Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 05


There are no characters in this story that are less then eighteen years of age. This story is pure fiction. Any resemblance to any real person, living or dead, is coincidental and was not the intent of the author.


I lay there beside Mercy and Carol, mesmerized by their beauty. They were sisters, but they really did not look that much alike. One was tall and had lovely brown, almost black, hair. Her breasts were large, but in proportion to the rest of her body. Her facial features were beautiful, but totally different from her pretty sister’s face.

Mercy was smaller, but had giant breasts. They held up firm, straight and proud, with hard nipples pushing out a good half inch.

Both women had molded hips and thighs, tapering down to shapely legs and tiny feet.

Mercy’s eyes actually twinkled with the joy of life. She was quick to smile or laugh, even at herself, if a situation called for laughter.

Carol too, had a great sense of humor; she was just quieter than her sister. Her smile was sensual and seemed to hold a hidden meaning. She had the poise of a duchess.

And there I was, a common serf in the Duchess’ bed.

Carol turned to face me, reaching out for my embrace.

I pressed in close to her warm, soft body. Taking her into my arms, I kissed her gently on her scarlet lips.

She responded by wrapping her arms around me pulling me to her body. When her hips came into contact with my own, she ground her pussy into my penis.

I started to become aroused, once again.

While this was going on I could feel Mercy’s hands on my back, as she spooned in close. Looking over my shoulder and down to where Carol’s hips joined with mine, I felt Mercy reaching down and taking hold of my cock. Stroking it gently, she asked, “Do you want it inside of you, Carol?”

“Oh yes, Mercy, put him inside my pussy. I want him to fuck me right now. Please Mercy, do it now.”

Mercy did just that. First she pulled back on my long cock, then placed the tip in the mouth of Carol’s pussy, then guided it inside of her.

Once I was inside, Mercy started tickling my balls with her finger tips.

I was in Heaven. Here I was, sandwiched between two beautiful women. My cock was buried in one’s pussy, while the other was teasing my balls. Things just couldn’t possibly get any better. But just then, they did get better, a lot better.

She started kissing her way down the center of my back. I could feel the tickle of her tongue, as she went lower and lower. All the way down to the crack of my ass, she went. Once there, she painted small circles on my ass cheeks with her tongue. Mercy pushed my legs apart, and pressed in, and licked the sensitive area between my scrotum, and my ass crack. When her tongue licked, and teasing that area, I was whimpering, with the unearthly pleasure of her.

Carol knew exactly what her younger sister was doing. There had been many times she had rimmed a guy’s ass, while Mercy was fucking him. They often played that way with each other, so Carol knew first hand how good Mercy was with this kind of action.

They were both experts at bringing a man to the peak of his sexual lust, then holding him there, until they had extracted all of the pleasure out of him, for themselves as well.

Mercy pulled my ass cheeks wide apart, and plunged her pointed tongue deep into my anus.

I must have jumped a little, my pleasure casino siteleri gage shot up, and busted through, 100%.

All this time, Carol’s hips were moving, slowly screwing my hard cock. Her arms were wrapped around my body, holding me against her breasts. Her lips covered my face with kisses. She whispered into my ear, “Fuck me baby, move that big cock in my pussy.”

I started slowly pushing my cock in and out of Carol. She had made the adjustment to my size, and was moving with me. Obviously, she wanted every inch of me inside of her.

“Oh Jimmy,” she moaned, “mommy wants all of you inside of her. Oh fuck me deep baby, push all the way inside of me.”

I did as she asked. I pushed all the way inside of her.

In the meantime, Mercy was eating out my asshole, in a frenzy.

“Oh Mercy, your tongue feels fantastic.”

I was feeling extreme pleasure from both front and back. I wanted it to last, and last, but I’m only human, I knew it would not take long before the dam broke wide open.

Carol was moving like some sort of snake dancer under me, so my cock was feeling the inside of her pussy from every position. It was amazing the way she moved.

