I stared angrily at the wall of my apartment. I had struck out again with the ladies, facing yet another Saturday night by myself.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked my reflection in the window.

At 28, with a stable (albeit low-paying) job — just enough to rent this 300 square foot studio apartment, buy food, pay bills, and save about $200 per month if I was frugal — I was stuck in a rut. I was undistinguished in looks. I had a bland name (Jimmy Jenkins), a 10 year old Nissan with 111,000 miles on it, and not much else. Going to cheap bars and trying to pick up women wasn’t working.

The next day, I called my friend Rob to vent. He listened for 10 minutes as I voiced my frustrations.

“I think I have just the solution,” he said. “You need a slumpbuster. Next Saturday, I’ll introduce you to Nina. I went to Catholic school with her 10 years ago. She’s 27, brunette, slightly chunky with most of the weight in her butt and hips, and still technically a virgin.”

“How the hell can she be a slumpbuster if she’s never had sex?” I asked.

“I didn’t say she’s never had sex,” Rob chuckled. “I said that technically she’s still a virgin. She’s had sex hundreds of times.”

My brain wasn’t turned on all the way. It took me a few seconds to figure out what Rob was saying. Then it suddenly became clear.

“Oh… OH!” I exclaimed.

“You got there in the end… so to speak,” Rob laughed.

Next Saturday, as promised, I went over to Rob’s place. Nina came by around 7 p.m. She looked almanbahis just as Rob had described her. Rob introduced us.

“Nice to meet you, Jimmy,” Nina giggled.

“It’s a pleasure to meet such a pretty girl,” I told her. She blushed.

“And I’m sure you’ll give me plenty of pleasure,” Nina smirked.

“Straight to the point, I see,” I remarked. We ate Rob’s cooking, and Nina and I departed at 8:30.

Nina declined a tour of the apartment (not that there was much of it to tour), and after we both performed a needed function, she stripped and climbed into my bed. I followed her lead.

“I’m not doing this out of the goodness of my heart,” she grinned. “Women can be just as horny as men. If I don’t get it at least once every two days I feel like I’m going crazy.”

I placed my lips against hers, and we kissed. It was soft and slow. Then I broke for air and followed up by kissing Nina again. I parted my lips to allow her tongue access, and it snaked into my mouth. I slid my own tongue into hers, and we tongue-wrestled for a long moment.

When we broke the lip lock, Nina smiled. “You’re a really good kisser, Jimmy.”

“Then you’ll love this,” I grinned. I moved my lips downwards and gently kissed the soft flesh of her neck. She shivered. I traced a line with my tongue to under her ear, then teasingly nipped her ear lobe.

“Evil,” she pouted. “But I do love your tongue on me.”

I kissed my way down to her upper chest, drawing a smile. Then I slowly snaked my tongue almanbahis yeni giriş through her cleavage. Her pert, firm breasts looked very attractive. I sent a slow helix of kisses from the base of one to her nipple, then repeated the process with her other breast. When I began to suckle, she let out a contented sigh. Her arms held my head in place as I gave both nipples attention.

After a few minutes, Nina lifted me off her and rolled me onto my back. She proceeded to kiss from my neck down towards my nipples. When she reached them, she very lightly bit down while using one hand to stroke my now stiffening pole. I made soft mewling sounds and she giggled.

“Now to get us both ready,” she smirked, lifting her body upwards and pivoting herself. She lowered her plump, sexy rear onto my face. “Go ahead.” I kissed the soft flesh of her butt cheeks. She wrapped a hand around me and continued to stroke, slowly.

She shifted her position, and now her back-channel was pressed directly against my mouth. I obligingly kissed it, and she leaned forward to take the tip of my cock head in her own mouth. Getting the hint, I began using my tongue, and she used hers. We stayed like that for a few minutes more.

“I’ve been wanting you all night, Jimmy,” Nina purred, lifting her body upwards and pivoting again.

“I can’t deny that I want you, too,” I told her.

“Then lie still and enjoy,” Nina grinned. She lowered her thick rump directly downwards, sinking her arsehole onto my pecker. She wasn’t almanbahis giriş nearly as tight as I thought she would be, though still tighter than a pussy. Rob apparently hadn’t been exaggerating about hundreds of times.

“You feel very nice,” I whispered.

“This will feel nicer,” she smirked. She began slowly moving her ass up and down. After a moment, I started moving my hips to match her movements. She placed her hands on my chest, pressing down gently to help her balance as she bounced on me.

Gradually, we sped our motions. Nina was quivering with excitement. She leaned down so I could suckle her breasts. After maybe a minute of suckling, her body shivered through a climax.

That didn’t stop Nina. She sped her motions up more. I placed my hands on her hips and helped guide her up and down as I thrust hard and deep into her rear. “That’s the way,” she panted. She had a second orgasm, and then a third. The third one set me off, and I painted her intestines white with my sperm.

Nina collapsed onto me for a moment. When we both recovered enough to move, we showered up and kissed more in the shower. After we dried off, Nina started putting her clothes back on.

“You’re not spending the night?” I asked.

“I try not to do things like that,” she replied. “Jimmy, you were a great fuck. But I don’t want to get emotionally attached to anyone.”

“Will I see you again?” I whimpered.

“Don’t look like you just lost your best friend,” Nina chided me. “I’ll definitely be using you at least once every 2-3 weeks as a booty call… so to speak.”

“You’d better take my number, then,” I told her. We exchanged information. And true to her word, once or twice a month Nina comes by and insists that I pound her ass.

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