Cheryl and Meryl Pt. 02

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Cheryl and Meryl (Part 2)

Kathryn M. Burke

Afterward, he fell on top of her, not bothering to prop himself up anymore. The feel of her body, from head to foot, was rapturous, and he remained buried in her for minutes. He would have stayed longer if Meryl, now in acute discomfort, choked out, “Oh, God, I can’t breathe!”

“Get off of her, you big lug!” Cheryl shouted, giving another whack to his bottom.

With a groan of annoyance, he rolled off of Meryl and flopped onto his back next to her.

Cheryl had no interest in him, only in her sister. “How was it, sis?” she said, concern written all over her face.

But she had no need to worry. A kind of beatific look had spread over Meryl’s face, and she said dreamily, “It was just heaven.”

“Well, that’s splendid,” Cheryl said, “but you’re bleeding like a stuck pig.”

“What? What?” Meryl cried in sudden alarm.

“I’m just kidding. You are bleeding, but it’s only a little bit. And I’d really prefer it if you didn’t stain my sheets.”

Meryl all but leaped up from the bed, jumping over the recumbent Jeremy—but when she tried to stand up, she found her knees buckling. She fell backward, landing on Jeremy’s midsection, causing him to cry “Oof!” once more.

“Jesus, girl!” he complained. “Get off of me! I’m pretty sore too, you know!”

“Sorry, sorry!” Meryl exclaimed. But she still wasn’t able to stand up on her own two feet, so Cheryl had to help her.

“Look,” she said, taking command again, “we need to get you cleaned up.”

She now led her sister toward the bedroom door.

“Wait!” Meryl said. “We can’t go out there—we’re naked!”

“Mom and Dad are asleep,” Cheryl said. “Unless the noise you two made has woken them up.”

Cheryl was inexorable, opening the door and shoving her sister out into the corridor and toward the bathroom. They got there safely, and Cheryl ordered: “Sit on the toilet.”

“What?” Meryl said uncomprehendingly.

“Put the lid down,” Cheryl said slowly and precisely, “sit on the toilet, and spread your legs. You’re bleeding.”

Meryl reluctantly did as she was told. “Am I really bleeding that much?”

“No, no. I told you before. I mean, that little hymen is about the size of a quarter, so it’s not as if someone stabbed you in the gut.”

Meryl sat broodingly on the toilet while her sister got a washcloth, soaked it in warm water, and came toward her. Meryl’s parted legs did show a little blood leaking out of the crevice, but not much. There was also some white stuff coming out.

As Cheryl did the mop-up duties, she said, “I’m assuming you’re not going to get pregnant.”

That roused Meryl a bit. “Oh, gee, thanks for asking now!”

“Hey, you’re the one who were so keen to get poked!”

“Okay, okay, but I’m not a dope. It’s not the right time in my cycle, so I’m fine.”

“Glad to hear it.”

The job was done, but Cheryl realized she couldn’t leave the slightly bloody washcloth lying around, so she took it in her hand and led her sister back to her bedroom.

Jeremy was still lying, in post-coital bliss, on his back. His cock even now wasn’t entirely soft, since his recollection of deflowering Cheryl’s gorgeous sister was still fresh. But Cheryl, eyeing him keenly, said: “Hmm, you need a bit of cleaning up too.”

She strode forward and used the washcloth to wipe off the thin streaks of blood on his cock. She wasn’t exactly gentle at the task.

“Hey, careful with that!” he cried. “I’m pretty tender down there!”

“Yes, yes, of course you are,” Cheryl said, finishing her task and tossing the washcloth away in a corner. Turning to her sister: “So now what?”

“Well, I’d like to cuddle with him some more,” Meryl said in a little-girl voice.

“Yeah, I figured you would,” Cheryl said, making a face. “But I think we have to do something else first.”

Without warning, she climbed up onto the bed herself and sat on Jeremy’s face.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Meryl burst out.

“Hey, look,” Cheryl said, “I’ve been a spectator long enough. You don’t think I’ve gotten a little, um, aroused? Jeremy’s gonna have to get me off before anything else happens.”

Jeremy was not at all disinclined, since he wanted to test out a theory that had occurred to him while all this was going on. Does Cheryl’s pussy taste and smell different from Meryl’s?

He found that it did. The differences were subtle but unmistakable.

As Cheryl wrapped her thighs around Jeremy’s face, holding onto the headboard to maintain her balance, Meryl got alarmed. “Cheryl, you’re smothering him! He can’t breathe!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Cheryl said airily.

