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Subject: Every Man Needs a Boy 21 EVERY MAN NEEDS A BOY Book 2 Boys Need Boys by Encolpius AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thank you to SkyBorn for proofreading and editing. If you are a Nifty writer, I recommend his assistance highly. You can contact him at [email protected] Feedback is welcome! Write to ail Donate to Nifty!!!! Be a good guy! TWELVE It’s the second week of high school. The school is big and confusing. I don’t really know where everything is yet, but I’m learning. As freshman, we’re at the bottom of the heap, but it’s cool. We’re high school kids. I’m pretty sure that Sam and me will be playing JV baseball instead of varsity this year. That sucks but it’s okay. There’s next year and I think we’re both good enough to make varsity as sophomores. Sam is sort of being patient with me right now, being a best friend. He diyarbakır escort knows I’m hurting even though we don’t talk about Cooper. I’m moping. People are noticing, too. My mom sees it. Today she told me that she understood it was rough when a special friend left your life. And she said that broken hearts are a part of growing up. I just kind of looked at her and didn’t say anything. I guess she had figured out more than I thought. I didn’t say anything because I’m not really ready to talk to them about that yet. No, not yet. Maybe one day. Definitely one day. Maybe soon. I’m taking PE this semester. Weight lifting. I want to bulk up for baseball, get some actual muscles. I’m not some scrawny little brat anymore. A lot of kids from middle school that I hadn’t seen since last year were surprised at how much I had grown düzce escort over the summer. I’m basically regular height now. And I want some actual muscles on this taller frame. Time to pump some iron. There’s this boy in my weight lifting group. I think he’s a junior. His name is Patrick. He has long, curly brown hair and a big grin and he’s kinda skinny. I’m skinny because I haven’t filled out yet. He’s skinny because he’s skinny. Weight lifting isn’t going to turn him into anything other than a skinny guy with muscles. But he’s friendly and cute. And I think he might be gay. We have to change out for PE. They won’t let us wear our street clothes. I’m used to locker rooms but this is a pretty open arrangement. A bunch of hormone infested teenage boy bodies packed into a locker room with a long bench between the rows of lockers. edirne escort There is exactly zero privacy. It’s kind of like being a kid in a candy store, you know. Anyway, I have running shorts, the kind with the built in mesh. So I don’t need underwear. I’m purposely across the bench from Patrick. I pull off my boxer briefs and fumble with the running shorts, figuring out which side is the front and put them on. He is watching me. Staring. When I make eye contact with him, he shifts his gaze. But then he does the same thing, too. I’m staring this time. I’ll just say he has one big, long dick. He’s skinny but he’s hung. He’s friendly with me during our workout. He seems like a nice guy. When we get dressed at the end, we do the same thing as before. This time, I don’t shift my gaze. I let him know I’m looking. When I walk out of the locker room, Patrick is waiting in the hallway. “You know, I think you’re cute.” I smile. A big smile. “I think you’re cute, too.” “You doing anything Friday?” “Whatever you want to do.” He nods. “Okay.” High school is gonna be fine. END OF BOOK 2 Boys Need Boys

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