Eating Out Ch. 02


…And it DID happen again. And again, and again, and…

I guess I need to tell you what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read Eating Out (number one), you probably should read it so this will make more sense. See, I’m 67, I lost my wife three years ago, and of course I’ve been quite lonely. Until my next door neighbor paid me a visit. Jan is 62, retired from her teaching job. I’m also retired and home alone a lot. Bill and Jan have been our next door neighbors for close to 30 years. We raised our kids together and know each other quite well. And we were very good friends before Shirley died.

Well, since you went back and read Eating out you know what happened when Jan paid me a special visit…alone. I was shocked when Jan told me what my Shirley had told HER…about my oral skills.

See, my equipment started malfunctioning at around 60, but I made sure that Shirley was still satisfied with my tongue and fingers. It seemed that Bill’s equipment was suffering a similar problem but he never learned or wanted to learn about oral sex. And I guess Shirley and Jan had talked about that. It seems that women talk about such things much more than men do.

So, making a short story short, Jan propositioned me and I took her up on it. I got my first blow job (Shirley would never do it) and Jan had four awesome orgasms that day.

And every day that week Jan came over my house and…came a lot. So did I. I was worried about neighbors seeing her come over and wondering what she was up to but Jan assured me that our neighbors knew that she came over periodically to clean my house. We had given her a key years ago. You know, just in case.

I got very familiar with Jan’s body and what she liked and she got very familiar with my cock. And I liked anything she did. She LOVED me licking her boobs and I would finger her while I did that until she pushed my head down. I also found out that she LOVED me to lick her asshole and I loved doing it. Shirley liked it too but very rarely let me lick her there.

Jan brought some of her toys over and we…played with them also. I figure that Jan must have cum 20 times that first week. I especially loved when she sat on my face. I could stick my tongue deep into her cunt and suck on her clit and watch up her body and she concentrated on cumming.

But we decided that we needed to back off a little the second week. “My house is really needing some cleaning,” she laughed. “I shouldn’t neglect my own home. Someone might notice…and ask questions,” she laughed.

MY home was very neat. Jan was a neatnic, and when she would come over, she quickly stripped naked and after we had pleasured each other we would both stay naked and work on my house. Jan was very comfortable being naked and of course I loved watching her as she moved around. She would notice when my cock started stirring and sometimes would stop and work it to full mast, and we’d be at it again.

Now, we never fucked. As Jan said, with tongue in cheek, “That would be cheating.” I was OK with that because…well, and my age, fucking is WORK! I don’t have the stamina anymore. While Jan can get me hard, and I probably would love watch Jan riding me, I love what she does to my cock. At 67 I am having the most awesome orgasms of my life.

One day, after we had made each other cum and were…resting…cuddling really, she said “I told someone about you.”

I looked at her, incredulously. “Jan! What were you thinking? This could ruin it all!”

“It’s OK. She knows about Jim’s problems and she noticed how…satisfied I seemed to be lately. She guessed that I was getting laid. I told her no! But she didn’t buy it and stayed after me. Finally, I told her about you. You know her.”

“I KNOW her?” I could see that my hard earned reputation was in shambles.

“She knows what you’re doing to me but she doesn’t know WHO is doing it.”

“Oh. Why would you DO that?”

“It just kind of slipped,” she smiled. “But don’t worry. She’s discrete. And now she’s jealous,” she laughed. “Seems she’s in the same boat that I was. Her hubby is diabetic and they haven’t made love in six years. Poor girl.”

Where was this going? I was laying here naked with a naked woman who was not my wife, and she was talking to another woman about what we were doing.

“And I know her?”

“Yes, and she’s cute.”

“And why do I need to know this?”

“Well…she was wondering…”

Uh oh. “Wondering what?”

“If you would be interested in…taking care of her problem.”

Wow! I mean, I LOVE making a woman cum, but… Well, I have made TWO women cum, and apparently I can do it well…since I’m getting recommendations…but, this might get dangerous. But my cock was betraying me. It was getting hard and Jan wasn’t touching it.

“Tell bonus veren siteler me about her.”

“Well, she cute, and I think you like her already. She’s smaller than me, very bubbly, fun…she’s nice.”

My mind went through our friends. “Tess?”

