Exploring Luann


Her name was Luann, and before I ended up sitting beside her at the bar of the Madison Grill on an early Friday afternoon, I had never seen her before, even though we worked in the same office complex down the street.

If I had ever seen her before that, I would have remembered her, trust me on that. Not because she was incredibly attractive, because to be honest, Luann wasn’t, at least not to the average red-blooded American man. Then again, I’m not average. My tastes run contrary to most guys, and that isn’t an apology, just a fact.

So when I looked over that the woman on my left that day, who was talking to a bunch of co-workers who had come to the tavern for a liquid lunch, I wasn’t bowled over by her breasts, which appeared on the small end of the spectrum – nice but not remarkable in any way.

It wasn’t her eyes, because I hadn’t even seen them yet because she was facing the other way much of the time, and she was wearing glasses as well. Luann’s complexion showed faint traces of acne scars from the past, although she was at least 10 years beyond her teens.

What captivated me was resting on the edge of the bar, and once I glanced over at Luann’s arm I lost all interest in the TV. The subtitles of Judge Mathis no longer mattered to me, once my eyes went to that slender arm with the elbow resting on the mahogany.

The skin was pale, even though it was summer, and that suggested to me that Luann probably seldom wore short sleeves or sleeveless clothing. I knew the reason for that, even though at that point I hadn’t spoken to her young woman yet.

The reason Luann kept her arms covered much of the time was the fact that her arms were hairy. Not covered with thick and coarse fur, but graced with a downy growth of what looked to be soft and fine hair, and black as hair could be, starkly contrasting to the milky white skin below it.

From her bony wrist, right up her forearms and above, where the sleeve that went down to her bicep blocked by view, the long hairs fluttered with every movement she made. Even the air currents made the down billow, and as I stared at her I could feel my erection drooling into my underwear, assuring the skin would be fused to the cotton before long.

I wanted to touch her so badly – just to rest my hand on her arm and let my palm slide up her arm – that it almost would have been worth getting cursed out, or even arrested. Instead, I sat and had another beer while Luann talked to the group of people around her.

The group had shrunk as the lunch hour passed, and now that Judge Mathis had been replaced by Judge Joe Brown, Luann only had one person left with her. I stared at the rather plain woman, trying to telepathically send the message that I wanted to convey.

I’m probably old enough to be your father, I wanted to tell her, and I’m not all that great looking myself, but I find you fascinating. That little faux sideburns – that down that swirls around your ear – looks adorable.

Are you hairy all over? I suspect you are, and you’re probably embarrassed by it. I’ll bet you have a lot of hair between your legs, a thick and wild bush that probably grows high and wide as well as down between your legs up to the ass. Maybe your asshole is hairy as well.

That’s okay with me, I wanted to tell her. Some of us – maybe not a lot of men, and women too – like hair, and the sight of it doesn’t turn us off. Just the opposite.

Do you shave your legs and underarms? You’re wearing slacks so I can’t tell, but I suspect you do. The short sleeves stop me from seeing your armpits, and I haven’t been able to look up them when I tried, but I suspect you probably do. Too bad, but I understand.

Just then, Luann’s last comrade went to the restroom, and when she spun back to facing the mirror behind the bar to finish her drink, I cleared my throat and actually spoke to this stranger. I think it was me talking, although the Sam Adams may have helped in this totally uncharacteristic move on my part.

“Excuse me,” I said. “I’ve been sitting her beside you for about an hour, and I just wanted to tell you that you have the most incredible arms I remember seeing.”

The reaction I got from this stranger was not what I expected. A slap, a “fuck off” or just being ignored were all within the realm of possibility, but none were what I got, After the initial surprised look I got when she noticed for the first time that I was sitting beside her, her eyes blazed for a second, and then she looked hurt.

“You aren’t funny,” she said curtly, turning away from me and back to her drink.

“No no no,” I said quickly, since it was clear that she assumed I was being a wise-ass. “I’m sorry. I mean that really. Please don’t take it wrong.”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” I said. “I was out of line, but I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you all this time, and I had to tell her how beautiful I thought you were.”

“I really wasn’t trying to be funny,” I continued, probably looking as crushed as the stranger had been after she took my comment the wrong way. “I’m just beşevler escort an old man with a big mouth, but I meant what I said. Sorry.”

