Colorado Vacation Ch. 02


The first thing I noticed as I slowly woke up was the warm body next to me and how good I felt. Where was I, and what had I done? Then I remembered meeting Eric at the airport, how we ended up in the same hotel room and the wonderful sex we had last night. Hmmmm, how did I want to start my morning?

I quietly moved down Eric’s body and kissed his sleeping penis. Taking him into my mouth, I started licking and sucking and, of course, he responded by growing larger and larger. Eric moaned as he woke up to my warm, wet mouth encasing his stiffening cock, He ran his fingers through my hair and held my head as I continued to suck and swirl my tongue around the crown.

“Baby, that feels so good,” he moaned. “What a way to wake up.”

I ran my tongue from his balls to the tip, licking off the pre-cum and then I sucked him deep into my mouth. His penis got so hard and then he was fucking my mouth. When he erupted, I swallowed and sucked until he was done cumming. Moving up his body, I gave him a hug and a kiss.

“Good morning,” I said. “I’m going to take a shower,” and I hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom. I ran the water and stepped into the shower. Now I started to feel embarrassed. I can’t believe I picked up a guy at the airport and spent the night with him. It was wonderful, but what do I do now? He’s so much younger than me. I’m spending a whole week here. I hope this won’t be awkward. Thoughts kept running through my head. I took a long shower to try and clear my head.

When I finished my shower I realized that my robe was in the bedroom. I wrapped a towel around my body and slowly opened the door. The bedroom was empty! I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved. I put on my robe and wandered out to the living room where the view of the mountains was absolutely breathtaking. I could smell coffee brewing and sure enough, Eric was in the kitchen. He must have taken a shower too, because his hair was wet and he was also in a robe. Before I could think of something to say, Eric looked at me and smiled.

“Good morning!” he said as he came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss. “I made coffee, would you like some?”

I looked up at his smiling face. I really, really liked his smile. It made me feel so good! “Actually, I don’t drink coffee, but thanks, it smells great. Let’s call room service for breakfast and wait in the living room. Did you see the view? It amazing!”

“Yes, the view is amazing,” Eric said, but he was looking at me not out the window. He pulled me into his arms and started kissing me.

“No, silly. The view of the mountains, in the living room!” I danced away from him and into the living room. “Come and see.” He followed me into the living room and we sat together on the couch looking out the window at the mountains. I was amazed with how comfortable I felt in his arms.

We called room service and ordered a big breakfast. While we waited we discussed what we wanted to do on vacation. I wanted to visit the shops and maybe go horseback riding. There was a concert at Red Rocks that I wanted to go to if tickets were available. Eric seemed happy to agree to whatever I wanted to do. I couldn’t believe he wanted to spend his whole vacation with me, but it was fun to plan activities together. Breakfast came and I devoured mine.

“I want to go get some groceries since there is a kitchen here. We need to make a list of what we want…. that is, if you are planning on staying here all week.” I looked shyly over at Eric with a question in my eyes.

“I really want to spend the week with you, Gina. If you want me out of here, I’ll see if I can find another room, but I’d rather spend my vacation with you.”

“I think I’d like that, as well,” I said. “I feel really comfortable with you, but I don’t usually do this kind of thing, you know.”

“And what kind of thing would that be?” Eric asked, with a twinkle in his eyes.

“You know, picking up strange young men in airports and taking them to bed,” I answered, smiling back.

Eric came over and pulled me into his arms. “This is really special, this thing between us. You are beautiful and age doesn’t matter to me. You need to relax and just enjoy yourself, after all, this is your vacation!”

“Well, thank you,” I replied. “I don’t know about beautiful, but you certainly make me happy!”

Eric frowned at me. “Come with me,” he said, as he led me into the bedroom. “Now stand right here and let me show you how beautiful you are.”

Eric stood behind me facing the full length mirror in the bedroom. I looked at his face in the mirror as he untied my robe, pushed it off my shoulders and dropped it on the floor.

“Now, Gina, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror so you can see what I see.”

I blushed and looked away. Eric gently took my face and turned it back to the mirror. “What do you see?” he asked.

“I see a short woman with too much meat on her old bones.” I said quietly.

