Cum in the Sun


© Cherry Foxe, 2022

The is a work of fiction. All names, places, characters and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination only. Any similarities to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, events or locations is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters are at or above the age of eighteen.

Dear Reader,

We at Family Love Magazine obviously support nudism. Better yet, taboo nudist sex in the great outdoors. Intrigued? If so, please enjoy this week’s letter from a buckeye bombshell who’s discovered living in the buff is the second greatest thing since internet porn–the first, of course, being sex with her son!


My son, Michael, approached me in the kitchen and asked for a ride to this nudist camp outside of town. I stopped unloading the dishwasher and shot him a look.

“Why? You want to see your old mother naked?” I said.

That was a joke. I was only thirty-nine.

“I don’t have a license,” he reminded me, avoiding my inappropriate remark. “And you’re the only person I feel comfortable asking.”

As an adult, he needed a driver’s license. But I spared him a lecture and agreed to go for two reasons. First, summer was ending, and Michael was about to start college. I yearned to savor every precious moment with my little darling before I lost him to a life of keg parties and sorority tramps. Second, I’d been fantasizing about his cock.

It had started a few weeks prior, when I’d come home early from work and heard him watching porn and masturbating in his bedroom. Michael was stroking his dick with such vigor, the fleshy fapping sounds caused by his barreling fist carried through the door.

My cunt reacted. Leaning against the wall in the hallway, I hiked my pencil skirt over my sensuous hips and plunged two fingers into my sloppy fuck hole. Then, tugging a nipple on one of my 36DD tits, I finger-fucked myself to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Call me what you please. A deviant? Or simply a brown-haired, brown-eyed MILF with a sweetheart face hitting her peak sexual drive? Either way, thoughts of my son’s manhood had followed me to bed every night after kaçak iddaa that first incident, and I was itching for a glimpse of the cock I’d built up in my head.

We went the following morning. After we stripped out of our clothes, I studied Michael’s cock, his tool basking in the sun while birds twittered in the trees. It was much larger than I’d imagined. I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

From the crimson flush in his cheeks, I could tell my hungry eyes were making him uncomfortable.

“Mom, quit staring,” he admonished me.

“I made that thing, and I’ll stare all I want,” I returned, nodding at the monster hog hanging between his legs. Then I stroked my cunt. “I don’t mind if you stare at my pussy, baby.”

Michael’s eyes bulged.

We registered for day passes in the clubhouse. The girl checking us in was a hot blonde with nice tits. After I finished paying the entrance fee, I turned to my son and gasped. His cock was straight as a flagpole. We scurried into a nearby bathroom.

“Michael, what’s gotten into you?”

“I can’t help it,” he said, his head hung in shame.

“Did you masturbate before we left?” He shook his head. “That explains it. You came locked and loaded, and when you looked at the girl behind the counter, you got an erection.”

My son paused, and then he said, “Actually, looking at you made me hard.”

My, my. This was a flattering revelation.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said, pointing at a stall. “You march your butt into that stall and take care of that thing. We can’t have you walking around here like a dog in heat.”

Michael entered the stall, but a few minutes later, he exited with an equally stiff cock. “I can’t do it. I can’t jerk off in some strange bathroom. It feels wrong.”

Apparently, the teen required his mother’s help.

I grabbed a wad of toilet paper, and then I placed it in his hand and explained. “I’ll stroke you until you’re ready, but then you finish yourself into the tissue.”

Michael nodded. I knelt in front of him, spat in both hands, and wrapped them around his cock. His rod was so large, with my hands stacked end to end, the plump helmet kaçak bahis still sprouted from the topmost fist. I corkscrewed him as I jerked.

Michael groaned. His eyes were crossed in pleasure as my fist slipped over his bloated knob. My slick hands drew pre-cum from his balls, up through his twitching shaft, and out the slit at the top, further lubricating his cock.

Feeling his hardness made my clit tingle. I love giving hand jobs, and I wanted to savor this one, but we didn’t have time. I had to make him pop before somebody else came into the bathroom.

“Mommy needs you to come.” The boy trembled, reacting to my words. I looked him in the eyes and urged him further. “Will you come for me, tiger? Will you blow a load for your mother?”

“Oh, Mom,” he groaned.

“Spurt for Mommy,” I pushed.

His dick turned harder. My son was close to coming. Excited, I wondered if he was a dribbler, or if he’d explode like a geyser.

Michael grabbed his cock, the tissue balled in his fist. Arching his back, he aimed his mushroom tip between my eyes and furiously stroked himself. His dick tossed a rope on my face. Moaning, he fired off another round of gooey man cream from his cockhead, splooging over my mouth. Then he lowered his prick to my chest and pumped the rest of his load on my knockers. Cum dripped from an eyebrow while his throbbing cock spewed ball batter all over my tits.

My son shuddered, and then he flashed me guilty eyes. A drop of semen hung from his piss hole. “I’m sorry. I got caught in the moment.”

“It’s okay, baby,” I replied as I touched the cooling jizz on my skin. I was shocked, but I wasn’t angry. “Next time, warn a bitch before you nut on her face.”

I smeared his semen and tasted it. The briny flavor made me hungry for more.

After I cleaned up in the sink, we roamed the grounds and stumbled upon a volleyball game. Standing in the shade of a tree, we watched the players, their sweaty, sun-drenched bodies kicking up sand as they grunted and hit the ball. Asses jiggled. Tits and cocks flopped about.

Michael tapped me on the shoulder. Peering down, I saw the boy was rock hard.

“I illegal bahis need your help again,” he said.

Nodding, I pointed at a sign for a trail through the forest. We left the game and entered the woods, and then we hiked until we had privacy.

I kissed my son as I grabbed his raging prick. Surprised, he jerked back, but then he leaned into my lips. The feel of his tongue stoked the embers in my cunt.

Michael didn’t know it, but I planned on doing more than masturbating him. I turned and dropped onto my hands and knees. Purring, I said, “I want you to fuck me, darling.”

“Oh, man,” he breathed.

Hearing him lower behind me, I expected his fat cockhead nudging my cunt lips. Instead, he shoved his tongue into my pussy. He licked up and down my steaming crease, driving me wild. I bucked my ass against his face and groaned.

Then, with one hard swing of the hips, he thrust into my cunt. My hole sucked on his shaft as the boy drilled into my body.

“Fuck me,” I grunted. “Fuck the hole you came from.”

Michael slapped my ass as he reamed my snatch. Using his thumb, he circled my asshole, and then he slipped his thumb past the tight ring of muscle.

I reached under my body and found his nut sack. His balls were plump with another hot, sticky cum load. As I cradled those massive cum bags, Michael trembled. His steely prick throbbed inside my tunnel, his thumb buried deep in my rectum.

“Mom, I’m going to come,” he gritted.

At least he warned me this time.

“Dump that load in Mommy’s cunt,” I groaned. Michael cried, and jizz flooded my tunnel. I came with him, electricity zapping my body, my twat clenching his fuck stick while I wrung his tensing balls. “Yes, baby. Drain those nuts for Mommy.”

My son gave one last thrust, and his engorged cockhead spurted out the last of his babies. I massaged his empty nuts while I pulsed my cunt muscles around his softening shaft.

After he pulled from my squelchy cunt, I flipped on my back and felt his seed pool in my womb as I gazed at the blue sky through the tree tops.

“I love this place,” Michael said.

“Me too. I can’t until our next visit.”

“That’s a bad idea,” he told me. I sat up and arched a brow. Toying with his flaccid penis, my son explained. “Let’s face it, Mom. We’re too horny to be nudists.”

–T.S., from Ohio

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