Coming On to Juan


Hello readers, I’m back with another installment of The Bang Gang. Sorry for my little absence; the real world is quite annoying. I thought I would try something a little different this time around as a little challenge to myself, so I hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to check out my previous works, as even though I attempt to make these stories self-contained, it would greatly help to understand what is going on. Just start from the earliest one and work your way forward; it’s all chronological.

Any comments or constructive criticism is more than welcome. I won’t beg, but I do thrive off of it.


It was Wednesday afternoon, and classes had just let out for the day. Through the din of student chatter and a sea of school uniforms I made my way to my locker. My high school was one of the more prominent private schools in New York state, with long oak walls littered with portraits and plaques. School had only resumed a few days ago, and the student body was still straining to return to the regular school schedule after winter break had concluded. I know it was a struggle for me to concentrate on classes again, partly because my period decided to flare up the week classes began and partly because my mind kept wandering back to my quite enjoyable antics during the holidays.

By antics, of course, I mean the outrageous amount of sex that I had had in the last few weeks. It started when my boyfriend Rylan and I snuck off to his private estate on Long Island with my best friend Brooke and her boyfriend, Mark. Over the course of that crazy weeklong trip, the four of us had fucked every way possible, and not only did I discover Rylan’s bi-side but I discovered my own as well. After the trip, the four of us continued to frolick together, and we formed a little club that we dubbed “The Bang Gang.” Basically, we had a jealousy-free agreement between us to play together, and the last time I messed around with a member was on Sunday with Brooke; we spent the day with a toy we purchased together.

Unfortunately, since cheerleading hadn’t started up yet and our class schedule changed, I hadn’t really been able to hang with Brooke much this week. However, since Rylan and I went official over break he had been driving me to school in the mornings and taking me home after school, so we had been seeing a lot of each other. In fact, I was on my way to meeting him in the parking lot once I collected my things. My locker was located in one of the coat rooms off the main hallway, and I slid past some of the more obnoxious spoiled kids who were loitering and blocking the way. While I liked my school, I wasn’t a huge fan of the snobbish nature of most of the students. Rylan was easily one of the richest kids at school, but he didn’t act like these children at all. He was reserved and thoughtful; always on a completely different wavelength. Maybe that was the difference between wealth and class.

I unlocked my locker, taking a moment to check myself in the mirror I had on the door. Looking back at me was a pretty, dark blonde-haired girl. I wore the standard school uniform: a dark blazer over a white blouse, with a criss-cross tie around my collar that matched my black pleated skirt and dark wool stockings. The school had strict guidelines for hair, which I kept in a black hairband, and makeup, which I have never needed much of. For whatever it’s worth, I was just your typical American cutie.

I tossed on my winter coat, and shoved my books into my satchel. I saw my friend Sofia Lee and a handful of acquaintances also getting ready to leave. They motioned for me to join them, though I simply smiled and waved back. I wanted to hop into Rylan’s car before the traffic got too busy in the parking lot. I also knew he was waiting for me, since he had texted me earlier in the day saying he wanted to duck out a little earlier than usual. Apparently he wanted us to chill at his house after school, and as horny as I was I hoped he wasn’t expecting sex. I was still feeling crummy and seriously wasn’t in the mood. Honestly, that in itself was a huge shift from the sluttiness that seems to have taken over my life for the last few weeks.

Plopping my woolen hat on my head, I rushed out towards the parking lot, narrowly missing a paper airplane flying from lord knows where. Thankfully, I was ahead of the crowd and stepped outside as the January chill hit my face. The New York weather became really cold really quick, so I stepped lively to Rylan’s red two-seater, which was idling not too far from the door. While his Mercedes convertible was great in warm weather, it wasn’t exactly ideal for winter driving. But hey, even with the roof up it was still a pretty cool car.

I threw open the passenger door and slammed it closed just as fast. “Brrr,” I shivered, “it’s freaking cold out there!”

Rylan chuckled from the driver’s seat. “At least you got out pretty quickly. Let’s jet before the rush starts.”

He leaned over to give me a quick kiss and hit the gas, pulling out into kaçak iddaa the tree-lined roads of the school campus. It warmed up pretty quickly inside the car as I clicked my seatbelt across my chest.

“So Beth,” Rylan started, “I have a reason I wanted you to come over to my house this afternoon.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Is it something bad?”

“What? Oh, no no, it’s nothing bad.”

