Celebrity Ass-Licker Is Back!


Hi guys it’s been a long time but here I am.

I’m not going to go into where I have been because it is top secret. Let’s just say that bout a year ago I received a call from Condoleeza Rice’s office asking me if I could be her exclusive ass-licker. Now although I was flattered by the offer I explain to her people that because I had other clients I couldn’t abandon these clients and work exclusively for Condi.

Well, needless to say certain FBI files were shown to me along with various video surveillance tapes and after looking at the FBI files and videotapes I felt it was in my best interest to do what my government wanted me to do.

So I became Condoleeza Rice’s personal Ass-Licker. In this capacity I took care of her sexual needs as she traveled the globe and did her job. The job turn out to be a god one since Condoleeza is a very attractive woman and when you are dealing with an attractive woman sticking your tongue in her rectum is not that big of a chore.

Condi likes the three-finger probe. That is she likes to have both her pussy and her ass probed with three of my fingers. She likes to have those fingers dipped in warm baby oil so they slide easily in and out of her. When I do this she moans loudly and she reaches orgasm in a matter of minutes.

In my travels with Condi I give her the three-finger probes at least once a day. Sometimes three times a day.

The woman is very horny and when she is horny she is very unlike the woman you see on the Sunday morning talk shows.

“Fuck my hot pussy,” she’ll tell me as I jam my fingers in and out of her. When she wants me to do her ass she’ll lay on her stomach and stick her ass in the air.

When I first started giving Condi the three-finger probe in her ass I was afraid of hurting her. Afraid of going too deep, but I’ve found that with Condi you can never go too deep.

When I’m fingering Condi she loves me to tell her how beautiful she is and she loves me to stroke her back. Then when she has had enough she’ll roll over on her back and let me eat her pussy and suck on her titties. Now technically I don’t have to do all of this but with Condi I go the extra mile.

Condi also has certain fetishes which I try to fulfill.

First off, even though she plays classical piano she has a certain fascination with hip-hop. When I am probing her with my fingers or eating out her ass she’ll have a hip-hop CD playing and she’ll tell me how she would have loved to fuck Tupac and how if P. Diddy could blow his wad into her face she would be a happy woman.

One night she insisted that I go to a hip-hop club and bring back four hip-hop thugs she would have sex with. afyon escort Her instructions to me were to bring back four of the most thug-like rappers I could find and tell them that there was a refine woman who wanted them to fuck her in any and every way they could.

So I go to the Hip-Hop club, I find the type of rappers that I know Condi would like, and I drive them to her house. When Condi greeted these four young men she was indeed refine and acted like she does when she deals with heads of State.

“Welcome gentlemen,” Condi tells them as she escorts them into her living room. Having them sit on the couches and sitting herself down. All the while playing the hostess and never giving a clue as to the real reason why she is seeing the four young men.

Then she makes small talk with the four young men and she notes that she is probably old enough to be their mother.

it is at this point that one of the four rappers starts talking dirty to Condi telling her what a fine bitch she is and how he would love to stick his big cock in her.

“Oh my,” Condi says upon hearing this. Acting like she is offended. Then the rapper who does all of the talking gets up and sits next to Condi and wraps his arms around her. Grabbing her tits with both hands. At this point Condi starts to protest but before she can break away the three other rappers crowd around her and soon they have her on the floor. She is on her knees and her blouse has been torn off. The four rappers then whip out their cocks and demand that she suck them off. Without hesitating Condi does just that.

“You like that, don’t you ho,” one of the rappers shouts out to Condoleeza as she sucks off four young men in their early 20’s. Then one of them takes off his belt and soon they all have their belts off. Soon they are whipping Condi and making her howl like a dog. And she loves every minute of it. When the four rappers shoot their cum in her face she is in heaven. She even starts to masturbate and when she does one of the rappers gives her a swift and hard backhanded slap.

“Fucking slut,” the rapper says. He laughs and so do all of his friends as they walk out of the house. Leaving Condi with a welts all over her body. With cum dripping down her face. Rubbing her hot pussy.

***** ***** *****

Believe it or not Condoleeza Rice is a big Ron Jeremy fan.

I found this out one night when we were in France and I was in her hotel suite and she pulled out a suitcase.

“I bring this everywhere,” Condi told me with great pride. When she open the suitcase there were videotapes inside as well as DVDs. There were also porn magazines featuring photo layouts agrı escort of Ron Jeremy. The videos and DVDs were of course all porn movies featuring Ron Jeremy.

