Subject: Man Cam (Didaka (7) This is a fictional story about sex with guys from an online chat site Its purely fiction as all these hit guys live far away Some gay, some straight and some bisexual. But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Didaka (7) ……. I sat there staring as Karan licked his cum off the gorgeous Didaka. Licking at that handsome face, then down his neck and on his chest. Taking up all the cum he had splattered in the hunk. Then he dropped back down to his knees. He licked some more cum that had fallen to Didaka’s belly. I looked to see his head next to that huge dick again. He turned and looked at the massive tube. “Suck it” Didaka then ordered Karan was quickly grasping at the huge cock. Holding it tightly in his greedy hand again. Squeezing the bloated shaft at the base. Didakas dick looking utterly massive in his hold. “Yeah mam” I said in my quiet “Suck that huge schlong man” Then he moved escort kocaeli in on Didakas huge cock. Opening his hungry mouth to the large weapon my hunky favorite online guy had. Then Didaka groaned deeply as his friend swallowed down his dick. It was a beautiful sight to watch him go down on Didaka. His mouth moving down that huge shaft. How I wished it were me. I would certainly go down further than the few inches he was taking. “Take him dude” I said “Take that gorgeous cock down” Karan continued to slobber over the 4 or so inches of the cock I desired. His hand stroked at that below his mouth. Pulling up and down the big shiny shaft. Meanwhile I was pulling harder on my own dick as I watched the hunk of my fantasies getting a great blow job. I was moaning lightly myself as I tugged in my aching cock. Trying to stroke in sinc with the movements of Didakas blowjob. “Yeah man. Suck that fucking dick” I moaned “Swallow all of it fucker” “Swallow” I opened my mouth again as if I were doing the blow izmit yabancı escort on that stud. My tongue came out and then I sighed “Ohhh Didaka” i groaned “Want that dick” My hand began to pump my dick faster now. Moving up and down my raging cock at a more heated pace. How I wanted to be Karan at that moment. Taking Didakas huge cock into my mouth. Worshiping the massive club like the whore I would become for him. I watched as Didaka started to thrust up into his friends face again. Karan gagging every other push from the man sitting. The sounds of his gags seemed to echo even here in the open. “Soo good Karan” Didaka said as he fucked his friends face “Suck my cock man” “Almost as good as woman” Karan continues to slobber on Didaka. Holding the fat base of the studs dick. His mouth moving over the head and the top of it. His hand began to furiously pump at Didaka dick. Didaka was moaning louder and louder as his friend sucked him. His hips thrusting up deeper izmit eve gelen escort as he fucked back. “Gonna cum man” he then shouted “Karan!!!” Karan released the man’s dick. Then he lay his head on Didakas belly. He continied to pulk in the cock in his hans. Didaka pushed up from the chair. His ass lifted off it. Then he fucked the hand holding his cock. “Yeahh baby. Cumming!” He shouted Then I watched as he sprayed Karan’s face with cum. Multiple shots of his seed blasted onto and even over his friends face. One hit Didaka on the chin. It was soo hit, I could no longer hold my dick off. And that’s when I came. Watching Didakas dick explode set me off. I too shot several blasts into the bushes. One hit so hard it made a loud ‘thwatt’. “Hmmf fuckk” I whimpered as I shot. Lucky for me Didaka was also moaning. Otherwise they might hear me. I shot in my hand and the bush six times. Didaka cum blast slowed to a trickle as Karan lay there on his lap covered in cum. How I wanted to rush over there and lick his face of the white cream. To finally taste my hunks goo. The hunk I still hadn’t met. The hunk I was stalking in a park. “Good show” came a voice behind me………….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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