Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 87 Dad Loves Me Part 87 James hoo) I was having a dream of someone I couldn’t see sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. I was getting very close as the mouth was doing fabulous things and the hand rubbing my balls started pulling gently on them. Just then I had my orgasm and woke up as I started shooting my load and I grabbed the head that turned out to be Paddy onto my cock making him gag a little. I finally released his head and he came up to kiss me and I could taste my cum in his mouth. “Thanks so much for that nice way to wake up. Now get ready for revenge.” I pushed him down on the bed and deepthroated him right away. I started bobbing on his cock and already making him moan. I learned from daddy, Wally, Marcus, and the twins how to make someone cum really quickly; however, I also learned how to edge someone as long as I wanted it to last. I built Paddy up to where he was close, then I backed off letting him come down, then built him up again, just to deny him. I kept edging him for nearly an hour and he finally started begging “PLEASE MAKE ME CUM. I NEED TO CUM. PLEASE BABY, I NEED TO CUM.”—“You’re not going to cum until I say so.” I edged him a few more times and finally I decided to let him cum and I kept sucking and he was whimpering “I CANT HOLD IT BENJI. IM GONNA CUM. OH HERE IT CUMS.” He tried to stifle a scream but wasn’t sure he could so he grabbed his pillow and folded it in half and then held it over his face as he was really cumming hard into my mouth. He finally started coming down from his massive orgasm. He took his pillow away from his face and I saw tears in his eyes. I kissed him making sure he tasted his cum. He said “You can be a real bastard.”—“And don’t you forget it my sweet boy.” We layed in bed kissing some more until we decided to get out of bed and go to the bathroom to use the toilet and clean up a little. We got downstairs and Sadie was cooking up sausage and peppered gravy plus biscuits left over from yesterday. Paddy told me when his mom makes biscuits, şişli travesti she always overdoes it, but the family eats them with other meals as well and as a quickie snack. Sadie added the sausage to the gravy and we had a real nice biscuits and gravy breakfast. Just as we were finishing, my phone pinged with a text from daddy. ‘Just checked out of the hotel. Need to stop for gas and we’ll be on the road.’ I told everyone “They’ll be on the road shortly.” I figured about 5 1/2 – 6 hours until they get home. I asked Sean and Paddy if they could take me to the store to get a couple things to make a nice dinner for when they got home and I wanted to try the cabbage and meat meal with the potatoes and carrots. Since I did most of the grocery shopping, daddy made sure I had access to the checking account with my own card. Sadie gave me the recipe and I got everything I needed. I took them home and put things away until a little later. Paddy and I opened the windows for a little fresh air as it was a mild day. I decided while we were straightening things up, I’d have a cigar. Tom, Gary, and JJ pulled up and brought some flowers. Tom said “These flowers are for Adam and Wally’s welcome back home. Gary and JJ stayed a little while with Paddy. I figured they were about halfway home so I wanted to get things started on dinner. Paddy, Gary, and JJ all gave me a big kiss, Paddy giving the biggest and longest, and they all went home leaving me to start trying this new dish. It took awhile since it was my first time. Things were just simmering when daddy and Wally walked in. I was in their arms in a moment. After lots of hugging and kissing, I helped daddy and Wally bring the stuff in and put it in the spare room for now. We sat down letting the men relax after a long drive. Wally said “Something really smells good. What is it?”—“I am trying a new recipe I got from Sadie that she made one night for dinner. It was really good so I asked her for the recipe and I decided to try it for your welcome home dinner.” I went beylikdüzü travesti into the kitchen and set the table and called them in. We ate and it actually turned out quite well. There was a little of the main dish and vegetables left. I put them in dishes in the fridge, then cleaned the kitchen. I used the dishwasher because of the extra pans. I went to the family room to join daddy and Wally and noticed a box sitting in front of them on the floor. Daddy said “This is a box of things for you that your aunt thought you might want.” I opened the box and right on top was a picture of me at age three or four with both my parents. As soon as I saw this pic, the tears started. Then there were some pictures of me alone, some with me and daddy, me and mom, me and Susan, lots of me with Wally, and even a couple with all four adults and me. There was also a picture of my maternal grandparents with me. Seeing all these pictures brought back some good and bad memories, but the one that got me the most was the one with me, daddy, and mom. Daddy moved down to the floor to sit with me and hold me while I cried holding the picture to my chest. I finally stopped crying and finished going through things in the box. There was some other things that evidently got left behind when we moved. I got up and put our family picture in a space on one of the shelves. After I put the box back in the spare room, I felt mom was back in my life now. When I came back in we all cuddled on the couch and talked about the weekend. Wally made a lot of money from his half of the sale of their house. Tomorrow he would go to the bank and deposit it into the new account they opened for the remodel of the house. Daddy and Wally started telling me all about their nights with Christopher and then Bennett. I found their descriptions of the two hot men quite erotic and hearing about all that happened made me slightly horny. Next I told about our afternoon with grampa and daddy said “It sounds like dad is really trying to keep the tradition of our istanbul travesti family but making tweaks to it. He really does seem to love getting fucked, especially by all the boys. When Marcus and I were growing up, it seemed after he explained the tradition and he started fucking us, he wanted more but couldn’t bring himself to alter the tradition. Marcus and I really seem to have altered the tradition by letting our sons fuck us. I don’t know about other relatives.” Then I told them about our zoom fuck with Alan and Ronald. Wally said “His cock is really bigger soft than your grampa’s? I bet Alan loves taking one that big. I know I’d love to try taking one that big too.”—“I forgot to mention, he has a genetic condition that keeps him from getting hard. He seems to be able to cum, but he can’t fuck. He seems to be quite happy being a bottom, especially with Alan. Things that Alan said indicate he either hasn’t come out to his family or he thinks they will not approve of Ronald. It would not matter to the family if he is gay considering they have accepted Paddy being gay. It would be hypocritical for them to be against him being gay. Then there is the fact of having an interracial liaison, but I can’t see Sean or Sadie being so small minded as to jeopardize a possible relationship that seems to make Alan happy. Of course things might be different with Ronald’s family. I am just happy that they have each other and I look forward to meeting Ronald in person.” I told them all about the zoom call and us fucking together. Brothers fucking their partners. We finally decided to go to bed. Going through the box and dealing with the emotions that were brought to the surface and talking about our sexual encounters over the weekend had kept us up a little later than we anticipated. I do have school tomorrow and daddy has work, and Wally has things he needs and wants to do. We all got into bed after last minute trips to the bathroom. Daddy and Wally are on either side of me as usual and they are nuzzling into my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. I just close my eyes enjoying the erotic feelings and soon surrender to sleep. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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