Doin’ the Boss Ch. 11


If nothing else K. Linford Little is predictable. I’ve said it before, and will say it again, the man is set in his ways.

He works 50 hours a week. He adores his daughters. Loves his wife too. Oh, I guess some might argue that, since he regularly asks for blow jobs from his girlfriend (that’s me!) that he doesn’t really love his wife. But I believe he really does love her. It’s just that he’s a guy, and like a lot of guys he loves oral sex. His wife doesn’t.

I guess if this were a movie, I’d be the stand in for the star, because I happen to enjoy giving him oral pleasure when his wife really doesn’t. Along the way I totally love being with the man.

I’ve been called a slut, or worse, but let me make it clear this is a two-way affair. We both use each other for something we really want. We do our best to maintain discretion, we don’t flaunt our affair in public…well, I mean, we’ve been caught or nearly caught numerous times…just not by his lovely spouse or anyone who could give us away.

As mentioned in numerous stories, Lin and I have been seeing each other for years and in nearly all of those meetings my mouth has found its way between his legs and sucked off his meaty cock. The man has an insatiable appetite for blow jobs. And I am a girl who likes to eat cock, so you might say we’re a perfect match.

Our meetings have to be discrete for obvious reasons, I don’t think his wife nor my boyfriend would appreciate our dalliances, so we take care to be careful of when and where we meet as to not draw unwanted attention from our better halves.

We’ve been an red-hot item for years, and have grown much closer over that time. We’d long since given up any hope of truly getting together as a couple, but we were soul mates in our own way. We each are able to live our own lives, but we find a way to get together and do what we like when we get the chance.

In recent weeks it had become harder and harder to get together. Lin’s daughters both participate in soccer so he was constantly zipping from work to practices or games and his weekends were packed with normal activities as well as youth tournaments. Still we got together whenever we could. Heck, Lin is an adventurous guy and I am a sap for a good story.

We’ve cavorted in parks and his office, but mostly in his car, although when his wife was definitely away for the day we’d head to another county and have a nice meal before I’d end up getting a meaty desert that I loved so much. On a few occasions Lin would travel overnight on business, and I’d join him for an overnight affair. It was great because we could be ourselves in a strange town.

I was thinking of one of our recent meetings when shopping at the mall, which reminded me I needed to visit Victoria’s Secret. Lin had given me a little three-package selection of panties, and after properly thanking him I asked him whether he really wanted me to wear them when I saw him.

In a way I was joking, of course, but knowing that some guys were excited to know their girls were not wearing panties I wondered out loud to Lin what he liked. He quickly responded he loved me in panties, that he loved looking up my skirts and dresses, and that even as long as we’d been together he still loved watching me exit the car when he opened my door.

“I love looking at your legs, and every once in a while seeing a panty flash is very, very exciting,” said my older lover. “It makes me want to jump you! And I thought the thong, the boy short and the traditional panties were a good selection for you.”

I reminded him that he always wanted to jump me, so seeing my undies couldn’t be that exciting, but knew what he meant.

Every once in a while Lin would call me at work and in the middle of talking about our day, work or whatever he’d ask what kind of panties I was wearing. It was always embarrassing trying to answer his simple question with others nearby.

So that conversation got me thinking about a recent Victoria’s Secret catalogue, which got me thinking about some of the mesh-back bikinis that were displayed, and I figured I’d surprise Lin with a couple of the new styles. Plus, they actually looked comfortable enough to wear to work too, which is a double benefit, because I love wearing sexy undies even if I was the only one knowing what was under my business appropriate dress.

In any event when Lin called me at work recently and asked if we could get together I was happy I had purchased the new panties and wondered not only if he’s casino siteleri actually notice them and if so if he’d like them.

It took a while for him to notice, but when he did, a big “wow” was all he could say.

“They are adorable,” said my former boss as we were walking along a path next to the river. I had lifted my skirt to give him a peek and his eyes nearly popped out.

From that point on he couldn’t keep his hands off my ass as we walked along. He only removed it when we came across others on the path, at which time we’d walk hand in hand. But once the coast was clear he’d have his hand slipped down my panties and on my ass.

On one occasion, when a motorboat was flying upstream, he lifted my skirt a little so a lot of leg was showing, and I swear from the yell of a guy from the boat he must have actually showed a little of my panty covered behind. Lin could be such a bad boy at times!

We’d talk about all kinds of things on our walks. It wasn’t always about sex, although most of the time we’d slip into the bushes away from civilization and I would practice my fellatio techniques on the man. We’d talk about our home life, he about his wife and kids and me my boyfriend, as somehow even though we loved each other we could still share our lives with others.

On this occasion he spoke about how his wife had demanded he discipline his elder daughter for continually staying out late, she was 14 going on 21, and I think his wife worried the girl was growing up too soon.

“We grounded her, and that sent her off pouting, but then we found out she was raiding Mary’s purse…not too much, a few dollars here and there, but she gets an allowance and doesn’t really want for anything. She just wanted to get some things at the mall that her mother wouldn’t allow…I think panties like these might have been on order…and Mary was totally pissed. She wanted me to get the belt out and spank her behind.”

