Danielles first nude beach


Danielles first nude beachIt was a hot summers day and Danielle was on holiday with her mum and her mums friend.her mum had booked them a caravan for a week on the Essex coast.Danielle didn’t really want to go but her mum had told her there’s no way she would leave her home alone in the school holidays.Her mum didn’t trust Danielle since she caught her half naked with her new boyfriend Trevor.They arrived at the caravan and picked rooms.Danielle was left with a small room with a window two single beds and a wardrobe.Danielle unpacked and then asked her mum if it would be ok if she went to explore the site and the shore.her mum didn’t mind as nan and her was going to bingo.Danielle got changed into a above the knee skirt and a small tight top.she put on her trainers and left the caravan.first thing she wanted to do was go look at the sea and the beach.after walking out a back gate of the caravan site and up some steps she got her first look at the sea.The tide was in and the waves were crashing on the sandy beach.Danielle followed the sea wall for a while until she came to a sign.it read welcome naturist beach .Danielle looked past the sign and saw that the beach left the sea wall and was backed by sand dunes.A naughty thought came over Danielle,she would love go see if she could see any nude men.She walked down off the sea wall and started walking out towards the dunes.It seemed a long walk and being a hot day Danielle started to feel very hot.Her blonde long hair stuck to her forehead.After a long walk along the beach Danielle came to the sand dunes.There was different plants and small shrubs growing here and thereDanielle found a small sandy path and started following it.All the time she kept her eyes out for any signs of nude people.She started to feel her nipples tingling and her pussy felt damp at the thought of what she may see.Suddenly as she walked she came across her first nude man.He was laying down sunbathing.Her eyes went straight to his cock.she bit her lip and carried on walking.Next she came across four other men all hidden in the sand dunes.they were elderly looking men with very brown skin.Again she could help but look.more dunes and more nude men ,all different ages and sizes.Some had looked up as she past.others had smiled at her.by the time she came to a wooden fence and the end of the nudist Danielle felt so horny.She had bahis siteleri only seen and fucked her boyfriends cock beforeDanielle found a nice sandy spot and sat down.As she looked back at where she had come she noticed that some of the nude men where standing up and looking in her direction.Danielle felt so hot and horny and the sea looked so inviting.So she decided she would go for a swim.she pulled her top off over her head and she felt the fresh air on her breasts.Her nipples stood out erect and proud.She took off her skirt and her trainers.Danielle loved to feel the sand between her toes.She stood for a while in her white panties then slowly pulled them down and stepped out of them.The air on her freshly shaved pussy felt amazing.Looking around she could see a few of the men had worked their way closer to her and was now staring at her naked body.she noticed that some of them were stroking their cocks.Danielle stepped away from her clothes and walked down to the sea edge,her shapely bottom wiggled as she wentshe paddled into the sea up to her knees,the coldness of the she seemed to excite her more.she waded in a little more until the sea waves lapped at the pussy and bottom.mmmmmm this feels great thought Danielle as the waves licked at her pussy.she belt down and let the waves go over her breasts and her shoulders.she kicked out and let the waves carry her back to shore.she lay on her front in the surf ,the feeling of the waves hitting her pussy and bottom from behind made her gasp.As she looked up she saw there was men standing in the dunes watching her.she smiled to herself got up out the surf and walked back to where her cloths lay.She sat down next to them on the grass and looked out at sea as the heat from the sun warmed and dried her.”Hello”said a voice from behind her.Danielle was startled and spun round where she was sitting to see who spoke.there stood a tall elderly man,his skin looked like it was made from brown leather.Where Danielle sat his large cock looked at her straight in her face.Danielle tried to ignore the large cock and looked up at the old mans face.”Hi”she said .”Are you enjoying the beach?”he said.Danielle looked at his cock,it seemed to be growing.she looked back at his face”yes very much.its my first time on a nude one”.she said.As they was speaking Danielle noticed other men walking past or standing closer.The canlı bahis siteleri old man took a step forward ,his large cock was inches from Danielles face.He