Daddy’s Girl


I met the man I call “Daddy” when I was in college. I was a first year student in business administration and management at Indiana Tech. It was beautiful, sunny, springtime day in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I was in the backyard of the apartment I had rented off-campus, just soaking up some sun one Saturday afternoon. It had been an unusually long cold winter that year and the sun felt wonderful on my skin. I was wearing my mini-shorts (think the shorts that professional cheerleaders wear) and my bikini top. Sitting in a chaise lounge chair with my sunglasses on, the warmth of the sun was making me very drowsy. I was just about to fall asleep there in the chair when I suddenly heard a noise in the backyard of the house next door. I sat up, but I still couldn’t see because of the bushes blocking my view. My curious nature got the better of me and I got up and went over to see what was happening. That’s when I saw him… my future Daddy. I should probably explain. I am what is known as a “little” or little girl. While I am chronologically 20 years old, I enjoy living as a little girl. The Daddy/little girl relationship I enjoy is not an incestuous one. My daddy is not my father or any other blood relation. Instead he is a man who cares for me and looks out for me as his part of the roleplay game we both enjoy. He likes taking care of me and calls me his little girl and I like pleasing him and calling him daddy. We take these roles because we enjoy them and because it fills a need in us. I need the comfort, protection, and love my daddy gives me. He, in turn, needs me as well. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement we both enjoy and are perfectly happy with. Anyway, that Saturday as I peeked over the top of the solid wood fence, I saw him. He was gorgeous! The neighbors were putting in a deck and he was part of the construction crew hired to do the work. Standing six foot four inches tall and weighing about 230 pounds, he was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. Because it was warm that day, he had taken his shirt off and that only showed off his thick, muscular chest, bulging biceps, and washboard abs. He was in peak condition and as I watched I could feel my pussy getting wet. I stared at him, mouth open for several minutes until he suddenly looked up from where he was nailing down some boards and saw me. Instantly I dropped down behind the fence embarrassed to have gotten caught snooping. I gave it a few seconds, then peeked over the fence again. He had gone back to his work and I ogled him some more. Once again he looked up unexpectedly and caught me watching him. I ducked down again, kicking myself this time for getting caught twice. I waited, then peeked over the fence once more. This time however, he was waiting for me and as I looked over the fence he was there! Oh my god – he had come over to the fence and was waiting for me to pop my head back up! “Hi there, my name is Mark,” he said. He flashed me a smile that melted my heart on the spot. His blue eyes were so kind and twinkled as he spoke and I felt my legs go weak at his voice. “I… I’m Rebecca,” I stammered. I could feel my cheeks getting hot and I knew I must be blushing beet red. He reached over the fence and offered his hand. Taking it, I felt the restrained strength in his grip. His hand was rugged and rough – a real working man’s hand. But he held my small hand so soft and gentle, like he had a tiny bird instead of my hand in it. “It’s nice to meet you Rebecca,” he said smiling again. “You… can call me… Becky,” I said shyly. “Well it’s nice to meet you Becky,” he repeated. “Nice to meet you too Mark,” I said, blushing again. Now I am not normally a shy person, but Mark’s presence was so powerful and assertive that it took my breath away. We had just started talking when one of the other men came up behind Mark. “Excuse me boss, but the truck is here with the decking materials,” the other man said. “So you’re the boss? I should have figured,” I said, coyly. “Yeah I’m the boss. And I guess I should get back to work. It was nice talking to you though, Becky,” Mark said. He turned and went back to work and I went back to inside my apartment. As luck would have it, I have a window in my apartment that faces my neighbors house. I use it to watch their house when they go on one of their frequent trips. But now almanbahis that window allowed me to watch the construction, and more importantly my new friend Mark, at work. I watched as the truck the other man mentioned pulled around to unload. Castle Construction was the sign on the side of the truck with a phone number on it. I wrote down the phone number on a pad and put it near the phone for later. I had made a pitcher of iced tea that morning, planning to enjoy some that afternoon, but now I found a new way to enjoy the iced tea. I gathered together every glass I had in the place and hoped I had enough. I put the pitcher on a platter along with the glasses and took it all next door. Walking around the side of the house, I found Mark talking to one of his men. I waited for a minute until he was done talking and then his worker nodded and he turned around. “Oh, hi Becky, what can I do for you?” he asked. “Um… I thought, well it’s pretty hot out, and…” I said, not knowing the words to say. Mark’s bearing and the aura that surrounded him made my tongue fail me and I just shut up rather than make more of a fool out of myself. “So you brought this for us,” he said, finishing my sentence. “Thank you, Becky.” He smiled at me with his sparkling blue eyes. My heart leapt and my breath caught in my throat. All I could do was return his smile, looking down shyly. I poured the iced tea into glasses and passed them out to everyone. Fortunately, I had brought enough glasses and the tea held out until everyone had gotten