She smiled. “I knew you would get it.” Now Tess WAS cute! Bubbly. In fact, and this is hard to admit, but I have been known to have a little fantasy about her. Not that I would EVER do anything like that while I was married, but we would have some innocent flirting going on when we would be at a party or something. Innocent!

“What does she know about…me?”

“Nothing. Just that I have a guy who has been…satisfying me…with his tongue. And his fingers. And with toys. And been giving me some of the most incredible orgasms I’ve ever had,” she said with a grin.

I just pondered all this for a bit. Jan knew that I was a good man and doing what we were doing together kind of bothered me. But she also knew that I liked…NEEDED…what we were doing. It was the old ‘rationalizing’ thing.

“So,” she finally asked. “Interested?”

I was thinking about Tess, about her body, her cute body, about her being naked and about me having her ass in my hands as I licked her pussy.

“How would this work? Would she come over with you?”

“Oh no!” she laughed. “That would be weird. I mean, I don’t mind being naked with you, but letting HER see me naked…and cumming…would be…embarrassing. She’s so cute. You’ve seen her in a bathing suit. She just turned 60 but still has such a small ass, and NO real belly. My body can’t compare to hers.”

I had to agree with that. Not that Shirley’s body didn’t compare. They were different, but Jan had a nice body. Especially for 62. But Tess still had a really cute little body. Her husband was a big guy, with a big belly. I often wondered what they looked like when they made love. Yes, I wondered. For a minute. I just couldn’t see it.

“She’s available tomorrow. And I need to go shopping and of course clean the house. She could take MY time.”

I sighed. “Have her call me this afternoon. We’ll talk about it.”

“Why don’t I call her right now. I could introduce you…kinda,” she laughed.

“That would freak her out.”

“Probably, but let’s do it.”

She grabbed her phone and was dialing before I could stop her. Did I want to stop her?

“Hey Tess. Yes, it’s Jan. Remember what we talked about yesterday? Yes, THAT. Are you still interested in his…services?”

I couldn’t hear her answer but I figured she said yes.

“Well, I am laying here naked with him and I’m gonna put you on speaker.”

“OH, MY GOD! JAN!” I heard her squeal. “I can’t believe you’re doing this. I’m so embarrassed!”

“Hi Tess,” I said.

“Johnny? Oh my god, Jan. It’s JOHNNY? Johnny, I am TRULY humiliated. I’m sorry. I…uh…was just…kidding with Jan. Oh, my god!”

“No, you weren’t, Tess,” answered Jan. “I think you were just envisioning a 20 something hunk,” she laughed. “But let me tell you, Johnny is better than a 20 something hunk.”

“Well, thank you, I guess, Jan. Tess, I’m embarrassed also. I mean I NEVER thought I would be doing something like this and I’m sure Shirley would be rolling in her grave if she knew. But, we all have…needs, Tess. And Jan says you have some also.”

Tess was quiet for a bit. I thought she might have hung up. “Tess, are you still there?” Jan asked.

“Yes…I just don’t know what to say. I’m REALLY embarrassed. Johnny, I didn’t mean to discourage…no, that’s not the word. Downplay…oh, I don’t know what I’m saying. I mean, I really like you…AND Shirley…I just never expected to have this conversation with you.”

“Well, Tess, I never expected to have this conversation with you either. I know we have kind of INOCENTLY flirted sometimes…”

“Yes we have…”

“And I liked it…”

“So did I…”

“And I like you…”

“But I have never cheated on Walter…”

“Is oral sex cheating?” interjected Jan.

“Jan, you KNOW it is…”

“Yes, I do…but it’s not like intercourse, and it’s just…fulfilling a need that my husband will not fill. And neither does yours.”

There was quite a silence. “No he doesn’t.”

There was more silence. “Tess, why don’t you come over tomorrow, and let’s just visit. No pressure, just talk. Then we’ll see where it goes,” I suggested.

More silence. “OK,” she finally said.


Silence. “OK.”

“Good,” Jan said. “So it’s all settled. By the way, Tess. His cock has gotten hard since he’s been talking to you.”

“Oh, my god, Jan! I can’t believe you.”

