Club Spectator


Shrugging into the jacket of his tuxedo, Jacob smiled hearing the chatter of the crowd that had rapidly gathered in the parking lot below him in anticipation of the doors of the club opening. Earlier while making his rounds seeing that everything was ready he shook his head glancing outside seeing the wealth of jewelry that flashed and the vibrant colors of the couture clothing the women were sporting as they clung to the arms of their tuxedo clad gentlemen.

Those invited to ‘Club Spectator’ consisted of society’s elite, only the confidant and accomplished, the ‘A list’ so to speak were allowed through the doors, mingling amongst one another before finding their place in a posh comfortable setting for the night’s performance.

Jacob finished adjusting his cuff links, checking his appearance in the mirror before grabbing the half face mask he always wore while working and headed down to make his final check of things.

Leaning against the door frame back stage he smiled seeing Alexis and Kelsey glaring at one another while oil was being rubbed over their firm muscular bodies. The animosity between them was obviously genuine both in and out of the arena. This helped add fuel to the performance since it was real emotion and not simply a staged performance.

Kelsey continued watching while the black leather harness worn during their performance was strapped around Alexis’s hips and ass, adjustments made so it wouldn’t slip. Her long raven colored hair and flawless milk white skin a massive contrast to Alexis’s deep flaming auburn hair and rich golden tan. She could feel her hands tingle at the thought of grabbing that tight ass. She was determined to be the victor tonight. Alexis ignored Kelsey instead casting her eyes toward Leah who sat quietly in the corner at her dressing table waiting for the hair dresser to finish with the elaborate up do she would be sporting that evening. She growled at the woman adjusting her outfit when she got between her and Leah as if to let her know that she was trespassing where she was not welcome. Nodding her head to Leah, Alexis walked over slipping her feet into the thigh high platform red leather boots that completed her costume.

He winked at Leah when she looked over meeting his eyes. He knew her game and was thrilled to see her stepping in early to increase the frustration between the combatants; her reason was two fold, first to build the performance but also her own personal gain when she was awarded to the victor.

Leah watched while the two larger women were prepared smiling secretly when she saw the determination on Kelsey’s face. Her pussy throbbed watching Kelsey absently stroking the strap on cock she now wore once she was fully dressed and ready. Running her fingers around her hard nipples absently, she slipped them down spreading her tight pussy lips flashing Kelsey a view of her dripping pussy when she saw the large black haired women looking her way.

Jacob pushed away from the door nodding his approval at each woman before walking toward the ring.

The sound of laughter and conversation hushed when the lights dimmed three times, letting the spectators know that the entertainment they had come to see would be beginning in minutes and that all bets placed would be final.

Taking a deep breath he stepped into the sunken ring in the center of the building. A spot light followed him as he waited patiently for the guests to finish finding their seats, the room was silent.

“I would like to first off thank everyone for attending Club Spectator this evening,” he said with a slight bow to those sitting around the arena. “What we have this evening might be called a rematch, or back by popular demand, but tonight you will be witnessing what we call ‘Battle of the Wild’.”

Jacob waited for the applause to quiet before continuing. “We also have a bonus feature for those who are interested. Each of the lovely ladies who will be performing this evening have fully agreed to allow a silent auction for those who wish to spend some time after the match with them one on one,” he said loudly, smiling when the applause rang out again.

“Your waiters for the evening will not only be filling your drinks but they each will also be able to take your silent bids and information. I must tell you, each of these young ladies has the option and opportunity to refuse any offer that is made, even a winning bid and that bid will be forfeited should this happen,” he stated firmly. “As I said this is a bonus for this evening only at the request of the performers themselves. Do be warned, the sexual tension will soon be so thick that it will require a saber to cut. These women are strong both in their desires and their needs. So when placing your bids think of this and only bid if you sure you’re up to the challenge of satisfying who you win.”

“Now for those of you who are first time attendants of Club Spectator and also those who have never witnessed a ‘Battle of the Wild’ I will give you an idea of what you will be viewing while those of you ankara escort who chose can begin placing silent bids,” he said quietly before walking across the arena toward a large barred door.