“Well if it’s sexy fun time, I hate to disappoint you, but I’m on my…well, you know…”

He gulped a little bit, obviously not wanting to broach that subject. “Oh. Er, okay,” he ended lamely.

I was about to counter by perhaps offering him my ass, since my pussy was out of commission. However my lovely, bone-headed boyfriend cut me off in the middle of that thought. “That’s actually fine Beth, I think I could still make my little plan work without us having sex.”

I shot him a nasty little look, which flew right over his oblivious little head. Whatever, I wasn’t in the mood for anal anyway. “You have a plan for something?” I asked a bit gruffly, yet curiously.

A light turned red at an intersection, and Rylan slowed down. “Okay, so you know how over New Year’s the two of us discussed maybe expanding the Bang Gang?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know how you want to explore a bit with other girls?” He took a small breath. “And how I want to explore a bit with other guys?”

I widened my eyes, interested in where he was going with this. “Yeah, I remember.”

“Well,” he continued, as the light went green. “I think I may have found a guy who might be interested.”

I gasped a little bit, remembering how over winter break I discovered that Rylan and his friend Mark had been fucking each other since junior year. Rylan was always very shy and quiet, and it was shocking to say the least. But it was also seriously hot; I loved watching the two of them have sex.

“So,” I asked, smiling. “Who’s the guy?”

“Juan Ramirez.”

I knew Juan, but not well. He was one of Rylan’s good friends; he was Mexican, though he grew up here in New York because his parents were diplomats alongside Rylan’s mother at the U.N. He definitely was a handsome guy, and kind of exotic.

“Juan?” I asked. “I didn’t know he was gay.”

“I don’t think he is.”

“So, he’s bi?”

“I’m not sure,” he added.

“So what makes you think he would want to fool around with you?”

“Well,” Rylan began, “since school started this week, I’ve been scoping out some of the guys in the locker room after gym. I…er…maybe have been showing off just a little bit to see if anyone would be interested.”

I laughed. “Rylan, you little flirt! Flashing your bits in the locker room?”

Rylan smirked a little, and rolled his eyes. “Anyway, today I swear I saw Juan checking me out of the corner of his eye. So after I got dressed, I invited him over to my house this afternoon.”

“I don’t see how you’ll convince him to fuck you just by having him at your place.”

“Well,” he explained, “I figured maybe if you were there, we could convince him to do like a three-way thing.”

“I dunno, Rylan. Seems like kind of a stretch. What makes you think I’d want to fuck around with him?”

“You’ve told me how hot he was, before. Plus, because of your…”

I shot him a hostile glance.

Rylan coughed. “Er, situation…you could convince him to fuck me instead. So, what do you say?”

I have to admit, I liked the idea. It was so hot watching Rylan get taken up the ass, and I definitely wanted to see it again. Plus I was impressed that Rylan was willing to put this all together.

“Well, I suppose I can help you out! It’s pretty hot when you get fucked. Do you think you can take his cock?”

Rylan chuckled. “I saw in the locker room he’s around the same size as Mark. And considering both you and I have taken a cock of that size up our asses, I think I’ll be fine!”

I laughed as well, and I noticed that Rylan was starting to get hard just talking like this. We discussed our little strategy until Rylan finally arrived at his family’s property. Rylan’s family had a large sprawling property, with a long brick fence and an ornate metal gate. The gates opened for his car, and Rylan drove up the long driveway past the many acres lined with trees and coated in snow. At the end was a roundabout in front of one of those fantastic limestone New England manors. The grounds were lined with gardens and trees, and there were groundskeepers shoveling snow.

Rylan pulled up to the large front door, where a familiar older man met us. I recognized him as Alan, the Hunt family butler. Rylan parked the car, and Alan opened the passenger door for me, and a valet opened Rylan’s door.

“Good afternoon, Master Rylan,” said Alan as I stepped out of the car. “To you as well, Miss Evans.”

“Hello, Alan,” I replied cordially.

“Good afternoon, Alan,” said Rylan who let the valet into the driver’s seat of his car. “My friend Juan Ramirez should be arriving soon, so kaçak bahis please let security know to let him in.”

“Yes, Master Rylan. Will the three of you be needing anything?”

Rylan shot me a quick glance, and looked back to the butler. “Nothing, Alan,” he smoothly replied. “We’ll just be working on a project for school in my room. Please don’t disturb us.”

“Of course, Master Rylan. I’ll see that Mr. Ramirez is cleared for entry.”

