Feminisation of Laura


Following her final exams Laura needed to get away from college and return to nature. She adored being in the wild; the sound of birds singing, the chirping of crickets and the gentle hum of the bees as they visited the aromatic wild herbs. Joining her on the trails was her on/off lover Ryan.

Both could be described as alternative- hippies to some! Ryan was lithe with, long hair and a stubbly beard and spoke in a soft Texan accent. Laura was curvy- not overweight, but certainly not skinny either. Her breasts were ample- much to the delight of Ryan. Part of her personal philosophy was to eschew many of the trappings of what many would call femininity. No exotic perfumes for her- she loved the smell of the sun on her earthy body and the smell of fresh sweat was an aphrodisiac for her. Neither was she ever seen with any make-up and perhaps most striking was the fact that she very rarely let a razor touch her body. And Laura was a naturally hirsute woman! Just very occasionally she would scrape a blade over her legs, though this was usually done hastily so there would always be stray hairs untouched. Most of the time though they were in their proudly natural state- a tawny fur coat carpeting her toned calves. Laura’s pits hadn’t had an encounter with any blades for years and were full and bushy.

Ryan loved the fact that Laura was a natural girl. He loved to get a glimpse of Laura’s furry pits. Even though he’d been with Laura for quite a few months he never lost that excitement of seeing her pit hair- an instant erection each time. Laura loved the fact that Ryan adored her hairiness and making love always included plenty of hair play. Laura often left her pits unwashed for days at a time and Ryan would get high on the heady aromas there. Now they were on trails any washing would be restricted to the occasional skinny dipping in any lakes they came across.

Perhaps not surprisingly Laura had a veritable rain forest for a pussy. The hair was dark, thick and long. It had never been shaved- virgin bush, though she had trimmed the edges many years back. Now though it was definitely full bush, totally luxuriant in its real natural state. From the top of the bush was a thick treasure trail that extended to the navel with a fine line of shorter, finer hairs growing beyond. From the rear her furry undercarriage was an awesome spectacle when Laura was on all fours. Ryan loved to fuck Laura like this from behind and she would squeal with excited delight as Ryan passionately rode her with his thrusting dick. Laura’s hair extended round her arse crack and there was also some soft fuzz on her buttocks.

Ryan also love to explore Laura’s jungle with her on her back. The odd hair in his mouth was a mere minor inconvenience compared with the visual excitement of all that fur and the musty fragrance of animalistic pheromones that would fire his loins. He loved to stroke and play with the long hairs, twining them with his fingers and sometimes pulling on them until Laura winced.

A week into their rural idyll Ryan and Laura walked hand in hand through the dappled sunlight penetrating the canopy of birches and oaks when they came across a dry mossy bank where the moss had dried up and turned brown with the lack of recent rain. They sat down and marvelled at the life around them. A doe disappeared in the distance with her fawn and a few orchids bloomed in the sunshine.

Laura and Ryan began kissing passionately- their lips vigorously smooching as their tongues had a frenzied silent conversation. Ryan removed Laura’s loose top and began licking her wildly hairy bornova escort pits and then nuzzling them with his prominent nose. By this time neither had had a bath for at least a week. Ryan was getting aroused by the pungent aroma in her bush. She began sighing with pleasure and one hand began to explore the hair on Ryan’s tanned chest while the other undid the buttons on his shorts to release his swollen, hungry dick.

Sensing Ryan’s degree of arousal she moved position she she could taste and devour his dick while he repositioned himself to suck her rather grubby toes and ran his hands along her hairy legs. Though she had shaved them just over a month ago for her awards ceremony they were already approaching full growth and she new Ryan really loved them hairy unlike a couple of previous boyfriends. Laura stroked Ryan’s shaft and caressed the head with her nimble tongue until she sensed he was ready to climax.

Then she gave him the wank he always loved- fast and vigorous until her arms ached and his hot spunk ejected like magma from a fiery volcano. This time the love juices erupted over her furry legs, matting the long hair. Both laughed and Ryan began to rub it in more and joked it would be good fertiliser- no such thing as a woman too hairy for Ryan!

