Could You be My Slave?


My seat wiggled beneath me. “Getting tired?” I asked.

“No…” His breathing strained, “I’m fine.”

I ran my hand against his sandy blonde hair and gave him a quick pat, “Good boy.” My back ached from squatting on my boyfriend’s back, I honestly just wanted to sit on the couch at this point, but it was adorable to see how hard he worked to support my weight. “It has been a long time.” I rammed my hands into his back, his body quivered and sank down a few inches, “How long do you think it has been? Twenty, maybe thirty minutes?”

“I don’t know.” His said in one breath.

“Hmm.” I dangled my feet over his side making sure to bump my feet into his struggling arms, “I wonder if you can make it until the end of the episode.”

His arms wobbled. His hands buckled and he crashed into the carpeted floor. I rose up and down a little with each of his breaths. Sweat dripped down his face. His cheek rested against the carpet as he laid flat on his stomach.

“That was amazing.” He said with his eyes closed and a wide smile on his face, “Thank you.”

I slid off his back and brushed his messy hair, “You’re welcome.” My hand disappeared into his curly unkempt hair. I loved the soft feeling, like petting a sheep.

“Did…” He caught his breath, “Did you think about my suggestion?”

“Babe, not now,” I said. I knew he was going to pursue the topic anyways.

He pulled his face out of the carpet and rolled onto his back, “Please? I’m a sub, you’re a dom, why can’t I be your slave?”

“We only dated for a couple months,” I said. I wanted so badly to say yes. I wanted a toy. Someone I could torment with all my desires… For the most part, I am a regular girl. I work as an assistant manager in retail, live in a small but comfortable apartment, and watch anime. The only thing a little strange about me is that I am a sadist.

“So?” He asked, “I love you. I want to dedicate everything to you.”

His cocoa brown puppy eyes stared into mine. “Why do you have to be so sweet?”

“Is that a yes?” He shot up off the floor and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my cheek over and over. His soft lips tried to kiss every part of my face.

I placed my hands on his shoulder and pushed him back a little. “Calm down, if you really think you can, you need to do two things to prove you are serious.”

“Anything.” He never even bothered hiding his excitement. A huge grin spread across his face. His eyes sparkled like a child’s on their birthday.

“From now on, you will call me Mistress.” I slid my hand up his arm. “The other thing is all this…” I ripped a hair off his arm, “Needs to go. Shave your arms, legs, chest, everything. But leave this.” I patted him on the head. I liked his messy hair. It was one of his cutest features.

Without hesitation, he said, “I’ll be right back,” and rushed off to the bathroom.

I liked his eagerness. Maybe this guy really could be my slave. I loved the idea… but I still had no clue where his limits were. He said he loves me, but how deep does that love really go? I wanted his love. I wanted his undying devotion. I felt a little guilty about having these thoughts. I always did. A part of me wanted so bad to be a normal girl. But when I get turned on… there is nothing I would trade for the feeling of intense pleasure.

I figured I could masturbate while I waited for him to return… The television still played in the background and with his razor that should be enough noise right? I danced around the idea of taking him for my own.

I would come home, and there he would be. Naked, on his knees, waiting to take my shoes off and carry me to the couch. He would give me a back rub while I pretended to barely pay attention to him. He would hope for me to give him the slightest touch, crossing his fingers in anticipation that I would play with my toy today, but I would get up and leave for a nap.

I slipped my hands into my pants. The heat radiated off my private. I rubbed my clit through my panties. The soft fabric against my pussy tingled my chest. The static feeling crept throughout my body.

He would cook dinner while I slept… Anything I was in the mood for at the time. He would never complain, just say “Yes Mistress,” and follow my orders. He would wake me up by kissing my forehead, stroking my hair, and telling me that food was ready. Taking my hand, he would guide me half asleep to the table. He would feed me until I told him to get under the table and eat me.

I laid down on the white carpeted floor and continued rubbing my hand against my clit. My back tensed up as my boobs smushed into the floor. I wanted to rub my nipples, but I needed to finish this quicker than normal. My toy should never see me in such a compromised position.

He would undress me, taking caution to make certain I was never uncomfortable. Then he would start by kissing my lower lips. I would continue eating the meal, but as he would grow with intensity, I would grab his head with both aydın escort my hands and pull him in deeper. He would desperately try to please me as he struggled to get air.