Alan escorted us to the front door, opening it for Rylan and me. Rylan’s house was simply gorgeous, with a large white entryway with a spiral staircase. There was art and classic furniture tastefully placed about, and it was a stark reminder of just how wealthy Rylan’s family was. Nevermind the fact that his butler let us in and was taking our coats. I followed Rylan upstairs and down the hallway to what amounted to Rylan’s private wing. His blue bedroom was quite large, practically an apartment, with large windows on the north wall. There was an area where he had a computer gaming setup, as well as a sunken sitting area with a couple of couches.

“It’s kind of odd,” I said as I tossed my bag on one of his couches, “it’s the first time I’ve been in my boyfriend’s bedroom, and he’s the one that’s going to be fucked!”

Rylan blushed, and after setting his book bag on his desk he pulled out a couple of beers from his mini-fridge, and joined me on the couch. We sipped our beers and chatted for a bit, and soon we started pawing at each other and making out. I reached down to grope his cock over his pants as we kissed. With my other hand, I reached behind and slipped my hand under his waistband of his pants and gripped his butt cheek. He maneuvered me onto my back as we continued to kiss deeply.

I felt Rylan sigh into my mouth, and I stroked my finger up and down his butt crack. I felt him flex back at me in response. I kissed his neck, still moving my finger and feeling his breath quicken.

“Are you ready to take Juan’s cock?” I whispered in his ear.


I stopped my finger at his pucker, and I rubbed the outside as Rylan shook over me. I was about to slip it inside, when suddenly there was a rap at the door. Rylan quickly got up off of me, and we adjusted our clothes.

“Come in,” announced Rylan, and I gave him a quick wink.

The door opened, and Juan entered. He was tall and had a slightly dark complexion, and his black hair was short and slick. I had forgotten how handsome he was, and he moved with a sort of catlike grace. He was dressed in the same school uniform Rylan was, and his piercing brown eyes were a little surprised to see me.

“Ah, hola, Beth,” he said in his charming Mexican accent. “I did no expect you to be here. I am interrupting?”

“Beth wanted to hang out too,” Rylan explained, “I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

“No problem at all,” Juan waved it off. “Good to see you, Beth.”

“Hey Juan,” I replied, “it’s been a while.”

Juan smiled, and took my hand and gave a quick kiss to my fingers. He was definitely a charmer, just like his reputation at school said.

“Rylan, amigo, you have a beer for me too?”

“Absolutely, man,” replied Rylan, who pulled out another bottle and passed it to Juan.

The three of us sat on the couches, with Rylan and me on one and Juan on the other. We talked for a while, first about mutual friends and school in general. By the second round of beers the talk turned to Juan’s former girlfriend, who I learned had broken up with him before New Year’s. We broke into a round of hate-on-the-bitch, and by round three we had a nice buzz going.

I started brazenly stroking Rylan’s leg, to which Juan clearly noticed. I decided to get the ball rolling. I shifted my leg, and very serendipitously spread my legs giving Juan a peek up my skirt. He looked a bit uncomfortable, and though he was trying to hide it, he was definitely sneaking a glance. I just kept chatting like nothing was happening, as I felt Rylan’s cock start to get hard under my elbow. Without a glance, I moved my hand and started very obviously rubbing his groin. Rylan audibly gasped, and Juan’s jaw dropped a little bit.

I decided to just go for it.

“So, Juan, have you ever had a threesome?”

“Qué?” he stammered. “I mean, what?”

“A threesome,” I replied, surprised at my coolness. “Have you ever even thought about it?”

“Uh, sure. Sure I thought about it. Who hasn’t?”

“Would you want to have one with us?” I asked.

Juan looked from me to Rylan, confused. “Is this a joke?”

“Nah, man. We wouldn’t mess with you. We’re serious, if you’re interested.”

Juan was clearly thinking quickly, and I could see the wheels in his head spinning. I didn’t want him to freak out or anything, so I stood up.

“Here, let me make this easy for you,” I said softly. I peeled off my blazer, and unhooked my criss-cross tie. One by one, I undid my buttons, surprised and just how forward I was. My blouse fell to the floor, and I reached back to unclasp illegal bahis my bra. As I looked down at him, my clasp came undone, but my bra stayed pressed against my breasts.

“So,” I grinned down at him, “what do you say? Rylan’s being very nice to share me.”

Juan turned to Rylan. “You sure about this, Rylan?”

“Absolutely, man,” was Rylan’s simple reply.

Juan grinned, and sat back. “What the hell.”

