Collette Submits to Brick


In the morning after breakfast, I dressed in a soft red racerback dress and comfy flats. I didn’t know what Brick had in mind and thought I should be ready for anything. I ponytailed my copper hair, skipped makeup, and then walked to his place. Brick answered the door in jeans and a black tee shirt. His denim blue eyes focused into me, like he was analyzing for any hint of doubt. Those full lips demanded to be bitten. I swallowed hard and said, “Good morning, Brick.”

“Good morning. Come in,” he held the door open for me, and his energy was very different. Strong. Confident. I liked it. “Would you like a drink?”

“It’s 8 in the morning.”

“I have water, coffee, tea, pop.”


“Sorry, soda.”

“Okay, Pennsylvania. Some water would be appreciated, thanks.”

He took a minute in the kitchen and I sat in the living room. He’d done a nice job decorating: the living room had hardwood floors, the couches were velvety smooth leather, and everything else was nicely adorned, very classic and masculine. “Here you go,” he sat next to me as I sipped my water. “Before we start our session, I have some questions.”

“I thought you might.”

“First, what are your hard limits?”

“Nothing which might expose me to any sort of disease, no cutting, no burning.”

He nodded, “Second, what do you enjoy?”

I smiled, “When I’m in a submissive role, I am open to most sorts of bondage, spanking with or without implements, breath play, sensory deprivation, and rough sexual acts.”

“Third, what fantasies do you hold?”

“Well, I’m not sure. How do you mean?”

“Roleplaying. Like boss & secretary, teacher & school girl, gangbang, that sort of thing.”

“Oh, huh. I’ve never given it much thought.”

“Fourth, what sexual stimulation works best for you?”

“I haven’t found something I don’t like.”

“Fifth, what are your trigger words and trigger actions? Do you like your hair pulled, things like that?”

“Trigger words?”

“Words or phrases that arouse you.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Well, Simon calls me Pretty Girl, and sometimes Good Girl if I’m being well-behaved, Bitch, if I’m not. Jeremy uses C, but that’s for us. Sometimes, when he’s really aroused, Gino uses Dirty Girl, and I love it because he’s usually so straight-laced.”

“And Vaughn?”

“We haven’t come up with our naughty words yet.”

“Sixth, you’re sure you want a session today?”

“Yes. I need to know how you operate, if our cover is to be effective. Doms are, in my experience, gifted readers. They’ll know something is up, if we don’t flow well together.”

“Seventh, what is your safe word?”


“Eighth, what was the most recent reason you had to use your safe word?”

Odd. “Why do you ask?”

“I need to know what limits you’ve been pushed to, and recent ones can make a sub feel the most vulnerable. They can trigger fresh bad memories, and can easily end a scene early.”

I took a long breath and admitted, “I was with Simon when we were on business. We had been fooling around-

“Fucking or a scene?”

“Yes. It’s nearly always a scene when we’re fucking, and I don’t mean that in a braggy way. Anyway, we were in the shower, and things got heated,” I felt my breath speed up with my heart as I spoke about it, “He has a lot of rules that help him structure his life, and one of his rules is about always using condoms. I’d wanted to go bareback with him for a long time. We got…close, and,” I lost my breath. “He nearly penetrated me ardahan escort without a condom. His cock slid between my wet thighs, and just as he almost broke his rule, I used my safe word.”


“I didn’t want him to break his rule in the heat of the moment. If he was going to do that, I wanted him to have thought about it, so he wouldn’t regret it later.”

“So, did you two…?”

“That’s private.”

He smiled, “And that’s a yes.”

I giggled.

“And a happy memory at that. Excellent. My ninth, and final question of this series: Are you ready to begin?”


“Set your water down and follow me.”

He stood and walked to a door off the living room. He opened the door to his play room, and I walked in behind him. Brick turned on the lights, and I gasped. He’d been busier than I had accredited to him: his paddles, whips, and other toys were mounted on the walls. Specially-designed furniture was lined on the far wall, and a spanking bench was in the middle of the room. “Take off your dress,” he said as he closed the door. I slipped it over my head. “Hang it on the hook on the door. You like my room?”

“Yes.” I hung my dress on the hook.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Brick.”

“Hmm. Do you like my spanking bench?”

“Yes, Brick.”

“Do you want to get on it?”

