Subject: Chuck McGraw Part 23 The continuing tale of Chuck McGraw, a big-dicked bad ass mother fucker. Father. Soldier. Bodybuilder. Pervert. Please support Nifty financially. Send feedback to [email protected] (Seriously, if my stories get you hard let me know.) 2008 � Blue Ridge Mountains “That is, chief. Just listen to your old man, do what I say, and it will go easier.” As soon as First Sergeant Chuck McGraw got back from his latest deployment, he and his wife Katie started divorce proceedings. He’d heard that she’d been fucking around on him with every Tom, Dick, and Jody on and off post while he was away. He’d been doing the same shit of course, getting his dick wet seven days a week, but it wasn’t the same. Plus, he had evidence. She was already pregnant and had no idea who the father was. She was a good fuck, and he’d miss that of course. He’d also miss her boy, his stepson, Sammy. Chuck and his sons had easily converted Sammy into being as much as a cock whore as any of them. In the end Sammy had been a better cocksucker than his mother by far. Chuck had only fucked the kid’s ass a couple of times when he asked to have his cherry popped, breaking him in just before he deployed. His eldest Bobby had taken over from there, and according to him Sammy could bottom like an expert before too long. Sadly, Chuck never even got a last chance to tap his ass, though. Sammy was back in Texas living with his dad when he’d gotten back. But Bobby regaled him with stories of all of the times he and Sammy had fucked around. Sammy had gotten good at taking his stepbrother’s dick and learned to love it. Chuck had appointed a few good men to look over his boys and make sure they were following his rules and progressing the way he wanted while he was deployed. One was Chris, a young bodybuilder, a former Marine, who was tasked with the boys’ physical training. Chris was also a whore for big cock, so his repayment was getting fucked by Bobby and Sammy. John Vickers, a Marine Gunny (and another pervert dad) was also sure to look in on the boys, take them out fishing with his boy Jimmy. SFC Harden and SSG DiSpessore, mostly straight fuck buddies of McGraw, also checked in regularly. They’d been in good hands, but it was good to be home again. He’d been back less than a week before he packed the boys off to the mountains to a hunting cabin while Katie cleared out. Bobby had put on some size while Chuck was gone, and Ty was going through another growth spurt too. Of course, he and his boys had fucked around the first day he was home, and every day since, but Ty was like a boy starved for cock. The whole ride up into the mountains he played with and sucked on his brother and his father’s cocks, milking a load from each of them in the front seat of McGraw’s truck. A couple of truckers blew their airhorns when they spotted the young cocksucker at work. His boys were learning to love putting on a show as much as Chuck himself. They were also little nudists, just like their dad. McGraw had borrowed a hunting cabin Major Donner, his old neighbor and (while he lived next-door) regular cumdump. By the time they were off the main roads, all three were naked, with Chuck wearing only his boots, and sunglasses, his boys having helped him undress while he drove. The cabin was small, rustic, but it had running water and a fireplace for heat. As soon as the truck came to a full stop, the boys jumped out and ran to the cabin to explore the building and grounds. Chuck let them, laughing as his little jaybirds. He took a few steps, enjoying being nude in nature, and aimed his cock to take a piss he’d been holding in. His dick started getting hard again as his mind drifted to the real reason for the trip to the woods. He’d decided that his youngest, Tyler, was finally ready to get his cherry popped by his old man, something both father and son had been waiting for a while. The men unloaded their gear and settled in. Chuck made the boys put on shorts so that they could all go for a hike in the woods. It wouldn’t do for a stranger to come across a dad and his two underage sons hiking down trails in the woods naked. They might think they were a bunch of sick perverts. They headed into the woods and uphill. Chuck had been here before and he knew of a cliff overlook that the boys would like. It was only about a 30-minute hike away. Chuck