“That’s okay,” Luann said, and as she spoke she ran her hand over her forearm, probably self-consciously without really realizing it. “Some people…”

“I know,” I said. “I understand completely.”

“My name is Luann, and it’s my birthday,” she said, offering her hand, and I clasped it in my own.

“I’m Jim. Happy birthday, Luann” I said. “I didn’t mean to ruin it for you. Can I at least buy you a drink to celebrate the occassion?”

“Well, I was going to head home,” Luann said, looking up at the clock.

“That’s okay,” I mumbled. “That wasn’t a come-on line or anything. You’ve probably got celebrating to do.”

“No,” Luann said. “This – this is it. This is my party.”

Luann’s co-worker came back from the bathroom and told her she had to get back to the salt mine.

“I’m staying here,” Luann announced. “Thank everybody for me. I’m taking the rest of the day off.”

“Guess I’ll take you up on that birthday drink after all Jim,” Luann said as she turned back towards me, and that was how the best afternoon I had in a long time began.

An hour and a half later, Judge Joe Brown had bit the dust, along with Nancy Grace, and with Judge Judy getting ready to begin, Luann and I were still there having a great time, or at least I was.

Being better at getting other people to open up than talking myself, I managed to learn a lot about Luann. She was 32, and had been married once when she was younger, but it didn’t work out. She didn’t say she was lonely, but I could tell she was. That much we had in common.

Luann was kind enough to tell me I didn’t look 58, and I told her that I had socks older than she was, and she didn’t look her age either. We talked about everything under the sun, and after these couple of hours I felt like I actually knew the girl.

“Guess I better think about heading home,” Luann said.

“I just want to thank you for the best afternoon I can remember,” I said. “To think if I didn’t open my big mouth I never would have met you.”

“I’m glad you did,” Luann said softly.

“Maybe we’ll run into each other again up here,” I suggested. “I take a lot of Friday afternoons off up here.”

“I’d like that,” Luann said as she watched me drain my glass.

“Can I ask you one favor before you go?” I said hopefully, the fifth Sam Adams giving me beer bravery.


“Can I touch your arm?” I asked, having been able to avoid the subject that got us talking to begin with. “I know it’s weird. I’m weird, and I understand if…”

“Go ahead.”

Luann smiled and moved her arm a little closer to me, and as she did I didn’t care if other people were watching on not.

It was like touching a cloud. The long downy hair slipped through my fingers like an angel’s breath, and when my hand moved lightly down Luann’s forearm the hair stood up straight as goosebumps covered her pale skin.

The two of us watched my hand gently slide along her slender forearm a couple of times, and I heard Luann take a ragged intake of air when I moved a little way up her furry bicep.

“I usually don’t wear clothes that show my arms,” Luann said.

“That’s a shame,” I told her.

“I do that to myself,” Luann admitted. “I don’t think I even realize it, but I find myself doing just want you’re doing now.”

“I know you do. I’ve watched you all the time we’ve been sitting here,” I confessed. “That’s partly why I got up the nerve to ask you if I could.”

“I’m glad you did, even if the bartender is looking at you like you’re crazy. That felt nice, Jim,” Luann said after I moved my hand away.

“You made my day,” I answered. “Day. Week. Month. Year.”

“You’re sweet,” Luann said, and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Decade,” I added after throwing some more money on the bar and rising along with my new friend.

“Whoa,” Luann said as she stood up for the first time in a long time and had to stop and steady herself. “Obviously, I’m not much of a drinker.”

“You drank great,” I assured her. “Standing and walking is another thing though.”

“I’m not that bad,” Luann said, and it was true that she hadn’t been drinking like I had been. “But I don’t think I’m going to drive home. I can come back down tomorrow and get my car. Want to share a cab?”

“I live around the corner,” I said.

“Lucky,” Luann said.

“If you want to, we can continue the party at my place,” I suggested. “I’m not – you know – I’m not trying to – I mean.”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say,” Luann said. “But you’re funny.”

“I mean, I’m sure a newly minted 32 year old girl can do better than hanging around an old man’s apartment on her birthday, but if you want to we can have a nightcap and then you can call for a…”

“Lead the way, James,” Luann chirped, and that was how we ended up at my place.


“How come beylikdüzü escort a nice guy like you hasn’t been snapped up?” Luann asked as we sat on my couch. “You seem normal enough.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said.

