Confused over sexuality


Confused over sexualityYou hear many stories these days about young people being ‘confused over their sexuality’ and I think I am a good example of how this can happen.I was a pretty naïve youngster and when I left school I was living at home and had no sexual experience other than porn magazines (pre-internet) and I satisfied myself with masturbation.On leaving school and looking for a job my teachers all gave me the same advice – dress smartly for interviews, take an interest and ask (sensible) questions. Good advice as I eventually landed a job as a junior in the sales department of a printing firm. To begin with the work was mostly filing and other paperwork and making tea. I progressed to being allowed to answer the phones when no-one was available and started to talk with the customers. The sales manager, who was out of the office most of the time meeting with the customers, would sometimes take the juniors like me along with him to customer meetings to gain more experience.The area we covered was quite extensive so invariably involved quite long car journeys and we would talk on the way, about almost anything. He asked about me, where did I live, did I have a girlfriend and so on, and he told me a little of his life, married but no c***dren.One day we were on our way and out of town and he said he had typical ‘old man’s problem’ and needed to have a pee so we stopped nearby some woods. As it was a long journey he suggested I might like to take advantage of the break as well so we both went over to the trees. There was a small clearing in the centre which was a bit trampled down so I went over to a bush and relieved myself. When I finished I was about to put my willy back in my trousers I noticed he was watching me and when he saw that I had seen him he complimented me on my nice willy (which, in fact is only very average). I went bright red and didn’t know what to do and he said it was alright as we are all men so nothing to worry about.We hardly spoke on the rest of the journey as I was very confused but as he was the manager (god to a junior like me) I didn’t complain. I contributed almost nothing at the meeting, but as a junior I was not really expected to so it didn’t matter. On the way home he asked if I was OK as he had not meant any offence by his remark, he had just said it matter-of-factly. He said just as women always go off to the loo together why shouldn’t men! On a later trip we stopped again with his bladder problem and this time he stood next to me as though we were at urinals and I couldn’t help myself but take surreptitious glances at his cock. His was a much fatter cock than mine and judging by the amount that was hanging out of his trousers was quite a length, certainly a lot bigger than mine. Strangely I found the sight of it quite arousing and I felt my own cock start to grow in my hand and when it came to shaking the drips off this turned into a bit of a wank! He had seen me watching and just smiled to me as he gave his member more of a shake than was really necessary so it flapped about before zipping it back in his trousers. This happened on subsequent journeys and because I liked looking at his cock we invariably stopped at the same woods to use the clearing and would pee together, watching each other and flagrantly waving our cocks before zipping up. Then one day we were going for our pee and he asked if he could hold my cock while I did it, and after a moment’s hesitation I said it was OK as I felt quite turned on by the idea, and he held me in his warm hand as my steam of pee shot out, but at the same time I felt myself growing in his hand. He stroked my growing length ostensibly to get the drips out but it was more than that as he continued stroking until I reached full hardness which didn’t take long, and given my youth the result was very stiff. He smiled at me and said ‘I told you that you had a nice cock and there is the proof’ as we looked down at my erection in his hand.I looked over at his member hanging out of his trousers and he invited me to do the same to him. I gingerly lifted his willy which felt heavy in my hand and I felt the stream gushing up and out, much stronger than my thin piss stream. Unashamedly I stroked the length to get the last drops out, but went on stroking it as it grew warmer and fatter in my hand until it was hard. I bent down so I cold see it close to and it was fat and heavy and had a few wayward hairs sprouting along the length. He was circumcised, which I am not, and the head was round and pointy and a sort of angry red with a nice rim and below that the marks of the circumcision. The skin was still loose and I could easily move it up and down as I stroked his length.He stopped me then and said that we had work to do and should be moving on. We both tried to push our erections back in our trousers and went back to the car. Nothing was said on the rest of the journey or the way back about what we had done, but I replayed it over and over again in my mind enjoying very much what I had done, and my cock got a little stiff every time I though about it.Through the summer holidays there were very few customer visits and I did not go out with the manager for some weeks. Then one day he said he had a meeting with a prospective new customer on the next day and I should accompany him if my workload allowed it. I jumped at the chance and stayed late to finish my work so I was free to go out the next day. Unsurprisingly we went out past ‘our’ wood and stopped there. There was no mention of needing a pee but we got out anyway and went over to the clearing in the wood and my cock was getting stiff just at the thought of playing with his erection while he stroked mine. When we got to the clearing he asked if I was alright with what we had been doing as I seemed to have enjoyed it, but he wanted to be sure. I assured him that I really enjoyed it and liked both him playing with my cock as well as me playing with his. I told him I thought he had a great cock and was rather jealous of it to which he said I wasn’t always about size but the pleasure that can güvenilir