I closed the video and pulled up the next one. It was a series I was familiar with – one about college students trying porn for the first time. For whatever reason, these were my favorite type. Real or not, the idea that it was someone’s first time on camera and seeing them a little nervous was always hot for me. In this one, the girl was very shy about taking off her clothes and shocked by the size of her co-star’s cock.The scent of the panties I was holding to my nose was adding more to the experience than I imagined. I started feeling those familiar tingles of an impending orgasm. It was sensory overload as I watched and listened to some 19-year old blond getting slammed from behind by a huge dick and smelling Annie’s panties. I knew I was close so I tried fast forwarding to a part where she was riding cowgirl. That was always my favorite position to watch.“What the fuck?” Annie yelled behind me.Shocked, I spun my head around to face her. The look on her face was pure outrage. Somehow, I had not heard her climbing the stairs. I wasn’t even sure where to start. I tried pulling my pants up to hide my erection but she had already seen everything – the panties in one hand, my dick in the other, and a computer screen filled with the image of a young girl riding a big cock.“Annie, what the hell?” I said back, sounding more angry than I meant to.“No – don’t you ‘what the hell’ me! I live here. I don’t have to knock. Besides, I didn’t think you were up here playing with yourself like some fucking teenager!” she yelled back.“I can explain!” I tried to say, but she was already walking down the stairs disgusted with me.Here’s the thing with Annie: I love her very much and I have since the day I met her. But for some reason, her libido fell off a cliff a few years ago. She doesn’t initiate anything anymore. At best, she puts up with screwing me once a month. I have a very high sex drive so the decrease in sex has lead me to more masturbation. I knew she thought it was a gross thing to do and disapproved of the porn, but I saw all of it as harmless. So what if I looked at a video once or twice a week and pleasured myself when she wasn’t around? It was better than cheating!Up until this point, I had never been caught. I had considered the consequences before but I always saw it more as embarrassing than anything else. But the look in her eyes was more than that. She was angry. She was disgusted with me.To spare the boring details, the next several hours did not go well. She was not in a forgiving mood and ignored all my pleas for forgiveness. I tried defending myself by only made things worse. I spent the rest of the day in the attic watching TV and trying to stay out of her way.This almanbahis canlı casino is really where the story begins. The next day, I got up for work and she was already up in the kitchen pouring coffee for herself.“Coffee?” she asked, pleasantly.“Yeah, sure,” I said, a bit confused by her kind tone. It was such a drastic difference from the night before.“Hey, I know what you are thinking. And let’s move on. Forgive and forget, right?” she said.I was so relieved to hear those words.“Yes! I think that’s a wonderful idea.” I told her.The week went by as usual. We both work a lot so the only time left for each other at the end of the day is usually for dinner, some, TV, and going to sleep. That’s why I live for weekends. It’s the only quality time we have together and the only real chance for intimacy.Friday, I got home around 6:30 after stopping for a couple beers with a co-worker. I expected to see Annie’s car in the driveway, but she still wasn’t home. I decided that it would be a great idea to try to make a quick dinner before she got home. That would be a nice subtle way to say I was sorry and maybe even lay the groundwork for some make-up sex later.I pulled out all the ingredients and got to work. It was going to be a spicy chicken pasta entree with some bruschetta to snack on as soon as she got home, which would be any second. As I pulled the toasted bread from the oven, I heard he car pull up next to the house. Perfect timing! Her keys jingled in the door and I heard her swing it open.“Honey? You home?” she called out.“Yeah, baby, in here!” I shouted back, letting her know I was in the kitchen.I rounded the corner out of the kitchen to greet her in the living room and was caught off guard by someone else standing with her in the entryway.“Mark, this is my co-worker Ryan. He was at happy hour with us and I invited him to have some dinner with us. Is that okay with you?” she asked.“Oh, yeah, um, sure. That’s fine. I made plenty!” I said to her and shook Ryan’s hand, introducing myself and offering him a drink.Dinner went over well. I’m pretty good in the kitchen and the pasta turned out fantastic. Luckily there was enough for all of us. As we finished up, Annie poured all three of us another glass of wine. She was obviously pretty buzzed and I was starting to get there too. Ryan was a pretty big guy – maybe 6’4” and 235 pounds, so I’m not sure how much the alcohol was affecting him. He sure seemed fine.“So, Mark,” Annie started. “I was telling Ryan about your little mishap last Sunday and he thought it was hilarious!”“What are you talking about?” I said, embarrassed.“Oh, honey. Don’t be silly. I told him I caught you jerking off in the attic and that you were watching some big-dicked freak give it to a college-aged girl. He said that you were crazy for preferring porn over me.” She teased. I had never seen her like this.I wanted to argue but felt it wasn’t the time or place. I had not chosen it over her. She was never interested. Of course I would choose her every time. She looks ten years younger than she is with shoulder-length almanbahis casino dark brown hair, a tight body from years of yoga, and still-perky b-cup breasts. At 5’3”, it was all put together in a nice little package that I often stared at and wondered how she’d chosen me.“Ann, that’s a little inappropriate. Don’t you think?” I replied, feeling my cheeks turn red.“Mark, dude, it’s okay,” Ryan said. “A lot of guys do that.”I looked at him with a look of ‘what the hell?’ and then turned to Annie to give her the same look.“You know, I was also talking to Carolyn at work and she let me in on a little secret. You know what it was?” She paused but didn’t give me a chance to reply.“She said that Ryan here has the biggest cock she’s ever seen. So I wanted to bring him home to you and see if it was true.”“Annie, what the fuck?!” I was mortified for myself and for her. I turned to look at Ryan but he didn’t seem as surprised as I thought he should. In fact, he was just staring at me as she talked.“Dear, don’t be such a prude. That’s what you like right? Seeing big, fat cocks sliding in and out of tight little pussies? What? You only like it when it’s some whore on camera, but not when it’s your own loving wife?” She said, in a tone that was way too calm.I sat there stunned. Her calm voice told me that her mind was already made up. I wanted to scream at her and kick them both out of the house, but the situation had paralyzed me. I was shocked into silence.“That’s what I thought. Ry, would you like to see our master bedroom?” she said to him while looking at me.“Sounds great, Annie. I’d love to show your husband what he wants to see,” he replied, laughing a bit.As the stood from the table, Annie took Ryan’s hand and lead him to the hallway and up the stairs. I heard the door open, but not close. They had left if open as an invitation for me. I was terrified at what I would see but I stood up and followed their path to our bedroom. There was still part of my brain that thought maybe this was a joke. Maybe she was teaching me a lesson. But I knew that wasn’t the case. Something was different in her voice and she would not have said those things in front of a stranger if she was not serious.As I approached the bedroom door, I braced myself mentally. I looked into the dimly lit room and could not believe my eyes. There, right in the middle of our room, was my wife on her knees in front of Ryan. They had positioned themselves so that I could see everything as I walked in the door. They hadn’t waited for me or wasted any time. She was already undoing his pants and reaching inside to pull out his dick. When her hands found their target, I saw her eyes widen and look over at me with a mischievous smile.In the next moment, she was pulling Ryan’s member out into the open air and what a member it was! I couldn’t believe it. Maybe because it was in real life, but I swear it looked bigger than anything I’d ever seen in the videos I’d watched. It was still growing but already looked to be the size of Annie’s forearm, maybe nine inches long and thick enough that she couldn’t wrap her fingers all the way around it.Without breaking eye contact with me, she put the head in her mouth and ran her tongue over it.“Mmmm… baby, do you see this thing?! He’s going to split me in two!” she teased.I felt sick.

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