Dolly Part Two


Dolly Part TwoDollyPart TwoBy theduck1930This story is true. It really happened and was one of the best times of my life. The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent if there are any.Dolly had two sisters. They were as different as could be. No one that did not know them would never connect them as being family. Dorothy was rather large framed and stable, she had married a nice man and a true outdoorsman. He had leased public land that had lots of Salal Brush and harvested it selling it to florist wholesalers. Dorothy was always pleasant and responsible. You could always count on her to be as good as her word. She was a good housekeeper and cook. Her hair was dark brown and eyes to match. Large tits and stocky legs.The other sister Vi was quite different. You could not count on her word at all. She would ask to get her car serviced and then forget to pay for the service – things like that. But she was a cougar. Vi was taller than Dolly, thin small tits almost nonexistent and would fuck as the opportunity arose. She was a nice fuck nothing exceptional just straight missionary and anytime her husband was out of sight. If she wanted to fuck you she would send hubby on some errand and tell him when to come home.Dolly wanted to go visit Vi one day and spend the night. She asked me to drive her over and forgot to inform me we were going to spend the night. It was a Saturday as I was not working then there was no problem. I was working swing shift so I had little sleep. I usually slept til noon after I had gotten home. Dolly had called around nine o’clock that day waking me. I agreed to take her over and got dressed and ate a midmorning breakfast and left to pick her up.Vi had moved into a large house with water frontage on the bay, it had a nice yard but kinda tore up inside. One other nice thing about it was the privacy the yard provided. Vi was excited to show it off even so the need for maintenance was very apparent.We sat visiting the whole day and exploring the yard. Vi and Howard – her husband – seemed to be glad to have us. Vi even went all out fixing lunch and supper for us, all-be-it we sat around the living room to eat. The house had a finished basement – finished like trashed out living space. But it wasn’t really too bad. There was a full-size bed in a room with a closet and outside the kaçak iddaa door was the laundry. The only sink was a stationary sink used for doing laundry. This is where we were to sleep.We had been in the living room chatting, all four of us. The two women disappeared, leaving me with Howard. Not having anything in common the TV was on that saved us from staring at each other. I finally got up and went looking for Dolly and Vi, I found them in the master bedroom on the bed talking. I sat down on one edge. Dolly was sitting against the footboard and Vi was sitting on a pillow with her back against the headboard. My back began to bother me as we sat there talking so I lay down on my stomach so I could face either end while we talked.She had her knees spread with her ankles crossed. That gave me an unexpected up-skirt view of Vi’s panties which were quite scanty. The center price was folded into her slit exposing her shaved cunt lips. Surprisingly to me, she was shaved clean. I could not keep my eyes off the view. Dolly was sitting, the same but her skirt was folded down between her legs, I’d seen her pussy before anyway and would, again later on this evening anyway. Vi’s panties were pink from what I could tell. That piqued my interest to visit. I am sure Vi noticed my interest, though she never changed position or tried to tuck her dress down between her legs.Later Dolly and I went to bed in the basement room. And got ready for bed. I had to pea and Dolly said, “Pea in the sink. It is the only place to do that.”“OK,” I said. Dolly had to watch. She just loved to view cock. She licked her lips then wiped her hand across them. I shook the piss drop off and it landed on the back of her hand which she had on the sink lip. I found a rag and turned the water on to flush the trap and wet the cloth and Dolly rinsed her hand.In bed Dolly laid her head on my stomach facing south playing with my cock. Just running her hand over it and my balls, she was moaning at the same time. My cock was getting hard and lifting off my stomach. That seemed to fascinate her. She moved her head closer to it so she could take the head into her mouth and lick the pee hole as she felt my nuts bouncing them up and down. All I could get out of her was Mmmmmm.And MMMmmmmm.I reached for her butt and pulled it toward me and told her to get her legs kaçak bahis over my face so I could taste her pussy. Gaud I loved the flavor of her pussy juice