bahis be given and received by any size.He then said that we had plenty of time that day as the meeting was fictitious and we could spend the time playing with each other. He said he had not wanted to be presumptuous but he had put a blanket in the back of the car which we could spread on the ground to be more comfortable as all our previous ‘sessions’ had been standing up. It was a nice warm day, and so he went back to the car and returned with a blanket which he spread on the ground, and we sat down on it. Starting like this I didn’t know what to do as previously we had always had a reason to get our cocks out but now I just looked at him. He smiled at me and said ‘lie down and relax. Let me start if I may’ and with that, as I lay on my back he unzipped my fly but instead of taking my cock out he undid my belt and trouser tops and then getting hold of the legs he pulled my trousers, and I lifted my bum so he could pull them down and off together with my shoes. My boxers were bulging at the front with the stiffness they were trying to restrain and he gently lifted the waistband over the bulge to enable him to take them off too. Inevitably my erection sprung out as it was released and stood up and away from my belly with its stiffness. He looked at it for a few moments and told me ‘I said at the beginning that I liked your cock and I really do. You may think size is important, but I am really jealous of the stiffness that you have as a young person, you have the most fantastic young erection’. He reached out to hold my stiffness and it jerked as he wrapped his hand around it. He looked at it intently as he stroked his hand up and down its length and then pulled my foreskin back to reveal a shiny pink helmet. He went on wanking me gently and looked me in the eye as he did so, watching for my enjoyment at his actions, seeing how my expression changed depending on which part of my cock he was touching. We had done similar things before but this time I knew it was going to go all the way but I wanted it to last so I stopped him and said I would like to do him.He smiled and lay back on the blanket. Ludicrously I was still wearing my shirt and tie so I hurriedly removed these and put them on the growing pile of discarded clothing. Eagerly, but not too quickly, I undid his belt and opened his trousers and pulled the zipper down. Even before I had removed anything I was conscious of my hand touching the bulge that I was looking for so I held the waistband of his trousers and pants and pulled them down together, taking care to lift them over his growing cock. As I pulled his clothes down and off his cock lay there thickly in a semi-hard state, surrounded by a thick bush of dark curly pubic hair and lying on a pair of large testicles that were tucked between his thighs. I marvelled at this mighty weapon and slid my hand under it to lift it, and again it felt heavy to my touch. I felt it pulse as I held it and his balls moved under it as it filled and swelled in my grip. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I stroked the full length of it once it had reached full erection, which was not as stiff and rigid as mine was but still hard enough. Strangely in erection it was not much longer than when it was soft, though slightly fatter, whereas my smaller penis at least doubled in length if not more when it grew to full erection.I continued to stroke his cock and as I did so he leant over and started to wank me at the same time, and we lay there wanking each other, enjoying the feel and sight of doing each other and the sensations in our own cock. After a bit he turned around so we were head to toe which was a better position for the mutual masturbation. I was mesmerised by his cock, no longer having a quick feel on the way to a meeting, but being able to stare at it and the bush and heavy balls and seeing close up how they moved to my stroking as I handled his erection in different ways, fondling those balls, sensing them move in my hand, feeling the heat and firmness of his shaft with the slippery skin with its few hairs, and then the helmet, so big and round and now purple, and as I looked a pearl of clear liquid appeared in the eye, pre-cum about to dribble from his cock, and I smoothed it over the helmet with my fingers, further aroused by feeling the smoothness it made.My mind was in turmoil; on the one hand I had the incredible sensations of his rough male hands caressing my thighs and playing with my balls and the incessant stroking of my rigid cock, while at the same time I was lost in my wonder of his cock, staring at it, feeling it, stroking its softness yet firmness and how it twitched as I handled it, and then I felt his touch on my cock change and a sudden warmth enveloped it. I looked down and saw he had taken my cock in his mouth and was sucking greedily on it. This was almost too much and I thought I would cum straight away but I struggled to compose myself. I watched him as he sucked my cock deep into his mouth, lashing it with his tongue and then drawing away until only the head was in him as his tongue played with my foreskin which he pulled down so he could run his tongue over the helmet.My head fell back to the ground as I was consumed by the sensations in my cock and when I opened my eyes I was staring straight at his erection right in front of my eyes, still grasped in my hand, not sure whether I could do the same. As I stared at the head, another dribble of pre-cum seeped from the eye which decided me. Gingerly I put out my tongue and licked up the dribble of clear liquid and it tasted really good. I plucked up courage and opened my mouth and placed it over the head of his cock, sucking on it and running my tongue over its smoothness and as I did so I heard him moan quietly. I glanced down at him and he had his eyes closed and had stopped sucking on me giving me a brief respite. I gathered my courage and pushed my mouth down on his stiffness taking more and more of him into my mouth until I had about half of it in but couldn’t take güvenilir bahis siteleri any more because of his size. As I pulled back and sucked it in again