For mature audiences only. Thank you all for the feedback I”ve been getting and thank you to Nifty for allowing me to share these stories. I reply to all emails and suggestions. ail My Childhood pt 3

Again, my memory isn”t very good as far as timeline but we got together one Saturday or Sunday afternoon and went to his house. Apparently my aunt and cousins had gone somewhere so he had the house to himself. Compared to my little no indoor plumbing house this was a mansion with a nice back yard with fruit trees. Actually it was just a nice 3 bedroom house with separate kitchen, dining room and living room. To me it was fancy. So we go into one of the bedrooms and he tells me to take my clothes off and get into bed, he said he”d be back in a bit. I was so excited and hard. I get naked, and lay there waiting. I should”ve done this in the first part but I”m new to this, this is my first time sending anything to Nifty or anywhere for that matter. So a description of what I looked like back then. I looked like Beaver from Leave it to Beaver show except my bubble butt was bigger than his. I never really thought he had a bubble butt except that one of you all that send me feedback mentioned him having one. Anyways, he comes in and says “nice you even took off your socks.” I was like, was I not suppose to? I”m like this is new to me but anyways, he gets into bed with me, he”s naked by the way, and starts kissing my neck while his hand rubs my body and hard dick. I istanbul travesti instinctively spread my legs while he”s playing with my dick and his hand goes down there and rubs my taint and asshole. I know I was starting to breath hard, and my knees bend so he”s probing my asshole, not pushing in, just rubbing and it feels so good. Again, it”s like I have a really bad itch back there and his finger rubbing my hole feels so good. I”m pushing my ass to his finger every time it makes a passing rub. My hole also keeps opening and closing. He starts kissing down my body slowly while rubbing my asshole and it is driving me nuts! I”ve never felt these feelings before and I am loving it! My body is wriggling around and I”m moaning just really enjoying this. His lips get to just above my hard dick and I grab onto his head and push him down so he just starts going at it, swallowing my hard dick and balls, bobbing up and down, his drool making its way down my balls to where his finger is playing with my pulsating hole. I”m so turned on my legs are spread wide as his mouth makes its way to my balls and his wet finger is poking and my hole which is relaxing and opening up wanting more. I”m humping up into his face while he”s eating me up, dick, balls, rubbing my taint and poking my hole then I feel it! His finger enters my ass! I swear everything went black and I saw stars. I instinctively fuck myself on his finger while he”s sucking my dick and he goes into me all the kadıköy travesti way! I”m like a wild little animal lost in all these amazing feelings. In my excitement and passion I just wanted more! I”m fucking my dick into his mouth and when I pull my dick out of his mouth obviously I”m going down and onto his finger in my ass so I”m fucking his face as I”m fucking my ass onto his finger which is all the way in me, it was just way to much stimulation for this little dude and felt so out of this world! Suddenly I feel this hard tingling sensation in my dick and really all over my body, I just start panting and pushing his head into me to get as much of my little hard dick into his mouth as possible and all I remember is just seeing stars, my whole body goes rigid, I”m moaning loud and breathing hard, he”s finger fucking me and his mouth sucking as I buck up into his mouth in jerking motions having the most intense orgasm of my life! Never had I ever felt like this. I”m catching my breath coming down from my dry orgasm, at that time I didn”t know what it was, all I knew was that it felt amazing and I wanted to feel it again. He slowly pulls his finger out of me as I catch my breath and relax my body. I realize there”s something wet on my leg. I reach down to touch it and it”s cum, his cum, he had been jacking off while all this was going on. I know its cum from when we had gone to that cotton field at night. He kisses me on the lips while I”m playing with bakırköy travesti the cum, I bring it to my nose and smell it. Yep, it”s the same stuff, he says “taste it”. I say “what?” He says “taste it”. He takes some from my leg and licks his finger clean. I”m like, ok, I trust him so I taste it. It isn”t bad, not great but not bad. He gets up, goes get a towel or something and cleans me up. My dick, taint, asshole are all wet from his saliva, my leg has cum on it so he gets me all cleaned up. I ask him “tio, that crazy feeling I had like my body was tingling all over and I saw stars, it felt sooooo good! Is that what you feel when you cum?” He says “yeah just like that, you do that to me.” I smile at the compliment and it makes me feel special. We leave, go to Whataburger, get something to eat and takes me home, one happy little hombre. I can”t wait till we get together again. Between then and the next time my mind, and body can”t shake that feeling I had, that itch in my asshole that he took care of so so good. Every time I go take a crap I spend a little more time than I had in the past wiping myself and playing with my asshole but it”s not the same. I can feel that itch inside of me so I start sticking my finger in me and still not the same. I don”t know what I”m doing wrong but I will ask tio next time we get together. I can”t wait to show Luis what I”ve learned. I knew not to tell anyone about what my uncle and I were doing and luckily Luis never asked me how I knew this stuff.

In part 4 I can”t decide on which experience with my tio I”m going to write about. One took place at his Knights of Columbus building, the other in the announcers booth at a baseball field. Let me know if you have a preference.

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