“Yes.” I stepped toward it, but he put his muscled arm out and blocked me.

“You haven’t earned it. Get on your hands and knees.”

I felt a flutter in my chest as I followed orders. He sat on a chair in the corner. “Come here.” I crawled to him. “Straddle my thigh, facing the room.” His jeans were soft on my wet pussy. “I’m going to touch you, and you are going to ride my leg like the nasty thing you are.” He flexed his thigh under me, and I got started. I grinded on him, his fingertips stroked my ass. Then, they lined my sides, and finally cupped my breasts. I moaned, and he pinched the soft skin under my nipples. “Silence, slave.” I panted and tried hard not to make noise. He rapidly flexed his thigh, and I bounced on him. He swatted my ass but kept his right hand on my breast. Then, Brick used my ponytail as a handle, and pulled it straight down till my back arched. I gasped and froze. “Did I say stop, slave?”

“No, but I can’t mov-

“Yes, you can. Do it now.”

I huffed, then used my feet to move me back and forth on his leg. He was right. Dammit. I grinded a handful of times, then he released my hair. His hands found my tits again, and he gripped them firmly. The friction of his jeans and the pressure from his hands warmed my body. I deeply wanted him to fuck me. I slowly slid higher on his thigh, but he caught on. “Stand.” I stood carefully; my legs were a little wobbly. “You’ve made a mess on my jeans, slave. Clean it.”

I didn’t understand.

“Don’t just stare at me, slave, clean your mess. With your tongue.”

Oh. I bent down to lick my wetness from his thigh, but he grabbed the back of my head, and pushed the side of my face into it.

“How dare you make a mess like that, and you don’t even have the good manners to clean it instantly? Your other Doms have been remiss in their duties to train you up right.” He let go of my head, but I stayed where he’d left me. “That’s better, Good slave. I will let you mount the spanking bench now.”

I got on my hands and knees, and crawled to it, then laid on the cold leather padding. There were handles on either side, and I held them while I got my knees comfortable on the pads. My torso was well-supported artvin escort by the main portion of the bench. There were straps at every available spot, and I didn’t know if he’d use them today.

“I am going to beat you now.” He started with a warm up paddle, in batches of 10. None of it was as hard as I was used to, but he took only a brief pause between sets, then another. He must have laid down 100 smacks in that quiet room, before he switched to a heavier paddle. He worked it in 5s, with medium firmness. I breathed deeply a few times and felt faded. His strokes were consistent in strength and location, which made me much more comfortable with him. Another 100 were finished, and my wetness dripped down my thighs. I was relaxed and hazy. “I’m going to strap you down now.” He latched the one at my neck first, then the hands, followed by the knees. “You have been very good, slave. You’ve earned a butt plug. Hold very still.” I bit my lip, and a second later felt a very small rubber thing slip into my ass. I gasped, and he said, “Such a good slave. I’m going to beat you some more now. You love that, don’t you, nasty thing?”

I panted, “Yes, Sir.”

I heard a brief growl, then felt a cane swat my ass. I immediately broke into a sweat. He hit me again, then paused. Hit, pause. Hit, pause. There was too much time between whacks for me to get where I needed to go. Then, hit, hit, pause. Then, 3 and a pause. He built it up till he reached 10. Then, he started over from one. My body shook as I lost count. I panted like when I sprinted. My legs flexed by themselves when they anticipated the hit. I knew better, but I couldn’t stop them. My blood tore through my veins. My pussy flexed in time with his hits, too, and in between them, she ached to be filled.

I heard the cane fall to the floor. “You’ve been very quiet, slave. Very good. You’ve earned a special treat.” Cold metal touched the outside of my pussy, then was inserted. The process was repeated 3 times, for a total of 4 Ben Wa large balls inside me. I felt full inside, and it was intense. Then, he said, “Don’t drop them.”

Sir spanked my ass with his bare hand, and the balls banged into each other inside me. I shook harder, and felt one of them near my entrance. I tried to work it deeper into me, but he saw what was happening. “I said don’t drop them, slave.” He pushed it deeper in, and I moaned. I couldn’t help it. He spanked me 5 times hard and fast, and the stripes he’d left with the cane burned hotter. Then, he spanked me without letting up. Not in sets or batches; constant. Every smack made the balls bang into my G spot. My lungs begged for air, but they couldn’t keep up. I knew I would cum like this. Except that he stopped.

