Coming on Demand


My stepsister, Sue, has enjoyed me since she first had me when she was sixteen, and through all the years since then, with her always wanting to control me, and use me as her very own sex-toy. I have never had any problem with that arrangement. Our relationship, complete with sexy games, continued into adulthood and still exists. She is still the same sexy, bossy domineering brat she always was, and still enjoys using me and embarrassing me when she can. And of course, I love it just as much as I ever did. We still have the same safe word after all these years, and I still have never got round to using it. We visit each other from time to time, even though we live some distance apart, and those few days when we are with each other take us both right back to those early years when we were still learning how best to please each other.Some time back, I was staying with her in her flat. We were having a nice quiet girl’s night in. Which of course meant an evening of sexy fun and games. On this occasion, she had me in a tiny white silk bikini with tie-sided briefs and halter-neck top with ribbon ties. As always, she wanted me tied so she could play uninterrupted and I agreed as usual.She sat me in the computer chair, my wrists and elbows tied to the arms of the chair, and soft cords fastening my ankles together behind the chair’s supporting column. My knees were drawn up and tied with velcro straps isvecbahis to the curved arms of the chair. This splayed my legs wide open for her and left me totally helpless. As normal, she whispered to me that I could use our safe word anytime if I wanted to, knowing that I had never used it in all the years we had been playing our games. For the game, she was wearing a gorgeously sexy cat-woman outfit in black latex, complete with face mask and sexy cat-ears. She looked every inch the wickedly sexy dominatrix. A selection of toys was within reach for her to use when she wished, and I tensed as I wondered what she was going to start with. I was somewhat surprised when she spun the chair around so it was facing the computer, and turned the computer on, to reveal me, tied and helpless, filling the screen. So, she was going to tease me while I watched what she was doing on the webcam? That did not seem to make a lot of sense to me. I mean, alright, I had not actually realised just how brazenly pornographic I looked displayed that way, but so what?What you need to understand is that this was a few years ago, and I was not over-familiar with computers and more importantly, pornography online, so I had no idea until she explained it to me. It seems there were some sites which allowed members to “rent” a room, like a chat room, only for webcams, and where members of the site could watch live webcam shows, isveçbahis giriş and donate tokens worth cash, in exchange for the webcam user carrying out certain sexy requests for their viewing pleasure.My darling, Sue, had arranged for me to be the star attraction that evening and had even advertised widely among the site members, that there would be a sex slave for them to control for the evening. She pointed out the parts of the screen showing the number of viewers, tokens bid, and the chat area where the watchers made their suggestions or requests. I was already blushing at the idea of being watched by strangers, even before she pointed out that we already had over 200 viewers before the show had even begun. I wondered how far she would go to please the viewers. I was not left wondering for long.She started by teasing me through the thin fabric. Already I could feel the warm wetness starting between my open legs, and as she teased my nipples to full hardness, I began to squirm. My tits have always been so sensitive, and I could see the nipples clearly showing through the skimpy top. They looked even larger on the screen. She stood behind the chair, leaning to nibble my neck, her own cleavage on display on the screen. Comments and suggestions were pouring in, and she broke off teasing me to announce that my top would come off at 500 tokens. I thought that seemed rather a lot, but isveçbahis yeni giriş as the number of watchers increased, the donations came fast, and she was soon undoing the ribbon straps and sliding the top off me, to display my tits.She bent to take each into her mouth, in turn, using her tongue to tease them, and sharp teeth to nibble until I was moaning for her as I became more worked up. Somebody was suggesting nipple clamps, and she pointed out the suggestion to me, laughing at the look of shock and pleading that I gave her. She reached over for them, and put them on me, the cold metal pinching the already sensitive nipples and forcing a muffled whimper from me. More suggestions and entreaties to tease the tits with the clamps were happily agreed to by her, and she pulled on the chain, stretching the nipples out and producing more plaintive whines and whimpering from me.The damp patch on my briefs was clearly visible now, turning the thin white fabric almost see-through as she rubbed gently along the slit. I tried closing my legs, but the way she had me tied made that impossible. I could only writhe helplessly as she tormented me, rubbing enough to make me so desperate but not letting me come. Soon the donations hit the next mark, which meant the briefs came off. A fact that she gleefully conveyed to me.She loosened the bows at each side, pulling the thin fabric up high until it was tight between my pussy lips, like a reverse wedgie, then sliding it back and forth, rubbing hard against my clit until I was squirming helplessly for her, then sliding it off me with agonising slowness, until my gaping pussy was revealed.

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