“Well, you’re a good housekeeper for one thing. You should see my place. You’re Martha Stewart compared to me. You would make a great husband.”

“I was married,” I said. “For 30 years.”

“Bummer,” Luann said as she sipped her wine. “Was it her call or yours?”

“Neither,” I said. “Jill…”

“Omigod, I’m sorry Jim,” Luann said as she saw my eyes water.

“Not your fault,” I said quickly.


“Four years ago,” I said, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand. “Four years, three months and two days.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Thanks, but I was lucky. We had a wonderful life. Two great kids, grown and on their own, and more than 30 incredible years,” I said. “I was blessed.”

“I guess you really were lucky,” Luann whispered.

“Hey, this is supposed to be your birthday party,” I said, clinking our glasses together so my problems didn’t bum Luann out.

“Jill. What was she like?” Luann asked. “Just curious.”

“Funny, warm and always happy,” I said. “A lot like you in some ways. She was beautiful, but didn’t know it at first. All the things she thought were imperfections and flaws were what made her special. It took me years to get her to believe it, but I was stubborn.”

“I guess you were both lucky then,” Luann concluded correctly, leaning over next to me and pressing her body next to mine.


“Your hands,” Luann said after exhaling raggedly, apparently as a result of my affections. “Nobody has ever touched me like this before.”

This wasn’t what I expected, and while I fully believed that this was going to end any second, I wasn’t about to be the one to stop it.

Luann’s blouse was on the other end of the sofa, and her body was turned so her back was toward me, and as I sat behind her my hands were running ever so slowly up and down Luann’s willowy arms, from her hands all the way up to her shoulders.

Her shoulders also had the faint remainders of the bad case of acne she had endured in her youth, but while Luann’s skin may not have been cosmetically perfect it felt buttery smooth to me.

“I haven’t touched a woman in over four years,” I said. “This is worth the wait though.”

My fingers went down to the bra clasps, a 32B Playtex living bra to be precise, and when she did not protest I opened the hooks and slid the straps off her shoulders, pulling the harness off of Luann and moving her back onto the couch.

“Not much there…” she started to say, but I shook by head and brought a finger to her lips.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered to her, and she bit her tongue when she saw a tear roll down my cheek, a tear that I didn’t bother to wipe away. “So beautiful.”

My hands slipped up to cup her breasts, the apple sized globes firm to the touch. The aureoles were large and crimson, and when my hands caressed the buds I felt them blossom in my palms.

Around the perimeter of the aureoles, a few tiny black hairs grew. Also soft to the touch, I stroked them under Luann watchful eye as her chest heaved with her rapid breathing.

My hands went back down Luann’s arms, and as I reached her right wrist, I took it in my grasp and slowly lifted it. Luann tensed up when I first brought her hand up behind her head, almost stopping me before letting me bring her hand back over her head.

“Wasn’t expecting this,” Luann apologized when she saw me staring at her armpit, and the stubble that coated the entire gentle recess and continued up the inside of her arm. “Haven’t shaved since yesterday.”

“Sssh,” I said, my face close enough to her underarms that I could feel the warmth and smell the faint residue of deodorant coming from her armpit.

As I held her wrist against the back of the couch, I leaned forward and kissed the little black seedlings that densely covered the pale skin below.

“Ooh,” Luann said. “Now I really wish that I had shaved.”

“I’m so glad you didn’t,” I responded, kissing her again before letting my palm slide up what I would have guessed to have been a week’s growth instead of a day.

“Do you have – what do they call it? A fetish?” Luann asked shyly. “Like an armpit fetish, or a hair fetish or something?”

“Maybe,” I said. “I only know what I like. Does this bother you? My stroking your armpit like this?”

“No,” Luann said as my fingers slid over the moistness. “Feels kind of nice.”

“How about this?” I asked, boldly leaning down and letting my tongue slid over the coarse bristle, causing Luann to gasp and writhe into the back of the sofa.

“Omigod!” Luann said. “That feels so – I can’t describe it.”

Emboldened my Luann’s response, I set about to remove any trace of the long-ago applied deodorant, and after succeeding that I kept licking and nibbling all over her armpit, bilecik escort sucking out the pheromones that were driving me wild.