“You are going to cum, aren’t you, slave?”

“Yes, Sir,” I gasped.

“Good.” He walked to the front of me, unzipped his jeans, and put on a condom. “Open your mouth.” I took Sir’s cock into my mouth, and he fucked my face a couple of times. I growled in gratitude. Then, he bent over my body and spanked me from there. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I groaned on his cock. “Beg me for your orgasm, slave.”

Had to try to talk with my mouth full, but it was muffled.

He spanked me several times, and it built the fire again. My body was hot and bound and wet and throbbing. As I thought the words, my pussy shuddered, and I screamed on his cock. I came so violently, I thought I might shoot the metal things out of me. I squirted and heard all four of the metal balls hit the floor. He didn’t stop spanking or ataköy escort face-fucking, and my breath was limited. “Good slave, that’s right, good slave. Did you cum hard?”

“Mm hmm,” I managed around his cock.

“Are you still cumming?”

“Mm hmm.”

“Good slave.” He reached his fingers inside my pussy, and I yelped on him. He roughly fingerbanged me, and I kept cumming and squirting. I got lightheaded. He pushed the outer end of butt plug, and another orgasm started from there. He kept at it, and I kept screaming. I couldn’t close my legs. I couldn’t stop cumming. Electricity flowed through my skin and my spine, and I became my orgasm. Tears fell from my eyes and I didn’t know why. His voice cut through the fog, “Good slave. Cum, now.” I screeched on his hardness, and a bigger one swooped in on me. Felt like I turned inside out, starting with my twat. The muscle that released for me to squirt did its job, but I was empty. Just a hollow shell, with one thought.

Sir removed his cock from my mouth, and my jaw ached. He rubbed my face with his dick and said, “Such a good slave. Want me to fuck you?”

I nodded, because it was all I could do. He disappeared from the front of me, and licked my pussy. I found my words because was too lit for that, “Oh God, stop!”

Sir put his arms on either side of my legs and held onto me as he tongue-fucked me.

“FUCK!” I shouted.

He retracted his head and said, “I am. With my tongue.”

“Oh God, please fuck me, Sir,” I gasped.

“My tongue is.”

“Please fuck me with your cock, Sir,” I begged.

He let go of my legs, then something cold entered me. I sucked in as much air as I could, because the chilliness threatened to rob me of my breath. He fucked me hard with the icy toy. “What…do I have…to do for your…cock?”

“Sir is good,” he said, “But I want Master. My slaves call me by my proper title.”

“Master, please fuck me with-

He shoved his cock in me that time. I screamed in my elation as he banged into me. “FUCK, YES!” he shouted, then slapped my ass. His dick tore into my hole again and again; I was so engorged; every thrust was hurt wonderfully. My pussy didn’t know what hot thing hit her but wanted it more each time.

I screamed, “Master, please may I cum?!”


“Oh, GOD, please!”

He pulled my ponytail, but my neck was still strapped in, so my head didn’t go far. “Don’t cum, Slave!” His other hand slapped my ass again while he pounded into me.

I couldn’t think of my delay tactics, and I was so fucking close. Then, he released my hair, plunged all the way inside me, and leaned onto my body. Master licked the sweat from the nape of my neck, and growled, “Cum now!” and I did.

I screamed and lost my breath. It didn’t come back, because his heavy weight was on me. My vision went fuzzy while my pussy exploded on his cock. I couldn’t speak, only gasp. Master leaned up slightly, pumped into me four or five times, pulled out, and came in his condom as he shouted, “JESUS, FUCK!”

Once his weight was off me, my lungs worked. His jeans zipped, just before he removed the butt plug. He unstrapped my body, then rolled me onto his arms, and carried me across his apartment to his bedroom. My vision was fuzzy, and my words were gone, so I let him. His shades were closed, so it was nice and dark in there. The cover was already pulled back, and his sheets were cool and smooth. The pillow was very comfortable, and I tried to remember to tell him that, when I could speak again. I felt his weight on the bed as he came close to me. His skin was warm and provided a nice contrast from the cool sheets. The ceiling fan blew on my slick skin, too. Everything was a series of pleasant sensations on my skin and in my body, and I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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