first one


the names have been changed in this story for good reasons as for all future stories that i do, mostly to potect identification and probably humiliation.

high school is a drag. my mother worked there and got to check up on me every once in a while, but i cant complain. the kids were nice and everyone knew eachother. our whole school had 400-500 kids depending if they dropped out or transferred. at my school i wasnt known as a popular person, just some guy who got along with everyone. i was 6 feet tall, had a slender build, blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. loved to play soccer, knew piano, and the performing arts was my passion. yet there was this one girl who i never talked to but always wanted to. her name was grace.

grace was one of those shy girls that had a few friends here and there, had 36D cups, and was 5’5. she only did chior but was pretty good at it. she had a boyfriend at the time that i only knew by name but she seemed happy. a few months later after her graduation we became friends on myspace and a week after that she posted a poem. she was wondering why her boyfriend ripped her heart into pieces but he wouldn’t tell her. i responded back in poem basically saying we have our dark days and our bright days and we pretty much kocaeli escort bayan talked from there.

we were just instant messaging until i remembered that my dad had said something about a rafting trip over the weekend. i instantly thought of her and asked my dad if it was alright if i brought her along. he said that was fine if her parents allowed it and that we had to sleep in different rooms. i cursed him for not letting us sleep together mostly because i wanted her, badly. as soon as i had the ok i asked her if she would like to go and she instantly said yes. it was a week away till the trip but in the back of my mind i had to figure out how to get into her pants.

the week went by fast. i was flirting with her just so that when we hung out alone she would want me, i went and played a few pick up games for soccer, and got some minor carple tunnel from playing piano a little longer then i thought but the wait was finally over. my dad picked me up from my moms house then we drove to her house with the address i got. i knocked on the door and grace opened the door and tackled me into a hug. that day hurt a lot for me mainly from two things, my back hitting the ground and her arms wrapped around my kneck choking me. we packed up her things kocaeli sınırsız escort and started driving off to my grandparents house where my dads side of the family would stay for these rafting trips.

when we got to my grandparents place i introduced her to everyone. everybody said hi, gave her hugs and helped her unpack. i was talking with grace when my grandma came up to me, “hey seth, why don’t you take her to your grandpas and introduce your lovely friend to hin?” i thought that was a great idea as it was only 2 in the afternoon and it only took 10 minutes to walk there. i smiled at her and told her lets go and she followed right next to me. half way to my grandpas house i tried to be non chelant about holding her hand but that didn’t go so well when she clearly could see my failed attempts and just ended up holding my hand anyways.

a few minutes later we arrived to my grandpas house and i did the introduction again. we all sat down on the couch and started talking for a bit. my grandpa had a stroke a few years back so he had a horrible slur when he would speak but you would understand it enough to make out what he was trying to say. “so seth what brings you and grace down here?” i looked at him “grandma izmit anal yapan escort ann and ted (her husband) are going rafting tomorrow so i got invited. i also thought it would be a good idea to take grace along since she has only went once before.” he got up from his recliner and walked to the fridge, got some mountain dew and wondered if we would like some. i respectfully declined as well as grace and he came back and sat down on his chair. “so what’s the plan with you two today?” “well i was going to show her around here for a little bit before heading back to grandmas place.” he nodded his head and then started to watch tv while grace and i left to walk around the neighborhood.

we kept walking hand in hand when i took her down into the woods. we both just stoodd there and asked her if she wanted to sit down. she said sure so i took off my shirt, laid it on the ground and sat down while she sat in front of me. at this poin t i told myself go for it. “hey.” she turned to loom at me and i instantly kissed her. at first she was confused but then she started kissing back. her lips were nice and soft before i started reaching for her breasts. she kissed me harder when i slowly started to grasp her breasts. all the while this is going on i think how far can i go. so i decided to run my hand down her stomach and get my fingers under her shorts. she instantly spread her legs for me and my hand started trembling. was this going to be my first time ever fingering a girl?

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