I had to laugh. Lin couldn’t harm a flea, so I couldn’t imagine him spanking his daughter. But I decided to go with the flow. “Oh, I bet you’d just love to spank a girl’s ass, wouldn’t you?”

Lin looked at me like I was from outer space.

“She’s my daughter, so don’t go there.”

I replied I wasn’t sure where I was going. The girl needed to be taught a lesson, and I remember when I was a teenager getting a few swats on my ass from my father.

“Yea, well with my luck they’d arrest me for child abuse or for being a pervert or something,” said Lin.

I reminded him his wife asked him to do it, but that maybe grounding the girl for more than a couple days might do the trick.

We continued our walk, and although we talked about numerous topics the one we kept getting back to was Lin’s firm hand on a behind, but not his daughter’s. Rather, he wondered if I had been a bad girl?

My mom didn’t raise a dummy.

“Oh, Lin, I am sorry, I was bad…it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t want me to suck your dick…and spank me instead for being so insolent.”

Lin sternly said he was thinking about doing just that, because I had been such a bad girl. And he told me that keeping his cock away from my mouth was only going to be part of my punishment!

We turned off the main park path and walked toward a campsite about a hundred yards away. It’s a place where I had fellated the man numerous times in the past, as it was off the beaten path and away from prying eyes. The best part about it was that because of the overgrown trees you could have some privacy, and that if someone else was thinking about using the site for whatever you could generally hear them maneuvering through the woods.

Of course, there was always a chance of a boat going past, as it was relatively open toward the river, and you never knew whether it was a special spot for a fisherman, but generally speaking it was private and secluded.

Walking hand in hand down the lane of bushes and trees I wondered what was going to happen, I was sort of anticipating giving Lin a blow job but wondered if my teasing might get me a spanking.

It had been several years since I’d had my buns burned. Oh there was the occasional smack during lovemaking, when my boyfriend would move me on top of him and, while I was controlling the action he’d gingerly plant swats on my bouncing ass. The last time I’d actually received a spanking was when Jerry Lee Richardson thought he was god’s gift to the world, and for about a month so did I.

Jerry güvenilir casino Lee was a bad boy, and when I’d broken up with my then boyfriend he’d started coming around trying to horn dog in on my affections. I didn’t think so, but you know how liquor can sometimes get the best of you. One Saturday night I’d had too many and when Jerry Lee offered a ride home I took it. I didn’t realize we’d parked on the way home, I think I passed out, and soon I realized my head was bobbing on his cock. I don’t know how long I’d been sucking on the guy, only that he came within a minute of me becoming aware of his cock attack on my mouth.

He poured me out of his car at my house, as since breaking up with my boyfriend I was living back at home, and the next morning I felt awful. I remembered lowering my head toward the vehicle and calling him a fucking asshole before he left — how original was that — but not a lot more of the evening.

At least I did until the next day when a phone call from Jerry Lee surprised me at work. He wanted to see me, and for some reason I said yes, even though I really didn’t like him and I really didn’t like the way he used me the Saturday night before.

Things happen when you are in the midst of a breakup. Dumb things. The following night we had dinner then went back to his place to watch a movie, but what he really wanted to do was make out and, well, fuck. I wasn’t ready for that, but he was insistent. Still, I held my ground and offered a blow job. Jerry Lee, though, had some other ideas.

“Let me feel your ass, Robyn, I’ve loved that ass for years. Then you can blow me.”

See, such a considerate guy! Not.

But I figured if I could keep him out of my pussy with a little ass rubbing that would be a good trade, and I okayed what I thought was the deal. He asked that I sort of dance a little for him, then lower my jeans. I did, doing a little shimmy and then pealing down first my jeans and then, very slowly, my panties, baring my ass to his view.

Jerry Lee gave a few wows and ahs, directing me over so he could feel my ass. He slowly played with my ass before asking me to get onto my knees. I turned, only to have him pull me over his knees.

“You need to be taught a lesson, Robyn, and I am just the man to do it. You are such a cock tease, always swaying your ass around. Now you are going to pay!”

I had no idea what he was talking about, but before I could scram my head was pushed down on a pillow and my bare ass was high in the air. Soon the man was spanking my ass with firm, hard strokes. He stopped counting after 20 and all I knew was my ass was burning.

Calling him a bastard in cries muffled by the pillow I too the spanking as best I could. I could feel my ass redden to his spanks and no matter what I did it hurt more and more. I attempted to move away but he had too good a grip, and even moving my ass around only mean I was getting hit on different parts of my ass.

When it was over he rubbed my ass and told me how pretty it looked in red, reminding me that now that he had spanked and marked my ass I was his. I didn’t say anything at the time, only tried to think of way out of my predicament.

So I got on my knees and blew him.