I rubbed harder, pushing my hand against my panties to where I could feel everything. I bit down on my lip trying to restrain myself from moaning. I had no idea how loud the electric razor was, but just to be safe, I tried to keep quiet.

After dinner, I would tell him to bathe me. He would take off what clothes I had left. With my juices still on his face, only smelling my scent, all of his thoughts would be focused on me. He would draw up my bath, and stay kneeling at the side of the tub. My naked body would be too much stimulation for him, so while washing me, he would have a full erection. But no release for him. I would order him to bring me a glass of wine while I relaxed. When I was finished with my bath, he would dry me off with a towel and put my bathrobe on me. I would allow him to clean up and wash in my used water while I went to bed.

I curled my toes, my legs wanted to give out. My mouth closed tight to stop any sound, but breathing through my nose got louder and faster with every second. I was almost there. My thighs clenched together, my moans changed into a muffled hum. I grabbed a fist full of the carpet and rubbed my foot against my leg.

He would wander into my bed. With my earlier nap, I would call him up to the bed, ready to play with him all night long. He would climb on top of me, so pent up and stressed from the constant teasing I did. He would lick my tits, run his fingers across my sides, and wrap his arms around my body. I would flip him over and climb on top of him. I would smother his face with my breasts, cutting off his air and feeling him squirm underneath me as he almost passes out. I would kiss his lips and refuse to budge. Finally, I would pull back and ask him if he wanted to cum. He would beg me to allow him to cum. I would stand up, towering above him, then I would hover my foot above his dick, building up the anticipation. I would stomp down and the cum would spurt all over his body.

My entire body burned. I pressed my face into the side of the carpet, the fabric tickled me. Waves of pleasure, like electricity shot through my body. I fell into a deep state of euphoria. My entire body relaxed as my mind blanked. My lungs tightened, no matter how hard I breathed, it felt like I needed more air. I have no idea how much time passed, but when I stood up, my legs crumbled and shook. I managed to stand up after a couple tries. My vision blurred and dizziness overtook me. The worst part, I was still very horny.

With my fantasy over, I stumbled to the couch and sprawled on the cushions. I wanted to keep going. I was still in the mood. My body heated up the couch. My soaked panties clung to my crotch. I wanted to take them off, throw them at my boyfriend, and ride him.

Speaking of which, he entered the room. I bet my face was red, but I doubt he noticed. His body trembled, but if it was with excitement or nervousness, I did not know. He presented himself to me, “I shaved.” He meekly said.

I walked over to the television and turned it off. “Strip,” I ordered. “I need to inspect you.” He unbuckled his belt, fumbling with the latch as he tried to rip it off. He dropped the belt on the floor and ripped off his shirt. His exposed abs stood on full display before me. I got off the couch and ran my hands against his chest. Smooth. It felt like I ran my hands against silk.

I raised up his arm. I effortlessly glided my fingers against his skin. His arms were not muscular, but they were a little toned. I reached underneath to check his armpit. It was soft, maybe even softer than mine. I continued to move my fingers to check for any possible missed hair. He laughed and clenched his arm down on my hand. The squeezing sensation locked my fingers inside. How adorable, he was ticklish. I needed to remember that for later.

I ran my hands against his face. No beard, no mustache. I brought my face closer and gave him a kiss. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and danced inside his warm cavern. I enjoyed the sensation of his mouth. It was hard to pinpoint why. Maybe it was the faint tasting mixture of mint and coffee. The way his tongue always tried to keep up, but inevitably submitted and let me violate his mouth however I wanted. My body heated up and I pulled away. I reminded myself to calm down and continue the inspection.

So far every part of his body was hairless. “Take off the rest of your clothes,” I said. He slipped off his socks and dropped his jeans to the floor. Lastly, he removed his boxers. Naked. My boyfriend presented his entire vulnerable body to me.

His hand covered his penis, and his other arm wrapped around his waist. “Move those now,” I said.

“Sorry,” He dropped his arms back to his sides, “It’s cold.”