And, in fact, there didn’t seem to be much to worry about. Amidst the sounds of licking, sucking, and nuzzling, Meryl could also see Jeremy seizing her sister’s bottom and squeezing it hard with his hands. At times he brought one hand up to take hold of a breast, but mostly it was her round, firm butt that seemed almanbahis şikayet to fascinate him. Meryl too was fascinated by the whole procedure, standing in wide-eyed awe as Cheryl wriggled all over Jeremy’s face, coating it with her juices. Once she got a glimpse of Jeremy sticking his tongue as far into Cheryl’s pussy as she could; another time he seemed to be nibbling on her clitoris, which evoked memories of what he had done to her before her deflowering.

And so, the inevitable happened. After some preliminary sounds from deep in her throat, Cheryl suddenly came out with a high-pitched squeal and started writhing even more violently on her boyfriend’s face, almost squishing her genitals against his mouth and nose. The paroxysm seemed to Meryl to go on for minutes, and she involuntarily found herself slipping a hand to her own pussy, where some telltale wetness had begun to appear. Then Cheryl flung herself off Jeremy and landed hard on her back on the other side of the bed, a look of goofy pleasure on her face.

“Omigod!” she breathed, her tongue lolling out of her mouth. “That was fabulous!”

“You certainly seemed to enjoy it,” Meryl said sulkily—and with a bit of envy.

“Hey, what can I say?” Cheryl said. “I like to come.”

But Meryl’s attention was now directed at Jeremy—specifically, at one place on his anatomy. “Um, Cheryl, look,” she said, pointing. “He—he’s big again.”

Cheryl glanced over briefly at the recumbent man. “See, I told you! Some guys can do it over and over again. Not many, but some.”

“So . . . he wants more?” Meryl said with a hint of alarm.

“Of course he does!”

“Oh, but I’m still sore! My pussy is kind of throbbing.”

“I understand that. But there’s another place his thing can go.”

“You mean—?” Meryl said, pointing to her mouth.

“Uh, no,” Cheryl said. “I believe the area is called your derrière.”

Meryl let out a little yelp before clapping a hand over her face. As it was, they’d all made a lot of noise, and she was terrified that her parents were wide awake and might even storm into the room and demand an accounting of their irregular behavior. This latest cry wasn’t going to help any.

“But Cheryl, I don’t know if I want that!” she went on.

“You’ll want it and you’ll like it,” Cheryl said menacingly.

“Hey, Cher,” Jeremy said, “maybe she should decide—”

“To hell with that!” Cheryl spat. “And don’t call me Cher.”

And with that, she reached over into the top drawer of the nightstand and brought out a little blue jar that Meryl recognized immediately. Scowling in perplexity, she asked: “What on earth is that for?”

“It’s called lube, dear heart,” Cheryl said with heavy sarcasm. “You won’t like it without this.”

“I may not like it with it either,” Meryl muttered.

But Cheryl either didn’t hear or wasn’t interested, and she ordered her sister to lie flat on her stomach while she lubed her up.

Meryl did get into position, grudgingly, but when she saw Cheryl scoop up a big dollop of the cold white stuff she cried, “Oh, God, you’re not going to stick your fingers down there—!”

“You bet I am,” Cheryl said.

“Let me do it,” Jeremy said helpfully.

“No!” Meryl almost screamed. “Not him!”

“Jesus, what do you care?” Cheryl said. “You’re going to let him put his cock in you back there but not his fingers?”

Meryl just screwed up her face in a grimace. She seemed on the point of tears.

“Stop being such a baby,” Cheryl said disgustedly as she went ahead and stuck two fingers coated with cold cream into her sister’s anus.

At first contact with the stuff Meryl expelled another little yelp, causing Cheryl to cry, “Shhh!” So Meryl just buried her head in a pillow until the procedure was done.

“Okay, guy,” Cheryl ordered, “get into position.” For good measure, she slathered some of the cold cream on his cock—which was now hugely erect at the prospect of deflowering Meryl twice within minutes.

He climbed on top of the girl and inserted the tip of his cock into the designated area. At once Meryl cried out sharply, “Ow-ow-ow! Oh, God, it hurts!”

“I told you to stop being a baby!” Cheryl bellowed.

“She’s in pain, Cheryl!” Jeremy cried. “Maybe she doesn’t like it.”

“How can she know if she doesn’t like it if she doesn’t give it a real try? Just go on in. Take it easy, but don’t let up.”

Jeremy did as his imperious girlfriend ordered, watching his own cock sink inch by inch into her sister’s bottom. With each passing second Meryl’s eyes got wider and wider and her mouth fell open more and more, her slim little tongue being forced out and strange little choking sounds coming out from deep in her throat.

Jeremy was in keen distress at hurting the poor girl, but the incredible sensation of invading this virgin butt was too much for him. He went in at least six inches, then started pumping gently. Putting nearly all his weight on Meryl, he wrapped his hands around her chest and seized her breasts with both hands. Meryl’s almanbahis canlı casino eyes seemed glazed, not responding much when Jeremy kissed her cheek, neck, and shoulder. To help ease the pain, Jeremy slid a hand down her body and reached her delta, causing Meryl to squeal in surprise. But as he began stroking her, her eyes closed and a dreamy expression came over her face, even as he ground his hips into her faster and faster.

