Jen whined in helpless frustration as she slowly limped across the campus mall on her crutches. Not only did her sprained ankle hurt, now the crutches were digging into her armpits as she struggled to get back to her dormroom. In her mind’s eye her armpits were a solid black bruise just from going to class and back. It was a glorious morning in early spring in Pennsylvania, and the exertion of crutching her way across campus was starting to make her warm.

“Stupid, stupid girl,” she berated herself as she paused to take off her sweatshirt. “What kind of klutz trips over a smooth sidewalk and sprains her ankle?” At least the campus police had quickly descended on her and driven her to the clinic on a golf cart. They had wrapped up her ankle, given her these evil crutches and sent her on her way. Even after emptying almost everything out of her backpack, it still felt like a ton on her back. She sighed in resignation and readjusted her straight black hair in its ponytail. She was grateful that her mother’s Asian heritage showed in her petite body; she wondered how larger girls could possibly use crutches. Maybe they just weren’t as big of a crybaby. Jen took a deep breath and started again, wincing immediately as she put her weight on the crutches. When she got back to the dorm, she resolved to ask Amy if she could use her punk Army boots and lace them up really tight, maybe then she could dispense with the crutches. Moments later, the pain was too much and she stopped again. Dreshner Hall seemed no closer than it had twenty minutes earlier. At this rate it would be dinnertime before she got back. Although she was a senior, she still lived on campus in the dorms. “Maybe if I had a stupid boyfriend I could have him carry me around,” she pouted. Ha, a boyfriend, like that was ever going to happen. Three years and half years in college hadn’t even produced a date, much less a boyfriend. It’s not that she wasn’t pretty, or at least attractive, it was that there were too many girls for too few boys and she was unwilling to chase a boy just to say she had a boyfriend. She had dated a few boys in high school and even then they were too self-centered and too grabby, and she understood that the college boys were even worse. Jen took another few painful steps before spying Lisa walking towards her.

“Hi,” Lisa called out as she came close. “How’s the ankle?”

“Awful. Can you carry me back the dorm?” Jen begged.

“Seriously?” Lisa laughed, “I can barely manage my own backpack, much less you on my back!”

“I know, but it hurts,” Jen whined.

“Keep at it, you’re almost there,” she smiled in encouragement. “I gotta get to class.”

Jen grumbled to herself as she started again. Her friends Debbie and Sue walked by, again declining to carry her back, as they had a presentation to make. Jen kicked herself once more: she had felt so superior early in the semester, when her three early classes meant that she was done with school just as most of the campus was heading out to their first class. It also meant she always had a convenient excuse not to go out and party. Now the mall filled with students all streaming to class, all heading away from her destination. Jen took a few more painful strides and then almost tripped, catching herself on her injured ankle and yelping. All pretense of composure left her, and she started asking anyone who walked by if they would give her a lift. She limped a few more feet before she looked up to see Jason headed by her. She remembered him from Freshman Chemistry, as he had been the only one to do better than her on the midterm. He was also, as she recalled, on the school’s hockey team. If anyone could carry her back, he could. She called out to him.

“Hi, can you please carry me back to my dorm?” she smiled up at him, trying to look pathetic.

“Well,” he frowned, “I’m heading off to class…”

“Please?” Jen begged, her hopes raised by not getting an outright rejection.

“I really didn’t want to go anyway…okay. Where do you live?”

“Really?” Jen exclaimed, amazed at her good fortune.

She turned to point at Dreshner Hall and he took the crutch out of her near hand. She turned back to him and in one smooth motion he bent over, lowered his shoulder into her waist and picked her up. Jen squealed in surprise as she found herself draped over his back. He took the other crutch out of her hand and started to move effortlessly across the mall. She could feel his muscles rippling under his red tee as she supported herself with one hand on his back. From her position couldn’t help but enjoy a long look at his butt and muscular legs. She finally managed to tear her eyes away, blushing lightly as she looked around from her strange position.

“Hey, cool!” Jason said.

“What’s that?”

“You’re wearing pink panties.”

Jen yelped in embarrassment as both her hands flew up to guard her lower back. Between her backpack, his head on right and the crutches he was holding on her left, she was largely unsuccessful. She realized that her capri sweats had pendik escort pulled down a little from her position. She struggled to cover up, but Jason blocked her with a laugh.