Opening the door he took Leah’s hand as she stepped into the spot light beside him, wearing nothing but what appeared to be a sheer oversized scarf draped across her shoulders. Her hands held the edges allowing only brief flashes of the smooth flesh beneath it, causing the crowd to cheer in appreciation. Stepping to the center he nodded as Leah knelt beside him, her head resting against his thigh submissively.

“The prize for our combatants tonight is this lovely innocent Leah,” he said caressing her hair as she bowed her head further.

“As we all know in the wild the most predominate and vicious of battles is that of the males fighting for the right to dominate and mount the females of their species,” he explained as the crowd murmured their agreement. “Don’t underestimate our lovely innocent here. Leah in her compact lithe pixie body has the raging passions of a tigress when confronted with sexual domination. Her innocent look and submissive behavior is only the surface view of a hot slick temptress who loves being taken,” he explained as the crowd roared their appreciation.

“Our dominants of the species,” he said smiling down at Leah while she ran her hand slowly up his thigh caressing him openly, “are equally as stunning and even hotter in temperament and passion than our innocent.”

Lifting his hand to point to another barred door the crowd gasped when the spot light illuminated Alexis as she stood straining against the door to be released, the applause was thunderous. Leah glancing up and at his nod stood and walked to the door keeping Alexis contained.

Stopping at the door Leah looked at Alexis, dropping her eyes before approaching her slowly. Closing her eyes she moaned softly when Alexis reached between the bars stroking her slender fingers along Leah’s collar bone before dipping down to cradle her firm breast, her nails circling the nipple sharply creating a gasp from both Leah and the crowd.

Leah leaned against the metal bars her own hand slipping through them to stroke her hand gently along the flaming red cock thrusting from the leather harness around Alexis’s hips.

These actions brought a roar of anger from the opposite corner still shrouded in darkness. Alexis threw back her head and laughed, reaching for Leah she grabbed her, pulling her slender body roughly against the bars, leaning down she circled Leah’s nipples with her tongue all the while staring into the darkness toward the angry sounds.

Reaching his hand toward Leah he pulled her away from Alexis. “There we have Alexis who will be battling to prove her flaming coloring and temperament is hers and hers alone,” he smiled at the tall redhead before turning toward the darkened door where Kelsey stood filled with rage.

“Tonight opposites do battle. From the flame of Alexis to the cold cunning of Kelsey,” he said as the lights surround Kelsey’s door brightened displaying the stunning black haired woman dressed in diamond studded black leather.

Leah again approached the barred door, but this time she stood in front of Kelsey who smiled down at her gently before reaching through the bars threading her hand in Leah’s hair and pulling her flush with the bars before her mouth descended forcing a passionate kiss on the trembling lips of the innocent, while boldly running her hand over Leah’s tight ass pushing her fingers down between her thighs slipping into her pussy before pulling them back smiling licking the slick juices into her mouth.

Jacob took Leah’s hand again when she approached before kneeling at his side. “Ladies and gentleman let me assure you before we begin tonight; our innocent nor either of our dominants have been in any way shape or form, harmed, coerced nor drugged to bring you this entertainment,” he said firmly, nodding toward each of the three women. “What you will witness is their own submissive, dominant, passionate natures that they have chosen to release for our pleasure,” he said before bowing his head and stepping back through one of the three barred doors of the arena.

Leah sat in the middle of the arena glancing from one door to the other her eyes only making contact for a second before looking back down. Sliding her hands along the sheer silk she rose to her knees, her head falling back as she pushed the fabric aside exposing her shaven treasure for the eyes surrounding her. Hearing the roaring screams of the caged women rattling the doors to be released she closed her eyes dropping one hand down sliding the fingers between the tender folds before opening them, her swollen extended clit obvious before pushing two fingers deep inside the wet hole at her center.

Alexis growled loudly when Kelsey laughed raising her hand to her mouth as if once again tasting the wetness the had found inside the innocent, her other hand moving in slow strokes along ankara genç escort the large clear cock strapped into her harness.

The sounds of low gasps mingles with sighs filled the air as the crowds eyes were riveted on the lithe naked body spread before them. Her abandon touching them as the slight trembling of her body increased while her fingers set a fast pace of plunging in and out of the shimmering wetness of her pussy.

The echoing bellow from Alexis stopped Leah at the peak before she gave into the overwhelming need to cum, to spread herself before the strangers who silently wished to be touching and tasting her. Glancing from one to the other, Leah nodded subtly before crawling quickly to the protective wall of the arena as the locks were loudly released and both doors flew open.

