Charlene Likes Being Watched


They were dancing to some relatively serious belly-rubbing music, but Dave remained quite tame, or so it would seem. His hands were making their way slowly downward from Charlene’s waist and pushing her shirt upward, exposing more and more of her panties. As Dave’s hands, meeting only token resistance, snaked over Charlene’s panty covered butt, he quietly said, “If I hadn’t shown up when I did, I’m guessing the shirt would be gone by now.”Charlene was startled. She leaned back a bit, directing a quizzical look at Dave. Maybe not, but it does seem likely. Charlene remained silent, not sure how to address Dave’s bold assertion, or even if she should.Dave thought he’d pushed the wrong button and explained further. “The reason I said that is because you and Melissa, that’s my girlfriend, are so much alike, and I know she would do it.”Charlene brushed the hair from her eyes and challenged, “With other guys around?”Dave’s enthusiasm shifted into high gear, “Sure! Turns her on and I love it.”“And if she was here…” Charlene hesitated, trying to put the right spin on what she had to say, “and she was dancing with one of the guys… and he was playing with her ass, like you’re playing with mine – you’d think that was alright?”“If it was happening, that would be because she wanted it to happen. So, of course, I’d be alright.”Good point. If I didn’t want Dave playing with my butt, I would have stopped him. “But would she really be in nothing but her panties?”“Well, since you are wearing just panties and a shirt, if she’d been wearing pants when we showed up, they would probably have been gone pretty quickly, and then with the shirt gone, yes, she’d be in nothing but her panties.”“Oh wow!” Charlene was quiet for the next few seconds, then tipped her head back where Dave could see the seriousness of her expression. “If Melissa – I’m assuming that’s your girlfriend…” Dave nodded as Charlene continued. “If Melissa were here, would you really let her dance with Tommy and Blake in nothing but her panties?”“Why not?” Dave hastily countered, “She likes fooling around with the guys, and I love that she does.”“And you two are in a serious, committed type relationship?”“Absolutely. We’re even planning to get married, and we wouldn’t even consider that if we thought it might change how we have our fun.”Uhm, just after my sixteenth birthday, I was dancing with Carl and his friends, in nothing but a towel – and then even the towel got lost. “You are right. She does sound a lot like me,” Charlene admitted.“You two could even pass for sisters,” Dave chimed.Charlene pressed her mouth against Dave’s ear and whispered breathlessly, “Well that may be, but talking about partying in nothing but panties… as well as a few other things…” Charlene rubbed herself solidly against Dave’s hardened cock. “…is getting me really horny, so I’m going to sit down and drink my beer. She broke from Dave’s clutches, gave him a quick peck on the lips, then dragged him toward the cabin’s pair of couches.After Dave having offered his guess as to what his girlfriend, Melissa, might be doing back in Austin – probably dancing in some night club down on sixth street, rubbing her pussy against some stranger’s cock – and there having been numerous attempts by the guys to get Charlene to take off her blouse, Charlene announced, “I’ve had enough to drink. You guys can stay up as long as you like, but I’m going to go to bed.”Tommy looked hurt. “I was kind of hoping I might get a chance to dance with you, at least once, before the night is over.”Charlene was standing. She reached for Tommy’s hand. “Okay, but just one or two numbers, then I’m done.” She led him toward the eating area, to an empty spot in the cabin they had been using for dancing. A danceable tune was already playing and Charlene quickly wrapped her arms around Tommy’s neck and pressed against his growing erection. As she felt his hands slide up under her blouse and grab onto her butt, she muttered, “You were probably wanting me to do it, too.”Tommy pushed his head back. “Huh? Do what?”“You know, get topless, nothing but my panties.”“Well yeah, of course, that would have been so hot!” He snuggled up close again.Charlene put her mouth to Tommy’s ear. “Look Tommy, I understand the little head would have loved it, but how about the big head, the one that’s been my best friend for ten years. What would he have thought about me sitting around with his friends, maybe even dancing with them, in nothing but my panties?”