“No, it’s nice. I love pink panties. So feminine!”

Jen could feel herself blush scarlet as she cupped her face in her hands and giggled. They approached the lawn stairs outside of Dreshner and Jason smoothly carried her up them. As he reached the top, he paused. Jen looked around and wondered why they had stopped. Suddenly, she felt herself falling backwards. She shrieked and tried to protect her face as they fell backwards before suddenly stopping in mid fall at an impossible angle. Jason slowly straightened back up.

“That was close,” he commented.

“What happened?” Jen asked breathlessly.

“I lost my balance there for a second.”

“How did you get back up?”

“Uh oh…”


“It’s happening again!”

With that they plunged back down, Jen shrieking anew before he stopped them. Jen finally figured out what he was doing–hanging on to the railing and pulling himself up with it.

“Stop it!” she complained with a laugh.

“One more?”


He pitched over anyway and Jen smacked his back in disapproval.

“You know, when I asked for a ride, I didn’t mean over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes.”

“A sack of potatoes with pink panties,” Jason added.

Jen grunted in retort. Jason bent down and then suddenly straightened, sending Jen flying off of his shoulder. She barely had time to scream before he deftly caught her so she was lying across his arms.

“Is this more what you had in mind, princess?” he grinned at her.

“Yes,” Jen nodded. “This is much better. Thank you.”

Jen smiled up at him for a moment as his playful eyes held hers.

“Lets get this off of you,” he motioned and soon her backpack was slung over his shoulder.

Jen settled more comfortably into his arms and then pointed out the door. Jason approached the door and bumped the handicap button with his hip. After the door opened, he lunged forward. Jen saw the door coming at her head and instinctively balled up to avoid it, but Jason had her wedged in his arms in such a way that she couldn’t move.

“Hey,” Jen complained with a smack to his chest.

“Boy, I don’t know…” he said and rushed in again.


“You know, it doesn’t seem like you’re going to fit this way.”

“Duh! Just let me sit up,” she said as she struggled to sit, but Jason didn’t let her go. Jen looked up at his face, pinched in thought as to what to do.

“We’re going to have to reposition you,” he finally said.

“Duh! Just let me…”

Jen’s thought was interrupted as Jason removed his arm from behind her back. Her upper body immediately fell, and Jason wrapped his arms around her back. Jen found herself with her face in his crotch and his head between her thighs.

“Oh my God!” she squealed as she pushed herself away from him, the imprint of his flaccid member burning on her cheek. Her hands had grabbed his shorts by his hips and she was holding herself away from him, but the action caused the shorts to stretch tightly across his crotch, revealing the clear bulge of his manhood. Jen stared at in disbelief for a few embarrassing moments before tearing her eyes away.

Jason waddled carefully through the door and paused on the other side.

“Okay, we’re through,” he stated unhelpfully.

Jen waited for exasperating eons as they stood in the foyer of Dreshner in a vertical 69.

“Jason, pull me up!” she finally demanded. He swung her around to lay across his arms again. Jen smacked him in the chest again. “I can’t believe you did that!” She complained with an embarrassed laugh as she covered her mouth and looked around to ensure no one saw them.

She turned back to him to see him frowning at her.

“You know, I got a lot less abuse when you were over my shoulder. Back you go.” With that, Jason pitched her back over his shoulder.

“Hey,” Jen protested and smacked his back. Jason retaliated with a smack to her defenseless bottom. Jen twitched in surprise and smacked him again, eliciting another swat on her butt. She was about to smack him again when she thought better of it and just growled.

“Alright, which room is yours?”

“I can take it from here.”

“No, I got you. Where are you?”

“Room 313. The elevator is…”

“No, we’ll use the stairs.”

Jen protested to no avail as Jason smoothly whisked her up the first flight, pausing just a moment to tease her with a fake fall. Jen fell for it again, giggling in resignation as he continued up the stairs. His hand seemed to have readjusted its position, moving from holding her just above the knee to now cradling her just below her derriere. Jen was impressed that he could continue to take the stairs two at a time even with her additional weight on his shoulder. He didn’t even seem to be breathing hard. They emerged on the third tuzla escort floor and Jen pointed the way to her room. They passed a room with an open door and music playing and Jason stopped.