Eric kissed my shoulder and said “Let me bonus veren siteler describe to you the beautiful woman that I see. You have a very expressive face and such beautiful blue eyes. Your lips are just made for kissing as are your cute little ears,” he said as he kissed and nibbled on my ears. Then he continued down my neck with little bites followed by licking and kissing to my shoulders. “Your skin is so soft and tasty, mmmmm. Keep watching, Gina. Watch while I make love to the beautiful woman in the mirror.”

I looked in the mirror, trying to see myself through Eric’s eyes. Did he really see me as beautiful? It was very erotic watching in the mirror as he touched my naked body.

“Your breasts are large and I love large breasts.” Eric continued as he held my breasts in his hands, rubbing and squeezing them. “and your nipples get hard when I touch you, just waiting for me to rub and twist them.” he rubbed and twisted my nipples and I jumped and then leaned back on him. “See how you look when you start to get excited?”

“I’m not the only one getting excited,” I giggled. I could feel his erection behind me, poking me.

“Pay attention, this is about you!” Eric said in a stern voice, and pinched my nipples, but he smiled at me in the mirror. And I could see that my nipples were hard and what he was doing was feeling really good.

“You have beautiful legs, just made to wrap around me when we make love,” he said and he knelt down and ran his fingers from my ankles, over my calves and up my thighs. “Strong, curvy legs. And you have beautiful curvy hips and a gorgeous ass that I love to grab and caress,” and he proceeded to do just that, running his hands over my butt and his fingers down the crack of my ass.

“Look, Gina, keep looking and I’ll show you what I see. You have a beautiful soft belly where I can rest my head when I play with your pussy. Ahhhh, and what a beautiful pussy you have, just the right amount of hair and your inner lips poking out to entice me to kiss you and play with you.” Eric ran his hands over my belly and down to stroke my pussy. I leaned back on him and watched as he played with my breasts with one hand, and my pussy with the other. Who was this naked woman in the mirror having her body caressed by the man behind her?

I tried to look at myself objectively and what I saw was a woman very turned on by her lover. I was flushing from the excitement and my eyes were half closed, nipples hard as I leaned back and let his hands run over my body.

“Yes, that’s it, Gina, just relax and enjoy and watch your beautiful body as I make love to you.” Eric reached down and put one and then two fingers in my pussy. “Ahhhh, you are so wet for me,” he moved his fingers around inside me. He pulled them slowly out and up, making circles around my clit. “Here, smell and taste how excited you are,” he said, bringing his fingers first up to his face so he could smell and lick them and then to my face. I tentatively reached out my tongue and watched myself in the mirror as I licked his fingers. So erotic!

“Now watch, Gina, as the beautiful woman in the mirror cums for her lover. I bet you have never watched yourself orgasm, have you?” Eric asked, as he continued to rub my clit and plunge his fingers deep into my pussy, all the while twisting and pinching my nipple. “No, don’t close your eyes… I know it feels good but keep your eyes open and watch!” he commanded as he continued to pleasure me.

Ohhhh, it feels so good. I started moaning and I watched myself moving against his fingers and jerking when he twisted my nipple as my excitement grew and grew. I could see my wetness on his fingers when he pulled them out to circle and pull on my clit. I could see me push against his hand when he plunged his fingers deep in my pussy. I watched the face of this woman in the mirror as she got more and more excited while her lover played her body like an instrument. It was so exciting and so very erotic.

Eric let go of my breast and plunged into my pussy with one hand while the other hand fingered my clit. I leaned back on him and pushed and moved with his hands. I couldn’t believe how exciting this was, watching myself in the mirror.

“Ohhhh, I’m cumming, Oh God, oh that feels so good,” I moaned as I starting shaking in Eric’s arms. He continued to rub my clit and I kept cumming over and over again until I couldn’t stand up anymore and collapsed in his arms. Eric picked me up and carried me over to the bed. He pulled me right up to the edge of the bed and stuffed a pillow under my ass. I was still shaking with aftershocks when he plunged his hard cock all the way into my wet warm pussy.

“Yes, yes,” I screamed as I started to cum again. Eric pounded into me, fucking me hard and fast. He held onto my hips and pulled me to him with every stroke. He was in me so deeply, I could feel him banging at the entrance of my womb. “Harder, yes, yes,” I yelled, as I continued to cum, my pussy contracting and squeezing his cock bedava bahis inside me.