Jacob looked up from the list he had been handed for the silent auction, hearing the door locks he shook his head seeing the amount of the bids and the performance hadn’t even started yet. Stepping to the side of the ring he nodded to his head waiter taking yet another stack of bids.

Alexis rushed out of her door glaring at Kelsey before turning and walking to tower over Leah as she knelt silently near the wall, her head down. Taking her foot Alexis pushed Leah onto her side as she growled her disgust and frustration at Leah’s earlier display and for allowing Kelsey to touch her.

Kelsey walked out slowly smiling as she watched Alexis venting while standing over Leah. Her actions had been premeditated; infuriate the competition, under mine her feeling of superiority in thinking the innocent was simply hers for the taking.

Turning her back on Leah, Alexis faced Kelsey, her hands tightened into fists as her entire body shook, suddenly she charged toward her opponent. Moving quickly she wrapped her arms around Kelsey’s oiled body throwing her to the ground.

Twisting, Kelsey turned on her back as Alexis dropped down trying to pin her to the ground face first. Wrapping her legs around Alexis’s waist as she came down on her, she flipped throwing Alexis to the side. Jumping up she smiled slowly stroking her slick imitation cock again waiting for Alexis to complete her second charge. She glanced at Leah who was now sitting up watching her hands sliding over her body with building anticipation.

Alexis took advantage of Kelsey’s distraction, reaching out she grabbed the large cock strapped to Kelsey’s hips, her sign of being another dominant of their species. Pulling as she also wrapped her arm around Kelsey’s thigh she flipped her beneath her, her hands going for the firm large breasts, the nipples pinched sharply between her long fingers forcing a groan from Kelsey.

The crowd became loud watching their slicked bodies twisting and sliding over one another. Kelsey reached grabbing Alexis’s firm ass against her then turned and pinned her. Sitting straddle of her stomach her long silicone cock pushed between Alexis’s breasts. Thrusting her hips forward she thrust the cock between them pinching her nipples holding her breasts around her cock. Alexis screamed thrusting her hips up she drove the head of her long cock between Kelsey’s ass cheeks before flipping her over her head. Leah sat back running her finger between her swollen slick pussy lips moaning silently while she rubbed over her hard clit.

Scrambling up, Alexis jumped on Kelsey her flaming red cock thrusting between Kelsey’s breasts, her pussy inches above Kelsey’s face. Grabbing the clear imitation cock she pulled it up sharply, digging the harness’s straps into the tender flesh between Kelsey’s thighs. Leaning slightly forward she reached between Kelsey’s legs and delivered a stinging slap against the bare slickness of her pussy. The sound of the slap as sharp as a gun shot in the silence of the arena.

Kelsey gritted her teeth biting back the loud groan that threatened to escape her when she felt the sharp stinging slap directly against her swollen clit. Pushing her legs up she wrapped them around Alexis’s neck quickly before she had a chance to push those same fingers deep into her open and exposed pussy. Tightening her legs she pulled Alexis’s face down burying her against her stinging clit. Moving her shoulders she pulled her arm from beneath Alexis and slid her fingers along her ass before driving two fingers deep into Alexis’s pussy hard and fast.

Unable to stop herself, Alexis groaned, shifting her hips thrusting her pussy down onto Kelsey’s fingers, at the same time feeling the flush of humiliation when a dominant was fucked by the other.

Leah gasped seeing Kelsey thrusting her fingers deep into Alexis’s tight pink pussy, pounding her finger into her harder as the crowd began chanting Kelsey’s name.

Not yet defeated, Alexis sucked Kelsey’s clit into her mouth biting down hard when she heard the chanting. Kelsey screamed feeling the teeth tugging her hard clit, slapping Alexis’s ass a hard stinging slap she pushed her off, rolling to meet her again.

Alexis antalya escort tacked Kelsey pushing her to her knees. Alexis thrust her thick cock between Kelsey’s thighs the head pushing against her clit while she forced it through showing the thick head beneath Kelsey’s cock. Pulling Kelsey’s body back against her, she pinched her nipples hard while still thrusting her cock between her thighs as though a perverted dance of twin large cocks. Grabbing Kelsey’s breasts in her hands she ran her nails over the firm mounds leaving red raised trails, beaded with tiny blood spots from the broken skin.

