For You, My Love


I fastened the collar around my neck, attaching the nipple clamps but making sure they weren’t too tight. I put the stockings on, followed by the lace dress. Inspecting myself in the mirror I made some tweaks so I would be perfect for him. When I was happy I walked to the entrance way and knelt on the thick hotel carpet, ready to greet him as he’d ordered. My heart pounding as I waited. The minutes ticked by before his key card slid in the door, my breath caught in my throat and I could feel the warmth between my legs. As he walked in the room I could hear the smile on his face, he walked around me, inspecting me. A finger stroked across the tops of my shoulders causing a shiver to run down my back. He stopped when he was in front of me again. ‘You’ve done exactly as I asked, good girl. Now look at me and open your mouth.’ I did as he asked, looking up into his dark eyes and opened my mouth. I could hear him unzip his fly and the rustle of fabric as he pulled his cock out. He ran it across my lips and I could feel he was rock hard; the wetness between my legs grew. I stuck my tongue out to taste him, caught by surprise when he used his cock to slap me across the face. ‘Not so fast, slut.’ He ran the tip over my lips, occasionally dipping into my mouth and touching my tongue. I moaned as I tasted him. ‘Get to work, my little whore.’ I licked the head, tasting the pre cum before taking more and more of his length in my warm mouth. My moans echoed his as I forced his thick shaft as far as I could. Tears formed and I gagged occasionally. almanbahis şikayet His hips started to move and his hands taking hold of my hair. I placed my hands on his hips and he began to thrust in earnest. Drool dripped down my chin, our eyes locked just as his thick cum spurted into my mouth. I swallowed it all, never wasting a drop of his precious seed. He pulled out, calling me his good girl and told me to move to the table where I’d already laid out the flogger, paddle, crop and cat o’ nine tails. The straps were already attached to the legs of the table. He tugged on both my nipples before pushing me so I was laid flat on the table top. Methodically he attached the straps to my wrists and ankles, ensuring I was firmly held in place. He pushed the lace dress up, exposing my bare flesh before stroking my skin. Teasing me, relaxing me. I purred in delight at the feel of his strong hands on my skin. His hands moved lower, kneading my arse. My bliss was cut short when he lifted a hand and brought it back down quickly to spank me. He rubbed away the pain before doing it again and again. He started off slowly and softer than I knew he could be. Once the surprise passed the pleasure washed over me. He increased the pressure and using his other hand he started using the flogger on my back at the same time. At first it was a light sting, feeling amazing but the more lashes he gave, the worse the sting became. Still turning to a pleasure that became more intense, edging me to orgasm when he stopped! My groan of frustration almanbahis canlı casino quickly turned to a yelp when the red flogger struck my arse. He gave me five strokes on each cheek while I yanked on the restraints trying to avoid the blows. Unable to escape, squealing more every time the thick red tips bit into my delicate skin. When he stopped I heard him kneel down to admire his work; gently rubbing the pain away while I whimpered on the table. He blew on my pussy, it was dripping wet and the tone of my whimpering changed. The spanking started again, my arse was on fire and must have been bright red. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore he stood up and switched to the small flogger. He gave my tender bum a rest and flicked it across the back of my thighs before working his way up my back. He could see how much I loved it across my shoulders and he focused there for a while. My orgasm started to build again, it was as if he could tell. Increasing the speed of the flogging, moving down my back, across my still tender backside and down my thighs. He even flicked my pussy a couple of times but just before I could cum, he stopped. He pressed a finger inside me and I pushed back, needing as much of him inside me as I could get but he wasn’t going to give me what I wanted just yet. He pulled his finger out, leant over me and forced it into my mouth so I could clean it. Hungrily I licked and sucked it clean. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him pick up the red flogger again and I tensed up. He started almanbahis casino as gently as it’s possible to with one so heavy duty, relaxing me a little. He moved it over my body, I never knew where he’d strike next. Slowly it got harder, he was pushing me. He even gave me some strokes full pelt then he switched from that to the cat o’ nine tails. There was no build up this time, the blows rained down. I loved it and he loved seeing me squirm on the table, crying out, my whole body flushing with pleasure. My body must have been covered in marks, it was on fire and he was still going. It was all getting too much, I could barely think, just feel what was hitting where – incredible. ‘Please, Sir, may I cum?’ ‘Not yet, slut.’ I let out a frustrated whimper and he switched tools again, this time it was the crop and it stung! He was merciless, my arse and thighs took a beating. I tried to fight it but tears started to form and leak down my cheeks. I took everything I could until I couldn’t take anymore. As soon as I said, ‘Ow.’ he stopped, gently rubbing my tender skin to ease some of the pain away. He kissed my back and I was quickly distracted, pushing back trying to find him and feel him. I was so wet it started to leak down my thighs. ‘You enjoyed that, didn’t you, slut?’ ‘Yes, Sir, I did, thank you.’ His large fingers slid easily inside me, two at first, quickly joined by a third and fourth. He pumped them quickly, suddenly I seemed fuller than before, he must have managed to work his fist inside me. He was pounding away and I was grateful to be supported by the table because my legs had stopped working. My cries of pleasure got louder and louder. ‘Please, Sir, please may I cum?’ ‘Oh, not just yet.’ I sobbed, I was so close it took every ounce of strength I had left to fight it off.

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