looked down at Danielle “Do you like being nude”he said.Danielle looked at the throbbing cock infront of her and licked her lips.She felt so horny and really wanted to suck on that cock just like she did for her boyfriend.”yes I really do”she said”you have a stunning body look what you’ve done to me”said the man thrusting his cock closer to Danielles face.She opened her mouth and looked up at the man.he grabbed her head and guided his hard large cock into her mouth.Danielle clamped her lips round his cock and let him thrust it in and out of her mouth.now and again he would give off a groan.Danielle groped at her breasts and pussy as she sucked his large cock.He shoved his cock down her throat making her gag.it was much bigger than her boyfriends.suddenly she felt hands on her bottom,she opened her eyes to see five other men standing round her all wanking.Another guy with a bold head nelt behind her ,his hands caressed her bum.The old man she was sucking pulled out his cock from her mouth and pushed her back.”open your legs and show me your fanny”he said.Danielle did as she was told and lay back opening her legs.The old man started licking at her shaved pussy.The feeling of his tongue between her legs was amazing,she thrust and wiggled on his face.two other guys took a nipple each and started sucking hard.One guy nelt down and fed Danielle his cock.She sucked hungerily on this other cock.Danielle felt the old guy between her legs stick two fingers into her tight pussy.She let the cock fall out of her mouth and cried out in pleasure.The cock in her face spewed cum into her mouth.Danielle gasped as another cock was fed into her mouth.she sucked wildly as she felt more hands and mouths on her body.The old man stopped with his fingers and turned Danielle over pulling up her hips.her bottom was facing him and her pussy glistened with saliva and juice.He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Danielles pussy.He thrust hard into her.Danielle gave out a cry.”oh my god,your cocks so big,please be gentle”she said.He thrust in and out of her pussy her bum cheeks smashing against his hips.Another cock was rammed into her mouth and it to thrust hard into her.Some guys stood watching canlı bahis wanking whilst others groped at her breasts and bum.The guy in her mouth gave out a yell as her shot his load into her mouth.Danielle gagged as the cock slipped out her mouth.Another cock took its place .all the time the old man pumped into her from behind.One guy nelt down and shot his cum into her hair and face.The old guy behind her rammed his cock harder and faster into her”oh fuck I’m cumin”said the old man.He pulled out his cock and came all over her bottom.she was pulled sideways and told to straddle a guy laying down.she straddled his hips and felt his cock enter her pussy.the cock in her mouth exploded it’s cum down her throat.she coughed as it filled her throat.the guy under her thrust deeply into her pussy.”arrrgh fuck me”she said as other guys wanked and watched.suddenly she felt another cock this time stabbing at her tiny bum hole.Danielle was shocked and said”oh no ,I’ve never had one up there”.she blushed as she couldn’t believe she was showing so much off.The guy behind was determined to have her bum hole.she tried to wiggle but she was held tight.Danielle gave out a cry as the cock opened her bum hole.it felt huge.it rammed deep into her making her cry out.her mouth was filled again with cock.the guy under her gave out a yell and he shot his load in her pussy.Danielle wrenched away her head from the cock in her mouth.”arrrrgh my bottom your fucking to hard”she cried.this remedy to excite the crowd that watched and a few guys stepped forward and cum on her back and face.The guy pumping into her bottom thrust hard and shouted “fuck yes I’m going to cum in your tight arsehole”he gave one massive thrust and Danielle felt his hot cum in her bottom.The guys stepped away from Danielle and she lay there panting.her pussy felt used and her poor bum hole sore.Another man nelt behind her and grabbed her hips.he entered her pussy from behind.his cock seemed huge.as he thrust in and out of her he slapped her bottom.Danielle couldn’t hold back anymore and she screamed”fuck me,fuck me.”she gave out one more scream then a orgasm took hold of her body.she yelped and quivered as the man pulled out his cock and shot his cum over her bum hole.she lay there,cum covered.she smiled to herself.she felt so naughty.she got up and went for another dip in the sea to wash away all the cum.after a while she left the sea and return back to her clothes.she noticed some bugger had nicked her panties.so she dressed and walked back to the caravan pant less and satisfied.she wondered what the rest of the week would bring.

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