was dressed in some Ranger Panties, and old combat boots. The early fall weather was unusually warm today in the mountains. He was a few weeks shy of 40 years old now and an incredible sight at 240 lbs of solid muscle. Tattoos covered his arms, chest, and back, with more on his muscular legs, only slightly obscured by his dark body hair that covered his torso, lower arms, and legs. He wore his hair in a high and tight Marine-recon style. Both his hair and his regulation mustache were salt and pepper and thick stubble covered his heavy, square jaw and cleft chin, since he hadn’t shaved that morning. His monster ten inch daddy dick and low-hanging scrotum was snaking down the leg of his too short shorts, since he’d torn out the lining. They got to the overlook Chuck was looking for, and he and the boys shed their shorts to soak in the sun in the clearing. It was mere moments before all three were hard and Ty was sucking on his dad and his brother’s now identical ten-inch cocks. Chuck and Bobby sat on a fallen log with Ty kneeling before them and they talked, father şişli travesti to son. Bobby was 15, about to turn 16. He’d sprouted to six foot tall already and was in better shape than most grown men. He’d made great progress physically while Chuck was gone but had barely scrapped by in school. Chuck was no scholar himself, but he did a lot better when he was Bobby’s age. He knew that his son was letting his dick rule his life too much, letting it get him in trouble. He knew the draw. Chuck loved his own cock. He worshiped it. He couldn’t keep his own hands off it and loved having others handle it, stare at it, talk about it. He was naked as much as possible or whipped his dick out whenever he could. He didn’t own underwear. At the gym in the morning, he’d walk around the locker room with his cock swinging. When he’d shave in the mirror at the gym the locker room sing was low enough that he’d rest his cock in the bowl. Even straight guys were curious about Chuck’s massive dick. He wanted everyone to see it. Bobby was cut from the same cloth, and part of that behavior was encouraged by his father. He was getting his dick sucked or fucking daily at school, by his fellow students, by a couple of teachers and coaches, men and women. He’d taken to heart the advice from his dad to be careful fucking chicks and not to get them pregnant but didn’t hold back fucking the guys. But as they talked on the cliffside Chuck told Bobby that he needed to tighten his shot group in regard to school. He even offered to let him join the base gym and help him with him with gear if his grades came up. Bobby was learning to love the rest of his body, his muscles, as much as his old man. His time training with Chris had worked wonders and now Bobby was talking about entering a teen bodybuilding competition. Chuck promised to help him succeed, but only if he did better in school. “Will you help me too, Dad?” Ty asked, his chin covered in saliva as he kneeled before his father and brother. Ty was 11, too young for serious weight training but never too young to learn good habits. His dad promised he’d help him too, but it would be a few years before he was ready for steroids. “But on that topic, Ty, I’ve got a surprise for you. I’ve heard nothing but good things from Chris and the other men I had watching over you. So, as your reward, I think we are going to try someone different, something new, this trip. I think you are finally old enough to get your little ass fucked.” “Really!” Tyler’s face lit up and he sat up on his knees. “Really, chief. That is, if you think you can handle your old man’s dick up your cunt.” Chuck waved his cock in the air for emphasis, flinging saliva and precum on the boy’s naked body. Ty jumped up and hugged and kissed his dad in his excitement. Then father and son really kissed, lips locking, and tongues darting in and out. As the two made out, Chuck lifted Tyler up and the boy wrapped his legs around his father’s waist. This placed his pert little ass on his dad’s dick. Already slick with spit and precum, Chuck slide his cock up and down the boy’s crack, rocking back and forth, his large hands spreading the boys’ cheeks and coating his backside and hole. Bobby didn’t have to be told, but got down off the log and, crouching, alternately sucked his father’s dick and ate his brother’s ass. Chuck had allowed