Cheap Date: $12 and a Fuck

College Sluts

It was one of those days; she was in urgent need of relief. Her pussy was itching for something hard, fast, rough, and downright dirty. Never mind it had been a long time since she had seen her lover. “Need a quickie. Available for lunch?” She sent him a quick text. “When too many questions if he showed up. Then an idea popped into her head. Less than five miles away was a national park with plenty of different places they could go. Picnic benches dotted the landscape, trees, nature paths, even a large lake in the middle. They just needed to find an isolated section and she seemed to remember this one camping area way back in the deepest reaches no one ever went. Well, at least not since she was last there a few years back with her family. “Noon. Tell you then.” The rest of the morning dragged by; her meetings were all a blur. Just thinking of him had her pussy dripping; her panties soaked throughout. It was all she could do to sit still. The itch was getting worse by the minute. ‘Was it fucking noon yet?’ she would think as etimesgut escort she would look at her watch. He rolled up to the front as she was walking out the door. Climbing in, she quickly told him to take a right and just drive until he saw the sign for the national park; then he was to turn in. “Love you, too,” he said as he pulled away. “Sorry, babe. I’m just so fucking horny and my pussy needs a really good fucking.” She reached over and started rubbing his rapidly growing cock through his slacks. “My oh my – what have we here?” He reciprocated and ran his right hand up her left thigh, gathering her dress along the way. When he finally reached her snatch, it was quickly evident she was excited. She had apparently removed her panties and her pussy was sopping wet in anticipation. Sliding a finger between her lips, he quickly pinpointed her clit and began a dance with his fingertip. Shortly after, he slid it down and inside her fiery hot pussy. Stroking in and out for three or four strokes, eryaman escort he then removed his finger and offered it to her to clean. “You gonna be my whore for lunch?” “You fucking bet,” she quipped, “and a cheap date, too.” In less than five minutes, they turned in and she began showing him the way to the camp site. She was right; there was no one there. Parking in the shade, she reached over and kissed him deeply. Shoving her tongue into his mouth, they quickly became reacquainted. But, there was just no way she would ever hope to get fucked in his car. A Dodge Challenger was too restricting and they both knew it. Jumping out of the car, they set off down the path toward the lake. About half the way down, he grabbed her by the scruff of her hair, spun her around, shoved her against a pine tree and rammed his tongue back into her mouth. In return, she grabbed his hips and pulled him against her body, feeling his hard cock pressing against her abdomen. Pulling away, she had to take a deep sincan escort breath. She quickly opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and lowered his zipper. Kneeling down as she lowered his trousers, his cock flopped out and smacked her in the forehead. “Someone happy to see me?” she asked. Grabbing her head between his hands, he guided her face toward his member. Opening her mouth, she slid it in, swabbing her tongue over the helmet. She savored the droplets of pre-cum oozing as she began to take more of him into her mouth. “Oh fuck, your mouth is so fucking hot. You like sucking cock, don’t you?” “Mmm hmm,” she replied, while continuing to run her tongue over and around his cock. He began timing the thrusts of his hips with her head bobs, in and out as she was moving back and forth. Even though she had yet to take him completely down her throat, it had never stopped her from trying. Her gag reflex would kick in and she would back away. “Oh fuck me! I love it when you suck my cock.” She took pride in her skills. She loved to suck cock almost as much as she loved to fuck. She loved swirling her tongue around the meaty flesh, flicking it against the head. Drawing his cock into her mouth, sucking on it, pressing the tip of her tongue into the opening at the end, the flavor of his pre-cum, all of it drove her wild.

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