Ch. 01: Introduction to her Fantasy

Big Dicks

(Note: All characters are at least 18 years old. This story will contain incest, and anal content in later chapters. You have been warned. Feedback welcome, comments appreciated. Enjoy!)

It was a cool night in January when you went to sleep in your luxurious bed, your wife sleeping soundly beside you to your right. The usual, comfortable sounds of the evening lulled you quickly into a peaceful dream. It seemed like but a few moments later when your body was roused by something unexpected: the light squeak of the hinges on your bedroom door as it was opened.

It was very rare that anyone but you or your wife ever came into your room, but recently you’d begun hearing your wife and your youngest daughter Kami speaking in hushed tones as you went about your morning routine. Being so late at night, it took you by some surprise when your eyes cracked open to see her frame lit by the light of the pale moon in the doorway. It was difficult to see her in much detail, but she was the curviest of your daughters and you felt a small twinge of shame for having noticed that so clearly.

Kami was quiet as she stalked further into your bedroom and around to your wife’s side of the bed. She often slept on her side, and tonight was no different, so you couldn’t see her face, but you could hear what sounded like soft snores. You heard Kami’s quiet voice as well but couldn’t make out what she might have said. Though you slept on your back, you couldn’t see her from where she stood and could only listen quietly as your daughter spoke in hushed whispers.

You couldn’t help but wonder what the hell she was doing in your room, or why she was speaking to your obviously sleeping wife, but the thoughts quickly left your mind as you caught sight of Kami curvaceous body coming back into view. As she walked güvenilir bahis silently around to your side of the bed, your breath caught in your throat as you made out the soft reflection of the moonlight off her bare skin; She was completely naked, as far as you could tell.

“What the fuck?” You thought, shocked by the sight. Kami leaned close to you, apparently not noticing your barely open eyes through the darkness amplified by the shadow cast over your face. She stood there few a moment, silently studying your face, before her delicate fingers peeled back the light sheet covering your chest. You could swear you heard a soft moan escape her lips as your chiseled upper body became bare under her gaze. Surely not though, right? There was no way, and no reason, for her to have moaned.

Still, the whole situation you found yourself in was about to get even more off-putting; Kami leaned closer to you, her definitely bare breasts hanging below her as her face inched towards to your own. Your heart nearly erupted out of your chest as her sinfully soft lips brushed yours in a way that seemed almost shy. The shudder that wracked her body suddenly was visible even in the darkness and her breath washed over your lips as she exhaled, her voice barely audible even so close to your ears.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long, daddy…” She whispered, her melodic voice full of emotions you would have never thought to hear from your own daughter’s lips; lust, fear, longing, arousal, all were mixed in the trembling words as she spoke. She kissed you again, a little longer this time and despite the mix of emotions racing through your own body, you couldn’t help but notice again how soft her lips were. They put even velvet to shame. A slight taste of cherry burst into your sense as she tilted her head, deepening güvenilir bahis siteleri the one-sided kiss.

After a moment, she pulled away again and you could see her take fast, shallow breaths as she looked down at your. You couldn’t help but notice her hand trembling as she reached out and laid her delicate fingers over your chest. Your breath caught in your throat again as the fear that she would notice your racing heart ripped through you, but she made no indication that she had. Her slim hand caressed your muscled chest, fingers lightly grazing your nipple as she moaned again, somehow still managing to keep quiet.

She shook you softly, perhaps trying to see if you were awake, but it seemed a little ridiculous to be checking now, considering her previous actions. Seemingly satisfied with your lack of reaction, her hand slipped lower, down your chest and across your stomach, her fingers dipping and rising as they slid over the ridges of your prominent abs. Her voice trembled as she sighed, her voice breathy as she whispered to herself.

“I can’t explain how sexy it is to see you like this, daddy…” Her voice drifted off into another dreamy sigh as her hand traced your abs a second time. Your eyes closed as the adrenaline of the situation continued flowing through your veins. Her hand moved slowly further down your body and the sensation of the sheet moving down your body forced your eyes open wide, but her gaze was on her hand, seemingly enraptured by her own actions.

As her hand moved down over the sharp V of your waistline you could feel her trembling again and you watched, helpless to stop her from finally revealing your flaccid cock. A deep groan echoed from deep in her belly as her gaze locked onto your member, her fingers scant inches away. You watched, iddaa siteleri as well as heard, her take a long, shuddering breath as she bit her plush bottom lip. Her hand moved the sheet further off your lower body, taking in the full size of your cock; though currently flaccid, your aroused length was just shy of ten inches long and unbelievably thick. Though flaccid, it was still an impressive six inches long.

Kami seemed frozen with either shock or lust as she stared down at your cock and shame battled arousal as you waited for her next move, your heart in your throat. Eventually, her shaking hand reached out and grazed your relaxed member as another visible shudder moved through her moonlit body. You couldn’t help the automatic reaction of your cock as it jerked slightly at her touch, seemingly sensing that something fun was about to happen.

Kami let out a nervous laugh as she watched your cock lengthen slowly with the blood rushing through it, but her voice trailed off as she began to realize the immensity of your size.

“I…wha…there’s no way…” She whispered in wonder as your cock reached full arousal, standing straight up from your prone form. She reached out again and tried to close her hand around your turgid member; her hand was nowhere near large enough and her fingers barely closed around half of it. A guttural moan passed through her parted lips as lust turned her cheeks red, noticeable even in the pale light.

Kami slowly crawled onto your bed, trying carefully not to disturb you or her mother as she straddled your legs, her hand never leaving your rock-hard cock. Her hand slowly began to stroke up and down as she settled over you, her soft touch sending thrills of pleasure up your spine. You couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped your lips and watched as Kami froze in fear, the noise seemingly bringing her out of her lustful haze.

Time seemed to slow as her gaze moved up your body and met your own, her lips parting in a quiet gasp of fear as she saw your wide eyes:

“Daddy?” She choked out…

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