Diane Ch. 03


Three years had passed since I had my unforgettable affair with my sexy older coworker Diane, and unfortunately, forgettable was exactly what it became between us at work. What used to be a playful, almost flirtatious relationship in the office became an awkward, struggle for your words situation every day. See many of our coworkers knew her husband and her family and so we couldn’t ever let on that something amazing had happened between us. I assumed she regretted it and to be honest we never discussed it after that. I left the company shortly after partly for a better opportunity, but mostly to get away from having to face her. The problem for me was still the same. I couldn’t think about her without getting hard. And getting the chance to fuck her over and over again 3 years ago only made me want her more and more, which couldn’t happen.

I had been dating someone for the past two years and when we had sex I still often dreamed I was inside of Diane. Diane and I kept in touch on the computer but it was sporadic and rare. When a friend of mine asked if I knew anyone that made cupcakes since his daughter’s birthday was approaching, I remembered that Diane used to make great ones for work parties so I sent her a brief email asking if she could help out and she quickly obliged. When my friend asked if I’d be able to pick them up for him I was worried how Diane would respond. We had not seen each other since I left the company and I had no idea if she ever thought about me. She responded a few days later that I can come pick the cupcakes up at her house after I get out of work since she would already be home.

On the day of my buddy’s party I got out of work and headed straight to Diane’s, which was 30 minutes away. When I arrived she answered the door in a pair of fairly tight black stretch pants and a dark pink top that showed off just enough of her lightly freckled tits to make any guy’s cock jump to attention. I saw a yoga video paused on her television in the background. The thought of Diane in various positions, with her sexy body sweating made me struggle to focus. I entered the house, gave her a fairly awkward kiss on the cheek and slight embrace, and asked where her husband Ed and their kids were. She said Ed went to pick up three of the kids and the oldest one, Brianne, was at work. At Diane’s request I grabbed a seat in the kitchen as she disappeared into the back rooms for a moment. She re-appeared shortly after with a towel that she used to wipe off her face from the sweat she worked up during her yoga workout.

We made small bonus veren siteler talk about work and her family and I told her about my girlfriend. As I told her, I sensed a tiny bit of jealousy in her face and in her tone as she spoke. I thought nothing of it, as she clearly loved her husband and family and the life she had as the typical suburban mom. She told me the cupcakes were downstairs in her pantry and she would be right back. As she sauntered out of the room, my eyes were fixed on that still firm and shapely ass in the tight black pants. I thought back to three years earlier when I had that ass in my hands and her sweet blonde pussy in my face. My cock quickly tented my work pants as I sat there waiting.

“Dammit!!” I heard Diane yell from downstairs, waking me from my trance. I ran to the steps and yelled down.

“Are you OK? What happened?”

“I’m fine, but I dropped one of the trays of cupcakes and it’s all over the floor!”

I scurried down the steps and paused as I saw Diane bent over as she knelt to pick up the fallen cupcakes. Many of them had landed on the icing side and there was quite a mess. A few still remained on the tray which Diane had placed down on the table.

I approached from behind her to lend a hand, not realizing my cock was now so hard from seeing her bent over, that it was sticking straight out.

“Can I help you clean it up?” I asked Diane. “Thank you, I’ve almost got all the cupcakes picked up but it’s such a mess on the floor!”

I was now standing right behind her as she slowly rose up out of her crouch. As her body straightened out, my rock hard erection was now poking her right in the butt, that sexy, sweaty, stretch pants clad butt of hers. I don’t recall her ass being this hot three years ago, probably because I was in heaven with her firm tits, and I imagined that the yoga had worked its magic of late.

Diane obviously felt my dick pressing into her and she took a step forward to get away, putting her mere inches from the pantry shelf and nowhere else to move. She had yet to turn to face me, and she was yet to say a word. I knew her family could walk through the door any minute and I should just turn and leave but instead I was drawn closer to her, making sure she again felt my hardness pushing into her. She stood frozen, unable to move further ahead and if she moved further back, my cock would have pressed into her body even more. I leaned forward and kissed her neck gently, working my way up her neck toward her face. I held her body in place and as bedava bahis I kissed her neck my hand roamed up to her chest. I cupped her ample tits through the shirt and felt a sports bra also underneath, holding them in while she worked out. I rubbed her tits harder and even slid a hand under her shirt and began sliding it up to the bra. Diane moaned lightly and kept muttering that this was wrong, and that her husband and kids would be home any minute.