When he shot his wad into her rectum, her eyes and mouth popped open as she felt his seed in that unusual place for the first time. And his orgasm seemed to trigger one of her own, if the little mews of pleasure coming out of her mouth were any guide.

With the paroxysm was over for both of them, Jeremy just lay on top of Meryl like a dead weight, still plugging up her bottom with his cock. Eventually she gave feeble indications that she was uncomfortable.

For a third time Cheryl gave Jeremy’s butt a sharp slap. “Okay, guy, get off—and out—of her. Your job is done.”

With a grimace Jeremy clambered off, and out, of Meryl and flopped exhaustedly on his back next to her. But Cheryl didn’t let him rest.

“Hey, you know the drill,” she said tartly. “Go wash.”

“But—but I’m naked!” he complained. “What if your parents see me?”

“They’re fast asleep,” she said with a confidence neither of the others shared. “Just hurry up and come back.”

He obeyed orders, and when he came back into the bedroom he saw Meryl writhing on her stomach, both hands clutching her butt, moaning, “Oh, God, that hurt!” Cheryl was sitting next to her on the bed, rolling her eyes in mortification.

“Jesus, girl, it couldn’t have been that bad,” she scoffed.

“It was! It was horrible!” Meryl whined.

“But didn’t you come?” Cheryl pointed out with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, I came! Much obliged! But it still hurt.”

“Yeah, well, it’ll take a couple times for you to get used to it.”

“What if I don’t want to get used to it?”

“I don’t know, sis—lots of guys like it these days. It’s kind of the thing to do on campus.”

“Is that right?”


“Well, la-di-da!”

Jeremy came to the rescue. Coming over to Meryl’s side of the bed, he slipped into it, scooped her up in his arms, and managed to put her on top of him. He started snuggling with her, massaging her back (and that aching bottom too) and giving her little kisses all over her face and neck.

Meryl responded, snaking her arms around Jeremy’s neck and kissing him back with fervor.

Cheryl watched the display sourly. “Hey, you know, I’m beginning to feel like a third wheel here.”

“You can always go to my bedroom while I hang out here with Jeremy,” Meryl said sweetly.

“Not on your life!” Cheryl cried. “There’s one more thing we need to do.”

“Oh, but poor Jeremy’s exhausted!” Meryl cried. “You better be careful—his thing might fall off.”

“Not likely,” Cheryl said with a smirk. “He’s come four times with me before.”

“Jesus,” Meryl breathed.

“Come on, enough talk. Get into position.”


“You sit on his face, and I’ll ride him.”

As the cuddling pair looked at her blankly, she said more sharply, “Let’s go, snap to it!”

“But Cheryl, I’m—kind of messy down there.”

“Who cares?” Cheryl said with a cynical laugh. “He likes licking up his own come—as long as it’s mixed with girl stuff.”

Meryl, shaking her head in disbelief, pried herself out of Jeremy’s arms. She was now throbbing in both places down there, so she took her time getting on her knees and placing herself on Jeremy’s face. Meanwhile, Cheryl gave his half-erect cock a few tugs, then squatted over it and stuffed it into herself.

Jeremy’s groan of pain was muffled by Meryl’s sudden descent on his face. It was true that he liked letting the fluids from a girl’s pussy and anus—his and hers—dribble into his mouth, and Meryl began writhing on his face with a little grin of satisfaction. Cheryl’s actions had made his cock pretty hard again, and she was pleased that her crevice was finally filled.

Meryl, now facing her sister, gazed on her with a kind of awe. She had never seen Cheryl naked in such intimate circumstances before.

“Gee, Cheryl,” she said, “you really have nice boobs.”

“So do you,” Cheryl said magnanimously.

“Yours are a little bigger than mine.”

“Doesn’t matter. Guys generally prefer firm to big. Really big boobs tend to be flabby and shapeless.”

After a little silence, Meryl said shyly, “Can I—can I touch?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Cheryl said indifferently.

Meryl reached out and took her sister’s breasts in both of her hands. “Mmmm,” she murmured, “so nice . . .”

“Lemme feel yours,” Cheryl said, imitating her sister. “Not at all bad, sis.”

Spontaneously, the two girls brought their heads together and pasted their lips together. Meryl seemed to shiver a bit at this initiation into incestuous lesbianism—and gave her patented mew when Cheryl stuck her tongue into her mouth. almanbahis casino But their lips were glued together as Cheryl continued to bounce on Jeremy’s cock and Meryl tightened her thighs around his face. Jeremy, for his part, didn’t know whose butt to grab, so he used one hand to grab each girl’s posterior.

