Subject: Dominic Pt 2 The following story is pure fiction. A product of my own delusional mind. All regular disclaimers apply. Nifty keeps you cumming please keep Nifty going. Donate fty/donate.html Any feedback is welcome Mr Collins doesn’t have a name anymore. From now on he will be whoever and whatever I want him to be. I’ve never been dominant with anyone before but I was enjoying this new adventure. What I learned about domination and humiliation I learned from watching alot of porn. It’s games I’ve always yearned to play. It came naturally to me the first time, and I know I rattled him when we were in the change rooms. I haven’t told him about my past experiences and maybe I won’t. But when Tuesday rolls around I’m gonna be a very lucky 13 year old at the expense of my new toy. It was Saturday morning, I had just come from gym and was fresh out of the shower. I sat down with a bowl of fruit for brekkie and sat down paging through a men’s magazine. My thoughts weren’t by my actions but rather by Dominic. I had a raging boner but I had to obey my Dom. Maybe he would know if I had jerked off or maybe not. I sat with that cum leaking boner for about an hour, trying everything I could to get distracted but nothing worked. Like a guilty little boy I walked off to the bathroom. I locked the door and pulled down my pants. I stood in front of the mirror just looking at my long slender cock. My pubes were shaven and my balls were swollen with cum that was aching to burst out. I let my pre cum drip down my leg as I stood there just watching my dick bounce up and down. I moved over to the toilet, took my cock in my left hand and started rubbing at my cockhead. Running my thumb and forefinger over my head slowly. I didn’t want to cum, but I had to do something. I was trying to edge by pinching my balls, I zipped up before I shot a load and went downstairs to have some coffee. I was headed over to Mr Collins house. I had escort bayan spent most of my Friday wanking and still my dick was pulsating in my pants. I was going to get my rocks off today and he was gonna help. I loved being the dominant partner. It excited me and thrilled me to know that I was in full control of him. His behavior and his sex drive was dictated by me. I was the one who gave the orders and he had to submit. I had something special planned for Tuesday so I didn’t want to go to wild today. But I’m sure he’s gonna be begging me for more by the end of today. It was just after 2pm when there was a knock on the door. My heart stopped beating for a minute. I wasn’t expecting anyone. There stood Dominic in his football uniform. The blue jersey complimented his eyes and the scruffy blonde hair made him look even more sexy. The grass stained white pants showed off his fat knob in the front and his perfectly rounded bubble butt at the back. “Hey Dominic. Hurry inside. You’re a sweaty mess. ” I closed the door and as I turned around he slapped me hard across the cheek with his big but soft boy hands. ” Who the fuck gave you the right to talk to me like that” he spat as I stood there frozen in the spot. It felt so good slapping him so hard. I could see his cheek was red and probably burning from the sudden sting. Having control over a man that is 30 yrs older than me was fucking epic. “Go sit on the couch you fowl mouthed fag” I ordered him and he duly obeyed. This was alot of fun, it sent sparks up my spine and bolts of lightning into my cock. When I got to the couch I put my hands around his head and kissed him deep. Today Mr Collins was gonna beg. “I’ve such an idea you been wanking your dick ignoring what I told you. Am I right? ” He whined about wanting to but didn’t. I couldn’t care. I put his hands on the waist of my pants, hooking his thumbs under the elastic. ” Take it off old man, slowly”. He did as kocaeli escort bayan he was told and then his jaw dropped to the floor and I knew why. He was face to face with my swollen cock constrained in the confines of my jock pouch. I always wore jock straps when practicing football and my fat cock was struggling to get out of that pouch. “Take a good look at what you see. But only look, your not getting to touch it today”. Sweet Lord but this boy had a great cock, long and thick and juicy. I could see the pre-cum dripping from his jock pouch. And that ass was magnificent. Perfectly rounded, tight, smooth and dimpled on each cheek. I was going to have to take my chance and ask him if I can fuck it, but not today. He told me to take off my shirt and I obeyed. He straddled my lap with his ass pointing back and his hot sweaty cock pushed against mine through the fabric of my pants. He started humping my cock with his own, a slow steady rhythm that made my cock pulsate even more. He kissed me and it was hot, his tongue was rolling around mine, caressing it softly, biting the tip of my tongue and then setting back into the rhythm of sucking and exploring my mouth with his tongue. It was in the way he kissed that I knew this wasn’t his first time. This boy was no amateur, even at the tender age of 13 he knew exactly what he was doing. His tongue slid from my mouth and down my neck, licking it’s way up and down my slender neck till he found my adams apple and there he started sucking. Like a baby to his mothers breast he was suckling on my adams apple. I threw my head back as I moaned in ecstasy, my heart throbbed in my chest as my cock throbbed in my pants. I could feel his body surrender underneath me as I sucked on his neck. My lips moved from his adams apple to the crease where it meets with his shoulder and still I kept on sucking at his flesh. I guided my tongue back up the older kocaeli escort man’s neck till I found his ear. I tongue fucked his ear for a bit feeling his body tremble. I zoomed in on his ear lobe and the soft kisses soon turned into small, harsh nibbles. I could have torn his ear off and he wouldn’t mind, that’s how whipped he was. He was a boy lover in every sense of the word and I was taking full advantage of the situation. I removed my football jersey and ripped the buttons from Mr Collins ‘ shirt. Exposing his smooth and well defined chest. I started biting his nipples, quick flicks of the tongue in between harsh little bites. His adult body was shaking from the pleasure inflicted by my burning youthful mouth. Dominic started grinding his sweaty bubble butt, still wearing his jockstrap, against my groin. Grazing my balls with his ass crack making my cock pound for release but he wouldn’t let me take my pants off. I begged him. “Please, let’s cum together, let’s get naked. Totally naked please” but he just ignored my pleas and carried on assaulting my body with his mouth and teasing my cock with his firm ass. His cock was pressed against mine as he kept on humping my crotch. “Oh fuck, dear Lord Dominic please fuck me” He was deaf to my cries. I tried to cradle his bubble butt in my hands, to feel the smoothness of the firm hot bum cheeks that was grinding the cum from my balls. When my hand rested on his ass and my fingers started exploring the hidden crevices of his crack, he bit down on my nipple so hard that I immediately retracted my hands. He started moving faster, he was ready to cum, I could feel the heat from his body. He lifted himself up, pulled his cock out of his jock and jerked his load off onto my red, sore bitten chest. He kept on slapping his cock against me as he shot load after load. By the time he stopped cumming I had shot my load in my pants. It was hot and thick and seeping through the fabric. He looked at me and said “You’ll suffer your punishment on Tuesday. I told you not to cum.” He got up, wiped his cock clean against my trouser. Got dressed and left without even a goodbye. But I knew he would be back on Tuesday. Any comments welcome

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