and again his groans grew longer and louder and I felt his already erect cock get even stiffer.We lay like that for what seemed ages alternately sucking each others cocks and then resting when the sensations were getting too much. Try as I might, I couldn’t last forever even though I wanted the feelings to go on and on and I felt my climax approaching. He must have sensed this as he stopped sucking me and turned around so we were face to face. He continued a gentle massage on my cock and I reached again for his as he got up and knelt astride my hips still gently stroking me, and I pulled on him and he looked me in the eye. ‘I’m ready’ he said hoardely, knowing I was too and we must both have stopped trying to hold back the inevitable. I finally gave in to the sensations that started in my cock-end and grew and grew and spread out through my groin until with a final jerk my cock spewed out a jet of spunk that flew up and landed on my face, and further jets followed landing on my chest and belly as my hips jerked in time with his strokes. I looked up from my cock in his hand to his cock and I rubbed him more furiously and was rewarded with a big dollop of cum fell from his cock followed by a pulsating in his shaft as copious gob after gob drooled from his cock-head coating my wrist and running down onto my pubes. Eventually he collapsed onto the blanket and lay down beside me, our two naked bodies breathing heavily in the after throes of fantastic orgasms. After a bit he turned his head to look at me and said ‘Thank you, that was one of the most fantastic cums ever. You have a fantastically soft touch with your hands and your mouth and I haven’t had as strong a climax as that for years’. I told him I had never had anything like that in my life and the feelings were utterly indescribable.We lay there for a while recovering and eventually got dressed. I had not realised how long we had been playing with each other and was thankful there was no customer meeting to go to so that we had been able to enjoy a full unhurried session together, We spoke very little on the way back partly through being drained but also I was re-living these new actions and sensations and marvelling how good sex could be.With summer drawing into autumn the opportunities to go to the wood became fewer but we managed another session on the pretext of a (fictitious) customer meeting. Another opportunity arose when there was a last hot spell before autumn set in and I was again selected to accompany the sales manager to a customer meeting. I was looking forward to this so much I think I was walking around the office with a permanent erection before we left. As we drove away from the office we did not take the usual road and I looked at him questioningly but he just said not to worry as we were going to make an intermediate stop. In fact we went to a pub some way from then office where he bought drinks and some food. After a second drink he suggested we get going as he could see I was impatient to get to the wood to enjoy another session. We parked up near our wood and he took the blanket out of the boot and we went over to the clearing. There was no hesitancy any more and he had hardly had a chance to put the blanket down before I was stripping the trousers off him, puling them down with his pants to reveal his member hanging thickly down. I eagerly took it into my mouth to savour the warmth and taste of it as I felt it begin to grow as I sucked it hard. He smiled down at me and said to slow down as we had plenty of time and we should enjoy every minute of it. We undressed together until we were standing there naked, him with a semi-hard erection and me with a rampant stiff cock that was standing straight up. We lay down again in a ‘69’ sucking and wanking each other and now I had some experience I was able to control myself better and if the sensations in my cock started to get too much I would concentrate m whole mind on what I was doing to him. After a while he turned round and lay beside me. ‘Are you enjoying this?’ he asked which seemed a strange question, but I assured him I was as I stroked his thick cock with my hand. ‘You do everything so well’ he said, ‘how would you like to fuck?’ I looked at him in puzzlement, I may have been naïve but I knew that fucking was what men did to women. ‘True’ he said ‘but it is just a matter of which hole you use. With women you mostly use the front hole, with men you use the back hole’. I pondered this but he had only ever introduced me to things I enjoyed so I agreed. ‘That’s lovely’ he said, ‘I did come prepared but wanted to be sure you were happy first’. With that he got up and went to his jacket, with his stiff cock wobbling as he walked, and took from the pocket a packet of condoms and a tube of something and I looked at him not knowing what to do. ‘Have you ever used one of these?’ he asked, showing me the condoms. I told him I obviously knew what they were but being a virgin had never had any need to use one. ‘Well, you go first’ he said ‘and I’ll show you what to do’ and with that he tore open the packet and took out the flimsy condom. Placing the cold, rolled up condom on the head of my stiff cock he rolled it down the length of my shaft until it was fully on. ‘We use these partly for protection and also for cleanliness’ he told me ‘and this tube is some lubrication so the cock can slide in more easily’ and he squeezed a little on the end of my condom-sheathed cock and smeared it over the head. He than lay down on his back and drawing his knees up he exposed the pink crinkly opening that was his bum-hole. With a finger he applied some more lubricant to the hole and told me to kneel down between his legs which I did. My cock was then pointing roughly in the direction of his bum and he told me to push it down until the head was resting against the hole. ‘Now push’ he said ‘and you will slide in’, so I pushed with my hips and iddaa siteleri felt resistance and nothing happened. He told me to push harder and it will go in, so I kept pushing more and more and then I felt it give and I started to slide in. I was staring amazed at my