Fancy Pants (Short Story)


Claire told her husband to get undressed and to fix her a rhubarb gin and ginger ale. She told him she would be downstairs in a few minutes.

Upstairs she quickly strips herself naked, checking herself out in a full length mirror as she dresses in her outfit for the evening.

Firstly she fixed a long black wig over her short blonde hair before applying some mascara, dark eyeshadow and bright red lipstick to her pretty face, noticing how the darker hair and makeup make her appear even paler than normal.

Claire then rubbed her hand along her freshly shaved mound and smiled at how the feel of her own smooth skin sent electric sparks of excitement through her body.

She selected the special panties her husband had bought her several months ago. He had said at the time that he knew she would probably never wear them, but she had decided tonight would be the night.

The shawl was black and very see through and she fastened the silky ribbon around her large belly, knowing that the material would not hide much of her heavy breasts or the rolls of fat around her waistline.

She abidinpaşa escort then picked up the last few items, laughing to herself at her husbands fantasy. He had called it his “slutty dream wife” outfit and Claire knew he would be blown away by it.

She stood and appraised herself, long black hair, a sparkly eye mask covering the top half of her face, with her dark mysterious eyes showing through the holes, dark red lipstick to match her nails, a silky black shawl wrapped around her fat body, black leather gloves and the outfit finished off by a pair of black high heeled shoes which made her calf muscles stand out. She felt her black knickers with the bright pink writing start to feel wet as she prepares to head back downstairs.

Claire entered the lounge and her naked husband hands her the drink she had asked for. The ceiling lights were dimmed and the fire was the main source of illumination. Claire sat on the leather couch and indicated for her husband to come and stand in front of her. She slowly sipped her drink as he ate up her body with his eyes, aktepe escort obediently standing with his hands behind his back.

Claire felt the sexual tension rising and reached her hand out to grip her husbands caged cock, pulling him closer towards her before gripping his balls and squeezing tightly, seeing his cock straining against the small metal cage as he tried and failed with his erection.

She hands him her glass to hold and then leans back into the chair, pulling the ribbon and opening the shawl to reveal her body to him. She retrieves the glass and then motions for him to kneel.

His face is now in eyeline with her pussy, covered by the knickers he had bought her, black and slinky, printed with bright pink letters “I keep my husband’s cock locked”

She hooks a finger and pulls her skimpy underwear to the side, exposing her bald cunt to her husband. She reaches her hand out and has him lick one leather clad finger and then starts to rub her slippery slit. Settling on her hard clit she begins to masturbate, knowing his eyes will be fixed on akyurt escort her wet pussy.

After a few minutes of playing she motions again to her husband and stops her rubbing as she watches him pick up a large black dildo from the floor, he applies a coating of lube from a small bottle and then moves closer between her legs.

Claire shifts herself forwards and places her high heeled feet over his shoulders, spreading her legs wide and allowing him to line up the head of the realistic black cock with her sopping hole and slowly pushing it into her.

Claire makes her husband take his time fucking her with his fake cock, pushing the full ten inches deep into her over and over, slowly sliding the thick length of the hard black toy in and out, her moans mixing with the wet thrusts.

She watches his eyes which are transfixed on her stretched hole and the contrast between her pale skin and the dark toy as she starts again to circle her hard clit with a wet gloved finger, feeling her first orgasm of the evening start to build, knowing there will be more to follow.

She closes her eyes and enjoys her fucking. Her mind wanders to the other pair of knickers which he had bought her, “Hotwife! Return to husband full”

Claire will be leaving him locked and frustrated tonight, after all he did ask for this, and as her underwear says, she does keep her husband’s cock locked!

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