Daddy’s Girls • Chapter 22 • Phase 2


The shower was everything Becky expected it to be, and more. Every nerve was on sensory overload; the warm water beating on their bodies as they kissed under the spray, the wonderful feel of his hands all over her body as he soaped her up from head to toe. Bill took his time with her body, seemingly memorizing every bit of her, making sure he touched every square millimeter of her skin like he was a blind man, and her skin was written in Braille.Then once he had rinsed her off, he knelt in the tub and sucked her tits while he rubbed and squeezed her back, ass, and legs, then lifted one of her legs over his head, and planted his mouth squarely on her pussy, slurping and licking to beat the band. Becky held his head in place while she rode his face to a marvelous orgasm, then pulled him to his feet, and spent several minutes soaping up his body all over. Like he did with her, she made sure to wash him all over, familiarizing herself with his entire anatomy. Of course, she paid more attention to one particular part of his anatomy than the rest, jacking him off slowly as it bobbed and throbbed before her, alive and seeking attention. She wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees and make love to his magnificent stalk with her lips and tongue, but she could tell the hot water was about to run out, and finished rinsing him off as quickly as possible.They dried off quickly, then she took his erect phallus in her hand, and led him to his bedroom like it was his leash. THEIR bedroom, now, she mused to herself. They fell on the bed together, still damp, and made out like teenagers, rolling around together, touching and squeezing each other all over.After a few minutes of deep, sensual kissing, they broke apart, staring into each other’s eyes. Becky laid her head on his chest, listening to his güvenilir bahis heartbeat when she felt his chest rise in a deep sigh. “Daddy?”“Yes, sweetheart?”“Whatcha thinkin’ about right now?”“Eleven hours.”“Huh?”“Eleven hours ago, you climbed into this bed as my sweet, innocent, virginal little girl.”Becky smiled, tenderly rubbing his chest and tummy. “Well, you were right about the ‘virginal’ part. But innocent? I wanted to make love to you for a LONG time.”“I… I guess I did, too, babe. I know I fought you, but once we got going… it just felt right. I don’t know how else to explain it.” “This… this is perfect. Right here, right now. I feel… I don’t know, like something was missing from my life, y’know? And now… now, it’s right here.” She patted his chest, looking up at his face, smiling. Becky snaked that hand down to grasp his semi-hard penis. “And right here, too.”“Oh, sweetie…” Bill felt his dick twinge under her touch and knew it would be big and hard in seconds.“It was, like, right here all along, like a dream, y’know? But now, it’s REAL.” She leaned up to quickly kiss his astonished face. “I love you SO much, Dad. And I want to go on loving you for a LONG time, okay?”“I… I feel the same way, sweetheart.”“Really, Daddy?” Becky could feel her eyes welling up with tears of joy.“Absolutely! I mean, I’m scared shitless that someone will find out and take you away from me, but yeah, I know exactly what you mean.”“I’m not going anywhere, Dad.”“I know, I know… I’m just scared, that’s all.”They kissed again, deep and sweet.“I knew you were mine the moment you touched my pussy.” Becky said, stroking his steely rod from root to tip. “When did you know, Daddy?”“I knew I was your slave the second your lips touched my cock.”“What… this cock here?” Her hand squeezed his dick, erect and güvenilir bahis siteleri begging for love. “I loved sucking on you, Daddy.”“I could tell, baby.”“What was it you called me? Your little cocksucker?”“I’m… I’m sorry, baby, I was just caught up in the moment, y’know? I… I meant it as a compliment, believe it or not.”“I know. And if I’m being honest… it REALLY turned me on when you called me that.”“I liked your dirty talk, too, sweetie.”“So does he…” She could feel his phallus twitch with a life of its own. “He loves you playing with it, that’s for sure.”“This is my favorite part, Daddy.” She was playing with the head, just running her fingertips around the crown. “There’s just something about how much fatter it is here; the skin is so smooth, the opening at the top pulsing in pleasure… and the sensitive ridge right here around the crown…” She was barely touching each spot of his cock as she described it to him, then leaned down and kissed the tip, poking her tongue into the hole.“Oh! My sweet, beautiful girl…”“Mmmm, Daddy… it makes me wet just thinking about this beautiful hunk of meat. I love running my tongue all around it, just teasing it and kissing it.” She demonstrated by quickly taking him into her mouth, and suckling gently on him.“Oh my God! That feels so amazing, sweetheart!”She pulled his dick from her mouth, resuming her gentle stroking with only her fingertips. “You know, last night, when I first put you in my mouth, I remember just taking the head inside me, until my lips were on the inner side of this ridge.” She ran a finger in a circle on that ridge. “You were so sensitive here, Daddy, I didn’t want to hurt you, so at first I sucked on it softly, kinda like a baby does to a bottle, but once it was inside my mouth, I liked running my tongue all around iddaa siteleri it.”“Your tongue feels wonderful, baby girl.”“Then, after playing with the head for a while, I started to take you deeper, rubbing your shaft with my tongue, and then…” she giggled. “…and then, Daddy, you LOST it. Remember?”“I do, sweetie, I remember every magnificent second of that first time.”“You entwined your fingers in my hair and made me bob up and down on your dick, deeper and faster. I remember gagging a bit every time this part right here…” she pressed her fingers into the spongy tip. “…kept bumping into the back of my throat.”“I… I remember, baby. I’m real sorry if I hurt you, or scared you…”“Don’t be silly, Daddy!” She quickly kissed the tip again. “I absolutely LOVED it! I was being taken, y’know? It was SO passionate, you losing control like that!”“Are you sure, baby?”“Uh-huh. All I had to do was use my free hand to hold the shaft and stroke it, placing my hand on you so you wouldn’t go too deep.” She rained soft, wet kisses down the shaft. “I remember drooling all over you; you tasted so good, my mouth was watering! But then, I got dizzy, and had to catch my breath.”She moved her body down his, resting her cheek on his tummy, with her mouth right over the tip of his throbbing cock. “I’m ready, Daddy,” She leaned down to swab the tip with her wet tongue. “You can fuck my face again if you want to.” She sucked in the head as his fingers insinuated themselves in her hair. “And this time, Papa,” she added, pulling off, “I don’t want to stop until I’ve tasted your cum.” “Anything you want, princess.” Becky placed a quick kiss right on the tip, now sticky with pre-cum, and moaned. She snaked out her tongue and swabbed the tip, savoring the musky taste of his essence. Now it was her dad’s turn to moan. “Ohhh, Rebecca… That feel’s amazing!”“Mmm… you taste delicious, Daddy.”“Yeah, baby, lick me all over… Lick your Daddy’s cock…,” Bill moaned, winding his right hand in her hair, guiding her to move that sweet tongue all over his turgid member.

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