Danielle was a good looking girl with a nice body. She had gorgeous perky tits probably a b cup and a nice round but firm ass. I met her my junior year in high school and never thought much of it. we used to talk and carry on and occassionally eat lunch. Towards the end of the year we had swimming class together and we just continued to carry on.

One day we were swimming and talking during free time and she asked me for a hug. she looked damn good in her bathing suit so i obliged. she pulled me under water and kissed me so no one could see. when we surfaced i wasnt sure what to think. this went on until the end of the school year but never went any further.

That summer we didnt really communicate much. however when football season came around id always see her after her band practice. one day she asked me for a ride home and i said of course your like my best friend. On the way home we stopped and talked for a bit then i held her in my arms. She smiled at me and told me she wanted a kiss. i leaned in and kissed her and just at that moment she grabbed me and kept kissing me deeply. it was dark by now and she told me she was waiting all summer for the opportunity to fuck me.

i kept kissing her and slowly escort cupped her breasts in my hands. they felt so nice. i moved my hands down her body and started to rub her pussy through her shorts. she leaned her head back and moaned as she grabbed my cock. She told me she really wanted to see it so i undid my pants and she yanked my pants down to my ankles. she slid her hand up and down my cock. She asked if i had a condom with me and i told her i didnt so she said i could just come inside of her. At this point i had worked my hand up in her short leg and was massaging her juicy wet clit. she leaned back and took her shorts off and told me to fuck her pussy.

She leaned back on the bench seat in my truck as i slowly started to rub my cock against her entrance. she moaned with pleasure as i spread the lips of her pussy with my head. I started to make my way inside of her pussy as she wrapped her arms around me and jerked my cock deep into her. we kissed as we fucked. slow at first then rougher and harder until u could hear my balls slapping off of her sopping wet ass.

She pushed me off of her and jumped up on me and started to ride me. i kissed up her stomach and started to suck her perky tits. she had nice quarter sized nipples that izmit escort bayan got nice and hard at the slightest touch. she went wild and her body went rigid as i sucked her tits. she started moaning louder and louder as she started to approach orgasm. Just as she came i squeezed her ass and felt her hot warm juice all over my cock.

This started to get me and as i squeezed her ass i thrusted hard into her tight little pussy. I asked her one last time if she was sure i could cum in her and she said yes her period just ended. I squeezed harder as she rubbed her tits in my face. My balls tightened up and i started filling her pussy full of cum.

After she sat on my cock and kissed me for awhile i got to run my hands all over her gorgeous body. Soon i had to take her home and i kissed her goodbye. The whole drive home i was wondering what it meant and i was sure to find out soon enough. The next day in school Was quite an adventure. Things started off normal we hung out in the mornings like we always did and i walked her to class. she hugged and kissed me goodbye and handed me a note.

I read it she asked me to meet her in the library during lunch. I did as she asked and i found her izmit sınırsız escort sitting by the computers. She was wearing a short skirt and tight black leggins. she was wearing a tight shirt showing off her gorgeous body. we sat next to each other and talked about the day before. she said she had so much fun and would love to do it again. i told her i would too. We sat for awhile and while i was least expecting it she reached down my pants and started to stroke my cock.

She told me to come with her so i did. We walked through school still with plenty of time before lunch ended. we ended up sneaking into the bathroom (handicap bathroom). She had me drop my pants and she started to suck my dick like a pro. She said she couldnt get enough of my cock. She turned around and lowered her leggins exposing her beautiful bare ass with no underwear. she slid her pussy down onto my throbbing pole before i could say a word.

She rode my cock hard until i picked her up against the wall and gave her pussy my all. Finally we both orgasmed and tried not to moan. Again i filled her pussy full of cum and we made out as we got dressed. I told her This is gonna be one amazing school year. She smiled and kissed me and said you have no idea and we both parted ways and headed towards our next class. Needless to say the year was very full of surprises but my senior year turned out to be the best year by far because of Danielle.

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