Something about that fact turned me on even more and as bad as I’d feel if I ruined her family life, I could not stop myself now, and I sensed she wanted it just as badly. By now, both my hands were cupping her bra-clad tits from behind, while my dick continued to press into her back, just above her sexy tush. My kisses got closer and closer to her mouth and as my tongue approached her mouth, she turned just her head toward me and her tongue met mine in the most passionate kiss I’ve ever felt. Her body was still facing forward and she whispered to me.

“This has to be very quick. Ed is going to walk in the door at any second.”

While my hands stayed busy pushing up the sports bra and were now cupping and squeezing her bare tits, Diane slid a finger into her pants on each side and slid them down past her ass, which was now bare and separated from my throbbing, thick 7 inches by only my pants and underwear. I unzipped my pants and pushed my boxers aside so my dick pressed through the opening in my pants. I wanted to lick and suck every inch of Diane’s glistening body but there was no time. I spit into my hand and rubbed it on my rock hard cock as my other hand moved down to squeeze her ass and feel around for the sopping wet hairy pussy that was waiting. I ran my fingers through the hairy folds and Diane again whispered.

“There’s no time for that. Fuck me already!”

More than happy to oblige, I used two fingers to find her hole and push it open while I lined up my cock and slowly pushed the head into her. She let out a loud moan and quickly covered her own mouth with a nearby pair of panties from the dirty laundry pile. I pressed further and further until almost my entire member was inside her soaked hole, and once she was used to it I began pumping in and out, hard and fast. Diane was using her two hands to balance herself on the table and my hands wandered back to the place they loved so much, her gorgeous and big tits. Her tits were flopping as I hammered into her but my hands were keeping them in place. I looked down to watch myself sliding in and out of Diane, deneme bonus while her fantastic ass stared back at me, and I felt the beginnings of what was likely going to be an obscene amount of cum spurting out of my dick. I knew from the other time that Diane had no problem with me cumming inside of her and as I kept up my rhythmic thrusting into her warm hole, I knew I had only a few seconds until I exploded in her.

The entire room now reeked of her scent and mine, and we were both sweating as I felt my load on its way. Diane knew it was coming too when she felt my grip tighten on her ass, which I was now clutching and squeezing. Just then we heard the front door swing open and we heard Ed’s voice.

“I’m home with the kids, babe.” “Where are you?”

It was clearly a matter of seconds before he saw the open door to the downstairs pantry and despite the impending chaos and nightmare that would ensue if we got caught, I thrust a few more times into Diane as she began to try to get me to stop. She pulled herself away from me and my cock popped out of her. As she turned around, I couldn’t stop myself and I shot the biggest load of cum I’ve ever shot all over her stomach and crotch area. I think a few spurts may have even shot up towards her sexy tits. Unfortunately Diane had pulled her shirt down and had tried to yank her pants up and so my globs of thick white semen now soaked her clothing and were beginning to drip onto the floor, next to the fallen cupcake icing. She froze and stared at me for a moment, as if she was in shock and didn’t know what to do.

As for me, I stuffed my still stiff cock into my pants and zipped as much as I could and ran to hide behind one of the laundry machines. They were in a close, but separate darkened room and it was the only thing I could think of to do.

I heard the creak of the stairs as Ed began to make his way down in search of Diane and as he reached the bottom step, I heard Diane yell that she needed a few towels, and that she spilled something. I was able to see through my hiding spot that Diane had turned back to face the pantry so her cum soaked clothing wouldn’t be obvious. I saw Ed continue to approach and Diane again yelled out.

‘Please just go get me some fucking towels!!”

Ed turned in half disbelief and half anger and walked up the stairs. As soon as he was gone, Diane shed the used clothing and slid on something from the dirty laundry pile. When Ed returned, he didn’t see any of the stained clothing or me, but I don’t know how he didn’t smell in the air that somebody was just fucked, and fucked hard. After he went back up the stairs, Diane whispered aloud.

“Stay there, do not move or make a sound until I come get you!”

Seconds later the door slammed above me and the lights went out. I was trapped in the basement.

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