After these jinks they ambled slowly hand in hand until they came across a small isolated lake with just a couple of croaking frogs and a few darting, colourful dragonflies to keep them company. Both ripped the clothing of each other and dived into the cool water, splashing each other and embracing with laughter and hugs..

The next few weeks continued in a wonderfully relaxed manner. No pressures and nature in all its finery with plenty of warm sunshine. Both had experienced the greatest intimacy either had known and revelled in the oneness of minds and spirit while delighting in the pleasures of the flesh with bodies at their most natural. Both were hot, sweaty and unwashed since the lake and both definitely hairy. Laura teased Ryan because her legs, bush and pits were much hairier than his, though she couldn’t compete elsewhere!

Then disaster struck. Ryan hadn’t seen a rabbit hole and his foot twisted as he stumbled and sprained his ankle. With some difficulty Laura managed to assist Ryan and then laid him down while she went to summon help. About a mile away she found a path and waved down a car. The driver stopped for her but looked shocked at her dirty appearance with soil and sweat on her body, not to mention the sight of her very hairy legs and pits. He was also rather overwhelmed by her odour but being a decent citizen, took a deep breath and rang for help.

An hour later an ambulance showed up and the two medics had to transport Ryan on a stretcher through the undergrowth. Both went in the ambulance but Laura needed somewhere to stay for a few nights while Ryan recuperated. Looking online she noticed there was a woman’s hostel down the road, Kissing Ryan farewell in his hospital bed she made her way down the road. Her dishevelled appearance certainly attracted some stares- her feet almost black with dirt and her hairy legs coated with dust too while the hair on her head was in desperate need of some TLC.

Laura apprehensively knocked on the hostel door. Two women opened the door and were shocked by Laura’s unkempt appearance. Lizzy didn’t beat around the bush and said “What’s happened to you? You’re in a fuckin’ mess! We need to shower you down- you stink of stale sweat and don’t you own a razor?” Laura was mentally and physically drained by bostancı escort this point and just meekly apologised.

Rose, the other woman said “Don’t worry love, Lizzy can be a bit rough at times but she has a good heart. I’ll take you to the shower!”

As Laura stripped out of her smelly clothes Lizzy returned with her arsenal to clean her up. Much to Laura’s astonishment Lizzy stripped off too and joined her in the shower, but she was too exhausted to protest or question her. “Blimey I’ve never seen so much hair on a woman’s body! Bet the guys run when they see you?” Laura quietly piped up that she had a boyfriend and he loved her hairy body. “Must be some kind of weirdo freak- maybe he’s secretly gay?” Trying to contain her anger at this slur she protested that Ryan was most definitely straight and hadn’t been brainwashed by the media that body hair was somehow unfeminine.

Shrugging her shoulders Lizzy directed the warm water from the shower head on to Laura’s pungent pits before dosing them with a heavy dollop of soap. “Never seen a woman with so much hair under her arms!” Lizzy muttered under her breath. After what seemed like an eternity Lizzy was satisfied that the stench from Laura’s pits had now disappeared. She then began to shampoo Laura’s mangled tresses. Laura was surprised that she did feel turned on as Lizzie soaped her wild bush.

After what must have been the best part of an hour Laura was now cleansed- the grime dispensed down the plug hole and the only smell now that of cosmetic soap. Rose returned with a large towel and began to dry off Laura.

Laura stood naked- dry, clean but still very much a hairy beastie! Lizzy then entered the bathroom again armed with some scissors. Rose then apologised to Laura as she said they needed to do this and held Laura’s right arm up while Lizzy moved in and started cutting the long hair “It’s a jungle under there ” as Lizzy snipped. Some of the long hairs were knotted and the longest reaching several centimetres.. Some five minutes later the right pit was left with a decent display of dark stubble. One down and the left pit was also attacked by Lizzy’s blades; the pits transformed from an impenetrable forest to a harvested cornfield with stubbly residue.

Lizzy looked down and eyed up Laura’s untamed bush. Rose and Lizzy laid Laura down on a sofa outside the bathroom. Lizzy then produced a comb and ruffled Laura’s long pubes so that they were standing erect. Putting her comb down Lizzy proceeded to deftly work her way through Laura’s undergrowth with scissors until her muff resembled a trimmed poodle. Still hairy but now a short pelt, a shadow of its former resplendent wildness.