“How about I fix that?” I hugged his naked body, he did feel cool, but then again I was just aydınlıkevler escort masturbating. I bent down, running my fingers against his smooth legs. I wrapped my hand around his thigh. His sensitive areas being shaved was such a turn on. Nothing left to protect him. His balls, two small orbs dangling in front of me. I grasped his dick, the warm squishy appendage twitched in my hand. I made a fist squeezing it. He heavily inhaled through his nose. “Did that feel good?” I teased, “just one last thing to check. Turn around.”

He spun around, exposing his broad back to me. I grabbed his butt cheeks, curling all of my fingers into his flesh. I separated his cheeks, displaying his tight pink hole. Hairless. Almost every part of his body was hairless. I released them and gave him an approving smack on his butt. “Good job. All your hair is gone except for your eyebrows and hair.”

My mind rushed. He did this for me without question… could we really have a Mistress-slave relationship? I wanted to, I was so aroused, this idea sounded amazing. He turned around and I faced him once again, I wrapped my arms around his neck and stared into his dark cocoa brown eyes. “Do you really think you could serve me?”

He nodded twice, “Yes Mistress.”

I kissed his moist lips. I wanted to tempt him and reward his obedience. “This will not be just a bedroom deal, you will cater to my every whim twenty-four seven. Your entire life will be dedicated to whatever I want at the moment.”

“I can do it.” He said, “Please, give me a chance.”

“You will continue working at your job. When you return home, you must never wear clothes, unless I instruct you otherwise. You will do all the housework, cleaning, cooking, buying groceries, or whatever else I order you to do.” He looked like was about to burst with excitement, I wanted to seal the deal, “Understood, Slave?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you.” He kissed me on the neck, the slight tingles vibrated through me. I wanted to keep fooling around until I orgasmed, but time struck first. He needed to leave for work. I also had to leave soon. I mentally cursed our limited playtime together as I begrudgingly got up to shower and change.

I could barely focus on my work. My mind wandered. I fantasized about my new toy back at home. I never felt so lucky in my life. I found myself anxious. My chest tightened and throbbed from all the excitement and worry. I wanted to just quit my job and spend all my time tormenting him in new ways.

I entertained many ideas. Pet play would be fun… I also want to edge him for days and see his desperation grow. I guess we could try candles someday, but I wonder if that is even fun? I think I would much rather sit on his face and feel him eat me out until he starts squirming to get more air.

I had to admit, I was nervous. I wanted this for so long, ever since I was fourteen. There was this sweet boy who would do whatever I asked him to do. Get me water, tie my shoes, he would even carry all my stuff for me to class. But I guess I was just a short term crush or he was simply a nice guy because next year he started dating the track star.

When I was seventeen, there was my first boyfriend. The relationship was short-lived, he liked my confidence. He liked me to climb on top and kiss him, spank him, and verbally humiliate him. But it ended when we had issues outside of the bedroom. I wanted to be in control, and not just for fun, but every minute of the day. He only submitted in the bed, outside of it he would jokingly insult me, be difficult, and flirt with other girls.

So that brought me to today. A twenty-two-year-old virgin who worked her normal day job and went to bed watching anime. I drank on the weekends with friends, and time just kinda disappeared. Next thing I knew, half of the people my age are either married or engaged.

People recommended dating apps for me, but I preferred the old fashioned way. I figured with my standards, ideals, and fetishes, I had to just deal with masturbating until I got desperate.

A couple months ago, I hung out with my normal friend group. Stacy was a lightweight. After drinking at the restaurant, she got upset about how the food looked funny and demanded to speak with the cook. It sounded unreasonable, but the cook actually came out and profusely apologized for the food’s appearance.

The young man had sandy blonde hair, big brown eyes, and a very quiet manner about him. He carried himself in a very protective manner. He pulled his shoulders so close to himself that they were almost beneath his ears. He slouched his back and kept his head bent down. He was sweet about the whole situation though, he took the food away and made something of his own creation for Stacy.

She ate the food and then collapsed on the table snoring. We tried to shake her awake but she was out cold. Rebecca went to get her car started, and that adorable chef carried Stacy out to Rebeccas’s car.

When ayrancı escort he returned, I pretended to be too drunk to stand, and held out my arms, “Carry me.” He obeyed and scooped me up in his sturdy arms. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he carried me like a Princess. He tried so hard to avoid eye contact, I assumed he was a little awkward. It was cute until I saw his eyes fixated on my feet. He stared at them entranced, blinking as little as possible.