“Believe it. And he has a nice cock. About six, six and a half inches, with bedava bahis a nice curve up. Not too thick, but not thin either. A nice mouthful,” she laughed.

“Oh my, Jan.” More silence. “Send me a picture,’ she laughed.

“Not a chance, Tess. You’ll have to check it out for yourself. I’m gonna hang up now, because I need to…suck on something,” she laughed.


“Tomorrow?” I said.

“Yes, tomorrow.” She sounded eager.

= = = = = = =

Tess DID show up the next day at exactly 10:00. I wasn’t sure she would and I was pleased when I saw her walking up the street.

Today I had prepared myself, unlike the first day with Jan. There was no preparation for that. I trimmed my pubic hair for the first time in my life.

I took a long shower and put my best underwear on, some looser pants with slip-on shoes with a button up shirt, all with the anticipation for talking them off today gracefully, and I was REALLY hoping I would be taking it all off, or at least Tess would be taking them off. Boy, had my life changed in the past week and a half!

When I opened the door, Tess looked beautiful. She wore a nice sleeveless sundress that fell just above her knees. She smiled. “I heard you might need some help in…cleaning your house today.”

I laughed. “Come on in, I’ll see what we can do.”

She was nervous. But so was I. I didn’t want to do anything that she didn’t want to do. I took her to my living room. I knew she liked Diet Coke, so I had two glasses on the coffee table. I handed one to her and we sat down, across from each other.

Sigh…”So,” she said.

“So,” I repeated. “Kind of a strange meeting, huh?”

“I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“That’s OK. I almost could say I haven’t either, but you know better.”

She laughed. “You and Jan…really?”

“I must say, yes. It was a surprise. In fact, that was the first time I was naked with a woman besides Shirley. And Jan was only the second woman I had seen naked.”

“If we did this…would I have to be naked,” she asked shyly.

I laughed. “Well, it works better that way.”

“Walter’s the only man who has seen me naked.”

“That’s a shame,” I said with a smile. “You have a lovely body.”

She blushed. “I’m getting old.”

“We all are. You don’t expect to look like you did at 20 do you? I don’t expect that. I see a very pretty woman in front of me, that does not look her age. And who am I to expect perfection? I mean, I’m twice as big as I was when Shirley and I were married.”

“Really? But you are a good looking man.”

Now it was my turn to blush. “You might change your mind if you see me naked,” I laughed.

We were quiet for a bit. I’m sure she was envisioning. I wanted her to lead the conversation.

“So how would this work?” she finally asked.

“Well, you could take off your clothes and I could stay dressed.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to be the only one naked.”

“Well, then we could both get undressed. Or I could undress you…we could undress each other.”

She gave a big sigh. “I think I would like to undress you.”

“OK, and I would undress you.”

She turned red.

“Tess, do you really want to do this?”

She was quiet for quite a while. I saw her thinking. “I haven’t had an orgasm in probably 10 years,” she finally said.

“You don’t masturbate?”


“Would you like to learn?” This might really be fun.

“I guess.”

“That might be something we can work toward. But I think first of all, you need an orgasm. That will help you relax.”


I stood up and walked to her, offered my hand and she stood. I turned her around and unzipped her dress. I was extremely surprised when the zipper got halfway down her back and I didn’t find a bra strap. And when I lower it to the bottom, she didn’t have any panties on either. She had come prepared to get naked! I let the dress drop to the floor. And she was naked. I saw her shiver as she gasped.

“Well, that’s a surprise,” I said as I checked out her ass. It was tight, nicely round, beautiful. Amazing for a sixty-year-old woman.

I slowly turned her around. Her hands went to her breasts. I took each hand and spread them, away from her breasts. “You are beautiful,” I whispered. Her breasts were small, like she was, but her nipples were a beautiful color, the areola about the size of a quarter, and her nipples were hard and sticking out. As embarrassed as she was, she was also excited.

She smiled a shy smile. “Thank you.”

“Your turn,” I told her.

She reached out to unbutton my shirt as I slipped out of my shoes. She was very deliberate as she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my pants. I took the time to deneme bonus look at her body. I wasn’t going to have a problem getting hard. She looked down and noticed.