The more that Luann relaxed, realizing that I was indeed as aroused by her body as I had indicated, the more feral I got. My bones no longer creaked, or so it seemed, because I was over on Luann’s other side before she knew it, and when I took her left hand in mine it was she that pulled her arm up behind her head.

“Yes. Suck it. Lick my pit!”

My spine tingled when I heard Luann’s husky voice in my ear, imploring me to do exactly what I had been doing, and then it was her other hand on the back of my neck pulling me tight to her. She didn’t let go until she dropped her hand down to my lap, grabbing the bulge that had caused a large stain in my trousers from the incessant drooling my member was doing.

Clothes began to fly off, and after I worked Luann’s slacks off, revealing legs that were shaved only from just above the knee. Above there, her thighs were unshorn, with a delightfully furry coating that got denser the higher up my eyes went.

Her panties, modestly cut white undies, were incapable of containing her lush bush, with her jet black pubic hair sprouting out from the leg openings as it grew onto her inner thighs. The outline of her pubic forest was clear against the cotton panties, and the timberline peeked out from the elastic above.

I clutched the top of her panties, drooling at the sight of a very pronounced treasure trail that went down from just below her navel until it disappeared into the thickest jungle of pubic hair I had even had the pleasure of seeing.

The hair was so dense that if it wasn’t for the fact that the fur glistened at the opening, it would have been impossible to detect. She was wet. Gloriously wet, practically dripping wet, and when I buried my face in her pussy, the ripe stench of her steaming pussy inflamed me to a level that I forgot I had.

Luann was sliding down off of the couch as I lapped at her cunt like a feral animal, and as Luann clawed at my shirt I was trying to get my pants off as we rolled on the carpet. We were like sex-crazed teenagers, and when my boxers came down and she grabbed my erection, which had in thickness what it lacked in length, I was being pushed inside of Luann.

Tight. Like a vise her pussy was as it clamped around my cock, and all I could think of was not to cum. Don’t cum. Even though I felt unable to control myself, I fought the urge. Please don’t cum, I begged myself, at least not until she does.

And then she came, loud and wild. Screaming in my ear as I thrust hard into her, Luann clawed at my back and wrapped her legs around my hips as she came. I kept on humping away after her orgasm subsided, and when she started to cum again a minute or two later I went into another gear.

Luann came hard again, and this time I joined her, my cock jumping inside of her as I filled her womb with my seed. Suspending myself above her, my body ached like it hadn’t in a long time, and I savored my raw knees and aching back while I looked down at my sweaty and flushed lover.

“Did you put something in my drink?” Luann said after she caught her breath, and then quickly added, “Just kidding, but I haven’t been like that since – ever! You okay?”

I probably looked like I was going to have a stroke or something, but I was fine. Never better, as a matter of fact, and after I eased down onto the carpeting next to Luann, I embraced her and reveled in the warm afterglow.


“You should have seen me back in college!” Luann said as we relaxed in my bed, having gotten more comfortable when we learned that there was another round in my chamber, so to speak.

The topic once again were Luann’s armpits, and was prompted by my idle stroking of the moist stubble with my thumb as we caught our breath after making love. Luann had mentioned about her youth, and how she had stopped shaving for a while.

“I was seeing somebody who liked hairy women,” Luann explained.

“You mean you’ve run into another deviate like me?” I exclaimed. “I’m glad that there’s another guy out there who has good taste.”

“Well, not exactly,” Luann said, and when I pressed her she confessed as she blushed.

“I was going through a phase, I guess,” Luann explained. “My Janis Ian period. You know, the ugly duckling always moping around while everybody else gets the boys?”


“And so, the person I was going with who liked natural women was – a girl,” Luann said with a grimace. “I’m not that way, you know. I mean I was back then, but not now.”

“Doesn’t matter,” I said. “But I have to admit that while I claim to be not like every other guy, the thought of you with another woman is really erotic.”

“Do tell,” Luann snickered.

“And she didn’t want you to shave?”

“Nope. Not anywhere. I think I have a picture of what I looked like somewhere,” Luann said. “I think that if you saw me, you might not be so aroused at the thought of a hairy woman anymore.”

“Wanna bet?” I said with a grin.

“I had the hairiest armpits…”

“You know if you’re trying to do anything but make me even crazier about you than I already am, you’re failing.”

“Liz used to grab my pit hair in her fists and tug on it,” Luann said. “She used to lick my armpits so much that the hair – what are you doing?”

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