Flatmate’s Strange Purchase



Chapter 1 — Conversation.


Every Saturday Max ended up going to an auction house and getting great value items. When he moved in with a few friends after finishing school, it was thanks to him they could furnish their place without spending any serious cash. But frequently he would come home with strange and unusual items, and as a result the house mate’s turned this into an event, where they would all gather on the sofa and wait for him to return every week.

As usual, Max arrived home, greeted by his five house mate’s who were eager to discover what purchases he had made. Carrying a large cardboard box, he sat down on the sofa and started removing items. He pulled out some vintage pocket watches, a wooden jewelry box, some modern art sculpture that no one understood and several white box’s, all with the name “Groin-Lock.”

“What the hell are those?” said Joanna, pointing to the white box.

“Yeah, this has to be a winner for weirdest one yet,” said Max. “It’s some advanced chastity cage for men. They use it on sex offenders, but the prison down the road had a few too many. They’re normally thousands of dollars, but no one wanted them, so I got the lot for one hundred.”

“What’s the point? Why would you need this?” asked Kevin.

“I don’t need it, I’ll probably put it on the Internet and see if I can make some profit.”

Lara picked up one of the boxes and threw it at Joel. “As the youngest one here Joel, maybe this can help you deal with all those hormones,” she teased.

“I’m only two years younger than you now I’ve turned twenty-one,” he said defensively.

“Yeah, remember I’ve seen your phone history,” teased Kevin, making Joel blush.

The group continued to talk about the device, wondering how difficult it must be to wear one, until Max put everything away, so they could all get some lunch.

Soon they forgot about the box and went on with their day. In the evening everyone had some drinks, listened to some music then got ready to go out partying. Joel and Lara decided to stay in to save money.

Max and Kevin came out of their bedrooms, both dressed in smart, well fitted shirts.

“Looking good boys,” said Joanna. “You guys made so much effort, while these two are slouched on the sofa in their sweatpants,” she continued, pointing to Joel and Lara.

When everyone else had left the house, Lara turned down the music and poured Joel another drink. They hung out in the living area for a couple of hours until they felt pretty drunk.

“So that lock thing Max brought back was weird, right?” said Lara after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh yeah, I guess. What was he thinking?”

“Do you think it works?”

“I dunno. Probably.”

There was some more silence as Lara looked at the box. “I’m opening one of them,” she said walking over to the box.

“Seriously?” asked Joel.

“Yeah I’m curious.”

Watching as Lara picked up the box and brought it back to the sofa, Joel couldn’t help but wonder how such a thing would work.

“Careful, don’t tear the box or Max will find out,” said Joel.

“It’s fine, he had loads of them,” said Lara carefully opening the box and revealing a stainless steel ring about the size of a bracelet. She accidentally pressed a button on the ring, which lit up a small LED screen, showing a battery icon at fifty percent charge.

“It’s electronic?” said Joel in shock.

“Must be for reporting the location of the device or something,” said Lara, picking out an instruction sheet from the box.

“So how does it work? That’s too big to go around a dick,” said Joel.

“No, it says here it go around the testicles and penis.”

They were both confused as to how it fit together, but as they were both pretty drunk it didn’t take long until Joel had pulled down his pants. He kept his hand over most of his penis and balls, so Lara couldn’t see his privates.

Holding up the ring beside his balls he said, “I dunno, I think the rings too small, it wouldn’t fit.”

“Oh, wait a minute,” said Lara taking out her phone. “There’s an app apparently.”

Joel pulled up his pants again, while Lara downloaded the app.

Once downloaded, Lara took the ring off Joel and clicked the button again, changing the LED screen to a mini bar code. Taking her phone, she photographed the bar code, and waited until the screen flashed the words “PAIRED”.

After a few taps on her phone screen, the bottom half of the ring rotated into itself, turning the circle into a semi-circle.

Almost falling over from standing up, Joel pulled down his pants and took the ring again placing it on top of his cock. “But now what?” he said, looking at Lara.

“Let me try this,” said Lara tapping her phone.

The semi-circle rotated back making a full ring again, trapped behind Joel’s cock and balls.

“But how does this stop sex offenders? Does it stop you getting an erection?” asked Lara.

“I’m confused, I don’t think so,” said Joel, pulling çankaya escort at the ring. “Is it actually on? What are the options?”