Mercy now lay on my back, and started to move her hips against my ass like she was fucking my ass hole. “Do you like that, little brother,” she asked? “Do you like it, when I’m riding your ass like this? Don’t you think is would be really hot, if I had a cock to slide into your cute little bum hole?”

I nodded my head dreamily, as I continued to fuck her sister, Carol, slowly and deeply.

When she saw me nod my head, Mercy have a little squeal of delight, and jumped up off my ass, and opened the night stand drawer. She started rummaging through the drawer. She came out with a jar of KY jelly, and a strap-on cock.

The next think I could feel was Mercy’s finger, covered with KY jelly pushing against my pucker hole. She smeared the slippery jelly all around my anus. She pushed a lot of the jelly into my ass- hole.

Mercy whispered into my ear, “Do you know what I’m going to do now, little brother? I’m going to fuck you in the ass, with my strap-on. I don’t want you to worry, baby. I’ll be very slow, and gentle, but you have to relax back there, and just let it happen. If you do, I promise you, it will be the most erotic thing, that has ever happened to you. I’ll be gentle, don’t you worry, I would never do anything, that would hurt you, baby.”

Then I could hear Mercy strapping herself into the contraption.

I could feel Carol’s legs twine around mine, spreading them as wide as they would go. Her hands were on my ass cheeks, spreading them to open my anus as much as possible.

Both Carol and I had stopped moving our hips. We were both waiting on Mercy. I don’t mind admitting, waiting with not just a little apprehension, on my part.

I felt Mercy move against my back. The tip of the artificial penis was pressed against my asshole. She did not push yet, but was just letting me get used to the idea of being entered this way. Then, she pushed against the valve at the entrance of my bum hole. She pushed just enough so the head was inside the ass entrance.

“How does it feel so far, little brother?” Mercy panted into my ear.

“It feels rather strange, Mercy,” I answered her.

“Does it hurt,” she asked?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt, it just feels, well, strange, like I said before.”

Mercy güvenilir casino pushed in a little farther, then pulled back, and pushed in again, just a little farther than before. She started moving in and out, never forcing her way, but she pushed just a little farther each time.

“Hmm,” I said, “it is starting to feel very good, keep it up, Mercy, I think I am starting to like it.”

“I told you that you would like this, little brother. Carol and I do this with each other lots of times, and we both enjoy being fucked in the ass.”

Carol started moving her hips again, and caressed my face, planting wet kisses from my throat to my forehead. She was becoming more and more excited with each passing second. Her hips were moving more urgently now. Her snake-like movements were much more forceful.

Mercy, too, was becoming lost in her own lust and started moving her strap-on hip attachment a little faster, but still being careful not to hurt my bum hole.

I was sandwiched between the two beautiful sisters, and loved every movement. I had lost track of how many times I had climaxed today, and right at this minute, I could have cared less. I did know one thing, though: I was about to cum again. Mercy’s artificial cock had penetrated far enough inside my ass, I could feel the tip rubbing against my prostrate. The sensation was so pleasurable, I could not hold back any longer.

Carol seemed to be able to sense this, and ground into my groin, in a frenzy.

“I’m cumming,” I gasped.

“Me too,” Mercy said. She was moving herself on my back. The rubber cock moved from side to side in me. This gave me an even deeper massage on my prostate.

I could feel my juices rushing through the tubes between my balls and my cock head.

As soon as Carol felt my warm cum shoot into her hungry pussy, she climaxed herself, giving out a low moan of pleasure. Her pussy muscles seemed to be massaging my cock shaft, drawing every last drop of my cum.

Mercy was not quite through yet. She was determined to enjoy one last perversity before she relaxed. She pulled herself out of my bum and slid down the bed, forcing her head between Carol’s hips and mine. She took my cock out of her sister’s pussy, and plunged her mouth over it. She licked and sucked up every last drop of Carol’s and my essence. To her, this was a delicious cocktail, just too yummy to pass up. Once she had cleaned my cock of every drop of our cum, she turned to her sister’s pussy.

