Comforting My Widowed Not Mom


Comforting My Widowed Not MomComforting My Widowed “Not” MomHey fellow pervs and pervettes. For the sake of hoping to get this accepted and published I used the tiring “Not Mom” saying. For the story she will be referred to as “She Her Her’s” and my “Not Dad” will be referred to as “He Him His”A little information for the setting of the story. This happened a month after His passing. My sib…gs and I had all been present near the end and through the funeral. I decided to leave shortly after the return later to help after others went about their way and She would likely feel lonely and alone. I had a month of vacation to burn so all was well. My first task was to help clean out His old workshop. I found an old box of papers, some were receipts from as far back as the 30s. Near the bottom of the box I found a few old letters. They were addressed to Him with a military address in Ca. Love letters, she was looking forward to His leave time talking about sexual things they would do and how bad the writer wanted Him. They were signed V which was Her initial. I was getting a bit “hot” reading them and She walked in asking what I was reading. I apologized for snooping then explained finding Her letters to Him. She grabbed them read a bit then hurried out crying. I felt terrible for embarrassing Her like that. After giving Her a few minutes I went into the house looking for her. She was in her room sitting on the edge of Her bed sobbing and reading the rest of the letters. I apologized again and sat beside Her putting my arm around Her and pulling her close. I explained how She need not be embarrassed it was natural for Her to have written them. She turned towards me pulled me tight to Her and cried into my shoulder as She told me that these letters were not from Her. I was speechless, my pa…ts had the perfect marriage. Never fighting or arguing. Never short with each other, always together and happy. How could this be. Trying to console her I said anything I could, You know He loved you, this must be before you met…but the letters were dated they were in their second year of marriage at the time. I went on….If this is true, He was the fool. You bahis siteleri are beautiful, warm, sexy, and desirable. How could He do that. She thanked me for the kind words then said She wanted to rest. I laid down with Her, holding Her tight caressing Her arm and back. We drifted off to sleep.After probably a couple of hours I woke up. Her still in my arms My hand was, absentmindedly, cupping a breast through Her blouse, but I dare not move it. Her head was on my shoulder Her hand softly caressing my chest, She had my shirt unbuttoned, and I was getting hard. She notice I had awaken and She softly asked if I meant it. “Do you really think I am all those things Greg? You know beautiful…warm…sexy am I those things to you Greg?“ I touched Her chin tilted Her head up looking at me face to face and said, Yes, and you forgot desirable.” We stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like eternity but was probably a couple of minutes. I had to make a move. Passion seemed to fill the air. I leaned in, She leaned in and we kissed, not like we had ever kissed before, we kissed like long lost lovers. Without even thinking twice I squeezed her breast deliberately. She sighed into my kiss as her hand slid down to my belt line. Our tongues played as my other hand gently pushed hers to the lump in my jeans then I broke our kiss and said, “You are very desirable and I want you more than I have ever wanted anyone!” This is wrong Greg I am almost 70 you are 35 you are my own…….but I stopped her by kissing Her again. There was no resistance or hesitation from either we knew what we were doing we knew what we wanted and didn’t care about the ramifications. Getting out of bed I grabbed Her hand and helped Her up. She looked beautiful and I told Her so. Her grey hair a bit tosseled, Her cotton blouse a bit wrinkled and partially unbuttoned. Hunger and passion in Her eyes, I had never seen Her like this. As She stood facing me I put Her hands on my belt and I finished unbuttoning Her blouse. She soon had my belt off and pants unbuttoned. Reaching around I released the clasps of Her bra and stared with amazement as Her C cup breasts were released and gently canlı bahis siteleri hung like ornaments with upturned hard nipples. For years I had wondered what it was like suckling them 35 years earlier. Now as I took one into my mouth the joy encompassed me. Her hands had started pushing my pants down and I pushed them the rest of the way and felt them gently fondle my hard cock then move up to pull my head to Her chest as she sighed.I unsnapped and unzipped Her skirt, then pulled it and Her modest panties off. Now suckling Her other nipple and admiring the salt and pepper bush guarding Her beautiful womanhood. The same womanhood from where I originated. Starting to kiss my way down from the breasts that nursed me, my hands dipped into Her moistness. I felt Her stiffen thinking She was having second thoughts. “Honey,” She said as She halted my progress, “we both need showers….I will meet you back here afterwards. I want everything to be perfect, I’ve waited along time for this.” Quickly and thoroughly I showered scrubbing everything, then a dab of cologne. Within 20 minutes I was back in Her room I tuned the radio to some soft Jazz. My cock was still hard and I casually stroked it as I lay in bed waiting for Her. When she came out of the bathroom she had a towel wrapped around her, “My aren’t you eager to get started. I was going to slip into something sexy for you!” “Please,” I told Her, “All you need to slip into is the bed.” I stood up pulled the towel from Her and tossed it on a chair then pulled Her closely and kissed Her deeply. Our bodies pressed together, warmth of two passionate lovers filled the room. We started swaying to the music dancing close like a bride and groom. My hands caressed Her skin as we moved to the music. Her breathing would increase as my cock throbbed and as I caressed Her soft butt. After a few songs I heard a coarse whisper simply say, “It’s time.”She got into bed and I paused just a moment to take in Her beauty. I wanted to memorize every sexy inch of Her flawless body. She worked hard to keep in shape and it was evident. Slipping into bed with Her, we kissed. Finally my aching cock found relief as canlı bahis Her soft hand grabbed it and stroked it. My hands found Her thighs and caressed them then traversed to the inside of Her legs which parted as if beckoning a lover. Through Her soft hair and dancing across her lips then slipping between the folds and fInally exploring Her wetness with a finger as my thumb teased a prominent clit. Her soft means intensified as we kissed. Then I kissed my way to Her breasts sucking each nipple and breast with passion. My hands still slowly toying with Her pussy. Adventually I made my way down my tongue gently dancing across Her skin then following also through Her soft hair and finding Her wetness. Her scent and taste was intoxicating. Her body began to quiver beneath me. Maneuvering around I offered my cock to Her in a 69 position. She eagerly took it and alternated between sucking it and my balls. Her orgasm came with abandon, my prom and propper M…. cursed repeatedly. Oh shit…oh shit….my god…my god…even the F word. As She came down I moved back up to kiss Her. She reached down grabbed my cock and said, “Fuck me s… fuck your m…” As I slid my hard cock into the depths from which I came, I said,”Wow I guess it’s been a while since someone ate your pussy like that.” She said, “He never ate my pussy…you were the first.” That alone almost made me cum but I regained composure and slowly made love to Her! I’d like to say I lasted hours but it was probably only 15 minutes of soft “I love yous” and slow deep strokes. As She sensed my imminent orgasm She said, “Please Hun can I see your cum? He never liked cumming any where but in me.” Just in time….a few strokes later and I pulled out and let my cum fly. The first shot reached Her tits and the subsequent ones trailed to Her pubic hair. She reached down and grabbed it pulled it towards Her mouth then milked the last droplets onto Her tongue. “You know,” she said, “ I always wanted to do that. After He and I made love I always scooped it from me and tasted it when He wasn’t looking.” I laughed and said, “You like creampies…ha ha well at least I know where I get that from.” Then I licked my cum from Her and shared it with Her.We made love throughout my entire stay and also subsequent times after that until she too passed. I would love to share more experiences if this is well received. Thank you for reading this!

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