What guy doesn’t like a blow job, and I figured Jerry Lee would be a quieter, gentler guy if I took care of his meaty wang. I was right, because after I let his load dribble out of my mouth and onto my hands and his midsection he just laid back and luxuriated in the after sensations of my mouth magic.

I never saw him again, blowing him off at every opportunity and making sure he knew I’d never go out with him again. I think he was relieved, actually, because he had gotten what he had wanted from me.

Thinking back to that date while walking back to the campsite with Lin brought back numerous memories. I know I hated being spanked and force to suck cock — I love doing it on my terms but not that way — but by the same token on several occasions since while masterbating with my trusty wooden hairbrush I’d fantasize about being in that same kind of submissive situation again.

It was as if Lin could read my mind. As we neared the campsite he started quizzing me about various transgressions I’d recently had. Like maxing out a credit card, flirting with some guys at a bar, and having the nerve to not suck his dick on command. Each had a story to it…the credit card was a simple $1,000 max one, the guys were all friends, and the reason I didn’t canlı casino suck Lin off was that time in the car was there was a cop in the other lane.

But for this fantasy they each were terrible, punishment deserving offenses.

We arrived at the campsite and Lin pulled me close, kissed me and told me he loved me. Then he changed characters on the dime.

“Alright Robyn, you asked for this,” said my stern boyfriend. “It’s time for you to pay!.”

I didn’t know whether to reach for my purse or something else, but I didn’t have to worry long. Lin walked over to a picnic bench and sat down. He waved me over, unbuckled my jeans, and slowly maneuvered them down my legs. He stopped when they got to my knees, then reach up and looked at my panties. “These are whorish, and you will pay for that too.” He lowed my panties to my knees too, then me across his knees.

“You know, Robyn, I can’t spank my daughters, so you will get a few for them as well.”

“But Lin…”

“But Lin nothing, you are a wanton slut and you deserve everything I’m going to give you.”

With that a firm hand came ringing out of the air and smacked my bare ass. The loud crack on my ass was like hearing a tree fall. That swat was followed quickly by three more and I realized he wasn’t kidding around. Lin was really spanking me.

“So Robyn, when did you fuck your boyfriend last?”

I couldn’t lie. “Wednesday morning before he went to work.”

“And you kissed me Wednesday night after work…you slut.” Stern hits came raining down on my ass as I was punished for fucking my boyfriend. It didn’t matter that Lin regularly fucked his wife, I was the one being spanked not him.

I realized that Lin’s dick was pushing up against my midsection. Apparently the spanking was having a desired effect on the man, getting him hotter and hotter with each swat on my formerly white ass.

“I’ve been so bad, Lin, I fucked him twice last week,” I said, throwing fuel on the fire.

Lin spanked me for more than a minute. I lost count of the number of swats my ass took, but I knew there were many. I felt my ass warm by the stroke, and I actually began crying from the onslaught.

“Please stop, please stop, I’ll be good,” I cried, actually meaning every word because my ass was killing me.

The man took mercy on me. Oh, he saved five of his hardest swats for last, but he then stopped. Over the next few minutes he gently rubbed my ass, soothing it, before reaching around an slipping his finger onto my pulsing clit and then sliding his finger into my slopping wet pussy. It only took a minute for me to writhe in orgasm by his finger. I was vibrating on his legs as if I was plugged into an electric socket.

“Oh Robyn, thank you, that was exquisite,” said my man after he’d taken me to cloud nine.

That drew all words out of my mouth. It left me speechless, and I felt sort of stupid lying across his legs. I moved off and noticed his pants were soaked with my white wetness. He looked into my eyes with some concern as I rubbed my hurting ass, but then his eyes opened wider with wonderment as I dropped to my knees and unbuckled his pants.

Pulling his cock out of his underwear, I attacked his cock with my hand. Oh he had used his hand to spank my ass, but I had better use for mine. I jerked his cock off and was amazed at how large it appeared. I mean, it was probably the same size as the hundreds of times I had seen it, but it just looked larger and more powerful.

Lin mumbled words I couldn’t ascertain but imagined they were good. I jerked the dick faster and faster and could tell he was nearing nirvana, it pulsated to my touch. Lowering my head I took only the tip of his cock into my mouth and kept my hand pistoning up and down the shaft. Soon I got my sticky wet reward as he shot wads and wads of cum into my beckoning mouth.

I didn’t stop jerking him off, even after he shot his load, and kept milking the tip. He loved that, saying he didn’t because it was too sensitive but never moving me away. I swallowed his baby batter, saving his wife another pregnancy or something, and getting a protein shake that undoubtedly would help my complexion as my friend Jane Ann used to joke.

Finished, I laid my head against his crotch as he slowly stroked my hair. We were there a couple minutes before hearing some movement in the bushes, so we quickly made ourselves presentable. Just in time, too, because soon three young boys came into the campsite clearing with their fishing rods.

As we walked by Lin told the guys he hoped they would catch something. Walking away I could swear I could hear one of the guys said something about wondering if that old guy knew his daughter was hot looking.

If only they knew the whole story.

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