“Baby, you are so beautiful,” Eric moaned as he fucked me. Our bodies were slapping together, and I put my legs on his shoulders so he could get as deep as possible. “Deeper, deeper…. cum in me, cum, cum,” I moaned. Eric stiffened and pushed in as deep as he could go and then he came inside me and I could feel the warm spurts of his cum, shooting inside me.

We collapsed on the bed, waiting for our breathing to settle down. Eric put his arms around me and I cuddled in close to him.

“So, do you see how beautiful you are?” Eric asked.

“I think I can see why you see me as beautiful,” I answered. “And I am happy with my body and the pleasure it can give and receive. Mmmmm, and I am really happy that I met you!”

“Okay, that’s a start. And I am very happy with your body and it’s pleasures, too!” Eric grinned at me.

I grinned back. We got up to get dressed and decided to go out to the store for groceries. Stopping by the desk in the main lobby, we asked where the closest grocery was. The manager came over to make sure everything was okay and asked if we were enjoying the suite. We told him that we were having a great time and we left for the store.

Grocery shopping is usually a necessary chore. But when you are shopping with your new lover, it becomes much more fun. We did buy the basics; eggs, bread, cheese, sandwich meat, etc. Eric picked out tomatoes… he squeezed the tomatoes and then winked at me and squeezed my breast. I made sure to get a can of whipped cream. Eric said I forgot the ice cream, and added some to the basket. We were laughing by the time we left to walk back to the lodge.

We took the groceries to the kitchen in our suite. As soon as we put the bags down, Eric picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter. He stood between my legs and kissed me on my nose.

“All this shopping has made me hungry,” he said. And he started nibbling on my lips and sucking them.

“We have to put the groceries away,” I told him as I tried to wiggle away and get down.

“Later, groceries later,” Eric murmured. He put his hands on my butt, pulled me close and started rubbing his growing cock against my pussy.

“Okay, ohhhhh….later, groceries,” I managed to say as I rubbed against him.

Eric pushed my skirt up behind me and slid his hands down inside my panties. He backed up, pulled my panties off, pulled out his cock and rammed it into me.

“Ohhh, baby, you feel so good!” he moaned as he slammed into me. I locked my legs around his back and held on tight. Eric pulled my shirt and then my bra over my head and locked his lips on first one breast then the other. I held my breasts together and he took both my nipples into his mouth at once.

“Yes, yes, that feels sooo good,” I told him. “Suck harder, oh yes, more, more! Bite me!” I yelled. Eric alternated biting and sucking my nipples and continued fucking me hard and fast. I could feel my orgasm building and I started to shake and then I arched my back and came hard, squeezing his cock in wave after wave of contractions.

Eric pounded harder into me and then he came just as hard, spurting over and over inside me. We held each other tight until his penis softened and slipped out of me. Eric helped me off the counter and we collapsed into the chairs at the kitchen table.

“You’ve got to give me a break, now,” I said. “After all this sex, I need to get my energy back!”

“You’re just so hot, you drive me crazy!” Eric said and then he kissed me.

“Thank you, but now you have to feed me,” I said and kissed him back. “Food, I need food!”

Eric smiled at me and proceeded to put the groceries away and then he made me a wonderful lunch. “Got to keep your strength up, baby! You know you’ll be needing it later,” he said with a wink.

We sat at the kitchen table eating the lunch that Eric made of sandwiches and sodas. I enjoyed watching him work in the kitchen. He moved with efficiency, his muscles tightening and relaxing. He really had a wonderful body. And when I thought about what he could do to me with that body, I was squirming in my seat.

But I was really hungry and I needed to take a break and refuel. As I ate lunch, I noticed how my body felt; satisfied, for sure, but also pleasantly achy from being well fucked. I decided that this was turning into the best vacation I had ever had!! And certainly the most sex filled vacation, as well!!

I found Eric so easy to talk to, and we talked and laughed while we ate. He made me feel so happy and filled with life. After we were done, he cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. We went into the living room and cuddled on the couch. The view out the windows was truly spectacular. The mountains seemed to go on and on forever. It was so relaxing. Eric put his arm around me and I snuggled into him. One minute we were talking and then I guess I dozed off.

When I woke up, it was early deneme bonus in the evening. I was stretched out on the couch with a pillow under my head. Eric had put my legs on his lap and was stroking and massaging them. Ummmmm… it felt so good. I opened my eyes and smiled at him.

