Movie night with a new lover and a dog that might be a man.


I let the spray of hot water wash over me. The water hits my smooth body and runs in streams down my lithe figure, over my tender nipples, through the hills and valleys of my lightly muscled body, down my long, circumcised penis, around my legs, and pooling at my feet before gliding down the drain. Colors swirl in front of my eyes like blood in water. I’m still so high I can barely stand. I lean against the cool tiles and listen to the hiss of the water. The steam from the shower fills my nostrils. The satisfied once-full feeling of my freshly fucked behind dominates my lower body and I reflect on what happened. Flashes of passion come to me and I relive my night in the movie of memory.

I met him on a dating site. Some terrible thing you can download to your phone and be harassed at any moment during the day by potential suitors. Men believe in the power of sex, their strength coming from their hips, their tongues, their cocks, their asses, but few believe in the power of seduction. He was determined to entice me, to set my imagination afire with his language, and to accept nothing less than intimate intent from me. I gave myself to him in text. We talked for weeks and tonight was to be our first meeting. I wanted him. My body ached for him. My mouth watered at his name.

We were supposed to watch a movie. We both knew it would be more than that. He had described to me with carnal explicitness some of the things he had in store for me. For my body. But the pretense of a movie keeps everyone honest. As in, “Honestly, I didn’t realize I’d have his dick in my mouth tonight.”

When he opened the door, I was greeted by, not only his handsome clean shaven face, but the friendliest Pit Bull Terrier anyone has ever met. My date was tall (almost 6’5), a little on the stocky side, and had a casual, conventional attractiveness to him. A jawline for miles. Pale blue eyes, striking against his dark hair, eyebrows, and tan. As I closed the door behind me, he held out a pill and a couple of small brightly colored squares of paper.

“Quick. Take this. Put that under your tongue and hold it there.”

I took the powdery blue pill and stuck the tabs under my tongue.

“Hello to you, too.” I said, my salivary glands going crazy over this new addition to my mouth. I talked around the spit, trying not to drool. “Are you trying to roofie me? Is this what roofieing looks like?”

“Just making the night an interesting one. By the way, my roommate is coming home from work in about two hours.”

“I’m insulted! As though the night weren’t going to be interesting enough with just my company…and-AND the movie.” We picked something everyone liked, but that we’ve both seen before so we could watch it and enjoy it and still make out and not miss anything. He laughed.

“Can I take your sweatshirt?”

“Undressing me already, I see. CaN I TaKe YoUR pAnTs?” I asked sarcastically and let him lead me to his couch, an overstuffed brown sectional missing a section.

“You know, or you could leave it on if you’re more comfortable. And you can have my pants later. Although I doubt you’ll fit.”

“Are you making fat jokes, pal? I work hard to maintain my girlish figure.” I joked and rubbed my abdominal muscles through my shirt. He laughed again.

“I meant you’d be swimming in them.”

We watch the movie, with me on one side of the couch and him on the other. Ten minutes in, I decide this almanbahis won’t do and tell him to come closer to me. I snuggle up under his arm and, about halfway through the movie when the plot starts to make its first twists, I let him turn his head to me and I lift my face to his and we share a brief kiss. Then a longer kiss, his breath weighted and measured against mine. Our mouths touch, his stubble dances over my soft lips, then we open to let our tongues out to explore each other with a wet curiosity. Our tongues touch and roll over each other. I concentrate on the feeling of him probing my mouth and pull his face into mine. I breathe in his smell, leather and sandalwood, and I tuck myself into him as we kiss. The dog, who has been begging for attention the entire movie, jumps up into our laps and licks our faces as we kiss, his awful breath hot on our faces as his tongue rudely interrupts ours. We laugh and keep kissing, the dog’s tongue still lapping at our mouths and faces.

The goodwill of the drugs creeps into our evening and we continue the movie, more or less. We watch the good parts and make out through the slower parts.

He gets up.

“Would you like some 420?” He mumbles and comes back with a pipe that looks like a tube, and a lighter.

“Oh my God. Weed makes me so horny. I just don’t put that I like it in my profile because then everyone expects to toke up. I don’t have that kind of money.”

