Subject: Celloist Chapter 3 Hope you enjoy this story as it continues . All copyright is reserved to me Larry Ryder ail [always happy to receive your comments with any suggestions! I’d like that too! Tell me how you like the story so far ] I am sure that you understand that such stories are legally managed in many jurisdictions. If you are too young (under 18 or 21), or forbidden by law, then go tsy/artist/jackson-pollock) and enjoy other artistic pursuits. Everyone suggests, and I do as well , that you should support Nifty financially fty/donate.html] “I think you are ready!” “Ready for what?” I gasped. “For the Dvořák” He placed a small score of the Violin Sonatina in front of me “What am I supposed to do with this?” I said “Well you are a big boy now …and you should be able to do this in your deep voice!” I was quizzical, but thought I could probably transpose a treble clef to the bass, but the beautiful J-M shoved another score in front of me and laughed “Here you go!” with a slap on my back he presented the `cello score ( in truth I could have played it from the violin score but he stroked my back and just totally coaxed me into it) “I’ll play the accompaniment”, he said, “but there will be a price!” I rather knew what he meant and was looking forward to it. He was not talking about the kocaeli escort Concerto, but about the Sonatina I wondered fleetingly if my parents thought that this was quite how my music education was going to go. But gave myself to the first movement as J-M played alongside, with the little counter melody and leit-motif. He seemed totally transported, I hoped it was by my playing, but suspect it was also by his love of music. It came to an end. We both sat for a difficult time of silence, transcended by our engagement with the music and our connection with each other. “You wanted me to the fuck the music,” I offered, “but I feel totally fucked! Both by the beauty and by you.” He smiled a little laugh. “Well that’s what great music does!” I wanted nothing more than to be taken by him, but he stood up and withdrew. I sort of got it, but ached completely to be his. He had given me so much, and drawn out of me a depth of compassion and expression. When it came to it he had not extracted “the price”. I longed for him to take me, but understood, too, that there was a time and a place for everything. “I want to do the Concerto!” I protested “You’re too young, you haven’t been penetrated deeply enough” “Then penetrate me,” I screamed, “I don’t want to hurt you.” “You won’t, I know you won’t” My hand kocaeli escort bayan strayed to his crotch. It was, of course, rock hard. “I want you inside me!” my insistence was deep, “that’s all I want. It will fill my music. I need it” I groped his rock hard cock, I knew it echoed my desire. “I don’t want to hurt to you!” His plaintiff re-echo certainly hit me again, “You won’t hurt me.” I took his hand and placed it on my cock, there was no doubt the two matched each other “Let’s play the Sonatina!” he whispered “No,” I said, “let’s fuck!…you told me you wanted me to fuck the music…well now I want to fuck the teacher. No fuck! No music!” I lifted my lips to his and pushed my tongue into his mouth, there was no resistance. I could hear the Concerto starting to play. “Fuck me Jan, Fuck me Jan! This is the Concerto!” His cock pressed urgently against me. “Rip them off!” He grabbed my briefs roughly and pulled them with both hands, they took some breaking but they ripped in his strong grasp. My cock was leaking , and he was breathing furiously. “I want you in me, ” I screamed, “fuck me like the man you are!” I felt his sudden grasp flick me over and his face buried in my arse, his tongue fucking my hole with a vigour which belied the concerto. The orchestra yahya kaptan escort had started and he was rimming me. His tongue deep in my butt, preparing for the assault of the cello itself. Lots of fingering going on, too much really, Then the big music and Then the `cello began big strong beats, he rubbed his cock up against me and took hold of me playing me with a finesse which was amazing. Light and quick, then sweet and gentle, he rubbed harder and harder and harder. The his mouth enveloped my stone hard cock, and he sucked me, and sucked. It was a delight. (Dear reader/listener you need to be listening to the first movement of the Dvořák Cello Concerto and allowing yourself to be fucked by the music). As we get to the big orchestra his cock is fixed at my arse, and I am ready to receive him with gentle ceremony. The deep bases accompany is penetration, and the orchestra thrills at the joy I am receiving. Each moment possible he drags me round and pierces my mouth with his tongue. His cock is in my arse and I am as hard as I have ever been. In the gentle quietness of the transition he slips out, takes my cock in his mouth, I am so close. His insistence demands my cum…I shoot into his mouth. The sweetness of the music tells me how much he loves it. There is now only one thing more, I need his cum inside me He pushes, shoves, and with a scream of victory I feel him shoot his warm seed . Oh. fuck. The Concerto plays on and I can never play it without cumming. Usually, these days, he is there to drink it down comments gratefully received at ail

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