Carol moaned with pleasure when her felt her little sister’s tongue penetrate her pussy lips. “Oh my god, Mercy, please don’t stop, you’ve set me on fire,” she said, “Don’t you dare stop, until you have put that blaze out with your tongue.”

Mercy started licking Carol’s pussy harder. Not just for her own pleasure, but to satisfy her sister’s needs as well.

I was laying on my side in their bed, watching the erotic performance the two sisters were putting on. Despite the fact that I had just climaxed myself, I was becoming sexually aroused at the sight of them. I started playing with myself as I watched the sex show.

The two sisters were really going at it now.

I didn’t want to be left out of the action, I swung myself around so my mouth and face came within inches of Mercy’s clean shaved pussy. She was already wet and ready, so I started licking all around her pussy lips.

When Mercy felt my tongue licking her, she have canlı casino a squeal of delight. “Oh Jimmy,” she called, “You are such a good little pussy licker.”

When I heard this, I started licking a little bolder. I wanted to give Mercy as much pleasure and joy as she had given me just a few minutes ago.

Mercy reached down and grabbed a fist full of my hair, so that she could move my mouth to the exact spot where she needed me the most.

My tongue reached past her folds of skin and started in on her clit. I was sucking and licking it as fast as I could.

Mercy called out, “Oh yea, baby, lick and suck on my clit. I’m about to shoot off right into Heaven. Yea, suck it, please, my sweet baby, suck me hard.” She was grinding my face into her slit, her mind was completely blown with lust.

I licked and sucked at her clit, with all my power. I could tell she had three or four climaxes already, but she still needed more, so I just kept right on licking and sucking.

I never really took notice, but while I was sucking Mercy’s pussy, I felt something warm and wet, giving my own cock pleasure. When I looked down it was Carol, engrossed in sucking off my cock. She knew I had at least one more load of cum, and she was determined to get it.

So there we were, a sixty-nine plus one position, or better described as a triad. I was sucking Mercy, while she sucked on Carol, while Carol played with me.

I could not believe just how lucky I was. Here I lay, with two stunningly beautiful nymphomaniacs, whose hearts’ delight was to suck me and fuck me half to death. This is like every man’s dream.

Less than a week ago, I was a dumb virgin kid, who had hardly ever used his cock for anything other than to pee with. Yes, it was true, I had two broken legs but what patient ever had two nurses such as these to give me their tender loving care until I was fit enough to have uninhibited sex with the two of them?

Then, to top things off, the two women were going to take care of my financial needs to get through university. All I was required to do was return during summer break and end-of-semester breaks to be sucked and fucked some more. Now is that a sweetheart deal, or what?

Both women were enjoying climax after climax. I was starting to get very close myself. Carol reached up and pulled the loose skin of my scrotum down, stretching the skin, but at the same time, stimulating by balls to give up yet another load of my cum.

Tomorrow, I knew my balls were going to ache so much I would most likely not even get out of bed. Right now, though, I gave very little thought to my future problem. I just had to give up one more load.

“I’m getting close, Carol,” I called. “It’s almost here, just a few more sucks and licks. Here it comes, baby, here it is, Ah, oh, this is just too much.” I collapsed onto my back and both women were licking and sucking my cock and balls. They were insatiable when it comes to a man’s cum.


This ends part 5 of my story, part 6 will soon follow. I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love to read your comments about my stories. Even those that are negative, I gain a lot of insight from reading. I promise to answer each and every comment personally; I strongly believe that if you take the trouble to write a comment on my story, the very least I can do is answer it personally. Also, I do not believe in sending you a canned reply; I promise to send a reply to you, just you, and not you plus a thousand others. If your comments are anonymous, though, I can’t reply and I do so love to make new friends, either next door, or the other side of the world.

Love you all, B. B.

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