“He would have absolutely loved it.” Charlene opened her mouth to say something. Tommy pushed backward once again. “No, no, don’t say anything,” he ordered, then held almanbahis şikayet his hand up as a signal that he had more to say. In a confiding manner he said, “Yes, I know there are guys who don’t want their girls or wives even looking at another guy, but that’s not Dave… or Blake… and it’s damn sure not me.”Charlene needed confirmation. “So you really would be okay, me dancing with your friends, in just a pair of panties?” She pushed, “You do understand, that with all that skin exposed, hands at least, are likely to be doing some wandering…” As if ice cream were melting in her mouth, Charlene continued in a little girl voice, “…and gee, mister, I’m just not sure I’d be able to stop that.”Tommy asserted without blinking, “Wouldn’t have gotten any objections from anybody here, especially not me,” It was his turn to smile.Charlene looked toward the sitting area. Blake and Dave were engrossed in their conversation and paying no attention to Charlene and Tommy. Wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her nearly naked body against his, Charlene explained, “I do think it would have been really fun, hanging out with you guys in nothing but my panties. But, not knowing you really did want me to do that with Dave being here, I decided that the blouse would stay on until I was ready for bed.”“Stop worrying about it. I really do understand,” Tommy acknowledged, his hands going to the bare flesh on the undersides of Charlene’s butt cheeks, his fingertips a fraction of an inch from that very sensitive spot between her legs.“After this song ends, I’m going to bed.” Charlene hesitated to make sure Tommy heard and was listening to what she had to say next. “But I’m not going to go to sleep until I’ve had my goodnight kisses from you and Blake, so don’t take forever getting Dave out of here.” Tommy watched as Charlene finished unbuttoning her shirt while walking toward the sleeping area. Dave would not be staying long!As Tommy rejoined Dave and Blake, Dave was checking his phone for messages from the power company. Whatever had caused the problem was now fixed and service to his house had been restored. “Probably just a blown transformer or something. Anyway they’ve got it fixed,” Dave announced as he stood.“In case they don’t, you might want to take our lantern with you,” Blake suggested.“Nah, just have to bring it back…”“Speaking of which,” Tommy interrupted, “We’re hiking down to the lake tomorrow morning. How about you going with us?” Charlene will be cool with Dave around, now that she knows Blake and I don’t have a problem with it.“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve probably imposed enough for one weekend.”“I’m sure Charlene would like you to come along, and us guys certainly wouldn’t care, would we Blake?”“No way,” Blake grudgingly, but politely, responded.“So we can expect you then?” Tommy queried.“Wouldn’t miss it. See you in the morning,” Dave agreed as he shut the door behind himself.As soon as the door was closed, Charlene bounced out of bed, turned her back to the rest of the cabin, dropped her already unbuttoned shirt and wrapped a towel around her naked, except for panties, body. She hollered out, “Blake, Tommy, I’m going to take a bath, so you guys stay right where you are and finish your beer, or…” Oh yes! That would be so freekin hot! “…better yet, sit out on the patio.” She turned the water on and began filling the tub as she dropped her panties from under the towel.Tommy had the television on, but muted. Blake was about to join him in the sitting area when Charlene’s request, and maybe hint, he thought, boomed from the sleeping area. Instead of sitting, he motioned for Tommy to follow him out onto the patio. “Grab a chair and come with me,” Blake urged conspiratorially. He led them to a spot on the other end of the deck, opposite where Charlene, separated from them only by a wall of glass, was bent over the tub, checking the water temperature. He positioned his chair facing the floor to ceiling window and motioned for Tommy to do the same.“I’m not sure we should be doing this,” Tommy cautioned.“Bull shit,” Blake murmured. “She wants us to watch, and even if she didn’t, it’s dark enough tonight, she’d never see us anyway.”Just then, Charlene came around the tub, to Blake and Tommy’s side of it, and with her back to them, dropped the towel. “Oh my god, are you watching this?” Blake asked without taking his eyes off Charlene’s naked form.“Hell yes,” Tommy replied. “I mean, with her naked – you know, this afternoon – I was thinking how good that ass looked, and I got to say, it is truly fine.” Charlene bent over, again testing the water temperature. “Oh shit! And now bending almanbahis canlı casino over?” Their attention riveted by the awesome sight, Tommy and Blake watched as Charlene stepped over the side of the tub and slowly lowered herself into the water.