Everyone knew this couldn’t go on forever—and sure enough, Jeremy’s grunts, insofar as they could be heard, indicated that his third climax was imminent. Cheryl, teasing him, deliberately slowed down so that he wouldn’t come quite so fast, but the delay was only momentary. As he shot his seed into her, she moaned with satisfaction: she hadn’t actually come, but she was proud of her ability to get her guy to come after her sister had displayed her seductiveness the first two times. Meanwhile, Meryl did come again, breaking the obscene kiss with her sister to cry out and do a little bouncing of her own on Jeremy’s face.

Afterward, all three of them sprawled untidily on the bed, their bodies intertwined. They all agreed it was time for bed, and the two girls arranged themselves on either side of Jeremy, each of them silently claiming him as their own. They all fell asleep within minutes.


The next morning, the twins’ mother, Shirley, was in the kitchen early, making breakfast for everyone. As Cheryl sauntered sleepily in, making a beeline for the coffee maker, Shirley glared at her meaningfully. Her daughter really wasn’t up for any sort of confrontation, so she just poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the little table in the kitchen.

But Shirley apparently wanted to press the matter. “What exactly went on in your room last night?”

“What do you mean?” Cheryl said with wide-eyed innocence.

“I heard a lot of strange noises coming out of your bedroom.”

“Oh, you know Jeremy. He’s kind of noisy when he—” Cheryl clapped a hand over her mouth. “Well, you know how guys are.”

That didn’t help the situation. Now Shirley was squinting sharply at Cheryl. “It wasn’t just him. It sounded like you—and your sister.”

“Don’t be silly, Mom!” Cheryl said with a nervous laugh. “You must have been dreaming.”

Mercifully, further awkward discussion was curtailed by the rest of the household blundering into the room, all looking for coffee, tea, and breakfast. So Shirley had no choice but to get cracking.

But a little later, Cheryl herself pulled her father over into the den for a private chat.

“Daddy,” she said, “I think we need to talk.”

Daniel had a spooked look on his face. “Wh-what about?”

Cheryl closed the door firmly, then turned to face her dad. “Have you noticed Mom acting funny lately?”

“Funny?” he said. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I’ve distinctly seen her giving Jeremy the once-over.”

“What? Don’t be ridiculous!”

“Daddy, it’s true. She doesn’t just look him in the face. She looks at his chest, his butt—his groin.” She gave her dad a significant look. “Know what I mean?”

“You—you must be imagining things,” Daniel stuttered.

“I don’t think so. I’m not a kid anymore. What gives?”

Daniel fell silent, and a look of mingled alarm, sadness, and even fear spread over his face. He almost looked as if he was going to cry.

“Daddy, what—?” Cheryl began.

“Look, dear,” Daniel interrupted, “your mom and I haven’t been doing so well lately.”

“What are you talking about? Are you guys breaking up?”

“No, no, nothing like that—well, probably not.”

“Probably not? What’s going on with you two?”

Daniel looked at his daughter as if pleading for mercy. “Cheryl, darling, I’m afraid I did a bad thing.”

“Daddy, don’t tell me—”

“I—I cheated on your mom.”

Cheryl’s face registered loathing and disgust. “Oh, Daddy, how could you? I didn’t think you were one of those scumbags who—”

“I only did it a few times!” Daniel protested.

“Oh, so that makes it all right.”

“No, of course not. But—”

“So who was this seductress who tempted you?”

Daniel looked even more mortified now. “Um, my secretary.”

Cheryl rolled her eyes. “Jesus, Daddy, how tacky!”

“I’m not seeing her anymore! In fact, she left the company. I don’t even know where she is now.”

“Well, good for you. But I suppose Mom found out.”


“And so—?”

“So . . . we haven’t been, um, intimate for about eight months.”

Cheryl’s jaw dropped. “You’re telling me that Mom hasn’t let you stick your dick into her pussy for eight months?”

Daniel made a face. “You don’t have to put it quite so graphically, but yes, that’s it.”

“Jeez, no wonder Mom’s lusting after Jeremy.”

“She’s not lusting after him!”

“Of course she is, Daddy. She wants him. And why not?”

“He is a good-looking guy.”

“I’ll say! And boy, can he perform! Just ask Meryl. Oops!” And Cheryl again clapped a hand over her mouth.

Daniel seemed to wobble on his feet. “Meryl? You’re telling me . . . he did Meryl?”

“Well, yeah,” Cheryl admitted. “She didn’t want to be a virgin anymore.”

“She was a virgin?”

“Of course she was! Have you ever seen her with a guy?”


“Well, he really gave her the business—a thorough job, if I do say so myself. Front and back.”

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