I really need to cum,but i’ve been forbidden to,when I promised to obey,when I made my vows to you.My fantasies are fine, when I keep them to myself, like the one about a dwarf,a vamp, a tramp, an elf.I isveçbahis love your T and A,your butt, your eyes, your lips,your pretty feet and toes,your fingers, hands, and hips -your labia and clit,and isveçbahis giriş when you squirt on me,I drink up every drop,of all the cum and pee.Even if it’s mixed, from a train of men.i’ll lick isveçbahis yeni giriş you till you’re dry,and dripping wet, again.I’ll do it for the lust,with trust – but most of all,I’ll do it for the love,that fills me when you call.I’ll get down like a dog,or hang from a sex swing,while you strap one on,and make me your cum queen -for bulls with heavy balls,t-girls, slaves, and subs,who are waiting in your halls,to fill me with your love.

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