Dear Diary – Neighbor Boy(Gurl) BFF


Dear Diary – Neighbor Boy(Gurl) BFFSummer time just got out of the 7th grade in the back yard (our yard bordered the woods) playing with my dolls. I was wearing pink shorts (pink ruffed panties underneath), a pink bra and white top. Changing outfits on the dolls combing their hair, doing what girls do with their dolls. Hearing a sound, I turned to the path leading from the woods and saw a boy standing by a tree looking at me. Hi I said, He replied “Hi” in a meek voice as he looked down. I got up walking to him; he stepped back and turned to walk away. Don’t leave I said. He paused as I approached him. “I’m Michelle extending my hand to him. “I know” he said taking my hand into his soft hand. “I have wanted to meet you but was sacred” he said. “Why would you be scared?” “Well I did not know if you would like me or wanted to be my friend or not”. He continued, “I like your dolls I have many of my own” His name was Shawn (he lived a few streets over) I have seen him many times in the neighborhood and in school. He was a couple years behind me. He was always by himself and very meek and mild with a cute round fem face and slender body. He was wearing blue jeans, sneakers and a “t’ shirt. “You have dolls” I asked, he looking down said “yes but my dad does not like me to have them so I hide them and play with them when he is not home but my mom lets me play with them” ‘well Shawn you can bring them over hear anytime you want and we can play dress up with them” I said. He looked up his eyes a glow and with a smile “REALY REALY I can” he blurted out. “Of course why not it will be fun” I said.He yelled “I will be right back” turned and ran down the path. In 15 or so minutes he came running out of the woods and over to me (I was kaçak iddaa under a shade tree on a blanket with some of my Barbie’s and other dolls) He knelt on the blanket opening up his carry case taking out his Barbie’s the smile on his face was so joyful to see. He opened the dolls wardrobe case showing me the outfits. I reached for his hand saying they are adorable.We shared outfits changing the dolls into them and chatting. He was so at ease telling me he was jealous of me because I could wear girl things all the time all about how he dresses up. He took my hand leaned forward and kisses my cheek. I turned his lips met mine; I could hear his heart beating and feel his body shaking he was so nervous. I pulled back reached up running my hand across his cute round cheeks smiling at him “its ok Shawn you can be whatever you want when you are with me”. I leaned in pulled him close and kissed him. After a moment I circled his lips with my tongue hearing his sighs as I did he parted his lips and flicked his tongue over mine. Trembling (clearly his first kiss) he ran his hand over my chest outlining me bra. I sighed as he did. Braking from our kiss I stood up taking his hand. “Let’s go inside no one is home” He got up and hugged me “thank you” he said holding my hand tight as we waked to the back door.He was more at ease once inside knowing that no one could see him. He again ran his hand over my chest. I stepped back took off my tops reliving my pink bra. He said he wished he could dress like that all the time as a tear trickled from his eye. I held him don’t worry Shawn you will be able too just be who you are inside. He stepped back undid his jeans and let them fall. OHHH so cute I said seeing his black satin lace trimmed kaçak bahis panties (and the budge under them). I dropped my shorts stepped out of them showing my pink ruffled panties (no budge at all LOL). He reached his trembling hand out and run it over my panties saying “I want to be a girl like you Michelle” You are I replied taking his hand leading him to my bedroom. Once there, we sat on the bed embraced and kissed our hands exploring each others fem bodies. “Ever been with someone” I asked. His voice quivering “no but I dream about it all the time especially when I see you” I leaned him back on the bed kissing him sliding my hand over his panties rubbing his hard cock (well girly cock). OMG it was jumping and twitching as I pulled his cute black satin panties down. I moved down taking it in my hand stoking it. “First hand job” I asked. He just shook his head yes. “Little slut: I giggled as I jerked his cock (He has a nice hard chubby 7” or so). Sliding my hand up and down I looked at him his eyes closed as I lowered my head and took the head in my mouth. His hips hunched up off the bed as I slowly took it in and out of my mouth giving him his first blow job. As he relaxed my lips slowly sucking him I rand my fingers down to his guly hole probing it with one finger. OHHH he sighed then blurted out “FUCK ME PELASE FUCK ME”. I started to finger fuck him sucking harder and faster as I did. Moving my finger in and out twisting and turning them he met each probe with an upward hunch (clearly he had fucked himself with objects before). The fist finger deep inside then the second then the third finger fucking his tight hole and sucking his cock. OMG without any pre-cum he erupted with a load of cum in my mouth. WOW it illegal bahis just gushed out spilling that wonderful thick cum. (guess he 3rd finger did the trick). His cum flowed to a trickle as I swallowed then I licked his cock clean, pulled off it and slide my fingers out of his hole. His cock stayed ridged not wilting at all as he pulled me down and pressed his lips to mine running his tongue over my lips and in my mouth taking what was left of his cum in his mouth. He leaned up pulled down my panties and took my little clitlit in his mouth. He licked sucked until I started to flow my gurl juices. He pulled off it looking at me with my juices hanging from his smiling lips. “First time: I asked he shook his head yes. “Wait till you have a real cock in your mouth slut you will be on your knees every day like when I first started in the 6th grade like you”His cock still hard he pulled me to the edge of the bed raised my legs and slammed it in me. OMG he started fucking me this little sluts first hand job. Blow job, first time finger fucked is now fucking me. Did not take long he pumped a few time before he let go again with his cum flowing in me. Once he regained his composer he lay next to me his head on my chest. “Thank you” he said now I am a gurl” I giggled “You have always been a gurl’ “What do you want to be called” I asked, without hesitation “SHANNON” she blurted out.Shannon and I became best friends and had a great summer together playing with our dolls and each other and playing with the boys of course. He (well now she) took her first real cock a week later I invited 2 boys (who have been fucking me for a couple years) over. Shannon took them both and many more over the summer. When she went back to school the following year she took my place in the 6th grade as the class slut. We have been best friends and constant lovers since then and date often. She became part of my family with all the benefits LOL. Love her.

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