Right said Lizzy “Let’s get you some food inside you and put you to bed!”

Laura slept like a log, only stirring as she woke to the sound of water running. As she got out of bed Lizzy returned saying time to finish off the work in progress. Laura seemed confused. Rose came along and held Laura’s hand and led her to the bathroom. Laura’s boobs were a little goosy as it wasn’t too warm and she was dressed just in her knickers. Though her pits were now a shadow of their former furry selves her legs were still decidedly hair.y.

“Just get in keeping your undies on, love” barked Lizzy. At this stage a burly guy arrived and Lizzy said this is my boyfriend Rex. Rex apparently used to work as a barber and came prepared with shaving brush, soap dish and cut throat razor.

Laura’s furry gams were now immersed in the warm water, the hairs flattened buca escort against her skin and looking like the pelt of some animal . Lizzy reached in and lifted the first leg and ran her hand over the hairy leg gently pulling some hairs which made Laura wince. Rex was now ready and with his soaped up brush coated Laura’s hirsute leg,s lathering her calves up to the knees. Her calf was now an untidy mess of wild hairs sticking out in all directions as they drowned in the soap. As Lizzy supported her ankle Rex began to shear around the ankle, the long hair slicing away from the skin with great ease. Soon Rex expertly ran the razor up the front of her calf, the thick hair falling away, revealing bare skin for the first time in months. “That’s better already!” opined Lizzy! Ten minutes later Laura’s left calf was gleaming- clean and perfectly smooth and hairless, unlike whenever Laura has one of her rare attempts at fighting the fuzz. ” Your’e beginning to look sexy now love!” said Lizzy with a big grin. Raising her right leg, Rex was now hitting his stride and made short work of the thick hair on the other leg. With the calves now silky smooth Lizzy took hold of the blade and persuaded Laura to sit on the edge of the bath and began to shave her furry inner thighs removing all the hair outside of her undies leaving just the short trimmed pubes under them.

Taking back his razor Rex raised Laura’s left arm to expose her pit and swiftly shaved off the remaining dark stubble left from Lizzy’s serious pruning from the day before. Five minutes later Laura had two gleaming if smarting depilated pits that hadn’t seen daylight in several years.

“Wow- you’re a sexy woman without all that horrible hair- just a little bit down there to show you’re a woman”

Rose returned with some moisturiser and began rubbing it in Laura’s smooth hair free legs. What Laura didn’t know is that Rose was an experienced masseuse and she began to enjoy Rose’s sensual handiwork. After some time kneading Laura’s calves Rose started to head north and rubbed her muscular thighs. Laura began to sigh and sensing Laura’s contentment eased down Laura’s damp undies. Rose stroked the short turf of trimmed pubes, gently pulling them and the nerves attached to the hair follicles began to tingle. As Laura began to groan Rose stuck her tongue into Laura’s now visible vagina and orally played with her clit. As Laura loudly climaxed she opened her eyes and realised they were not alone. While Rose elegantly pleasured her, Lizzy and Rex were avidly watching the show with Lizzy jerking off Rex’s dick as he got off on the sex show.

“”Bravo girls” laughed Rex as his dick exploded. Laura got up embarrassed and dressed in a donated short skirt and t-shirt. Following a quick breakfast she felt confused by the previous 12 hours but said goodbye to Rose and Lizzy (Rex was cleaning himself up!. ). “Don’t forget to buy yourself a decent razor when you get home- you’ve got a great pair of legs when they’re not covered in all that ugly hair” smiled Lizzie.

Laura just nervously smiled back, waving. Out of sight from the hostel Laura looked down at her legs- maybe they did look good, but her legs are normally hairy! She felt them- yes they were indeed smooth to the touch, but did she prefer them like this or with the sensation of the hairs blowing in the breeze and running her hand through her fur. If she was honest she didn’t know, but more importantly what does she say to Ryan as she visits him with smooth hairless legs, pits and a heavily pruned bush. Does she tell him the truth and she wonders his reactions to her new relatively hair free body?

Possibility to continue this if requested. One for hair fetish fans. Would love constructive comments- what did you like best or leas in this story? Any future hair fetish stories you’d like- which can or not include some shaving? Hope some of you enjoy -thanks!

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