“Well I’m not going broke over some pot.”

He offers me the first hit. What a gracious host. I take dense fog into my lungs, my breath hitching a few times as I inhale.

He takes out his phone and puts on Tame Impala’s Currents. He takes a deep hit and blows it out.

“How do you feel?”

I take another deep breath of thick smoke, hold it, and set it free.

“Jazzed up. And super into you.”

Time bubbles outward, flexing its relativity.


My hightened perception can’t ignore the fact that everything was moving slightly slower than normal.

I get on my knees in between his legs as he stands over the couch, pipe in hand. There are rainbow flashing light trails behind each movement of my hands.

I undo his pants and pull them down to his knees. I take his whole flaccid member in my mouth, working it with my tongue and sucking on it until it straightens in my wet hole. I let it grow in length and girth on my tongue and graciously accept it to my throat as I press my face to his stomach. I massage it with my tongue as it fills my mouth and throat. It’s a comfortable fit. One I’d be able to come back to many times if I so desired. He takes a long draw off the pipe as I slowly suck him and let him glide through my lips: tight, but willing to accept his long, clublike appendage. My saliva grows thick and lubricates my enthusiastic endeavor. I bob my head and feel his shaft drag my lips in and out. I reach out to grasp ahold of his manhood, take it in my hand and squeeze gently as I begin to stroke in tandem with my mouth. He stiffens on my tongue as I do this. He likes it. Good.

He sets the pipe down as I work his thick, long meat pole with my mouth and hands, marvelling at the streaks of light and color coming off my hands, his legs, his dick. He takes me by the head and gently guides me up and down his cock. Fast, fast, fast, fast, sloooow, and he pushes me all the way down on his phallus, crowding my throat, making me gag. I keep going with tears in my eyes, my asshole almanbahis yeni giriş puckering involuntarily as I gag on his dick again and again. My saliva is now running out of my mouth, thick and frothy as he abuses the back of my throat with his man meat. Faster and faster he fucks my face, his hands on my head, thrusting me into his groin. Thrusting himself into my mouth. My host’s dog sniffs my ear curiously, making me swallow in surprise. The sudden motion of my tongue envelopes my host’s dick and he comes, heavily, thick cum pumping out of his member with hefty jerks and throbs. I swallow and swallow as warm slimy jizzm leaves his veiny cock, gathers on my tongue for a moment, and is flushed away by my natural aversion to drowning. He grooooaaaaans as I pull every drop from him with my mouth.

I’m seeing floating orbs of color as he leads me back to the bedroom. The dog appears at the doorway, now with a man’s body. Not quite dog, not quite man. Some other kind of creature. I’m drawing off my clothes, stripping for my host and this, this dogman. I feel the weight and the silky flow of the garments against my skin as I tease the two, who have their hands on their growing members through their pants and are toying with them dutifully. Nude, I draw dogman into the room and onto the bed, my penis painfully erect and pointing right at him.

My host kisses my neck from behind and reaches around to grasp my long, solid dick at the base. Dogman lowers his snout to my petrified wood and gives it a sniff, then a lick, then scoops my cock into his mouth and lets it glide back out over his tongue on his slippery saliva. It feels amazing. The grip of my host around the base of my cock enhances the sensations as dogman goes down on me. My cock dashes off the ridges of dogman’s upper palate, making me shiver with delight. My host pinches my nipple with his free hand. I feel pressure building in my inguinal area and I know if I don’t slow down, I’ll come soon. My knees go weak and I stumble back holding my dick.

“Isn’t a dog that’s gonna suck me. I’m gonna suck you. Weird dog man.” I grunt and bend over to unzip his pants.

“What’ll I do?” Asks my host.

“You’re gonna fuck me while I do it.”

