Connected Ch. 02


After that magical night with Stacey, we woke up the next morning from a deep, deep sleep. As I drifted into the realm of consciousness, I could hear her in the shower. The thought of warm, steamy water dripping all over her body woke up other parts of mine.

I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Steam had filled the room. I stepped in the shower and stood behind Stacey. She had just poured conditioner in her hair.

I eased behind her, pressing the base of my erection against the crack if her ass. As I did this I slid my fingers into her hair and began massaging her scalp.

“Mmmmmmm.” She said as she leaned her head back against my chest. As she did this, she reached behind her, with a hand lubed with conditioner she began stroking my cock.

“Damn.” I said. I kept massaging her scalp with one hands my other drifted to her chest and massaged her nipple. This caused her to gasp.

She had one hand against the shower wall, steadying her body. Her hand that was stroking me stopped and she wrapped her fingers solidly around my base. Then she began rubbing my cock all along the crack of her ass, back and forth

As she did this bonus veren siteler my hand slid down her stomach and I began rubbing her clit. It was warm and even through the hot water of the shower I could feel her vaginal lube coating my fingers. I leaned my head forward and tongued her ear, then bit her neck.

When I bit her she had a sudden intake if breath and her body shuddered.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!”

She leaned forward and kept running my cock along her crevice. As she came she put the tip of my cock against her ass and backed into me. I could feel the head of my cock meet a tight resistance, then, a slight pop, and I was in her.

“Fuck! You are in my ass baby!” She said loudly.

My hands went to her hips. It took all of strength not to pull her into me so I could slide in deeper but I was afraid to hurt her.

As her orgasm subsided she could tell I was hesitant. She pushed her hips back, taking me deeper.

“Do it! Fuck me. Fuck my ass. I can take it.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. There was desire mixed with rage in her voice. She leaned forward, hands resting in the side of the bedava bahis tub, giving me a better angle. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her, slowly, steadily until I was buried as far as I could go.

She was tight. Her muscles were gripping me. I could feel them squeezing, milking my cock. As I slid in she let out a slow moan that turned into a wail.

“Yes!” She hissed. “Fuck it, fuck my ass baby, I’m giving you my ass, do me.”

Her talk was all I needed. I slowly pulled back, then slid in again. My rhythm was slow and full, each time I went in deep and her tightness and heat was an overwhelming sensation on my cock.

“Yes baby, I’m yours, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

The words were such a turn on. I never expected to hear them from this nice, professional woman. Yet here I was, with her in the shower fucking her ass and she was begging for it.

My speed intensified and I started fucking her harder. Faster and harder I went, each time I went all the way in she moaned. Soon I was fucking her ass so hard each time I went in her feet were lifted off the shower floor.

“I’m cumming again she screamed.”

I deneme bonus could feel her convulsions around my cock and with a final thrust I let go and was rocked with an orgasm, each thrust ended in a burst of cum I shot into her ass. She squeezed as I pulsated in rhythm, milking my cock thoroughly and emptying me.

We collapsed against the shower wall and tried to catch our breath. After a moment we gently showered and washed each other’s bodies. We covered each other in kisses as we washed then towelled off.

“Wow. I do believe that was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.” I said as I sat in the bed.

“What do you want to do now?”

“How about coffee and breakfast, then we can return for round two.” She said as she towelled off her head.

“I’m game.”

We got dressed and headed to the hotel lobby together. In the elevator we kissed and our tongues fought like swords in each other’s mouths.

In the hotel dining area over coffee, steak and eggs we didn’t say much. Just stared at each other as we refilled our tanks.

She looked over our shoulder and her eyes got wide.

“Well well.” I heard behind me as I turned around.

‘If it isn’t my future husband and his hot date from last night.”

Standing at our table in tight jeans and a shirt tied at the waist exposing the gorgeous and I noticed at the bar last night was our bartender.

“Mind if I join you?”

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