First time sucking dad


First time sucking dadAfter my parents got divorced I didn’t want to move away from my job or my friends so I stayed with my dad and saw my mum every other weekend. My dad and I pretty much kept to ourselves, he wasn’t the most talkative guy and he worked a lot so we didn’t see much of each other.I’d known I was gay for a few years, but I’d never done anything with a guy. My sex life consisted of porn and masturbation. When my dad was at work I’d use the computer in the living room to watch porn, private browsing obviously, but one day I was bored and started looking through some of the folders on the computer. I saw a folder called “DATING” and my curiosity got the better of me. I started clicking through pics of my dad and realised these must be the pics he used for his online dating profile. He’d been on a few dates since mum left but nothing ever came of it.I started to realise how good looking he was. He wasn’t the tallest or most buff guy ever but his beard made him look handsome and his dad bod filled his clothes nicely. I kept clicking through pics and suddenly the screen was filled with a massive cock. My first thought was that I wanted to suck it. It didn’t even occur to me that it was a pic of my dad’s cock, I was just so hungry for it that I was instantly hard. It was absolutely huge, so thick and meaty and the head was like a tasty looking mushroom. I started to play with my dick whilst imagining myself sucking on that beautiful cock.What the hell am I doing? I thought. I’m wanking off to a pic of my dad’s dick. This isn’t normal. But it just looks so good, I couldn’t help but wish it was inside me.”Having fun?”Fuck fuck fuck! I span around and my dad was stood in the doorway. I was so engrossed in the pic I bahis siteleri didn’t hear his car pull up. There I was, my hard dick in my hands and a picture of his dick on the screen.”I was just……” I couldn’t think of an excuse!”I know exactly what you were doing” he said. “I always thought you swung that way.””Honestly dad it’s not what it looks like”.”Come here boy” he demanded.”Dad, listen–“”Get your fucking ass over here now!”I got up and walked over to him, my erection had vanished from the shock and fear of him finding me. I went and stood in front of him, he was about a foot taller than me, I avoided his eyes.”Get on your knees” he said.”Dad, I’m sorry I was just having a look””Well you’re gonna have a closer fucking look now boy, get on your fucking knees.”I got on my knees and he grabbed the back of my head and thrust my face into his crotch. “Dad, wh–“, he didn’t let me finish he just pushed my face into him even harder. I could feel the bulge of his cock through his jeans. My cock started to twitch. What the hell was going on. Part of me was so terrified and the other part of me couldn’t help but think my face was rubbing up against that fat juicy cock from the picture.”You’re gonna help your old man out. I’ve not had my cock sucked since your mum left, seems only right that you take her place” he said. He let go of my head and I gasped for air. Before I could argue he had undone his jeans and flopped his huge cock out right in front of my face. Oh god, i could smell the days sweat on him and it drove me crazy! “Get your lips round that, boy”. I couldn’t believe this was happening. All I’d wanted to do for years was suck dick and now here I was about to suck my dad’s. I started to move my mouth slowly towards canlı bahis siteleri it. What if I did it wrong? I thought to myself. I’d seen it done on porn a lot but would it be that easy? My dad grabbed the back of my head again and guided me towards his throbbing cock. “Come on boy, I know you want it.” The big meaty head pushed its way past my lips and as soon as I tasted it, the natural cock sucking instincts kicked in. I took as much of it as I could in my mouth, which wasn’t a lot, there was still a lot of dick left unsucked. My dad pushed me onto it further and further until I started to gag. “I’ll soon teach you how to take it all” he said, and let go of my head. I sucked the big juicy head, running my tongue all over it and tasting the pre-cum oozing out of it, using my hand to play with his big juicy balls, imagining them full of cum and ready to explode. “That’s it boy. Take that cock. Daddy’s little cocksucker. Mmmmmm good boy”. Hearing him moan made me even hornier. I used every trick I’d seen on porn to suck that big fat daddy dick and I knew he was enjoying it from the sounds he was making. I loved the feeling of the big mushroom head sliding in and out of my lips, and the soft warm shaft filling my mouth and pushing at the back of my throat. “You like that big dick, boy?” “mmhmmm” I mumbled , not wanting to stop sucking to answer him. “Such a good little cocksucker you are.” he said, and grabbed my head with both his hands and stopped me sucking, with his cock still filling my mouth. “Don’t move, boy”. He started to slowly pull his cock out of my mouth whilst holding my head in place. He pulled his dick out of me, but I wanted more. I looked up, and we made eye contact for the first time, his big canlı bahis throbbing dick in both our eyelines. He smirked. I knew his head was filled with dirty thoughts just by that smirk alone. I could feel my cock dripping pre-cum. “You ready, boy?” he said. “Yes sir” I said, but I didn’t know what I was ready for, but I knew I’d do anything he told me to do. He still held my head in his hands, he pushed his cock against my lips again, slowly the head, then the shaft stretching my jaw wide to fit it in. He pushed until I started to gag then slowly started pulling out again, the big velvety mushroom tip almost out of my mouth. Then back again, slowly, until I started to gag. Faster and faster he started to slide in and out of my mouth. We kept eye contact now and he curled his lip in such an alpha way that I knew I was his bitch. It wasn’t long until he’d built up enough speed and force that he was fucking my face, using my mouth to pleasure himself like I was nothing but a sex toy to him. I loved it! He did this for a few minutes. I grabbed onto his waist to give myself support whilst he pounded my face. My mouth dripped with saliva, making sure his cock enjoyed the nice wet hole he’d chosen for it. He started to grunt and groan. His breathing getting heavier and heavier. “You ready for this load, cocksucker?” he grunted. I didn’t answer, I knew he wasn’t really asking me. I was his bitch now, I was getting his load regardless. His groaning grew louder and louder until he slammed his cock deep in my mouth with a huge sigh. I felt his dick pulsing and pulsing and the warm sticky load was blown straight down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it, but I wanted to anyway. He pulled out, his cock still hard and full of my spit, but I could see it start to droop slightly. He tucked it back away in his jeans.”Good boy,” he said, “we’ll see about getting that ass of yours some use one day, eh?” and he laughed, buttoned his jeans and walked upstairs.

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