Face Fuck Under Desk While Gaming


(This is my first story, I understand it is short, and I am happy to hear feedback.)

I’d like to…. distract you while you play your game. I know how you love your PC, and I know I love how tall your desk is.

I position myself underneath your desk, with a pillow for my hands and knees. My shirt is off so you can easily see my hard nipples indicating that I know know what’s soon about to enter my throat.

You start to slide down your sweatpants, and I help you before I pull down your boxers, only for your hard cock to near slap my cheek, leaving a small spot of shiny precum. I lean up close and kiss the head of your cock, feeling it twitch. I feel your right hand start to lower itself, with your fingers lightly on the back of my neck. I slightly shiver, hoping you know you’re welcome to push and pull on my head as you please. If there’s any place for your cock, it’s my throat.

I lightly kiss up and down your cock before taking the first couple inches in my mouth.

“My god, it’s the perfect size,” I think to myself as I begin sucking earnestly.

“Babe, your mouth is so wet and fits so perfectly around my cock. I love feeling your lips around the head of my cock,” you groan, and your fingers tighten on the back of my neck.

I suck a little harder. Your fingers wander to the sides of my head, intertwining with soft sections of my hair.

I pull back slightly, wetting my mouth before pulling myself back on. I have another couple inches in my mouth, but I want all of it. Your hands grab bigger strands of my hair, trying not to completely lose control.

I pull back again, saliva hanging between my mouth and your veiny, pendulous cock. I take a moment to place my tongue square on the tip of your cock and make a tight güvenilir bahis circle around the head with my lips. I love feeling all your girth in my tiny mouth.

Finally, both your hands take both sides of my head and pull my face further down onto your magnificent, saliva coated cock. I’m so wet that I’m dying to spare a hand, needing to touch myself.

I love when you take control of my head like that, pushing your cock into my throat. And you do just that. Although I was able to take your cock in all the way to the base, you think you could do it a little better… your way.

While holding my head with both hands, you pull me off your cock, lean back in chair and look me square in the eyes. I take some much-needed breaths. Your precum and my spit are around the sides of my mouth. I never mind; I know there’s just going to be more. I know I tell you often, but I sincerely love the taste of your cum. That’s why I ask sometimes not to cum down my throat, but on my tongue.

Your hands are still holding the sides of my head. Your heavenly cock is only an inch from my lips. You see I’m staring at it. You slap me in the face with it. You slap my cheek, later my lips.

“Open your mouth; stick out your tongue,”

you say. Your voice has a rare roughness in it.

I stick out my tongue and feel your heavy cock slap onto it. I hear you groan as you run the head of your cock up, down, all over the surface of my tongue.

“Fuck, babe. That pretty little mouth of yours is capable of beautiful things. I’m going to fuck your face now. Get ready. Or not. I’m going to fuck your face, your throat. I’m going to choke you with my cock, and wrap my hand around your neck. Nothing like a little extra pressure when my cock’s surrounded by güvenilir bahis siteleri your warm, tight, lubricated throat. I know this may have turned you on, and it was a long little spiel.”

It’s true that I’m soaking wet, but I don’t want to interrupt.

“I was just giving you time to breathe. Open your fucking mouth. Are you ready for a well-deserved face fucking?” you say, almost tauntingly. I can see the veins pulsing in your cock. I estimate it needs at least two more coatings of saliva to properly fuck my throat. I happily open my throat for you. I have two fingers in my pussy, fucking myself faster and faster as I get wetter and wetter.

“Please fuck my fa–,” I manage to get out, before you shove your cock into my mouth as far as it will go. You pull my head forward using your left hand to hold the base of my skull, and your right hand to hold my jaw open. I wasn’t entirely ready, breath-wise, but you didn’t care or notice. You wait for a couple seconds with your cock blocking my windpipe before pulling back, slightly. I have two seconds to breathe before you yank my head onto your cock that it actually bottoms out in my mouth and penetrates my throat.

“I can’t fucking breathe, I can’t fucking breathe,” I’m thinking, unable to speak with the finest cock lodged in my throat.

You groan so…. deep and… primal as my throat spasms around your cock head.

“Fuck, babe, I’m so close but I don’t want this to end,” you say, huffing as you start to slow down. I’m thinking you’re going to pull out for a minute. You pull out for a second, and I’m thankful I have a chance to breathe through my nose as I wait to, I can only assume, take a break so you don’t cum too soon. Instead of resting, you shove your cock back in iddaa siteleri my mouth and simply rest it there. 25 seconds goes by, I’m squirming. It’s not meant to be stimulating, but I’m starting to panic as it’s been too long since I’ve taken a breath. Roughly another 10 seconds goes by before you take my head, rotating it gently. I feel the head of your cock rotating in the entrance to my throat.

It’s an incredibly tight fit, and I’m now up to four fingers fucking myself. There’s excess pussy juice dripping onto my fingers; I reach up, taking my left nipple into my fingers, rolling it between my fingers, moaning as I enter the world of true pleasure. My pussy juice on my tits,

my saliva, and soon also your cum, hopefully also on my tits. Drool and tears run down my face as I’ve never had anything this size in my throat before.

“I’ve been waiting so long to use your throat like this,” you growl. You slowly pull my head off your cock, and I take in precious breaths of air.

“Enough of that,” you say before shoving your entire cock into my throat, holding my head again your body, my lips at the very base of your thick cock.

“No need to spit or swallow when it’s already down your throat, right, babe?” is the last thing you say before I nearly drown in the amount of cum you shoot down my throat.

“FUUCCCKKK,” you exclaim, your legs shaking, your hands trying to pull me even deeper onto your cock. It’s getting impossible to breathe, but with a cock in your mouth/throat, and your throat being coated with hot, thick cum, it’s really difficult to focus on anything else.

You pump a few more times into my face but letting me off, ever so slowly until I have room to breathe.

“That… was… something,” I say, a little woozy, trying to get some oxygen back my brain.

You help me out from underneath the desk, but not before slapping your half hard cock against my luscious tits.

“That was something and a half, babe. Same time tomorrow?” you say with a wink.

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