that much to happen so far, but both boys knew that daddy got first crack at fucking his sons. It was only right. As Chuck slowly started rubbing one blunt finger on the smooth balloon knot of his youngest, the boy opened surprisingly easy. His sphincter pulsed, pulling in and pushing out. If he didn’t know better, just was certain that his son’s cunt was getting wet with its own juices just like a bitch in heat. Ty gasped as his father’s blunt middle finger popped inside his ass and he sank down, forcing his ass onto his dad’s finger practically to the knuckle. “Go easy son.” His dad warned. “Fuck daddy, I want it so bad.” “What do you want, chief?” Chuck growled. He pulled back to look his boy in the eye. Unwaveringly Tyler answered him, “I want you to fuck me, dad. Fuck me hard.” “I know you do son, and I’m going to. But I don’t want to hurt you, so we’ll take it slow at first. But I promise I’ll fuck your pussy hard and deep and dump my load up inside you.” “Thank you, daddy.” They kept going as they were. Soon Chuck had two fingers in his boy’s hole and Ty was bouncing up and down on his father’s hand. But it wasn’t time yet. He pulled his fingers from the boy’s cunt and set him back on the ground. He did give the boys a compromise though. He had Ty get on the ground on all fours, his ass high in the air, and head down. Then he and Bobby stood behind him and stroked their cocks until they came, shooting their loads on his exposed hole. Chuck used his finger to spread his and Bobby’s loads, pushing some into Tyler’s ass as the kid moaned and shot his own load into his hand. Chuck laughed as Tyler ate his own cum. His youngest was a cum slut and never wanted to waste a drop. Then they handed back to the cabin before it got dark. After dinner, the boys got a fire going in the big stone fireplace and sat on the leather couch with their feet kicked up on the large leather ottoman. Fall was coming on, and up in the mountains the warm day quickly cooled. It wasn’t truly cold enough for a large fire, but the heat felt good on the men’s naked bodies. beylikdüzü travesti MAJ Donner may have used this lodge as a place to take his family from time to time, but he’d also used it for all the queer shit he got up to behind his wife’s back. Chuck had been up here a handful of times and had fucked his buddy on this same ottoman once or twice himself. Donner had even bolted the ottoman to the floor to prevent tell-tale scratches on the rough floorboards. Ty couldn’t contain himself. The boy had barely eaten dinner and his hands kept drifting between his legs while he sat at the table, down to his own asshole, fingering it. He was naked and hard the whole time too. Chuck was amused. He knew his boy had been waiting for this for years now. He was pretty sure that while Bobby would turn out like himself, just as into pussy as he was ass. Chuck had never been fucked and had no interest in it. For him it was all about pleasing his cock. Chuck had fucked Bobby, and the boy had tired a few other guys, but he didn’t enjoy bottoming nearly as much as he did topping. As for Tyler would likely be a faggot. The boy loved dick and cum too much and showed no interest in girls. Chuck was fine with that. It was good for a man to know what he was and what he liked. He encouraged that sort of self-awareness and confidence in both his boys and in the men he trained. “Ty, little buddy, go grab your old man another beer,” Chuck said, killing the one he had and handing the empty bottle to his son. As Ty walked to the small kitchen, he added, “And then go into the bedroom. In my backpack on the bed there is a bottle of lube and some poppers in the front pocket. Grab that and bring it out here.” The kid nearly sprinted to the bedroom after handing the cold brown bottle to his dad. He was back in a jiffy, like a cartoon, appearing out of nowhere, a bottle in either hand, grinning like a fool. Chuck was leaning back, one hand holding a beer bottle, the other resting on his stiff meat. “Ty, bubba, I want you to get up on the ottoman on all fours. Bobby, I want you to bend your brother over and start getting his ass ready while I watch.” Both boys obeyed their father. Bobby ate his brothers hole out and fingered it under their father’s direction. Bobby already knew what to do but as Chuck slowly stroked his ten-inch dick he’d say “now