“My God that sonofabitch has a big cock,” she said. She also said that she’s been thinking of using the State Department to try to set up a meeting between herself and the porn actor. But she says that if the press ever found out what she wanted to do it would just cause a great scandal.

“You think you can introduce me to Ron Jeremy?” Condi asked at this point. She knew I had contacts in the adult film business and was wondering if I could set up something between she and Ron. Well, I did indeed know Ron Jeremy and I knew he would not hesitate in meeting the secretary of State. All I would have to do is promise Ron that at the end of the day there would not only be some fine pussy to eat but I would also pay for his next pizza delivery.

So I hook up Condi with Ron and it was a match made in heaven. From the beginning the two were at it as if they had been lovers for years.

From the beginning the two couldn’t keep their hands off of one another. At that first meeting Ron Jeremy entered the hotel suite that Condoleeza was in and the moment he walked through the door Condi was at his side and grabbing at his crotch.

“My God, you get right to the chase, don’t you?” Ron said as he was amazed and very pleased at the woman’s boldness. The way she grabbed a hold of his cock. The way she smiled at him with that toothy grin of her’s. Then the two kissed and soon their two bodies were naked and exploring one another. Condoleeza loved Ron’s hairy, naked body and Ron loved sucking on Condi’s tits, eating out her pussy, and licking the black woman’s beautiful ass.

It was around this time that I told Condoleeza Rice that it was time for me to move on. I assured her that I would always be available to eat out her lovely rectum but I had to take care of my other clients and could not devote my entire time with her.

At first Condi offered to pay me more money than I was receiving and the money she was offering was very tempting. But in the end I had to bow out and wished the Madame Secretary all of the luck in the world.

***** ***** *****

So I finally left the service of the United States Government after traveling the world with Condoleeza Rice and when I return to my apartment in Los Angeles I found that there were a million phone messages for me as well as e-mails from customers who wanted to know if I was still in business.

In fact when I walked through the door of my residence after getting in at LAX I found there was a message from the lovely akdere escort Janet Jackson. I received the call during her brother Michael’s trial and as I heard her message on my machine I could tell she was under a lot of stress. I knew right away her big, shapely ass needed a good licking. Her needs needed to be taken care of.

So on that same day that I return I went to the home where Janet was living during the trial and when I entered and approached Janet I knew as her personal ass-licker that first and foremost she needed to be hugged. She needed to be held and told everything was going to be alright.

And as I held Janet Jackson I couldn’t help but squeeze and fondle her breasts. I know that ever since the Super Bowl her titties have come under a lot of heat but take it from me; they are very nice titties and to hold them, to feel them, to squeeze them, to taste the nipples is pure heaven. Something you never forget.

Right away Janet position herself on her bed and put her ass in the air. She was wearing thong-panties and after I peeled them off and pulled them down her lovely chocolate thighs I pried apart her ass cheeks and started licking her asshole.

Now with Janet Jackson when you lick her ass you have to do it very slowly. First you have to gently kiss her ass cheeks, finger her pussy, and before you proceed to stick your tongue inside her asshole you have to spit and get the hole all lathered up. As you do this you can hear Janet moan and if you’re lucky she’ll reach around and start stroking your cock. Which of course will be as hard as a rock.

When I was through licking Janet’s ass I fucked her and when it was time to cum I pulled my cock out of her pussy and into Janet’s waiting mouth. As my cock spurted its cum in her mouth she swallowed every bit of it and when I was through I fell on her bed and quickly I was able to hold Janet Jackson in my arms.

Yes, it was pure heaven.

***** ***** *****

In the weeks and months following my time with Condoleeza Rice I saw a lot of clients. Among them Jane Fonda, Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey, the cast of “Desperate Housewives,” and of course the Williams sisters—– Venus and Serena.

Then about four months after last seeing Condi I got a call from her office and I was told that Ms. Rice was at a hotel in Hollywood and she wanted to see me.

When I went to the hotel room where Condi was I found her wearing her jeans and a blue tank top and as I walked through the doors she unbutton her jeans and asked me to take them off for her.

I did what as I was told and saw that she was wearing the panties that I said I liked when one evening she and I were looking through the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

“You like?” she asked. I said yes as I told her to turn around and let me stick my tongue up her rectum.

“You do it, baby,” Condi Rice said, and I did just that.


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