“I am not believing this,” Tommy remarked as Charlene leaned back against the tub, her arms resting on either side of it, bare breasts and prominent nipples on full display. Charlene picked up the soap and began soaping her breasts. She stroked each nipple with the bar of soap, then worked the soap into her tits with her hands. “Jesus, god!” Tommy exclaimed, then carefully watching Charlene’s antics, he quietly asked Blake, “Do you think she knows we’re watching?”“Of course she does,” Blake replied, “Why else would she be taking so long washing her tits?”“The way she likes showing them off, I’m surprised she didn’t take the shirt off earlier.”Blake remained homed in on Charlene as he replied, “Oh I’m sure she wanted to, and if it’d been just you and me, she probably would have, but with Dave here, she had to be wondering what you and I might think.”Tommy considered what Charlene had said when they were dancing. “I suppose you are right. So what do you think she’s doing now? Her hands are down in the water. You think she’s playing with herself?”“I have no doubt,” Blake replied, again without turning his head away from the scene playing out only a few feet from him. “Look at her upper arms and shoulders – they’re moving – and that expression on her face? She’s about to cum! Oh jesus, look at the way she’s jerking. Damn, she is making it. My god! That is so hot!”“And you’re sure she knows we’re watching?”“Oh hell yes! In fact, knowing we’re watching is what’s got her so excited.”Charlene leaned back, her arms once again on the sides of the tub. She was still breathing heavily. She closed her eyes and waited as she came down from the high. With some semblance of composure having returned, Charlene hastily soaped and rinsed off the rest of her body. Then, bending over the side of the tub toward the windows, she picked up the towel she had dropped earlier, and holding it loosely in one hand, cautiously stood and stepped over the side of the tub away from the windows.Turning and facing the windows, Charlene dried herself. Appearing to not know she was being watched, she took her time toweling off, with no apparent concern for what parts of her might be getting exposed. “If she truly does know we are watching,” Tommy began as if not really believing it, “then she certainly doesn’t mind us seeing all of her goodies.”“Oh she knows, alright. She just isn’t ready to admit it. But think-”Tommy interrupted, “Jesus, would you look at that! Her pussy, bald as a bowling ball!” He turned and looked at Blake. “Oh christ, guy, I’m sorry. You were saying?”“Right, I was saying, think about what’s happened since she’s been living with you. Hell, think about what she’s told us about her partying with those fraternity guys. Pretty obvious she likes showing off.” Tommy’s head was bobbing back and forth, watching Charlene as she dried her naked body, but also trying to listen to Blake.Charlene dropped the towel and dug out clean panties and t-shirt. Pulling them on, she climbed into bed. Blake continued, “You see what I mean. She’s still pretending she doesn’t know we’ve been watching all this time.” Tommy nodded his head. “C’mon, we need to get back inside and help her keep up the charade. It’s okay if we admit to watching, but we can’t let on like she knew it. Okay?” With Tommy nodding his understanding they picked up the chairs and returned them to the other end of the patio.A few minutes later, stripped to their briefs, Tommy and Blake slipped quietly into bed on either side of Charlene. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily, almost snoring. “Okay, walking wet dream,” Blake intoned, “You can quit pretending. We’re ready for our goodnight kisses.”Tommy was focused on Charlene, laying on her back and very nearly snoring. “Bro, I hate to tell you this,” Tommy said, disappointedly, “But she’s not pretending. She really is asleep.”“You’re shitting. No way does anybody zonk out that quickly.”“Well, maybe nobody else, but I can guarantee you, Charlene does. I’ve known her for ten years or so and I can tell you, when she gets tired, exhausted, whatever, she just closes her eyes and is instantly asleep. And… no way is anybody going to wake her before she’s ready to get up.”“Really? I’m in bed with the hottest girl I’ve ever known and she is sound asleep. Absofuckinglutely amazing!” He turned over, none too happy with the turn of events, and was almanbahis casino himself, soon asleep.