DaydreamingI slowly stroke ur hair, sweeping it over ur shoulder gently brushing ur neck with my finger tips, and gently kiss up ur neck until i reach ur ear, give it gentle bite and breathing softly on to it then kiss my way back down ur neck and across to begin slowly kissing up the other side ur neck breathlessly to ur other ear sweeping ur hair out of the way as I go, while i gently run my finger tips up and down the back of ur neck and through ur hairMy hand on the back of ur neck slowly moves up into ur hair, as i softly begin to kiss  ur plump full lips, with the lightest of pressures. as u respond to the kiss gently opening ur mouth, the desire swells in both of us, my hand firmly grips ur hair pulling ur lips hard to mine as the kiss explodes with passion and our tongues begin to swirl exploring each in a deep kiss as if we can not get enough of each other and don’t want it to ever end. My other hand slowly slides down ur back pausing briefly at the small of ur back and continues over the beautiful curve of firm butt as i grab hold and pull u tight against me, i feel ur full breasts against my my chest bahis siteleri and u feel the hardening in my trousers pressing against u, our passion erupts and we kiss deep into each other with a****listic lust.Ur arms curl tightly around me holding me as close as u can to feel ever inch of my body against urs. U begin to slowly grind ur crotch against me with the rise and fall of ur breathing, with very moment u can feel me become harder and harder and respond to ur thurts by grinding my self against u so u can feel every inch of me.I quickly break out passionate kiss and spin you around pulling you back tight against me. Ur firm full butt is now pressed hard against my ever hardening cock, you begin to gently thrust ur ass against my dick through our jeans , sliding up and down feeling my full length pressed firmly against you. Both my hands on ur sides running up and down between ur thighs and hips squeezing as i go. I grab hold of ur hips and pull u back against me responding to ur thursts meeting them , giving more fire as i pull you to me and with thrusts with my own, grinding my now fully erect cock canlı bahis siteleri against ur luscious ass.Ur breathing has increased and u give small sharp intakes with each thrust. U turn ur head to the side so u can see me over ur shoulder and lean back so I can kiss the corner of ur mouth. I brush ur hair over ur shoulder exposing ur lean neck, I move my mouth closer as I smell ur scent as I slowly lick up ur neck and begin kissing my way back down to ur shoulders.U moan slightly and put ur hand over mine and slowly guide them away from your hips as u continue to grand ur ass against my cock.U slide my hands down the front on to ur firm thighs as i slowly squeeze and grope u as u go, then back up across ur stomach,  finally placing my hands on ur large perfect breasts. You squeeze ur hands on top of mine making me grope ur amazing tits. U moan again as I do , as I begin to squeeze and grope ur soft warm boobs, u begin to bend forward slightly pressing ur ass firmer against my dick as our dry humping increases with speed and aggression. U straighten up again and raise one arm over ur head to mine canlı bahis pulling my head closer to use so we can again share a deep kiss.I release ur breasts wrapping my right arm around you just beneath u tits as slide my arm up taking the weight of ur boobs and play with ur excited, erect left nipple, as I gently slide my left hand down ur chest and stomach. My hand stops just At the waist band to ur trousers and my fingers tips gently tease the skin underneath and play with tje top of ur satin underwear. Ur breathing skips every time threaten to move my hand further down and you thrust harder against me.I slide my hand into your trousers down the front of satin pants. As I reach your aroused clit you let out a gasp, I press my hand further down and feel ur pants moist from the excited arousal we have been causing in each other. I  begin to rub u through ur pants making them wetter and wetter with each pass of my fingers. You begin thrusting more and more against my hand as it rubs you, and u being to pull ur ass away from my cock. I immediately miss the pleasant pressure and pull u back against me firmly using the hand on ur pants now cupping and fingering your warm wet pussy through ur pants. My right hand is busily switching between your breasts  squeezing and kneading the divine flesh and alternating to teasing ur stiff nipples

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