a glass. After everyone finished their tea, the guys put their glasses back on the tray and I got ready to take them back home. “I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and I know my guys do as well. Would it be too out of place if I asked you out – as a way of thanking you for your hospitality?” he asked. I just about died right then and there! “I would love to go out with you Mark,” I said, trying my best not to sound to eager and excited, even though my heart was racing. “Okay then, how about next weekend, say Saturday night? There’s a new restaurant I’ve been meaning to check out – it would be nice to have some company when I do,” he said with a smile. “That sounds wonderful,” I said. On the outside I was trying to maintain some semblance of dignity, but inside I was busting with excitement and happiness! That following week was the longest I think I ever spent. I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas, and the days dragged on. I could barely focus on my studies as my mind was on Mark and my upcoming date with him. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, Friday came along. Now on Fridays I only had two classes early in the morning, so that by noon, the school day was over for me. I decided to go shopping for a new outfit and hit the beauty shop to get ready for my big date. Saturday afternoon came and I started getting ready. I jumped in the shower and while I was in there I made sure to shave my legs and underarms. I wanted to look my very best for my date and for Mark. After making sure my legs and underarms were smooth and silky, I looked down at my pussy. I had thought about shaving it a time or two before – I had seen pictures on the Internet of porn stars who were bare down there. But I had never done it myself… I didn’t have anyone I wanted to impress. However with my date with Mark I thought this was my chance. Who knows, it may just come in handy if things went well! The feeling of the lather and the razor scraping my pubes away turned me on more than I thought it would and as I watched my growth falling off, I came very close to masturbating in the shower. But I didn’t want anything to get in the way of what I secretly hoped would happen so as hard as it was, I resisted the urge. I finished showering and went to the bedroom to get dressed. I had bought a slinky little black dress that fit me like a second skin with tiny little spaghetti straps that crossed in the back. The front had a plunging V in front that showed off my breasts very well and in the back it was cut clear down the small of my back. The hem on the dress came perilously close to revealing what it was supposed to cover – it was a very sexy and provocative little number! I went equally as bold in my choice of footwear. I picked out a pair of silver open-toe sandals with a tiny rhinestone almanbahis yeni giriş embellished ankle straps and six inch heels. Once I was finished dressing, I went in and put on my makeup. I would have to hurry now, but I wanted my makeup to be perfect. Finally I was satisfied with my look and I grabbed the matching silver purse and went into the living room to wait for Mark. About five minutes later, right at 6:00 promptly, there was a knock on the door to my apartment. I answered the door and Mark stood on the front stoop dressed in a very smart black Armani suit, slacks, and white shirt with tie. “Wow! You look incredible!” he said, looking me up and down. “Thank you. I didn’t know what the dress for tonight would be… I’m glad to see I’m not overdressed. You look very handsome too,” I said. “Well this is supposed to be a very nice restaurant but I don’t know it’s dress code either so if we are overdressed, at least we will both be overdressed!” he quipped. He offered me his arm and we walked to his car together. He seated me in the passenger seat of his Cadillac CTS and then went around to get in himself. We drove for a little while to get to the restaurant and as we drove, I marveled at the interior of the car. I had never been in anything so nice, and as my fingers ran over the butter-soft leather of the dash and felt the seat under my legs, I thought to myself that Mark must be making a pretty good living. He must have noticed my admiration of his car too. “It’s a pretty nice car,” he said. I looked at him and smiled. “Yes it is very nice,” I said. “Well this is my show-off car. I use it when I have to schmooze a potential customer… or a date!” he said, winking at me. I blushed as he continued, “Usually you can find me driving around in my truck – that’s the vehicle I do most of my work in – either at the worksite or running to get parts or supplies.” “I see,” I said. We drove a few more minutes before reaching the restaurant. Mark parked the car and got out, coming around to help me out of the car. Then we went inside. “We have a reservation – Castle, table for two,” Mark told the maitre d’ when we got in the restaurant. “Very good. Please follow me,” he said, and he took us to a quiet corner table by the fireplace. He lit a candle in the center of the table and then left us to talk. “So it’s Mark Castle then?” I asked “You are not only the boss, but the owner of your construction company?” “Yes. It started out as my father’s company and I worked for him but after he passed away a couple years ago, I took over and have been running it ever since,” Mark said. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, “My last name is Andrews. Rebecca Andrews.” “That’s a very pretty name. But if it’s okay with you, I’d like to continue calling you Rebecca. It sounds much more sophisticated than just calling you Becky,” Mark said. I thought it was a nice compliment so I agreed… of course he could have called me dog biscuit and it would have been all right with me! We talked for awhile and Mark asked me what I would like before the waiter came. When the waiter did come to take our order, Mark ordered for both of us – a little touch I found to be quite attractive and sexy! Once Mark had placed our order for our meals and drinks, I excused myself to go to the restroom. Once more, Mark’s class and gentlemanliness appeared as when I got up to leave, he also raised up. This man was really putting on the charm! I went to the bathroom and once I had found a vacant stall and sat down, I noticed that my pussy was very wet. Mark was definitely getting to me and I knew that I was going to have a hard time keeping my cool this night! I made short work of my bathroom routine and went back to my date as quick as I could. We ate our dinner and talked – it was amazing how much we had in common! We both had lost a parent lately. Mark lost his father a couple years ago as he told me and I had lost my father a bit more recently. My mother had been gone for some time so I was really a daddy’s girl, and the loss of my father really left me lonely and I missed having someone. Neither of us had ever been married although Mark had lived with a past girlfriend and her daughter. Mark said he missed having someone call him daddy. I sat and listened to Mark talk and was mesmerized by how he talked about his life. And the almanbahis giriş more he talked, the more I found myself attracted to him. I had never met anyone like him. I’d had boyfriends in the past, sure, and I had long since given up my cherry, but Mark was unique. Something about him just got to me, and I wanted him. Badly. We finished our dinners and after Mark paid the bill and we left the restaurant, we got to the car and as we pulled out of the parking lot, Mark turned to me. “So do you have to get right home or would you like to go for a drive?” he asked me. “I don’t need to rush home. I’d love to go for a drive,” I said. I didn’t want the date to end and I was glad he didn’t either. So I let him drive and I sat there just enjoying talking and being with him. He drove to Traders Point Park, a small park on the banks of the St. Mary’s River. We stopped and got out to walk a bit. As we walked, he took my hand and my heart flopped in my chest like a fish out of water! We walked until we got to a large oak tree and he stopped. “What are we doing here?” I asked. “This is a favorite spot of mine. I come to the park here when I have had a stressful day and unwind a bit,” he said. “So have you had a stressful day today?” “Hardly. Today has been one of the best days I can remember. No, I just wanted to show it to you.” “It’s very beautiful,” I said, blushing a bit. That’s when Mark made his move. Mark looked at me for a second before taking me gently by the upper arms and pushing me back against the tree. “It’s very beautiful now that you are here,” he said, reaching up to stroke my cheek. As he stroked my cheek soft and gentle, I felt my panties getting wet. My legs trembled and I gripped the trunk of the tree to keep from falling. I closed my eyes and a soft, almost imperceptible moan escaped. Then suddenly, I felt his lips softly brushing across mine. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him to me without thinking. I couldn’t help myself, this man had hit all the right marks and in just the right order. I kissed him hard and parted my mouth as an invitation for his tongue. He took up the invitation too, and I felt his tongue seeking out mine. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and he crushed me to him so tightly I moaned into his mouth. I felt so secure, so protected in those arms, I just wanted to stay there forever. We kissed for several glorious moments before I simply had to come up for air. As I broke the kiss, I gasped for that first breath. “Please Mark… I want you,” I whispered. He pulled back and looked at me for a moment. He studied my face, his eyes locked on mine. I guess he was waiting for some kind of explanation or further comment from me. But he got all the explanation he needed as he looked at me. “Your place or mine?” he asked. “Well I would love to see where you live… you’ve already seen where I live,” I said. “True, but I’ve not seen the inside. We can go to my place though, if you want,” he said. We drove to his house on the other side of town. As we pulled up to his house I was impressed. He lived in a split level brick home with an attached garage. It looked very well-kept with the grass cut and the hedges trimmed. Mark pushed the button on the visor remote and the garage door opened and we pulled in. Mark opened the door for me and took my hand, leading me up the three steps to the door into his home. Walking into Mark’s home, the first thing I noticed was how large it is and how well decorated it was. Mark had excellent taste. He took me into the living room and we sat on the large leather couch. The drive back to his place gave me a chance to regroup a little and cool down. Mark’s pinning me against that tree and kissing me like that took my breath away, and I needed a chance to get my thoughts organized. As we sat on the couch, I tried to figure out how to tell him my little secret. I really liked him and wanted to get to know him better, but I also didn’t want to get all into him and then he find out about my special “kink” and run off. I had been down that road and it was no fun. So I wanted him to know about me right off and if he bolted it wouldn’t hurt quite so much. I wouldn’t have invested a lot of time and gotten so close to him. But how to tell him? Mark could tell something was bothering me too. As we sat on the couch, he traced his fingers up and down my thigh. His fingers felt so good and I wanted more than anything to let them have their way with my body but my reservations about talking to him were more important right then. “What are you thinking about, baby?” he asked.

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