as it trickled out into my mouth. I licked her baby hole eliciting more of her cum to trickle out as she pressed her hips onto my face tighter and moaning louder. Her head was bobbing on my prick faster and her mouth was sucking harder. I could feel precum oozing out of my cock into her mouth. Then suddenly her hips dropped heavily onto my face and I had her clit in my mouth and I sucked on it hard. I got a load of fluids on my chin and neck. I could feel her stomach muscles spasming, her legs straightened and her full weight was on me. She was jerking involuntarily all over me. My cock had slipped out of her mouth and I was so close to cumming but could not finish. I grabbed her ass cheeks and moved her so I could catch more of her cum in my mouth.Dolly finally settled down enough to roll off me and turned over on her back with her legs spread wide. That was my invitation to mount her missionary and fuck her cunt. I had to cum or pass out. I rammed my cock into her and pumped in and out at jackhammer speed. It didn’t take long and I shot my wad deep into her vagina pasting her cervix opening with it. Dolly was yelling in my ear, I’m cumming again, OH GAUD I’M DOIN IT AGAIN. GAUD BEN OH GAUD. Then she quieted and her breathing came hard in gasps.Vi came running in out of breath, wanting to know what was wrong. Dolly had control over her breathing by then and said, “OH GOD Vi, everything is ok. Ben just made me cum harder than I’d ever cum in my life. So can we have our privacy now?”“Oh, I’m sorry Dolly. I thought you were in trouble. Sorry.” and Vi left.Dolly and I laughed together having caused so much commotion.A few days later Dolly found she needed some more money. She called her brother-in-law and asked if she could pick some brush on his lease. He gave his approval telling her which lease to pick. She called me and asked, “Ben have you ever picked brush?”“No,” I replied, “I never have.”“Well I need to pick brush and would you drive me to the lease area?”“Yeah. I’d love to. I like being out in the forest.”“Good. I’ll prepare lunch for us. Pick me up Saturday morning as early as you can. Better come over when you get off work Saturday morning and sleep here. illegal bahis Drive your pick-up and bring a change of clothes. There could be heavy dew on the brush and dry clothes will feel good.”“OK. I’ll do that. I’ll get to eat your pussy again for an after-work snack. I can taste you already. Too bad we won’t be able to startle Vi again.” and we both laughed.Saturday morning I drove over to Dolly’s and knocked on her door. She sleepily opened it saw me and grabbed me dragging me in. Took my hand leading me to the kitchen. She fixed a sandwich and warm milk for me setting it in front of me and hugged me from behind kissing my neck.“MMMMmmmm,” I said. Then I ate my bedtime snack.We went to bed and Dolly did a repeat of Vi’s basement. We had some great sex that night. She had sent her k**s off to stay at Vi’s for the weekend. So noise was not going to disturb anyone. We well would have as Dolly was screaming again.We woke around nine-thirty and ate breakfast. Then put the lunch in my pick-up and headed out to the lease. Dolly showed me how to pick brush so she could get the best price. I learned a lot about being a brush picker that day. There had been a heavy dew out here the night before so the brush was heavy with dew and we got wet, and our dry clothes would feel good when we finished.We stopped for lunch and the hot coffee hit the spot. Dolly had put together several sandwiches and two apples and tow oranges. Along with apple pie slices. Then it was back to work. Around four o’clock we had the back of the pick-up filled higher than the cab roof and tied down. The dew had dried off the brush and there was plenty of dry area around now. We stripped out of our wet clothes including our underwear. I always carried a couple of blankets in my pick-up. One never knows if an overnight stay in the woods would happen. I got them out and laid them on the ground and Dolly just smiled and lay down on them. I joined her, and we made love licking and sucking and fucking til we were so satiated I at least could not get hard again even with her sucking me. I was drained. Dolly looked satisfied also and her face glowed with that sexual satisfaction that looked like a halo topped off the top of her head.We dressed and headed for the brush barn and unloaded the truck. Dolly’s brother-in-law tagged our bails and Dolly got a check a week later from him in the amount of two hundred dollars. Not bad for a day’s work. He said she got that much because there was so little cleaning to be done. Almost every hand was perfect.To be continued

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