“Well, hello, sleepy-head,” Eric said. “Are you ready to wake up now?”

“Ummmmm…. just keep doing what you’re doing. That feels so good,” I replied. I just relaxed back onto the couch and let Eric’s fingers work their magic.

“Well, now that you’re awake, I can give you the full treatment!” Eric said as he started rubbing my feet and massaging my toes. I had always wanted a foot massage, but had never had one. I just closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling of his strong fingers rubbing and stroking and working all the tension out of my feet.

When he was done with my feet, he moved up to my calves. Kneading the muscles and stroking until they relaxed. Then he put one of my legs up on the back of the couch and the other one off the edge of the couch so my foot was on the floor. I hadn’t put my panties back on after our earlier urgent fuck in the kitchen, and I realized I was now totally exposed to him.

“Oh, Gina, you are so beautiful,” he said as he started to stroke up and down my thighs. I laid back on the couch and closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensations he was giving me.

First he stroked and massaged my thighs, but as I relaxed more and more he started a very light, teasing stroke. Up and down he lightly stroked and then he followed his stroking fingers with his lips and tongue. Starting at my knees and slowly, so very slowly working his was up my legs. Kissing and licking the insides of my thighs, first one then the other. Every once in a while he would nibble and bite lightly and then kiss and lick the spot to make the sting go away.

I could feel my body becoming extremely sensitized to his touch, and I wanted more, so much more. My pussy was getting wet as I got more and more excited. But Eric just kept moving slowly up my thighs, stroking, kissing, biting and licking. I wanted this to last forever and I also wanted him to hurry up and get to it. Time seemed to slow down as I floated in the feelings he was creating.

“Are you feeling good, baby?” Eric asked. “Do you like what I’m doing?”

“Ohhhh, yessss,” I sighed. “It’s heavenly…bliss.”

“Do you want more?” Eric breathed on my exposed pussy. “What do you want, baby? Tell me what you want?”

His warm breath over my lips made me want his tongue and so much more. “Yessss… more,” I moaned and lifted my pussy towards his mouth. “More, more, more……”

Eric pushed my hips back down on the couch and very, very lightly stroked his tongue over the edges of my quivering lips.

“Ohhhh, god, I think you’re killing me,” I moaned as I tried to move and get him closer. But Eric just kept lightly licking the edges of my pussy lips and holding my hips down on the couch so I couldn’t get closer to his mouth.

“Just relax, baby. We’re going to take this real slow and easy. We have all the time in the world and I’m not going to rush. I want to savor you, and taste your sweet center. So you just lay back and enjoy the experience,” he said. “Now, close your eyes and just feel.”

I could feel his tongue moving lightly over my lips and then he sucked one into his mouth and pulled on it, using his tongue and rolling it in his mouth. First one and then the other until I couldn’t stand it any more.

“Eric, please,” I moaned. But I knew it wasn’t going to do me any good. He wasn’t going to be rushed no matter what I did or said. So I tried to relax and let the sensations wash over my body. “Ohhhh, yesss.” I couldn’t stop moaning.

“Oh, baby, you are so wet for me,” he said. And then he licked my slit with his tongue and flicked my clit at the end of the stroke, over and over again. When I would get close to cumming, he would leave my clit alone and just lick me and push his tongue inside me. And then he would go back to flicking my clit every once in a while until I was close again.

He did this over and over again, until I was moaning and pleading with him. “Please, Eric, please. Ohhhh, I’m so close, oh that feels so good, don’t stop, more, more, moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” And then he flicked my clit a few times in a row and the sensations pushed me over the edge and tumbling down the other side.

“I’m cumming, oh god, Eric, I’m cumming!” I shouted and arched my back as my body contracted with the force of my orgasm. My legs tightened on the couch and I pushed Eric’s face into my hot pussy.

Eric sucked my clit into his mouth and stroked it with his tongue as I came over and over again, one orgasm after another until I finally collapsed back onto the couch. He kissed my belly and held me as I quivered with aftershocks until finally I could breath again.

“Oh, Gina, the way you cum is really something spectacular. Are you ready for round two?” Eric kissed my belly and then kissed his way back to my quivering pussy.

“Round two?” I gasped. And then I was moaning again as he put one and then two fingers inside my sensitized pussy. Finding my g-spot he stroked and massaged it while he gently kissed and licked me.

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