Subject: David at Day Camp Part 1 – Suggested for Adult-Youth David at Day Camp Part 1 This is a work of fiction. Please stay away from real children. Real people can get hurt. “We’re missing someone,” Courtney said as she lined the campers up, talking loudly over the din of 20 middle schoolers at the end of a day of summer camp. “David must still be in the bathroom,” I said, “You go ahead and take the rest to aftercare, I’ll get him.” “Alright, see you tomorrow,” she said as she tried to start herding the kids. I entered the bathroom/locker room as Courtney took the rest of the campers out of the gym and across the parking lot to the aftercare gym. The chattered quickly faded off. The locker room was a rectangular room with lockers running along the two side walls away from the door, a long bench parallel to each, with the fixtures in the back, toilets to one side and showers to the other. David was sitting on one of the benches, facing the center of the room, wearing only red swim trunks. I paused for a moment to admire his thin, smooth thirteen-year old chest, lightly tanned; his buzzed brown hair still wet from swimming; and the faint fuzz running up his legs. He didn’t really have much muscle, but no fat either. He had his shoe in his lap and was pulling at a knot in the laces. His dark brown eyes were focused on it. I shook myself back to reality. “Hey, the rest of the kids left for aftercare already; what’s taking you so long?” “I can’t get this knot out,” he said, dropping his hands to his sides in exasperation. “Here, let me try.” I sat down next to him, straddling the bench, taking the shoe from him. Our hands touched for a moment. I set the shoe down on the bench between my legs and started working on the knot. David slid closer to watch me. His leg rested against my knee and he leaned his head over so that it was a few centimeters from mine. After a minute or so I had the knot out of the laces and I handed the shoe back to him. He put his hand over the top of mine as he took it back and lingered there for an instant. “Thanks,” he said suddenly, pulling his hand away. “Sure, now hurry up and get changed, you’re late for aftercare.” “Do I have to go over right now? Brad’s in charge today and I don’t really like him. He looks at me funny.” “Well, I guess he won’t miss you for a little while. kocaeli escort We could play a game of cards or something…” I said as I started to get up. “Wait,” David said as he placed a hand on my knee, “there was something else I wanted to do.” He was trembling slightly. “What?” I could see now that there was a respectable tent in his bathing suit he was trying to cover up with his shoe, as he massaged it slowly with the sole. He cast me a few furtive glances before meeting my eyes for a second. “Can I jack off?” He almost shouted it. I think he was as surprised he had said it as I was. After he said it his face got bright red and he looked at the ground. “I’ve just been really horny all day…” “Hey, I totally understand, but we really shouldn’t be talking about this, so I’ll just be outside and whenever you’re…uh… done, you can come out and I’ll take you over to aftercare, okay?” He relaxed noticeably, obviously relieved that I hadn’t freaked out or punished him, but he still didn’t look up and his hand was still on my knee. I started to get up again, but his hand gripped my knee tighter. “Well,” his voice was trembling now, but his hand was still steady on my leg, “do you want to do it with me?” David’s hand slid up my leg a centimeter or two. “David,” I said as assertively as I could muster given the growing erection in my own shorts, “that wouldn’t be appropriate.” “It’s just that, well, I…I just really want to see someone else’s.” “David, I’m twenty-two and your summer camp director, we shouldn’t even be talking about this.” “Well, you’re really not even supposed to be alone with campers are you? No one knows what you’ve been doing to me all this time…” He looked more towards my direction, but still at the floor. “You’re going to tell people I abused you? Come on, David.” He just stared at the floor for a moment. “Alright, so I wouldn’t do that. But, can’t we do this, just this once? You don’t even have to actually do it, just let me see yours while I do?” He had raised his head a little now and was making quick occasional glances between my legs. “It looks like you find the idea pretty exciting,” he said softly. “We really shouldn’t do this,” I said to myself as much as him. As much as I knew it was wrong, I still hadn’t moved, still hadn’t taken his hand off my kolej escort leg. He just looked so alone, so desperate…and so adorable. “This is just so confusing, I think it would help if I could just see