City Lights, Pt 1. (continued from ‘Summer by

Double Penetration

City Lights, Pt 1. (continued from ‘Summer byI’ll pick up the story where i left it, remember, i just had some, apparently noisy good times in the ladies room with a gorgeous mature bbw. I was quite exhausted after that, so i went for another beer, and decided to chill for a while. Nothing special happened later that day, except that while walking away from the beach i caught a quite fat young girl looking at me, and she was a bit too slow in turning away so i could take a good look at her. She had black hair down to her shoulders, had a cute face and pale skin, apparently blushing easily. Her body was quite huge, she was much shorter than me, wearing a black dress made from a see-through material, revealing a fat belly, a big ass, thick legs, and not so big boobs, though that could’ve been a trick of the bra. She was sitting at a bar all alone, though from stuff around the table it looked like someone, probably a girlfriend just left the table. As i said, she blushed and turned away, and i, without giving any more thought to it, left. Uneventful days passed, i went down to the beach more often, as i liked to swim, and hated going to a gym, or altogether exercising indoors. It started to show as well, i was getting into shape. One night, i was just checking out pubs, trying to find some friends, all the while relaxing, watching people, drinking beer. In the second bar i got lucky, i ran into a friend of mine with his fiance´e and her girlfriends. No wonder the fatty from the beach looked familiar, i’ve seen her a couple of times in the same company, and though i like big girls, she didn’t take much notice of me, so i didn’t bother. She seemed keen on fashion, had a good sense of style, but always looked a bit posh for my tastes. But then again, i’m not that elegant myself, so probably that’s why she didn’t notice me before. But obviously something changed, i often caught her looking at me from the corner of her eye. We never talked that night, and after a few beers i left for home. Again, days passed, until one late afternoon she was there at the beach, quite alone, looking a bit sad. She wore the same see-through black dress. I came up to her, said hi, she said hi back, without looking up, then i asked if i could sit down. She looked up, slightly blushing, said yes, than her eyes went back on the cocktail she was sipping. I didn’t want to bother her, i drank my beer, and waited for her to start a conversation. She still didn’t dare looking at me, which made me laugh. ‘What’s so funny?’ she demanded in mock frustration, but i could see that she was getting ready to be insulted.I smiled and said ‘Nothing… it’s just that… i find it funny, that while before whenever we met, you didn’t seem to notice me, almost looked through me… and now you don’t seem to be able to look at me, why’s bahis şirketleri that? Not that i prefer you looking trough me’ i laughed. ‘I thought you were a little full of yourself’ she admitted. I laughed again ‘I had the same impression of you, always dressing according to the occasion, jewelry matching dress, matching the glasses you wear, i could go on… quite posh!:)’. ‘So you noticed!’ she smiled for the first time miming surprise ‘You do notice style do you, you just simply don’t have one of your own’ she added cheekily. ‘Whoa! You got me! Yes, i prefer just being relaxed about most things really, trying to feel the good vibes. And speaking of style and vibes: how come a pretty girl, in a beautiful dress sits here looking so sad?’. She sat in silence for a while, then said ‘Apparently most guys say that i’m pretty, they just don’t mean it…’ with that she drank her cocktail in one gulp, and went to get another one. I followed her, feeling a bit sorry, and stood beside her as she ordered a whiskey. I did too, and while she put the change back in her purse, i told her ‘I’m not only saying it…’ but she cut me short with an embarassed hiss ‘I KNOW THAT’ and went back to the table. I sat down, having no idea what just happened. It was getting dark, and the bar turned up the music, as people started to dance. She leant over the table, and said ‘I know because… because a few days ago i was here, and i saw you going towards the restrooms with a woman… a nice fat woman’ she smiled ‘and as i had to go too, i followed a little later, thinking you have finished’. I sat there, mouth open. ‘But apparently both of you were occupied’, i blushed remembering how loud we must have been. ‘It’s nice to see that you are capable of blushing too’ she laughed ‘so anyway, i came back, and later that lady walked past me with a very satisfied smile:). So that’s how i know you like fatties, and she was old too, not young and tender like me’ she giggled, with a kinky look in her eyes. I guess all that alcohol made her throw caution to the wind. ‘I like this song! Wanna dance?’ she grabbed me by the hand and started moving. She had a good sense of rhythm, and soon got me in the mood as well. We were dancing closer and closer, and she grabbed my hand again, whispering ‘Aww, how come you don’t reach out and grab this fat?’, and placed my hand on her hips. All that rolling fat under my fingers, covered only by that thin textile, her jiggling about in front of me, her hands in the air, she bit her lips lustily, eyes burning… i couldn’t resist anymore, i pulled her close, and we kissed. She had a small mouth, but a fast tongue, so my dick, which had started to thicken for some time, was now probably quite visible. She must have noticed too, because she started to dance in a way that she could rub bahis firmaları my cock with her legs and ass. She was quite a tease. ‘I want you to have me’ she whispered ‘use me, please’. She took my hand, and steered me away, looking back ‘Our family has a bungalow, not far from here’. It was really just that, a bungalow with a small porch, kitchen, and one room with one double bed. She closed the curtains, and turned on the lights. I saw that she was very horny, her breathing fast, mouth dry. She almost attacked me, almost made me fall, so i had to grab her by the neck to receive her furious kisses. Me gaining control this way made both of us slow down. She slowly turned round, my hand still on her neck, and started to move her ass about, rubbing my dick ‘Sorry’ she said ‘but i’m so horny, what do you want me to do?’ ‘Strip for me’ i said. She got out of her role for a second, sounded a bit tense ‘You really want that?’ i moved sideways, so she could feel my cock on the back of her thigh. She took that as a yes, and pushed me down on the bad. I sat and watched, as she started to sway slowly, with her back towards me. She wiggled her ass a bit, and all the fat started to shake, it was awesome to look at. ‘That’s it baby, shake that ass for me’. She tossed her hair as she turned around smiling. She caressed her body, squeezing her boobs, which looked bigger now, and she bent over reaching for her toes. She seemed quite flexible. ‘Come on, show me your sexy belly…’ i demanded, and she really started to enjoy the game, i guess, being a naughty slut for me. She lifted her dress over her head, and i caught her mid movement, while the see-through fabric was over her face, and i held her hands, so that she couldn’t move it. I came close up to her, i saw her mouth open behind the textile, and our lips met. I touched her belly and wiggled it, made her whole hip move, and i pushed mine close to hers. I grabbed her big ass, while letting go of her clothes. She took it off, and dropped it, and wanted to kiss me, but i had other plans. I wanted her ass so bad. I made her bend over, and she fell on the bed on all fours. She let out a small scream, while i spread her ass cheeks. They were huge. I sniffed her panty, and licked the skin next to it, all the way from the pussy mound up to her asshole. I did this a few times, and felt her trembling. I pulled the panty aside, and admired the shaved and already wet, fleshy pussy. I slightly touched her lips with my tongue, but then i pressed it hard to her asshole. She made a squeak and fell forward on her breasts, as i licked her sweet hole. She completely spread her huge ass for me, and i just couldn’t resist anymore. I got my rock hard dick out, placed it between her ass cheeks, and rubbed it up and down a couple of times, so it got nice and slippery. kaçak bahis siteleri Then i shoved it in her pussy. Ow, was it tight. She moaned as i pounded her, and i observed that she loosened the muscles of her rectum, so i leant forward, and placed two fingers in her mouth. She sucked it instinctively, with plenty of saliva, so it extended in a long strand as i removed it and thrust it into her asshole. I heard her whining as white foam started to appear on my shaft. I pulled out and admired her ass and the pussy that just managed a lightning fast orgasm. I walked round the bed, and sat down in front of her, jerking away. Finally she woke up, and noticed me. It was exciting to watch her small mouth trying to take my thick cock in. She was super sensual tho, looking me deep in the eye, teasing, loving the look on my face, when she did something naughty. Eventually she produced a condom, and put it on me, while i finally get the chance to play with her titties. They were big, but not saggy, rather like a melon, with large areolas that were just a shade darker then her pale skin. She sat on me, and rocked back and forth sliding her pussy on my dick. I played with her titties, and fat belly, and she liked that very much. She was a bit heavy after a while, and i also wanted to get her back into the mood, so i turned her on her side, kissing her all over, and playing with all the fat. She was such a tease, i realized again, as i pulled on a condom, and she grabbed her fat legs and spread herself open for me. ‘Please…’ she moaned. I leant over her, as i pushed my cock in her pussy slowly, for a few strokes, to make it slippery again. All the while we were kissing, and sharing her boobs biting and licking. Her fat belly trembled under me, as i pulled out again, and replaced my dick with a finger. I placed my dick on her asshole, which was loose enough to allow part of the head. I started to move my dick in and out slowly, getting deeper with every thrust. She just moaned encouragement, while playing and pinching her nipples. I fingered her pussy, sometimes slapping it. Her fat butt jiggled and trembled and we got quite sweaty, partly because the house was still quite hot. Eventually almost all of my cock vanished inside her ass, and she started to rub her lit, breathing faster, sucking on her tits, moaning. Losing all control, she came again, this time squirting. She looked at me and said smiling ‘Since all my other holes are too loose, and my mouth is still small…’. I got the idea, and quite shakily climbed next to her placing my dick beside her face. She pulled off the condom, and opened her lips. I slowly inserted my shaft, and started to fuck her face. She gagged a couple of times, but didn’t give up, and in the end i sprayed a huge load all over her face, tits, and belly. She spread it evenly, make her curves shine. We kissed, and fell asleep, her fat body warming mine. A few hours later i woke up, and left quietly, but she woke up, and with a smile, she waved goodbye as i closed the door, still hardly able to walk.

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