“Let me try something,” said Lara, reaching her hand out and pushing the ring firm against Joel’s skin.

Joel blushed as he felt her hand touch the base of his cock. They both laughed as they nearly fell over again.

Tapping at her phone some more, the device started to buzz.

“Oh, oh, ouch, aww, what the fuck?” said Joel, as eight needles pierced small rings out of the device and around his skin.

“What? What’s happening?” asked Lara, taking her hand away.

“I don’t know, something stung me,” said Joel inspecting his privates.

As he tried to pull the device away from his skin, he noticed the piercings firmly holding the ring tight on his skin.

“It’s pierced itself onto my skin,” said Joel, recovering from the pain and starting to laugh again. “Oh shit, I’ve never had a piercing before in my life.”

“Does it hurt?” asked Lara.

“A little… Not really… I dunno.”

“But still, I don’t see how this works?” said Lara, picking up the box again, while Joel continued to inspect the ring.

“Ah, there’s another part here,” she said, picking up a steel penis shaped tube.

Lara handed the tube to Joel who inspected the tube before realizing that’s where his penis fits in. He tried to slip it over his penis, but his cock was slightly too big for it.

“Oh no, looks like it doesn’t fit me,” said Joel, with a look of pride in his eyes.

“Come on, it says it’s one size fits all. Let me try,” she said, picking up a small lube sachet that fell out of the box onto the floor.

She pulled Joel’s hands away from his privates, seeing his cock for the first time. “Oh, it is quite big,” she said.

Joel stopped blushing and felt more confident. “Wait, what are you doing?” he said as Lara poured a lube sachet onto the head of his cock, making him semi erect.

“This should help it slid in,” she said, trying to fit his cock into the tube. This time it went in slightly easier. Once his cock was fully enclosed with the tube, she clicked into the ring and locked securely in place. Using her phone she selected played with some options when the metal tube started to shrink, adjusting to the size of Joel’s now flaccid cock.

They were both pretty drunk by this stage, and not making a lot of sense to each other.

“I’m just going to take a quick nap here,” said Joel laying down, still naked on the sofa.

Lara stuttered something about her bed, then went into her room for the night, leaving Joel to sleep naked on the sofa.

Later on that evening, the front door banged open, as the rest of the house mates came home, drunk and singing songs.

“What the…” said Kevin, noticing Joel sleeping naked on the sofa. “Max, Max, come here, I think this is one of your dick lock things. He’s wearing it.”

Max came into the living area, tripped up and fell on the floor. “I’m okay, I’m okay,” he said, laughing at himself. “Ah damn. Well he’s fucking paying for that. I can’t sell it now.”

Joanna took a blanket out of a cupboard in the room and covered Joel up, then everyone went to bed for the night.

The morning after, Joel was woken up as the house mates gathered around the living area eating breakfast. He saw his pants on the floor, and quickly realized he was naked under the blanket, even though his memory was slow coming back.

“Yeah, so you owe me two hundred for that thing on your dick. I don’t want it back now?” said Max, throwing a pillow at his face.

“What thing?” said Joel, confused as more memories from the night before came back. “Oh shit, me and Lara got a bit drunk, and she wanted to see how it works,” he said, laughing and looking at Lara.

“What are you talking about?” said Lara, convincingly to the group.

“You know, when you opened the box and tried it out for a laugh.”

“Um, not with me it wasn’t. You wish I would go near your dick,” she laughed, pretending to look horrified.

“Seriously? You don’t remember?”

“I remember everything, we had one more drink, then I went to bed. You stayed up watching TV, or did whatever with that cage thing.”

Joel’s memories came flooding back from the night before, but he couldn’t understand why Lara was acting this way. He reached down and tried to remove the device, but as he pulled at the ring, the piercings ensured it stayed tight to his skin. Pressing the button frantically on top of the ring, he tried to get the ring to open, but it did nothing.

“No, Lara. I can’t take it off,” he said, in panic. “You locked it. Remember? On your phone, you have the app. You have to unlock it.”

“Joel, stop it. I don’t know what you’re talking about. What app?”

“The app. Let me see your phone, please Lara,” asked Joel.

“No, you’re mad. I’m not giving you my phone.”