disappearing cock as it sank into his arse and I marvelled at the tightness round my shaft, much tighter than the blowjob. When I was in as far as I could go there was hardly half an inch of me that was not buried inside him. I didn’t need any more instruction and pulled back and then started a fucking rhythm in and out of him with a fantastic feeling of tightness around my shaft as it slid in and out of his bum-hole, so much so that I couldn’t control the unfamiliar sensations and after only a few minutes my cock exploded, pulsating as jets of spunk shot from me up inside him. I was sorry it was over so soon but he said not to worry as it was my first time and I would get better with practice. I pulled my cock out of his bum slowly and saw the condom was full of my captured spunk as the full bulb hung limply down from the end of my cock – I was surprised how much there was as I had never collected an orgasm in that way. He moved round to me and with one hand pulled the full condom off me and took my cock in his mouth to suck the remaining cum from it. I had barely softened as his mouth and tongue excited me again to regain my stiffness. He said to swap position so that he could fuck me, so I lay down on my back and watched him unroll a condom onto his fat dick. He reached for the lube and put it all over the end and I felt the cold as he put a generous amount on my arse. He settled himself between my legs and lifted them up so my hole was exposed to him. He placed the end of his cock against the hole and pushed gently, but nothing happened, so he pushed a bit harder and I could feel the pressure trying to open me up. As he was not going in he kept adding pressure and I could feel my hole trying to expand to take him in but it was getting painful until eventually he pushed so hard I couldn’t take it any more and cried out for him to stop, to which he agreed, and then, just as he took the pressure off, he gave a sudden mighty lunge that pushed me across the blanket and really hurt, and he was still not inside me as his cock was much too big for my virgin bum. He apologised for hurting me and pulled away from me smoothing cool lube on my arse to soothe it. The pain gradually subsided as we lay there for a while, helped by the fact that he was working on my cock which took my mind off it, and I was growing to full hardness again. As the feelings of desire washed over me once more I couldn’t let him try to do me again so I asked him if he would like me to fuck him again, and he was very happy with that, as was I, because I had really enjoyed the first one. I took the last condom and rolled it onto my prick, smoothing some lube on the end and as he rolled onto his back and lifted his legs I smeared some on his bum. Getting into position I pushed against his hole and slid in quite easily and I pushed until I was hard against his bum and I was fully in, feeling the warmth of him on my cock and tightness of him around my cock shaft. I started a rhythmic stroking in and out as I fucked his arse being careful not to excite myself too much to make it last. He lay back on the blanket with his eyes closed and a smile on his face obviously enjoying being fucked. I looked down at his cock which was probably stiffer than I has seen it before except when he was about to cum and there was a little stream of pre-cum dribbling down from the eye, so I took his erection in my hand and smeared the clear juice over his cock-head and used it to lightly wank him, just on his helmet, in time with my thrusting up his bum. I lasted longer than before but I couldn’t hold off for ever and felt my orgasm approaching and began to wank him harder and harder. He noticed this and opened his eyes and watched me and said he was going to cum too. I banged harder and harder into his arse and wanked harder and harder on his cock until with a loud groan he arched his back and the familiar flood of spunk poured out of him as I felt his cock jerking in my hand. That was too much and as I watched his spunk flooding out and running down over my hand it tripped me over the edge and my balls clenched and my cock pulsed as I pumped my spunk up his arse.I was exhausted and pulled out of him and lay down beside him, the full condom still hanging off my cock, my hand messy with his cum and the pool on his belly where it had landed. We lay there as we recovered and I looked at him and apologised that I could not take him in me, as I guess that the whole summer had been leading up to the moment when he would fuck a young man, but he said not to worry as he had enjoyed my body and what I had done to him and that would be very enjoyable for the future. With that he sat up and removed the condom from my limp cock and cleaned the mess up from me and himself.As we drove back to the office I revelled in the memory of the new found action and sensations and was looking forward to regular fucking sessions with him, though I wondered how it would be possible for him to fuck me somehow. I reflected on the feeling I had for him, not love exactly, but I was very fond of him because of what we did together which was so enjoyable and satisfying. He was never pushy or demanding and always made sure I was happy with what we were doing.A couple of weeks later he did not come into the office and word went round that he had been fired. It seemed he had tried it on with someone else who had complained and he was kicked out immediately. I don’t know who it was and no-one ever asked me if I had had any ‘trouble’ and I wondered if they suspected about me and him.Unhappy as I was about his leaving and no more sex it was a blessing in disguise as I got together with a girl from the accounts section at that year’s Christmas party and learned all over again about sex, this time with a woman and it was much, much better, so I was not gay after all, but had just needed sex, any kind of sex. She and I enjoyed each other and I was a firm convert to hetero sex, but there will always be part of me that enjoys bi- and I still like the anal sex which fortunately my girl did too.

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