spit on his hole and rub it in” or “stick another finger in him and open him up” or “relax your hole, bubba.” Bobby’s cock was rock hard and had leaked a puddle of precum onto the hardwood floor between his knees. After twenty minutes or so Chuck sat forward on the couch to inspect the boys’ work. He was going to make this experience last as long as he could. He ran his thick sausage fingers over the tender pink hole of his son. It was good and wet and pliable. He leaned in and ran his tongue over Ty’s hole, then let his stubbled chin scrapped over it. Ty moaned and quivered. “I think he’s ready, don’t you Bobby?” Chuck asked his son. “Sure is dad! I can’t wait to fuck him!” “In due time. In due time, son. Daddy first.” Chuck said, squeezing his eldest son’s shoulder affectionately. “Ty, how do you want Daddy to fuck you first? On your knees or do you want to sit on Daddy’s cock?” “Doggy style, please, dad!” Ty said, arching his back even more. “You want to suck your brother’s cock while Daddy fucks you?” “Hell yeah!” Ty hollered. “You heard him, Bobby.” Chuck said. Bobby got up and went around the ottoman while Chuck positioned his son better, spreading his legs apart further, and kneading his small white ass. While Ty started sucking on his big brother’s dick, Chuck pressed his fat and leaking cockhead against his son’s ass. He smeared his slime on the wet hole and watched as the boy’s hole puckered and winked at him. Tyler was still so small, and Chuck’s already monster-sized cock looked even bigger than it was, lying across the kid’s crack. It covered his ass and went past into the small of his back. Chuck was afraid he’d tear the boy in two if he wasn’t careful. Usually, he didn’t use lube since his cock leaked enough for most fucking (and he liked it rough so if it hurt the bottom a bit, that was okay too) but he squeezed a generous amount of lube onto the kid’s hole and pushed it in with his fingers and coated his massive cock. “Arch your back son. Show daddy that you’re ready.” Tyler quivered with excitement and arched his back as instructed. “That is, chief. Just listen to your old man, do what I say, and it will go easier. It’s probably gonna hurt at first. You’re doing a fine job.” Chuck’s voice was deep, husky, and he groaned as pressed his cock against his youngest son’s asshole. “Bobby give your brother a hit of this.” Chuck said, handing the poppers to his eldest. The boys had seen and tried poppers before, when Uncle Todd Tucker, Chuck’s favorite power bottom Marine, had come camping with them. Bobby held his brother’s nose as he let him inhale the nitrate, never taking his bro’s cock out of his mouth. Satisfied that’d he’d done all he could, Chuck started to press forward. Ty was tight. There was never any doubt of that. But he took his dad’s cock surprisingly well. His hole opened up as Chuck slowly pushed past and entered the first ring. “Good boy.” He paused and let the kid adjust to the head of his cock before pressing against the resistance and dive in deeper. When he hit and pressed beyond the istanbul travesti second ring Ty tensed and moaned, mouth still full of dick. “Open that hole. Open up for daddy.” Chuck got deeper, watching the hairless hole expand and stretch around his cock as it got fatter to the base, nearly seven inches. The boy was working his kegels around his dad’s cock, flexing his inner muscles. He squeezed down hard. “Open that fucking hole!” Tyler relaxed his muscles. “Good boy.” His father said. When he’d sunk in all the way to hilt, and pressed his groin against the small, pale cheeks of his son, Tyler, his eyes closed relaxed his whole body and did his best to sigh with a mouth full of dick. “You doing alright, chief?” Chuck asked. Tyler nodded and gave the thumbs up sign. Chuck felt the boy’s hole flex around his cock. “Fuck boy, that feels good” And it did. The young boy’s hole was warm, almost hot, velvety, and tight. Tyler began flexing his hole around his dad’s cock, instinctually milking the man inside of him. “Good boy.” Chuck praised him. “Are you ready to get fucked?” Again, with the thumbs up sign. So, Chuck fucked his youngest son. He slide his cock back out about halfway and then slowly pushed it back in again. He did it again, over, and over. He got faster and harder with each hump. Thrusting with more force each time. Ty loved it. It was