Max intervened, trying to calm the situation. “Joel, stop messing about,” he said, defending Lara. “Why çankırı escort not go get dressed, and then have some breakfast?”

While he wanted to argue some more, he knew he wouldn’t get anywhere right then. Instead, he wrapped the blanket around his waist, picked up his pants and quickly walked to his bedroom, shutting his door.

After dropping the blanket to the floor, he sat on the end of his bed and looked down at the silver device that enclosed his penis. He touched the display screen, which lit up showing an icon of a sealed lock and a battery indicator still half charged.

He tried pulling the cock tube away from the ring, but it just stayed stuck. Even when he tried twisting and turning different parts, nothing seemed to be removing the cage from his cock.

Finally, he tried shaking the device, which forced him to yell out as the device delivered his balls a painful electric shock. Too scared to touch the device anymore, he just sat and stared at it completely out of ideas.

Realizing he needed to pee, he pulled on his pants and left his bedroom, heading for the bathroom. As he walked past the house mates, Max teased him and asked if he had managed to remove the device yet. But he didn’t reply, and continued on his way to the bathroom.

Pulling down his pants, he stood over the toilet. Realizing this could be messy, he changed his mind and decided to sit down instead. Scared, he relieved himself, then picked up some wet wipes and cleaned the cage. After washing his hands, he left and joined the group for some breakfast.

Knowing Lara wouldn’t talk about the device in front of the group, he tried to forget about it and join in a discussion they were having about going to the cinema.

“You guys go and have fun, I am really trying to save every penny this month,” said Lara.

“Yeah me too guys, maybe next time,” said Joel.

Everyone hung around the apartment until long after lunch, making Joel frustrated at the long wait to get some alone time with Lara. Finally, they decided to leave to catch the next show.

For a few minutes after everyone left, Joel and Lara were silent, looking at each other until they were sure the group had left.

“Lara, why did you not tell them?” he asked.

“Well, at the start I actually forgot,” she explained.

“Okay, but you remember now, right? Can you unlock it now?”

“Yeah I remember,” she said with a chuckle. “Why do you want to unlock it anyway? Does it hurt?”

“Well, no, but I don’t want this thing on my dick.”

“Why, you don’t have a girlfriend, right? What does it matter?”

“Seriously? Come on Lara, this is silly,” he said getting annoyed.

“Really? How’s is it silly?”

Joel was getting annoyed and stressed as he thought about the control Lara had over his own cock. “Please Lara, come on. You’ve had your fun.”

“I think maybe this could do you some good. Why not wear it for a few days? I’ll remove it in three days,” explained Lara.

“Okay, enough, give me your phone,” demanded Joel, rushing over to Lara and grabbing her phone out of her hand.

Luckily Lara didn’t have a pin on her phone, so Joel was able to search around for the app. He swiped every home page, looked in every folder but couldn’t find anything that looked like the app they used yesterday.

“You can look all you want. You won’t find the app,” said Lara with a smirk on her face. “I’ve removed it, there’s no trace of it on my phone.”

Joel looked confused, then looked over to the box the device came in. He looked at the instructions and downloaded the app onto his own phone. But as soon as he opened it, he was prompted to scan the device. Reading the instructions, he held down the button for five seconds revealing a bar code which he scanned with his phone.

The app accepted the bar code and displayed a screen with the amount of time he had been locked, confirming electric shocks were enabled and the amount of battery left. He clicked a few tabs, one leading him to a statistics page with facts about his last erection, last urination, ejaculation, and more.

Finally, he came across the settings page, which had an Edit button. But as soon as he clicked it, he was asked to enter a password.

“Lara, it’s asking for a password. What is it? Tell me?”

“You think I’m gonna tell you that, after you snatch my phone from me, nearly making me fall to the floor?”

“Please Lara, for fuck sake.”

“No, you’re keeping that thing on. You can forget about me removing it in three days too.”

“Fuck you, fuck you,” repeated Joel.

“Okay, you can wear it for the whole week then.”

“No, now. Fucking remove it, right now.”

“Okay two weeks.”

Joel shut up, releasing what she was doing.

“I’m sorry, okay Lara, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sure you are. I sure hope you don’t talk to me like this again, or maybe you’ll be in that thing for the rest of your life.”