When my shirt was off she reached for my belt and unfastened it. She slowly lowered my zipper. Then got down on her knees and slid my pants down. My briefs came into view and my bulge was right at her face. She stopped and looked. Then she looked up at my face and smiled.

I stepped out of my pants and with one foot flung them away. “Next,” I whispered.

She looked at my bulge again, then reached for the waistband, and slowly, slowly, began to lower them. My cock was standing straight up and the head appeared first. She stopped. She looked at my face again and smiled. “It’s there for you,” I whispered.

She lowered my briefs to the floor and I stepped out of them. She sat back and just looked at my cock.

“I don’t know what to do, Johnny. We never did much of anything except…have sex.”

“Just reach out and touch it.” She did. She explored my cock. She lowered it, she stroked it, she cupped my balls. She was breathing hard. I was so overwhelmed and excited that I was afraid I would cum in her face and I didn’t think she was ready for that.

“You have a nice body. Walter has gotten so big. You’re not skinny, but you look like a real man. And I haven’t seen a hard cock in so long. It’s nice…and warm…and hard.” She looked in awe.

I took her hand and lifted her to her feet. “Let’s go upstairs.”

And I got to watch her beautiful ass as she walked up the stairs in front on me. I wanted to grab it and kiss it, lick it, but I knew I needed to take it slow.

When we got to the bedroom I laid her out on the bed. I kissed her lightly on the lips, then kissed each of her nipples. They were hard like little erasers, and had wonderful little bumps around it. I started to lick them, alternating. She sighed and put her hand on my head, fingers running through my hair.

In a minute she was moaning. “So good. So good.”

I slipped my hand down her belly, played with her belly button a bit. She giggled. Ticklish. Good to know.

My hand found her mound. She had very light hair around her mound. I went a little lower and encouraged her legs apart. She opened them a bit, giving me access.

I ran my fingers down her pussy lips and she started to rotate her ass. “Mmmm.” I knew that she was going to experience her first orgasm in ten years. I wanted it to be a good one.

My finger dipped down into her slit. It wasn’t as wet as Jan’s so I used some spit to wet it. I slipped my finger into her folds and felt her pussy grab my finger. I love it when a woman does that.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned. “Walter never did that.” Walter must be an idiot, I thought.

She grabbed my head as I licked her boobs, periodically rotating her body to feed me her other nipple as I slowly finger fucked her. I found her g-spot and her ass started rotating. I slid another finger in her pussy and continued to work on her g-spot.

Her pussy was really getting wet. Her ass was humping my hand. I let my thumb touch her clit and she squealed. “Oh my god!!” She liked that phrase.

I started rotating my thumb on her clit and she began to go wild. “Oh…oh…oh…so good…so good…don’t stop. Mmmmmnnngh.” And I haven’t even licked her yet.

I looked into her face. “Do you want me to lick you there?”

“Would you do that? I’ve never had anyone do that. Walter thought it was dirty.”

“I will if you want.”

“Will it feel as good as your thumb?”

She really WAS in experienced. “Better. It will make you cum.”

“I think I can cum with what you’re doing,” she laughed. “But go ahead if you want to. I haven’t cum in a long time. But then, I’ve never felt this good either.”

I switched down to between her legs and opened her legs wide and gazed at her pussy. It was so pretty. Her lips were engorged and her clit was peeking out, NEEDING to be licked. And I was gonna lick it. But first…

I kissed up her thighs, concentrating on the insides, alternating. As I got closer to her pussy, I draped her feet over my shoulders, spreading her knees wide.

I licked the crease between her legs and her body and she squealed. Remember, she’s ticklish.

Then I licked up her right pussy lip, then down her left. She gave a huge sigh. “That is so nice,” she sighed.

I stayed on her pussy lips for a bit to some movement of her ass. I slipped my hands under her ass…such a nice ass… and lifted her a little higher as I ran my tongue up her slit. “Oh, my god! That feels SO good.”

“You haven’t felt nothing yet, babe.”

This time I licked up her slit and kept going over her clit. And immediately she came. “Nnnnggghhh…oh…oh…mmmm…” And she clamped her legs around my head and tried to pull her pussy away. I held on to her but stopped licking. I let her enjoy her first orgasm in ten years,

There would be more…so much more. So much I needed to teach her. I’m gonna enjoy this!

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