Subject: Dancing with the prince – Chapter 1 – INSTRUCTIONS TO KISS A BOY. Dancing with the prince — Chapter 1 — INSTRUCTIONS TO KISS A BOY. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. -Why are you so nervous, Jay? -Don’t know, Randall. Well, you know today it’s prom night and I would like to kiss somebody. It’s a special night today and I’d like to seduce somebody tonight. I never have so far. -You mean you’re a virgin? -I’m afraid I am. -Jay, you have said twice the word “somebody”, you haven’t said seduced “a girl”. Is it that you want to be with a boy? -I swear I still don’t know but I do know that I would like at least to kiss somebody tonight, either a girl or a boy, I don’t care. But I’ve never kissed anybody so far. Have you done it? -First hug me, Jay. I’ll be happy whenever you have a partner, girl or boy is the same for me, believe me. Besides I always suspected you like boys, but I love you brother, hug me. So first we did hug tenderly. I appreciated my brother’s respect. Finally he answered my question. -I’ve kissed some girls, I have. But he’d never had a girlfriend so far. My brother Randall Forbes had never studied. He had no need. Our grandfather had died ten years ago and he was a very wealthy man and we had inherited a small fortune. Randall had decided then to buy a pharmacy, he owned it and worked there. I like girls or that’s what I think but I’m also sure I like boys and even prefer boys. All I know is one day I’d like to find a boy like Randall. My elder brother had always been a wonderful boy, really tender and affectionate with me. He was tall, dark-haired, with a beautiful beard and really cute and sexy. It’s not that I lust for him but I’d be more than happy if ever I find a boy who looks somewhat similar to him. I’m Jay Forbes, 27 at present and I had just finished my degree precisely in Pharmacy, that’s what I decided to study for I knew well that when I finished, Randall şişli travesti would set me up in his workplace. He’d always told me that I could even run the chemist’s. -Well, Jay, if you still don’t know how to kiss somebody, preferably a boy, I could teach you how to do it. You could try with me and kiss me. He’d always been Prince Charming for me and I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Kiss Randall? Oh, my God. I’m sure that even if I’m successful tonight, I could never kiss anybody more handsome than my brother. Now I became really nervous. -We’d better not, Randall. You’re a very good-looking boy. It would be a dream for me to kiss you, but you will be shocked. -Never kissed a boy, Jay, and I think I never will, but differently would be to kiss my brother and teach him how it must be done. No shock, Jay; just something tender, believe me. Wait, I’ll play some music first. He hardly walked two meters and reached the DVD and played Abba, adding he had been listening to it before, and he wanted to start with Waterloo. -Oh, I thought we were gonna dance closely. -Later, Jay. I want you to get used first to the idea of dancing with a boy. Move your body. Let the music fill you. So I started dancing close to Randall but far from him at the same time. I think I’m a good dancer but so is he. After five minutes of dancing Abba, my brother now played Madonna, Live to tell, and that was the sign for me to dance closely to him. He even held my arms and looked attentively at his brother. I had a sudden impulse and kissed his lips, really relishing the moistness of Randall’s sweet lips. He smiled at me but told me. -Wrong, Jay, you were in a rush. First you cannot kiss a boy without knowing first that he wants to be kissed. You can ruin it. Of course you know your brother asked you to kiss him, but imagine you don’t know whether an unknown boy really desires it. -So what should I do? -First you have to look attentively into his eyes and they will make you a clear sign that he wants to. Hold my arms again and look into my eyes. I was not sure I would know the right moment to beylikdüzü travesti kiss a boy but I paid attention to my brother’s eyes. How cute he is, I noticed. I knew well I had a boner. I still could not believe I would be allowed to kiss such a cute guy. In that moment I felt as if I were dancing with the prince. But I finally noticed a flash in Randall’s eyes, the sign that he wanted to be kissed. I moved to his lips at last, in fact I was really looking forward to do it. First it was slight smooching, and he told me it was all right, but hearing him say that, I was faster than him and started kissing my Prince Charming with my tongue moving with his. -You still have to learn, Jay. You cannot quickly start moving your tongue. Now we can tongue kiss if you want, but first I want to ask you: if you had the chance of kissing a boy tonight, would you kiss him in front of everybody? -Two of my classmates, Pete and Logan, are a couple and they kiss anywhere and I’m sure they would kiss tonight too. No, Randall, if I could kiss a boy, I wouldn’t be shy either. -So let’s try again, Jay. But wait, I’m gonna play a different song. And he searched and found a song I loved, Twist in my sobriety by Tanita Tikaram. -Now we will start anew. Remember, brother, first wait for the signal in my eyes that you can start kissing me, then we will smooch and finally you can tongue kiss me. When I heard that song I loved, my brother held me in his arms again and we started to dance closely. It was wonderful to look into his eyes awaiting the signal. I knew he would eventually kiss me. I was eager to touch again my prince’s lips with mine. And finally I could hear. -Look my eyes are just holograms… That was the sign and quickly I approached my lips to those of my brother and we were smooching. I saw he liked it or so it seemed. Maybe he was not only instructing me. I thought he was even getting a bit hard. It was the second time I heard -Look your love has drawn red from my hands… It was now that I felt he wanted to really tongue kiss me. What a sweet brother! We started to move our istanbul travesti tongues swiftly, devouring each other and I perceived he was enjoying as much as I was so we continued tongue kissing, but there came a moment when I noticed that if we went on, I’d cream my pants. I wouldn’t care, I was maybe bisexual. The problem is Randall was so hard then that he could cream his pants too and he’s heterosexual, for God’s sake, so I asked him to stop. -Shit, Randall, we’d better stop. Dancing with you and kissing you is like dancing with the prince and I might start feeling inappropriate things. -What do you have, Jay? I’ve never kissed a boy in my life, but I like you, brother and I’m enjoying the kiss. -You’re a twist in my sobriety, Randall. Can’t you see that after now I might start to desire you or even… -Or even? -Well… -I was totally red now-. Or even might have the need to wank over you –I finished with a thin voice. -Jay, I’ve wanked over many girls but have never told them later. You can wank over whomever you find sexy and believe me: hearing you say that is even flattering. The only difference between my masturbations and yours is that you tell me beforehand. So Jay, if I’m your masturbatory image now, you can do it. You’re a virgin and I would like you to lose your virginity soon and experience what sex fun is. But meanwhile you only have the relief of masturbation, so do it thinking of whomever you fucking desire. I’ll never get angry at you. Now let’s end hearing this son and finish the dance and the kiss, please. So we still danced for a couple more minutes with that beautiful song sounding and we kissed again, without our tongues now or I would really cum. Randall was the sexiest person I’d ever seen, and more after tonight. Finally I told him that I should leave now or I would be late after all. -Take an umbrella –he told me-. It’s gonna rain. But I didn’t take it. I would first take a taxi to my faculty and then I would be under cover in the sports center. He wished me luck. So all I did was waving a last kiss to my hot Randall Forbes, my brother, my prince. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: https://luces-delatierra.blogspot/ or in English pot/

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