Joel was about to argue again, but instead kept quiet understanding now he was completely çayyolu escort at her mercy. Storming into his room, he slammed his door shut and collapsed into his bed, screaming swear words into his pillow. Eventually he exhausted himself, and fell to sleep until woken by the sounds of his house mates coming home.

He joined them as they talked about the film, then ate dinner with Max and Kevin, as the girls went out for the evening. It wasn’t long until Max brought up the device again.

“So did you manage to remove it?” asked Max.

“No, it’s Lara. She’s refusing to remove it. I don’t know what to do.”

“Come on man, it’s not funny anymore. We know she wouldn’t do that. She’s not that kind of girl. You’re going to need to move on from this.”

Joel realized at that point that there was no way they would be convinced she was keeping him locked, so he played along. “Yeah, okay, I locked it on myself because I was curious, but then forgot the password,” he explained.

“That makes more sense,” said Kevin. “So the things still stuck on you?”

“Yes, I can’t remove it.”

“That’s fucked man. You know those things are impossible to remove. They’re for sex offenders, and lots of research went into making them secure,” said Kevin.

“Yeah, and you still owe me money for it man,” said Max. “You shouldn’t have taken it.”

“Yeah, I know, I know. I’m sorry Max,” he said. “But I really don’t have the money at the moment. I’ve been saving really hard, but I only have enough to pay this months rent.”

“Joel, this is ridiculous,” said Max. “But fine, pay me next month, at least just what I paid for it, no profit since I know how broke you are.”

“Thanks Max, I’m really sorry.”

The guys finished eating then went to their rooms for the night. Joel tried one again to remove the device, causing another sharp electric shock to be delivered to his balls. Refusing to touch the device anymore, he got showered and went to bed.


Chapter 2 — Forgotten.


Joel had one of the worst nights of his life. When he finally managed to get to sleep, his alarm went off and it was time for him to go to work.

A usual attempt at morning wood squished his penis in the steel tube, but the feeling wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable. Usually before he would start getting ready for work, he would jerk himself off quickly, before hopping into the shower. Of course this was now impossible, but it didn’t stop his urges.

After rubbing the device and realizing there was no way he could pleasure himself, he stood up beside his bed. Walking over to the door, shirtless, wearing only a loose pair of sweatpants, he grabbed a towel and made his way towards the bathroom.

Before he got to the door, Lara came out wearing only a towel covering half of her body. Noticing Joel, she smirked and looked towards his crotch.

“Lara, please. I can’t go to work like this,” he begged.

But Lara just shrugged and walked back to her room. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

Once inside the bathroom, Joel slipped off his sweatpants and looked at his naked body In the mirror. He wasn’t particularly toned or muscular, but kept his body slim and in good shape from moderate exercise and a low appetite. Since he had never suffered any low confidence issues before, this was the first time in his life when he started questioning himself. Wondering if he pulled a girl, how would they react.

He pulled at the metal cage, but not too hard to avoid setting off the electric shock. This pull was more defeatist, than an actual attempt at removing the device.

Stepping inside the shower, he turned on the water and washed himself as normal, taking his time to rub clean the chastity tube as best he could. He left the shower, dried himself and made his way back to his bedroom where he dressed himself in his usual smart casual style, then joined his house mates for breakfast.

“Any luck getting that lock thing off?” said Lara.

Without saying a word he shook his head and grabbed an apple.

“Seriously man, you’ve got to try to remember what password you used or that’s never coming off,” said Max, with a look of worry on his face.

“Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking,” he grunted.

As the house mates all left to start their different days, Joel deliberately stayed last, in case he could get some alone time with Lara. Unfortunately for him, Lara and Joanna both left together, leaving him alone to lock up the house.

The day went pretty slow for Joel, as normal Monday’s do. He would occasionally forget about wearing the chastity cage, but be reminded as his aroused mind kept focusing him on his sexual desires.

Leaving on time, he walked home thinking of anything he could say to get Lara to unlock the device. But his mind was distracted as he kept thinking about her body. His attraction to her was growing, maybe from the power she had given herself over him, or from his inability to masturbate his urges away.

“Hey, who’s home?” he said, walking through the front door, and making his way to the living area.

Lara left her room, wearing only a tight white top, and pair of red panties. She made her way onto the cough, sitting directly in front of him.

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