“I love this song!” he exclaimed, and launched into a dance with Jen hanging on. The dance didn’t seem very rhythmic to Jen, but rather seemed designed to bounce her around as much as humanly possible. Jen was practically breathless from laugher when Jason mercifully stopped and continued to her room. They entered and she pointed out her bed. Jason placed the crutches against the wall before accomplishing a lightning fast spin, throwing a shrieking Jen high in the air, and landing beside her a moment after.

“Oh my GOD, I have never been so happy to be in my bed!” Jen exclaimed, clutching the covers.

“That’s just because I’m in it with you,” Jason grinned, lying on his side facing her, his head resting on his hand.

Jen looked over to his face, and before the full sexual innuendo of his comment could register, he casually placed his hand on her breast. Jen’s eyes snapped down to stare at the offending hand, definitely well within her redzone. She glanced at his mischievous hazel eyes before looking back at his hand, resting on her. Jen wasn’t flat, but was nowhere near as well endowed as she wished, or, apparently, as boys desired. But here she was with her small boobies and a boy’s hand draped on one of them. She swallowed apprehensively and glanced back at him. His eyes twinkled, daring her to say something.

“Um, Jason?” she asked, her voice higher than usual.


She glanced at his hand again. “Your…um…hand is on my breast.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “yeah it is.”

Jen swallowed again, confused as to what she was supposed to do in this situation. The haze that was descending on her mind cleared just long enough for her to remember what she should say.

“Could you please move it?”

“Sure,” Jason agreed with a friendly smile.

Jen smiled lightly at him, happy his was being so nice to her. His face was really handsome, she thought, with light brown hair and a positively sinful mouth. Jason slowly lifted his hand from her breast and then casually placed it on the other breast. The air left Jen as her eyes snapped back to his hand. Silence descended on them, punctuated only by her increasingly ragged breathing.

“Um…” she started, but wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to say.

“Not what you had in mind?”

“No,” she whispered numbly.

“Is this what you meant about moving my hand?” Jason grinned as he squeezed her breast.

Jen squeaked and her back arched as she watched his hand caress her breast. Somewhere in the back of her head she wondered if she should protest, but she couldn’t think of a good reason. Jason lifted his head and her dazed eyes drifted to his. His other hand snaked down between them and found hers, turning it gently before placing it on his crotch. Jen pulled back in shock, but Jason slowly pulled it back in place. Jen squeezed lightly, feeling parts of a man she had never felt before. It felt alive, growing, dangerous. She stared into his eyes, an impish sparkle in them as they devoured her soul. His soft smile spoke of sin and his lips offered promises of pleasure without measure. His hand returned to rest his head upon as they felt each other.

“What is your hand doing?” he quietly inquired.

“Feeling your cock,” she answered softly.

“How does it feel?”

“Like its…getting bigger.”

“Why do you think that is?” he smiled as he moved to knead her other breast.

“Because you’re…turned on,” she sighed.

“Because you’re turning me on.”


“Yeah what?”

“I’m turning you on.”

“Yeah, you are,” he growled, as his hand left her breast to stroke her face.

Jen whimpered into his hand, turning to kiss it and sucking his fingertip. He pulled his hand away and traveled straight down to her midriff, gently putting his fingertips on her belly and slowly sliding his hand up under her shirt. Jen gasped and then instinctively reached over to stop him. Her eyes found his and a moment later she relented, allowing his hand to continue up and cup her bra.

“Oh my God,” Jen gasped again as he caressed her breasts.

Jason’s hand alternated from breast to breast, leaving her breathless. His hand then reversed course and slid down her belly, slipping over her hipbone and between her capris and panties. She stared at his smiling eyes. For the first time she understood that he was not going to take her virginity, she was going to give it to him. His hand started to caress the inside of her thighs and she squirmed as he brushed her pussy. The dick her hand had been massaging had grown to unbelievable proportions in her hand and was impossibly hard, straining at the fabric of his shorts.

“Let’s get these off of you,” he smiled and pushed her pants down. Jen lifted her hips and a moment later they were off her, his eyes focused kartal escort below her waist.

“Fucking pink panties,” he growled, and she tentatively brought her hand up to cover herself.

Jen convulsed as he deliberately stroked her crotch. He pushed them aside and she jerked as his fingers slid along her bare pussy, her hand jumping out to hold his wrist. He continued at his pace and then brought his fingers up to smell and taste them. Jen watched, fixated at his tongue as it cleaned off his fingers. He smiled anew at her.