*****Charlene did not often dream, but when she did, it was usually vivid and mostly realistic. She dreamt about things that had happened and things that might have happened. This night she did dream, and it was both.The dream began with sixteen-year-old Charlene in her room on a Sunday night. Dressed in panties, shorts and blouse, with no bra, she was thumbing through the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, confident that as long as she was in her room, her father wouldn’t complain about her not wearing the bra.The sound of the garage door announced the arrival of her parents. She hastened to her desk, turned her computer on, and began doing the research for a paper that wouldn’t be due for another couple of weeks.As the dream continued, still real, Charlene’s mother stuck her head in the door of Charlene’s bedroom, “You’ve got school tomorrow, so you need to be getting to bed.””Yes, mother, just need to finish up what I’m doing.””I understand. Just not too late,” her mother admonished as she closed the door.In the dream, Charlene mumbled, “Right,” as the door closed. She finished what she was doing, turned the computer off and got up from her desk. Crossing the room, she unsnapped and dropped her shorts to the floor.At the window she opened the drapes and unbuttoned her blouse. She thought of the neighbor she had discovered was watching her. The thought that someone might be out in the darkness watching her get ready for bed, had always excited Charlene. As she dreamt, moisture formed between her legs.Continuing to dream of things that really had happened, Charlene raised her hands to the curtain rod, appearing ready to close the drapes, but also, exposing her hardening nipples. It was not likely, however, that she had actually been watched – Charlene’s room had been dark most of that evening – but then this was a dream and she could imagine.In the dream, Charlene slowly turned her back to the window and shrugged the blouse from her shoulders, just as it had actually happened. Naked except for her panties, she turned off the light and climbed into bed.As the dream continued, Charlene found herself babysitting in the home of the man she had learned was watching her. This also was a continuation of reality. She had secured the family’s permission to use their computer to research a project she was working on. After putting their son down around eight, Charlene settled herself in the den at the family’s computer. In starting it up she curiously noticed an encrypted folder, stored on the computer’s ‘desktop’. Of course, being encrypted, she had been unable to access it. In the dream, also real, while surfing the web, Charlene was reminded that ‘poopsy’, the name of the family’s dog, had been a password the family had shared with her. She again attempted to open the mysterious folder. When asked to enter the password, she typed in ‘poopsy’, whereupon the folder opened, but it appeared to be empty. Charlene accessed the file display options and determined that an option to hide certain files had been selected. Removing the option, she was confronted with a number of previously hidden files, all of the image type and all appearing to be computer screen shots. In real life, sixteen-year-old Charlene had been shocked to find that these contained pictures of her in various states of dress and undress. In the dream, however, she was giddily excited by the same discovery.Charlene had known that Harold’s rooftop camera was focused on her bedroom window, but she had previously not considered that Harold might also be capturing images of her. Although initially taken aback, after reflecting on her newfound knowledge, she had concluded that it was to be expected and not problematic. After all, she had reasoned, she did know Harold was watching and had still left the drapes open. Why should she be upset with him, just because he had wanted a few pictures.Charlene had guessed that Harold probably liked the idea that he was spying and didn’t want him to know that she knew. She had left her curtain open the rest of the week, telling herself it was to be sure Harold didn’t think he had been found out, but it was more likely because it excited her to be watched. During those next several days she had made sure to provide Harold with several shots that would be worthy of his ‘private collection’.The dream continued, but as it did so, it morphed from mostly reality to pure fantasy. She rushed over to Harold’s house dressed in a pair of loose fitting tap pants and a body hugging, threadbare, wife-beater type undershirt.Meeting her at the backdoor, Harold let out a cat whistle and licked his lips at the sight of Charlene’s sixteen-year-old body. Charlene looked down at her nearly exposed breasts and nipples. Smiling, she looked up and replied, “I think you approve.”

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