When he did so, I let my bra straps fall and I peeled it off of me, my breasts exposed. My skirt was next, which I unfastened and stepped out of. Wearing only my panties and my stockings, I sauntered over to where Juan was sitting, and I decided to give Rylan a little show. I sat on Juan’s lap, straddling him, and unfastening his top buttons I pulled off his shirt in one motion. His chest was hard with beautiful skin. I ran my hands across his chest, and leaned in to kiss him hard.

I was so turned on at how direct I was being. I felt his smooth chest against my soft breasts as we started making out. His hands gripped my back as I ran my fingers through his hair. After a few minutes, I reached down to undo his belt, and I climbed off of him, kneeling before him. I zipped down his fly, and started to pull his pants down to his ankles. His cock flopped out, and Rylan was correct; it was a sight to behold.

I glanced over at Rylan, who by now had taken off his shirt and was pulling down his own pants, his thick cock just as hard as Juan’s. I gestured for him to sit next to Juan, which he quickly did. Juan put his arm around the back of the couch as I kneeled at both of their feet. I took Rylan’s cock in my right hand, as I took Juan’s in my left and started kissing his cock head. It slid inside of my mouth, and I bobbed up and down on it, feeling it fill my mouth while I stroked Rylan. After several motions, I switched over to Rylan, who was admittedly a bit thicker and harder to get inside of my mouth. But this wasn’t my first rodeo.

I swapped back and forth blowing these two studs, moving my head up and down about a dozen times before switching to the other. As Juan’s cock slid in and out of my mouth, I could see Rylan looking down at me, and our eyes met. I pulled off of Juan’s cock, dragging my tongue up it one last time.

“Rylan, I want to see you try it,” I requested.

Juan, whose head had been tilted back enjoying his blowjob, jerked his head upwards. My hand was still stroking his dick as I looked up at them, still on my knees. Rylan was stroking his dick, and though he played it like he was shocked, I could see in his eyes he was excited.

“I don’t know about that, Beth,” said Juan, “I mean, if he don’t want to.”

“C’mon Rylan, it would be so hot,” I begged, my hand still moving on Juan’s cock.

Rylan looked at Juan, who merely nodded at him. Very carefully, but still with a certain level of boldness, Rylan joined me on the floor. I stepped aside, allowing Rylan to take my place kneeling before Juan. I sat on my haunches, my hand slipping down to my panties, as I watched Rylan begin to stroke Juan’s dick.

With a nervous gulp, Rylan pulled Juan’s cock to his mouth, and slowly slid his lips over Juan’s fat cock head. With a slurp and a gag, Rylan managed to take more of Juan’s dick in his mouth than I had been able to, and with a deep breath through his nose, Rylan managed to push the cock down his throat, eliciting a groan from Juan. Rylan gripped Juan’s thighs with his hands, and began to really work that cock.

“God, Rylan, suck that cock,” I teased. “Do you like that, Juan?”

Juan moaned in the affirmative, his eyes shut tight.

“Does he do it better than me?”

Juan said nothing, his head lolling back on the couch.

I stood up, and mounting the couch on my knees I started making out with Juan as Rylan continued to deepthroat him. I felt Juan reach under me and began to stroke my pussy through the fabric of my panties. I squirmed a little bit as his fingers grazed my pussy lips.

“I need to fuck,” moaned Juan into my mouth. “Take those panties off, Beth…”

“Sorry, Juan,” I said, lifting off of his mouth and scooting to the other side of the couch. “It’s my time of the month, so no one gets to fuck me.”

Juan looked at me with a painful expression, his disappointment was painted on his face.

“Oh, man! I can’t cum from just a blowjob, I need to get off!”

“Fuck me,” Rylan said softly, still on his knees and stroking Juan’s dick.

“You are kidding?!” Juan stuttered.

“He’s not, Juan,” I replied calmly, still stroking my pussy. “Look at him, he wants to get you off. It’s so hot. I’d love to watch you fuck my boyfriend.”

“I…don’t know,” said Juan, looking hopelessly confused.

I stood up, taking charge again. “Both of you, get over to Rylan’s bed. Now.”

Rylan and Juan both stood up, their firm cocks pointing at each other. I grabbed each of their throbbing dicks, and firmly dragged them backwards towards Rylan’s bed. They stood facing each other, both stroking their cocks, as I tossed off Rylan’s blanket to expose the sheets. I dug into his nightstand, assuming there was a bottle of lube in his nightstand, and sure enough, there was.

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