what his body craved, what he was born to do. Bobby loved it too. He decided to unload and feed his brother so he could better enjoy the show. After he came, he sat back on the sofa and watched his little brother get railed by their dad. His father was bigger than most men, already a massive muscle beast, a specimen which to measure all other men against. And Tyler, small, lithe, and happy. He was practically suspended from their father’s giant cock. Tyler and Chuck were both in bliss. Without pulling out, Chuck flipped Tyler on to his back, pressing his knees to his chest to fuck him. Ty was small enough that Chuck could see the outline of his dick as it penetrated his son and rearranged his organs. But Ty never complained, only crying out for more. Then Chuck lifted him up and fucked him in midair like he was doing bicep curls, Ty clinging to his father’s neck with both hands, his little legs draped over his dad’s 22 inch arms. Then Chuck sat down next to Bobby on the couch and let Tyler ride his dick like he was riding a horse. Tyler placed both feet on the couch and squatted over and over. Both of them were drenched in sweat, glistening in the firelight and Tyler was screaming for more, harder, faster. Without preamble he shot his boy load on his dad’s sweaty, hairy, tattooed chest without ever once touching his own cock. And when he did his ass spasms pushed his father over the edge and Chuck roared as he blasted his DNA into his son’s guts. With each burst he slammed deeper into the kid until his orgasm slowed. He eventually held him tight on his lap, his huge muscular arms wrapped tightly around his tiny body. They both came down from their orgasms, Tyler held in his father’s arms, slowly catching their breath. Tyler licked at the sweat on his father’s traps, savoring the hot, salty flavor of his dad. Eventually Chuck asked, “Was it everything you’d hoped for, chief?” “Everything and more, Daddy.” “Good boy,” Chuck panted, “good boy. You know what you need to do now.” Tyler slowly raised himself off of his father’s cock. His legs were surprisingly steady. As the half-hard beast was released from his eleven-year-old hole with a wet plop, he slid down to his knees between his father’s legs and eagerly took the slimy cock into his mouth, cleaning it off. The boys had seen and taken part of plenty of their dad’s fuck sessions and knew he always made the bottoms clean off his dick afterward. Bobby handed his father a fresh, cold beer and sat next to him on the couch. “That was fuckin’ hot, dad.” “Yeah, yeah it was. Every dad should be so lucky to have their own little cock-loving faggot in the family.” He said affectionately, running his hand through Ty’s damp hair. “Can I fuck him now?” Bobby asked eagerly. Chuck chuckled, noticing that Bobby’s cock was stiff and straight as a steel rod, leaking again. A chip off the old block. “You’re gonna love it son. Ty’s cunt was made for cock. I’ve never fucked an ass that felt like that, not even yours. But your brother might need a bit to recover.” From between his hairy thighs Tyler raised his head and with shining eyes said, “I’m ready now Bobby!” He raised his ass up so that he could take his brother and continue to nurse on his father’s prick. The other two McGraw men laughed. “You heard the boy!” Said Chuck. “Go for it. That boy’s ass was made for dick if I ever knew one. And if I’m not mistaken, he’s gonna need a lot of it.” Bobby did as he was told, fucking his brother doggy style hard and fast, and soon his load was dumped into his brother’s cunt right alongside his father’s. They had four full days at that cabin. Aside from a half-hearted attempt at hunting, the three men fucked like rabbits the whole time. Chuck couldn’t remember the last time his nuts were so drained, but it seemed as if his cock would never get soft. Not too bad for a pervy forty-year-old man. And now that 15-year-old Bobby was finally allowed to fuck his brother, the two were twice as worse as before. During the drive home, Ty basically rode Bobby’s dick the whole way, taking two more loads during the drive. His hole was pink and puffy and leaking cum when they got back to the empty house, and he couldn’t have been happier. More to cum Feedback welcome and encouraged hoo (Seriously, if my stories get you hard let me know.)

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