“Let’s get these off,” he repeated and Jen again found herself lifting her hips to assist. He took them off her ankles and then brought them to his face, inhaling deeply before hanging them on her headboard. His sat up a little and his hands went to the hem of her shirt, lifting her up as he pulled it off. Before she could even fall back to the bed he managed to unclasp her bra and discard it also, leaving her naked before him. Jen instinctively covered her breasts as she landed on the bed.

“No,” Jason said, “Arms up over your head.” Jen complied, staring into his lust filled eyes. “It makes your breasts sit up better. Open your legs, baby,” he ordered as his eyes raked down her naked body. Jen spread her legs, her injured ankle hanging off the bed and her other leg draped over his.

Jason slowly stroked his fingertips down her body, from her elbows to her knees, causing her to shiver in sensation. She let out a most pathetic squeak as his soft touch made her body respond in ways she had never imagined possible. She had touched herself before, and thought she knew her body, but it seemed everywhere he touched was suddenly her most erogenous zone. She had to touch him again, but when she reached he stopped her.

“Keep your hands over your head. Let me touch you.”

Jen reluctantly complied, whimpering as he slowly traced the line of her sternum.

“I’m sorry my breasts are so small,” she blurted out, provoking a smirk.

“They’re perfect,” he grinned, gently cupping one of them and causing her to shake again.

“And I don’t shave…”

His eyes drifted down to her neatly trimmed pubic patch. “I prefer smooth shaven,” he remarked absently.

His hands roamed her body, stroking her inner thighs, her sides, her face. Jen moaned into the crook of her arm as he drove her crazy, her body shaking from arousal. Finally his hand found her breast and squeezed it lightly, causing Jen’s back to arch. His fingertips softly stroked the sides of her breasts, dancing from one to the other, causing her to shiver in excitement.

“How do you like it?” he breathed. “Soft?” he asked as he gently stroked her erect nipple. Jen thrashed in pleasure. “Or hard?” he asked and pinched her nipple and pulled it from her body. Jen squealed, arching her back to raise her breast until her nipple popped free. “Soft?” he asked again, his fingertip gently fluttering on her other nipple. “Or hard?” he said, allowing the words to hang in the air for a few moments while she shook in anticipation before pinching it. Jen didn’t know what to answer, lost in arousal.

“Yes!” she finally screamed.

“Good,” he smiled.

Jason raised himself up so he could use both hands on her and started to fondle her breasts, alternately fluttering his fingertips across her turgid nipples and then pinching them. Jen’s head whipped from side to side as he worked on her, her face contorted. Jason leaned forward and licked her nipple before sucking it into his mouth. As he twirled it with his tongue, Jen tensed up and started to shudder.

“Oh…my..God!” she shrieked in amazed disbelief as a wave of ecstasy crashed over her. Her hips swiveled in the air as Jason’s teeth tugged on her sensitive bud. When she finally calmed down, she looked at his grinning face as he sat up. Jason whipped off his shirt.

“Undress me,” he demanded as he lay down on his back. Jen wasted no time in pulling his shorts off, coming face to face with her first cock. His hand gently pushed her down, positioning her between his legs. She stared at it and fondled it before starting to kiss it.

“Look at me,” Jason instructed as he watched her work. Her eyes locked with his and she slipped him into her mouth. He folded his hands behind his head and Jen was acutely aware that he was watching her every move as she slobbered on his dick.

“Suck on it, baby,” he said as he reached down to adjust her tempo. Jen slowed herself down and sucked him as she stared up at him. “Suck harder,” he ordered and she focused on sucking him as hard as she could.

She hoped her inexperience wasn’t ruining things for him. Their eyes locked as she practiced her new skill. Finally, Jason reached down and pushed on one shoulder while pulling on the other one. She raised her head to ask him what he was doing, but he pushed her mouth back down on his dick. Finally she figured out he wanted to 69 with her and a new wave of lust coursed through her body. She awkwardly moved around to straddled his face while she continued to suck on his dick. Light kisses fell on her inner thighs and ass, each one causing her to twitch. Finally he leaned in and licked her most private of places. Jen threw her head back and moaned at the sensation, but Jason immediately guided her mouth back down to his cock.

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