someone else’s,” he looked up now into my eyes, “please?” I knew I shouldn’t, but I liked David and he looked like he really needed this and I wanted to help. “Alright, you can see it.” At that he dropped the shoe and slipped his hand down his trunks and started massaging himself. I swung my right leg over the bench so I was facing towards the middle of the room, too. I unbuttoned my jean shorts and pushed them down to my ankles. My semi-erect penis was making a tent of its own in my boxers. “Are you sure you want to do this, David?” “Absolutely,” he still looked really nervous, but as he said it he slipped off his trunks and kicked them off his feet. This left him completely naked, his four and a half inch penis protruding straight up from a small patch of brown hair, throbbing as he rubbed his hairless testicles, his eyes fixated on the bulge in my boxers which sprung to its full six inch size at the sight of David’s body. I slide my boxers over my erection and to the ground. David’s left hand returned to my knee as his right hand started stroking his penis. In less than a minute, his breathing started to get heavy. His right hand was moving faster and faster over his head until he gave a sharp little gasp and started ejaculating; his nails started digging into my leg. Five, six, seven bursts of semen spurted out before he finished cumming. He sat there for a moment coming down from his orgasm before he reached down and gripped his beach towel to clean up the mess on his hand and leg. I was so aroused I couldn’t move, I had almost had an orgasm just watching him, without touching myself at all. I was dripping beads of pre-cum. “Thanks, Andrew,” David said meekly. Then he hugged me, his hip brushing against my rock-hard penis, smearing my precum across him. “Hey, maybe I can help you out…?” he said, given me a toothy smile. “Well, um…” I struggled to find words, still dumbstruck from what was happening. His amazing orgasm seemed to have given him confidence, though. He straddled the bench, turning to facing me, still completely naked, his penis semihard. His right hand konak escort reached out and started lightly stroking my penis. That was enough to send me over the edge; I almost fell off the bench as I started cumming. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had; my semen shot a foot or so into the air before splattering down onto the floor, my legs, and David’s hand. He picked the towel up and cleaned his hand off again and then gently cleaned me. Then he dropped the towel to the floor and kissed me lightly on the lips. I was so excited from my orgasm I grabbed the back of his head and began probing his mouth with my tongue. He seemed a little confused for a second, but quickly got the idea. We took turns exploring each other’s mouths for several minutes. I had totally lost control now. My hand found its way to David’s penis, fully erect once more, and I started stroking him slowly. “Can I suck you?” I asked, breaking the kiss. David just nodded vigorously, looking both exhilarated and scared. He lay down on the bench. I took his towel from the floor and rolled it up behind his head. After tossing my shorts and boxers off my ankles, I straddled the bench, my thighs against his knees. I started massaging his hairless balls with my left hand. Then licked up and down the underside of his penis; David shuddered and moaned slightly. Taking his head into my mouth, I started to swirl my tongue around it and up and down the slit. I could taste the slight saltiness of his precum, with a hint of tang from his previous cum. Then I slowly slide my mouth up and down his shaft. As I sped up, I took more and more of him into my mouth and soon I was total engulfing his cock. After about a minute, David started to shudder again and his moaning grew louder as he started to cum. He reflexively gripped the back of my head and pulled up his knees as he came in my mouth. After he finished he collapsed back on the bench with his eyes closed. There wasn’t much there as he had just cum a few minutes ago; I savored the taste for a moment before I swallowed his semen and licked his penis clean. He shuttered and groaned with each flick of my tongue. I gently rubbed up and down his legs and kissed his developing abs a few times as I gave him a few minutes to recover. Eventually he opened his eyes and looked up at me, lopsided grin on his face. I leaned over and we made out for a few more minutes, the faint taste of his cum shared between our tongues. “Get dressed; I have to get you to aftercare.” “Can we do more tomorrow?” “Anything for you, babe” I said, pulling him in for a last kiss. END of Part 1

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