Kelsey screamed in pain, rolling to the side curling in a protective ball holding her abused breasts while Alexis stood over her smiling down dangerously as she began mocking Kelsey’s previous stroking on the long thick cock she wore.

Jacob glanced around the crowd not at all surprised to find many women riding the engorged cocks of their escorts while a few of the men stood off to the side stroking themselves through their trousers. Seeing a gorgeous brunette lowering her ass onto the cock of the man sitting beside her and her husband then stepping forward driving his cock into her pussy while they filled her to capacity, he felt his own cock throb as it wanted to bury itself in the sweetness of a wet pink pussy also. Looking back into the ring he smiled seeing Alexis, knowing that when the night was over she would walk into his office leaving the door open as she crawled into his lap and impaled her self on his cock, and sigh his name when the length of him drove home.

Leah watched Alexis stroking her cock as she walked toward her. She sighed knowing that Alexis would make her beg to cum before it was over; prolonging her release as long as she could make the innocent whimper and wither beneath her.

Pulling Leah up Alexis pushed her against the wall of the arena hard. Running her hands down over Leah’s breast she thrust her hard cock against her belly. Circling her nipples Alexis smiled pinching them when Leah groaned softly. Dropping to her knees she pushed Leah’s thighs wide. Pulling one leg over her shoulder she ran her finger over Leah’s swollen clit feeling the pussy juices dripping down into her hand. Leaning forward she lapped the juices from Leah’s clit before she thrust her finger deep into her throbbing pussy.

Kelsey watched her eyes as hard as the diamond she wore on her costume and around her throat. She growled softly, her own pussy throbbing seeing Alexis’s tongue driving into Leah’s tight pink hole as her tongue fucked her deep. Leah groaned in shock holding Alexis’s head tight against her flooding pussy covering the would be victor’s face with slick cum. The crowd cheered watching Alexis suck the silky cream from Leah’s pussy.

Encouraged by the crowd Alexis pulled back her lips and face covered in shiny cum. Pushing Leah down Alexis threw her head back screaming in victory before she dropped to her knees her long cock sliding along the crack of Leah’s upturned ass. Pushing Leah’s face to the ground she stroked her cock hard rubbing it over her asshole and down between her pussy lips grinding onto her clit. Leah ground her hips back spreading her pussy wider waiting for the welcoming thrusts wanting the long thick buried in her hot tight snatch. Alexis slapped her squirming ass stilling her and taunting her and the crowd before she would thrust forward driving the long imitation cock into her.

Alexis was so intent on feeding her confidence with the crowds’ approval and comments she didn’t notice Kelsey slowly rising. Kelsey pushed her hand between her thighs using the wetness she found to lubricate the large long cock attached to her.

Hearing the crowd roar Alexis leaned forward spreading her thighs wide exposing the long cock pressed tightly against Leah’s swollen clit while she shifted her hips forward opening herself to their view also. Smiling she reached under the innocent grabbing her breasts, pinching the nipples making Leah moan loudly.

Kelsey took the opportunity that was given her and leaped forward falling on Alexis who fell on Leah pinning her beneath the two women. Thrusting firmly Kelsey impaled Alexis on the large clear cock in one sharp thrust.

Alexis screamed feeling the large cock stretching her painfully before Kelsey pulled back slightly and began fucking her in long powerful strokes. Threading one hand into Alexis’s hair she pulled her up to her knees, leaning her back so she could reach and pull the flaming red cock from the harness around Alexis’s hips.

Leah moved to kneel in front of Alexis watching as the once dominant was made to submit to the pounding of the victor. Spreading her legs wide she pulled Alexis’s mouth down to her pussy, closing her eyes when she felt the hot greedy mouth sucking her clit firmly before thrusting her tongue deeply into her.

Pulling the glistening cock from the redhead’s pussy, Kelsey stood and stepped over Alexis’s back. Running her hands down over the up turned ass she slapped each cheek sharply leaving a flaming hand print behind as evidence of her domination. Grabbing the red cock once belonging to Alexis, she held it Leah’s mouth smiling as the innocent eagerly sucked it’s length as far down her throat as possible before Kelsey pulled it back slick with saliva.

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