With the combination of drinking all night and being carried, my bladder ached “Actually… Can you carry me to the bathroom first?”

He turned left from the restaurant door and moved towards a dimly lit hallway. “Ok.” He lowered me down until my feet reached the floor, “Here you are.”

“Come in with me,” I said, my arms still locked around his neck.

“Huh?” He asked.

“Please?” I batted my eyelashes, “I need someone to help me take off my pants, and to help me make it to the toilet.”

He never gave me a word of affirmation, instead, he dragged himself forward and pushed open the large furnished door. We stepped into the bathroom together. The cramped room’s contents looked pretty standard. A liquid soap dispenser, sink, hand-dryer, and a toilet with a yellow out of order sign resting on the lid. “Are you kidding me? Again?” He groaned, “I thought they fixed it.”

My knees pushed into each other as I tried to stop myself from peeing, “I need to go bad.”

He looked around the bathroom for a minute and said, “You could go in my mouth.”

I got taken aback by the bluntness of his suggestion, this little cutie seemed to be quite the pervert. “Oh really? Sounds like you want to drink my piss.”

He stayed silent. “Well never make a lady wait,” I said, “get down on that dirty bathroom floor.” His legs folded against the ground as he rested his butt on the soles of his shoes.

I slipped off my pants, his unwavering gaze focused on my violet panties. I understand he was excited but the staring did make me a little embarrassed, “Close your eyes,” I said. Without his gaze on me, I let the underwear fall to my ankles.

My butt hovered above his face, his warm breath tickled my asshole. I sighed as the stream broke free. Audible gulps echoed from the toilet beneath me. He pushed his mouth against me as if he believed that could help him get my urine faster.

All the strain from my bladder subsided. I stood up and admired my work. Drops of my urine dripped around his lips and down to his chin. “How did it taste?” I asked.

“It was bad, very bitter,” He longingly stared at my exposed private, “But… very sexy.”

“Hmm you’re not lying,” I rubbed my foot against his crotch, “I can feel your little guy.” He closed his eyes and leaned back a little. I swiveled my foot against his pants, playing with the tent.

He looked uncomfortable, shifting his lap around however possible, his penis begged to be released from its confinements. It only turned me on more. When I pulled my foot away, he shifted to his right. With his hand against the ground, he pushed himself off the tiled floor. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Standing?” He wiped my urine away from his face with his shirt’s sleeve.

“Get back on the ground, I still need someone to wipe.” Without wasting a moment, he returned to his knees and pulled himself forward with his palms. His wet tongue brushed against my private. The sudden warmth was a welcomed change from the air-conditioned restroom.

He felt so good… He lapped every corner of my walls. I wanted more, I started talking dirty, “You know we just met? You are quite the little slut.” He licked harder, his boner pushed down his pant-leg. “You never locked the door. So desperate to drink my pee you forgot that. Or maybe… you wanted to be seen.”

His hands wrapped around my butt, he dug his fingers into my cheeks. All my muscles tightened, a knot formed in my back, and I pushed my hips forward pressing his nose against my clit.

“Can you breathe down there?” His nose tickled me, “I bet you would love that. Pleasuring me over and over until you passed out. So do you want to touch yourself? Too bad. You will never touch yourself unless I give you permission.”

He never replied, not that he was capable in the first place. He breathed in my scent, attentive to licking everything his tongue could reach. “Haah…” A moan slipped out of my mouth. “Yes… just like that.”

He pulled his head back, every word he spoke interrupted by heavy breathing. “You, should, be, clean, now.”

His face glistened with my juices, I wanted to tell him to keep going, but I needed to get back to my friends, “Wash up and carry me to the car.” I started to leave but he gripped my wrist.

“Wait,” His eyes mixed with worry and hopefulness, “Will I ever see you again?”

My mind screamed “Aaaawwww!” I wanted to take him home with me right then and there with his adorable little chocolate eyes, “Maybe, but you will have to be a good boy.”

He carried me to the car, I grabbed my purse and dug out a pen. I wrote my phone number on his hand and said goodbye. I guess the rest was history after that. A fond memory, a little hazy because of the alcohol, but easy enough to recall all the important events.

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