Dogman stands to make my fumblings at his zipper easier. He takes off his shirt. He’s furry and muscled, his pecs and abs bulging from his torso. I hear the slick sounds of lube being applied to a dick and suddenly feel my host’s wet hand, applying the slimy liquid to my asshole. His fingers penetrate me as he does this, teasing me, relaxing my tight hole. Dogman’s dick springs from his underwear, pointing at me accusingly as if to say, “YOU did this. Now you have to fix it.” I put the head in my mouth and dogman’s long snout points to the ceiling in pleasure. I suck on the bulb, circling my tongue around the head, licking the valley of his glans. I feel my host’s dick head banging against my ass cheeks as he lines up on my asshole. He presses the head of his dick to my hungry ass. I arch my back and his mushroom head pops into my asshole. At the same time, I drop my mouth all the way down on dogman’s thick member. With my lips pressed to his pubic hair, I try to stick my tongue out and lick his balls, but there is a thick bulb in the way. I wonder how it would feel, locked in my ass like a plug. I sway from front to back, alternately sucking dogman and sliding on my host’s dick, jerking them both off with my lustful body. They both start to fuck me from each side, sliding almanbahis giriş in and out of my mouth, in and out of my ass. I moan into the dogman’s dick making him groan in turn.

“You. like. that. dick?” My host punctuates every word by slamming his hips into my ass.

“Mmmm-hmmmm” I moan. I look up and dogman’s mouth is open, tongue lolling to the side, panting. It looks like he’s smiling.

I feel the pressure and pleasure of my host’s hard cock sliding around inside of my asshole. My dick dances up and down, demonstrating the conservation of momentum as my host pounds my behind. I pull away from dogman’s dick and a string of spittle hangs between my lips and the tip of his pink meat column. I take a few breaths and then go back to work on the dick enthusiastically. My host starts fucking me harder, faster, until his hips and balls make rapid fire smacking noises against my ass cheeks. PAP PAP PAP PAP PAP

“I’m going to cum.”

I take the dick out of my mouth and jerk it rapidly.

“Come for me, baby.” I gasp into the dick like a microphone.


“I’m going to cum!” He cries.



He drapes himself over my back, hands on my hips, dick planted as far into me as it can be, cum leaking into my asshole as the last spasms of his orgasm squirt deep inside of me. I stand up and straddle dogman.

“Do you wanna stir this cum with your cock?” I ask the dogman, who now has human features: a crooked nose, brown eyes, brown hair cropped close to the head, and a glorious full beard.

Dogman nods and I press my penis to his chest and slide down until I’m hovering above his dick and slowly lower my loosened anus onto his thick cock. I feel slight pain as he stretches me with his pole. The pleasure overwhelms the pain and I roll my hips, grinding my erect rod between our sweaty stomachs.

I ride dogman’s cock with a fierce determination. My host’s jizzm is being agitated in my gut as dogman’s dick fills me.

I press my face to his, mashing my lips into his mouth. He opens his mouth and welcomes my tongue as I thrust my hips, using the friction of our bodies to get off. My cock glides between our stomachs pressed together and sliding up and down. I ride him hard and fast, his laborious breathing in my mouth, on my neck, in my ear. The traction of our stomachs against my flesh snake feels so nice as an addendum to the stirring my insides are taking from dogman’s dick.

“Oh! Oh my god!” Dogman starts to pant.


“Mmm. Yessss. Mix your cum with his. Fill me up.” I beg him in labored breaths.

Dogman grabs my hips and jostles me to make me go faster. My cock starts to throb and spews a stream of white lava into his chest hair. Gobs cling to his fur in milky drops. I roll my hips in tandem with his firm grip and I feel his already fat dick grow even fatter and release in a series of quick jerks, pulsing against my sphincter and inside of me!

“UNGH!” He exclaims as he empties into me while I milk him with motion. I stand and back up, a thin stream of cum leaking out of my asshole as it gapes in the absence of a fat cock. I lick my sperm from his abs and chest, savoring the slightly bitter taste and ignoring the bleachy smell that comes with a load that hasn’t been released in a day or two. I sit on the floor, finely fucked and panting.

My mind returns to the shower, the water starting to run cold. My dizziness has subsided and the rainbow colored spots have stopped floating in front of my closed eyes. I rub my body with soap, letting the suds run off me in a hazy torrent. I make a mental note. Next time, remember to bring a toy to keep the Pit Bull busy.

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